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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 5, 1428/ February 23, 2007 #17

Thinking Outside the Box
Sexual Intercourse with Spouse is a form of Worship in Islam: [Part II]

"Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, said: In sexual intercourse there is [reward as of] charity [sadaqa]: They [the Companions] said: O Messenger of Allah! One fulfils ones sexual desire and one will be rewarded for it?! He [the Prophet, pbuh] said: Think about it! If one were to indulge in forbidden forms of desire, wouldn't one be sinful? So when one fulfils desire lawfully, it is rewarded [by Allah]." [Hadith in Sahih Muslim, kitab uz-Zakat.]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Muslim parents and communities should help people, young and old, to get married. We live in a world where Euro-American cultural imperialism often takes the shape of efforts to destroy families by undermining mutual respect, decency and mental purity. The Muslim world as well as Africa and India are being targeted by exploiters of open-ended sexuality. [See below a letter about Kenya {800 pre-teen moms in ONE village} and Uganda.]

Zionist-Corporate propaganda is presenting Shar'ia [Islamic Law] as a bunch of harsh punishments. In fact Shar'ia encompasses all of Muslim socio-economic-cultural perspectives and is formative in ideas of men and women as members of the Islamic family, not as objects of illicit and rampant experimentation in sex.

The foundation is Islam's reverence for the mother, [See the Qur'an 4:1] which most Muslims and Africans, know, but people often try to ignore what Islam says about the good, virtuous, pious, morally strong woman. Here it is:

"The world is replete with goodness but the best of all that is good in the world is the pious [decent, virtuous, God-fearing, morally strong] woman." (Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in the Sahih of Muslim, kitab ar-rada'a, segment on "the greatest goodness of the world is al-marat-us-saliha.)

Hence when a Muslim man goes to his wife for sex, he is indulging not in something lewd or merely pleasurable, but in worship of Allah in which there is the same reward as for giving sadaqa.]

Hail! Hail! Hail! Br. Hodari Ali is back from his history-making trip to India

February 23, 2007. Alhamdulillah! We just learned that prominent African-American Islamist and peacemaker, Br. Hodari Abdul 'Ali, is back in Washington, DC after his great trip to the biggest Muslim-Dalit conference in India. Organized by the Popular Front, the conference drew more than 100,000 people. Br. Hodari was the keynote speaker.
In Bangalore and Calicut, Br. Hodari met the distinguished activists who made the conference possible, by the Will of Allah, as well as many non-Muslim Black Indians, including the editor of Dalit Voice, Br. Rajshekhar, a great intellectual and teacher of the works of Dr. Ambedkar.

We hope to publish an interview with Br. Hodari in the near future.

Letter: Re: Europe's Culture and Africa's destruction: Kenya's 800 pre-teen moms in one village


Dear Dr Kaukab Siddique

As-Salamu A'lykum W. W.

Thank you so much to make the above article on girl mothers in neighboring Kenya known to the wider constituency. It is much worse even here in our home communities and in internally displaced camps (IDPs) in northern Uganda for the last 21 years.

Mahmoud Sserunjogi

Kampala - Uganda

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Islam is Spreading in America, even in Texas!: Here is Some Evidence: Enjoy!

[With thanks to Br. Solano, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Texas.]

Jose Padilla Mentally Damaged by 3 and half Years in U.S. Prison, say Experts

Miami, February 22, 2007: Latino Muslim Jose Padilla has been damaged very seriously by U.S. prison techniques which amount to torture without leaving a mark on him. According to two top university experts in clinical psychology, Padilla has the Stockholm Syndrome in which the prisoner feels so helpless that he becomes like a puppy dog who has "love" for his captors. These experts say, Padilla's brain is at least 98% damaged. He was kept in 24-hour solitary confinement for nearly 42 months and subjected to loud noise, bright lights, constant interrogation WHILE SHACKLED.
He is no longer ABLE to discuss either his past or his future and confines himself only to the present. [Readers might remember that Bush-Ashcroft accused Padilla of being a terrorist ready to explode a dirty bomb. Later these charges of terrorism were dropped but the inhumanity against this Muslim continued.]

Dr. Ali Al-Timimi, Distinguished Islamic Scholar in Prison for LIFE!

Very quietly, the Zionist rulers of America put away in its rotten prison system a great son of Islam, a scholar of the Qur'an and the Hadith, a scholar par excellence. Second only in erudition and brilliance to Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind Shaikh], Dr. Ali Al-Timimi never committed a crime against ANYBODY. The trickeries of legal subterfuge were used to imprison him. Ya Allah! What injustice, what shame, how cruel and heartless are the rulers of this country.

All decent people, Muslim and non-Muslim, must speak up against this outrage. How much suffering and injustice is hidden in these few humble statements available on his web site!

"Dr. Ali Al-Timimi is a first generation American. Born in 1963, Ali was raised in Washington DC. His parents immigrated from Iraq to America in the 1950's. A cancer researcher and an expert on Islamic theology and philosophy, on July 14, 2005 Dr. Al-Timimi was unjustly sentenced to life in US prison plus 70 years for speaking about Islam."

