I read your article regarding the CNN piece on the Taliban,

Jazak Allahu khairun for pointing out the far-fetched lies and deceptions they tried to put forth. I would appreciate reading enlightening articles such as this on Afghanistan or current affairs of the Muslims. Please add my email to your list and point me to your previous articles if they are available online. Tamim Popalzai
thank you for this article. I had missed the CNN airing and was later questioned about it in an email from a friend. I was able to forward your article to her in response. Jazak Allahu khairan!!!!
your sister in struggle wasalaam,
Um Ahmad
As Salaamu Alaikum,

I think people are afraid of the Taliban because they have taken such a strong stand. When you stand firm people are afraid. Any country that the US cannot get to submit or fights vehemently against the ills of prostitution, alcohol consumption, gambling, etc., is not going to get favorably press. Unfortunately, many Muslim women are so angry at Islam for what an individual has done to them they will use any means necessary to get even or to strike back. This is one of the hidden results of any form of prolonged abuse. Many Muslim women are walking time bombs due to being abused as children or if they lived in a country or community they felt was just too strict and did not allow them to be "FREE," then others have just SOLD OUT to what they think is REAL WAY of life (that of the US, Europe and some of Asia).

It is too sad that someone would use their clout to outright lie about anyone. The Taliban have made some mistakes, costly mistakes, and some very politically costly in their attempt to be a liberated nation, but they are not alone in making mistakes and they have not done some of the terrible things that the US does everyday. In this country we have institutions that have literally crippled a large number of individuals (racism, poorly designed welfare system, poor schools, social stigmatization of one group), etc.

These systems have caused people to turn on their own, kill their own and hate their own (primarily African Americans and Latinos). Then this system incarcerates them and helps them become better more dysfunctional and a large social problem once released. Hadayai Majeed
Muslim Women's Political Action Committee
(On Fareed Zakaria)
The Zionists were able to create Zionist Christianity the same way as Zionist Islam is being created by these men.

Christianity was, and is also, infiltrated by Jews who pretended to be Christians, but in reality were only embedding Zionist ideas into the minds of the Christians.

Notice the recent discovery of a Jewish convert to Catholicism in line to become the next Pope. In an interview he said he would "Die as a Jew" and he also showed a very poor understanding of Christian beliefs, even though he is a Cardinal in the Catholic Church.
(From Mikaeel on the Palestinian list.)
Insha-Allah, we pray for the complete and total victory in all our struggles against injustice, oppression and the enemies of Islam, Ameen.
You have my support in all your efforts.

May Allah Ta'ala Guide us all onto the Right Path with True Success from now to Eternity, Ameen.

Yunus .M. Asmal
Siemens Technician
South Africa
Assalamu alaykum

I'd like to give a small comment about the translation
of Al Baqarah verse 7 you quote there. I think the
word "sam'ihim" should be translated as "their ear",
and not as "their thinking".

About Indian Muslims, I am sure you can find plenty in
India similar to Fareed Zakaria. That is why their
significant number (about 200 million, more that the
number of muslims in Indonesia) is worthless in front
of 600 million uneducated Hindus. The former
Indonesian president, Abdurrahman Wahid, has as same
opinion on Zionism and Israel as Fareed Zakaria.
Haider Ilyasov (from the Palestine list)
Zakaria is a Harvard University graduate, who early on decided his career would benefit from being right wing on these issues. He used to appear on the local PBS program called the GROUP discussing M.E. issues. He cultivated his zionists friends with appetite. Don't waste you breath on him. He knows better, but doesn't care. Elaine (from Palestine list)
(Sunnah forbids abuse of women)

As salaamu alaikum Dr. Siddique,

Wonderful letter and an issue that really needs discussing amongst the Muslims! I will forward it to my list, InshaAllah!

(Jews and homosexuality)
I sent your message about the homosexuals on to a friend out in California that used to be married to a Palestinian Muslim in Jerusalem. Their marriage was eventually dissolved-but that is another story. She sent me back the following and I thought it would be of interest to you.
(Carolyn, Ellicott City, Maryland)

the email brought back memories of my own actions while in Jerusalem to tear down the lesbian club promotion signs there at the Hebrew U. (when no one was looking of course!!!) I don't know if I would have been in trouble or not but I just hated those signs!)
I think the issue for the Muslims is correct that SECULAR JEWS are dangerous. They are dangerous to those that are Christian as well as Muslim. They are simply described well as sodomites, whoremongers and adulterers. When I was there in Jerusalem, I overheard the discussions in the religious groups about the homosexuality issues. The religious community of course condemns it but they are a minority in the light of the entire nation.

2001-08-30 Thu 17:26ct