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CNN-type 'Islam' to be Propagated Countrywide: Rich men's venture
[As New Trend pointed out, rich Muslim Americans, allied to the power structure, are working on a CNN version of TV for Muslims. Note this letter written by the head honcho of Bridges TV to Br. Solano.]

Subject: Bridges TV on FOX News LIVE
USA - Us Salam Alaikum,
Just a short note to let you know that Mr. Omar Amanat, the lead investor behind the American Muslim television channel, will be interviewed live on FOX News at 1:48pm ET on Thursday May 8th. You may wish to tune in. Salam,
Muzzammil Hassan
Report on Intifada shows overwhelming civilian killings by Israeli occupation troops
469 Children killed, 22,700 civilians injured, 228,000 trees uprooted
[Horrendous casualties in a small population: All U.S funded.]

Occupied Jerusalem: 10 May, 2003 (IAP News)
A report published in the Occupied Palestinian territories Saturday showed that the overwhelming proportion of Palestinian victims of Israeli killings were innocent civilians.

According to the report, published by the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH), Israeli occupation troops and paramilitary Jewish terrorists have killed as many as 2350 Palestinians since the outbreak of the intifada nearly 32 months ago.

Of this figure, 1911 were innocent civilians, including 469 children.

The figures apparently don't include children and toddlers killed in Gaza during recent Israeli incursions.

The report also showed that as many as 22700 Palestinians, virtually all of them civilians, were injured by Israeli gunfire since September 2000.

Moreover, the report showed that more than 800,000 dunums of Palestinian land were confiscated by the Israeli army and another 18521 dunums were razed.

Furthermore, 227995 grown trees were uprooted and 475 greenhouses were destroyed.

Finally, the report that 265 Palestinian students were killed by Israeli troops and settlers, 3981 students injured and 458 others imprisoned.
Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP)

2003-05-10 Sat 17:23ct