Masaud Khan Traced: From Jonesville, VA to Atlanta, to Oklahoma to Terre Haute, Indiana! Punishment for a Victimless "Crime"

Masaud Khan is a Pakistani-American. From a middle class family, he has never committed violence against ANYONE. He was given 90 years for visiting a militant Islamic camp in Pakistan!

Around February 10, 2007 Masaud disappeared from prison in Jonesville, Virginia. His family and his attorney were not notified. His mother finally found that he had been whisked away to a notorious prison in Atlanta.

Now Jamaat has learned that from Atlanta, he has been taken to a temporary holding facility in Oklahoma. From there he will be sent to Terre Haute, Indiana. If there is a purpose in this heartless shunting from prison to prison, it seems to be to break the prisoner's spirit and to cut him off completely from his family.

Where are the Muslims? Where are Pakistanis? Why doesn't Pakistan protest this shameful treatment of an innocent, decent, pious man, with family and great potential for good.

Our research of America's prison system shows that prisoners suffer tremendously in these moves from prison to prison. There is little or no food for days, there is danger from hard core criminals, and the prisoner is moved in shackles and chains. This is America's GULAG. Where is our Solzhenitsyn who would describe the torment of our people at the hands of the Zionist thugs who rule this country!

Canadian Muslims Take Bold Stand


National Muslim and Arab groups representing more than one million Canadians said today they are boycotting any talks with the Harper government and are jointly accusing the Prime Minister of not governing on behalf of the majority of Canadians.

For the past year, Stephen Harper has avoided meeting with any major Canadian Muslim and Arab organizations and most of his ministers have followed suit as they are powerless to act outside policies originating within the Prime Minister's Office.

The Canadian Islamic Congress, the Canadian Arab Federation and the Canadian Muslim Forum stated that Harper's policies are taking Canada down a dangerous path where the nation has never been. Examples include:

1. Harper's policy in Afghanistan: the extension and possible enlargement of current Conservative foreign policy and the push for increasing militarism will lead to disaster, especially in the absence of peace table negotiations to resolve the conflict.

2. Harper's policy in the Middle East: Canada's stance regarding Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran closely copies the failed and morally corrupt policies of the Bush Administration.

3. Harper's regressive policy on domestic civil liberties: the erosion of Canadians' rights and freedoms continues with the entrenchment of Security Certificates, the Anti-Terrorist Law, no-fly listing, limitations on dual citizenship, and lack of protection for Canadian citizens denied entry to the U.S.

Predictions are growing that a federal election could be called this spring or summer. Canadian Muslims and Arabs hold a crucial swing vote in more than 100 ridings.

Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, CIC
(519) 746-4107 (O)
(519) 498-1350 (Cell)

With thanks to Nadrat Siddique

From: DC Antiwar Network

Protest AIPAC's Annual Conference

MONDAY, MARCH 12 - 6 to 8 PM
DC Convention Center, Mount Vernon Place between 7th & 9th Streets NW
Stop Funding Crimes Against Palestinians And Iraq and Iran Wars

DC Antiwar Network invites other peace and justice organizations to endorse and/or participate in a peaceful "Congress Stand Up to AIPAC" demonstration on Monday, March 12 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. We will protest the "Gala Banquet" of the 2007 American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) annual conference being held at the DC Convention Center.

Dozens of congressional representatives and executive branch officials will attend the AIPAC banquet. Senate leaders Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell and house leader Nancy Pelosi will speak. We encourage those inside and outside of D.C. who cannot attend to take other action:

* call congressional representatives, especially Reid, McConnel and Pelosi, and ask them NOT to attend the AIPAC conference.

* lobby congressional representatives in person or via phone on March 13th for Palestinian rights and/or against Iraq and Iran wars. On the afternoon of March 13th one thousand or more AIPAC conference goers will be lobbying congress in person against Palestinian rights and in support of war against Iran.

To endorse this call and be listed in the press release e-mail by noon March 8, 2007. Feel free to include a web page link, e-mail or phone contact for our web page


We protest AIPAC, a non-registered agent of the State of Israel, bribing and bullying American congressional representatives into supporting Israel, often in ways that ultimately harm Americans. Although AIPAC does not even represent a majority of American Jews, its massive network of allied political groups and committed supporters raise money and apply political muscle with two main goals:

* AIPAC works to perpetuate Israel's illegal occupation and apartheid practices in the West Bank and Gaza, including the building of an "apartheid" wall which has been condemned as illegal by the International Court of Justice. It supports ongoing discriminatory practices, land confiscation and ethnic cleansing in both the occupied territories and Israel. AIPAC and its allies' propaganda efforts have misled most Americans into thinking the Palestinians merely are terrorists trying to destroy Israel, instead of being victims of 60 years of Israeli aggression who seek equal political rights, including to return to their illegally confiscated lands and homes.

* AIPAC works to protect Israel's confiscated Palestinian lands by promoting U.S. dominance in the Middle East. AIPAC and its "neoconservative" and "Christian Zionist" allies promoted an illegal American war against Iraq. They now promote an Israeli and/or U.S. attack on Iran, even though the U.S. Department of Justice is prosecuting former AIPAC staffers for spying on the U.S. to gain information about Iran to relay to Israel. AIPAC supports Israeli threats to attack Iran's nuclear facilities to force President Bush to do so. Any attack on Iran could lead to the first use of nuclear weapons since 1945, deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranian civilians, retaliations by Iran and Shiites in Iraq that could kill thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq, a cut off of oil supplies that could devastate the world economy, and escalation to regional or even world nuclear war.

AIPAC's destructiveness has been highlighted in the last year by the writings of respected Professors Walt and Mearsheimer ("The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy") and former President Jimmy Carter ("Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid"). Dozens of pundits, left, right and mainstream have echoed their analysis. AIPAC provides ideological propaganda and political muscle to promote wars that its military contractor allies need to profit from wars. These special interests undermine American democracy by making congressional representatives and the president more responsive to them than to American voters.

Those who sign on to this call demand congress stand up to special interests like AIPAC, end U.S. support for illegal Israeli policies, end war on and occupation of Iraq and prevent any war against Iran. We support just reparations for aggrieved Palestinians and Lebanese for their economic and personal suffering over many decades.

We predict that should either Israel or the U.S. initiate war against Iran, the various peace and justice movements, as well as Americans from a variety of groupings, will work to hold accountable those responsible for mass murder against innocent Arabs and Muslims, as well as the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American service people. Such initiatives might include: driving responsible representatives and officials from office and electing ones who truly represent the American people; registering AIPAC and other defacto Israel lobbies as foreign agents; forbidding anyone with dual citizenship from working in the United States government; permanently ending all aid to Israel; prosecuting for war crimes the most culpable American and Israeli officials and lobbyists; and many other efforts.

Organizer: DC Anti-War Network.

Sami Al-Arian Hunger Strike Update

Dr. Sami Al-Arian--a US political prisoner for 1,460 days--has now been on a hunger strike for 29 days, he has lost 32 pounds, and was recently transferred to a prison medical facility. Al-Arian is protesting his imprisonment on contempt charges stemming from his refusal of the government's demand that he testify before a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va.

The Tampa, FL-based Friends of Human Rights is calling for a "rolling hunger strike" in solidarity with Al-Arian. Those who would like to join are asked to please send an e-mail to with the day they will fast. February 22nd Al-Arian's fast enters its second month.

Also, keep an eye out for, or better yet arrange a showing of, the new Norwegian documentary film, USA vs Al-Arian.

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Letter: Response to Letter which said: "Don't Cut off Ties to Jews:"

They Will Cut off Relations with you as soon as you express dissent.

As Salaamu Alaikum,

On the subject of cutting off relationships with American Jews: If you truly believe your brothers and sisters in Palestine deserve the same right to peace as anyone else in the world, you will not have to do much in the way of cutting off relations with American Jews who support Israel and its inhuman policies towards Palestine at this time. Just say the right thing at a social event and in a few weeks they will disconnect from you. This is why as Muslims we are to have stronger ties with each other and our families than with others. We need to do more business with each other than with others.

Since we oftentimes do not follow the Qur'an as we should in our business affairs, we leave ourselves very vulnerable to others outside of our family circle. Look at other communities and how they conduct business. They can love you; however when it comes to securing their own (family and community) if you represent a problem, guess who gets cut off--"YOU" and rightly so.

This is about surviving as a people and is very natural. We as Muslims are not acting very natural at this time. We have the wishy washy subservient private agendas of many of our top leaders to thank for this trend in our communal behavior. I am not suggesting become anti-Semitic or anything. I am just stating a fact of human survival. Blood is thicker than water.

ma salaam
Hadayai Majeed
Muslim Women Political Action Committee

[New Trend note: Some people are wondering why Obama is getting such ecstatic coverage in the Corporate-Zionist media. Here is the answer from Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz This is another Keith Ellison, the "Muslim Zionist" who started his campaign from a synagogue while Zionist Jews were busy with their genocide against Palestinians.]

Obama to Ha'aretz: U.S. must help protect Israel By Shmuel Rosner

WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Barack Obama (Illinois), who is competing for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, told Ha'aretz yesterday that the United States should help protect Israel from its sworn enemies.

Obama intends to present his policy regarding Israel soon, and his staff has been drafting a speech.

"My view is that the United States' special relationship with Israel obligates us to be helpful to them in the search for credible partners with whom they can make peace, while also supporting Israel in defending itself against enemies sworn to its destruction," Obama said.

At the same time, we must help Israel defend itself against those enemies that have sworn to destroy it," he said.

Obama is the first black candidate with a real chance at the Democratic nomination and election.

In his speech he intends to remove any doubts the Democratic Party's donors and constituents, many of whom are Jewish, may have about his support for Israel in his speech. "Israelis want more than anything to live in peace with their neighbors, but Israel also has real - and very dangerous - enemies," he said.

2007-02-23 Fri 19:06:00 cst