Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 14, 1425/ July 4, 2004 #74


Subject: My comments on Sister Hadayai's critique of your article on Muslims in America
Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2004 12:25 PM

As-Salaamu Alaikum, Brother Siddique!

Shukran for sending me the latest issue of New Trend.

I read Sister Hadayai's critique of your article. Personally, I have not read your article to give any comments on it; however, I think Sister Hadayai made valid points concerning Muslim leadership in America. Being a long-time supporter of Imam W.D. Mohammed, I especially agreed with her statement"...he has been a positive catalyst for economic development for Muslims in general and for his people in particular." As you may have witnessed in the past some mistreatment of Sister Hadayai "by some who claim to support him," there are countless others who are sincere, right-thinking, and devout Muslims who truly support (and have always supported) the sound, quality, G'd-conscious leadership of this wonderful man.

In a separate e-mail, I will send you a post of mine entitled, "Comments on The Nation of Islam." Whenever anything regarding the Nation of Islam and/or Imam W.D. Mohammed comes up in any of the e-mail groups I belong to, I send this post to the group's message board. I do hope you read my post with an open mind and heart and, at least, try to understand where I am coming from, insha-Allah.

I know that you don't think too highly of Imam Mohammad; however, I thank Allah that this has not stopped you from giving both Sister Hadayai and me the utmost respect, courtesy, and honor. Alhamdulillah!

May Allah bless you and your family to remain strong in faith and on the Straight Path!

Your sister in faith,
Shafeeqah I. Abdullah
Atlanta, Georgia


Karachi: July 4. TWO WELL KNOWN PAKISTANI physicians, Dr. Akmal Waheed and Dr. Arshad Waheed have been arrested by the Musharraf regime for terrorist connections. They are accused of giving treatment to persons injured in a gunfight with security forces. The two were first kidnaped by special police and kept incommunicado for 18 days before charges were brought. Groups of physicians are protesting the arrests.

June 28. In Mumbra, MORE THAN FIVE THOUSAND PEOPLE ATTENDED the funeral of a young Muslim woman name Ishrat who was shot dead along with three Muslim men by Indian security forces. The four were allegedly planning to kill the Hindu politician who was behind the mass rape and murder of Muslims in Gujarat. The people at the funeral chanted slogans in favor of the four and declared Ishrat, India's Muslim woman martyr in the struggle against Hindu gangsterism. [Muslim outrage was inflamed when Indian forces displayed the bodies of the four in public, after removing the Muslim woman's burqa.]

July 4. For the third day, there were demonstrations in six Iraqi cities protesting President Saddam Hussain's trial by the U.S. installed regime. The biggest demonstration was in Mosul.

[Author unknown. Poem received from Br. Rashid Hamid in England]
Do you remember the stories of old?
Of some who were brave and others who were bold,
Who sacrificed their lives for you and me?
And the other generations that will be.
There is no god but God they would say
Prepared to die come what may.
Did they fight for gold, silver or fame?
Were they only fighting for earthly gain?
Oh my brothers you need to question
Are we really facing the right direction?
Do you really want to know the facts?
Or are you trying to avoid the Haqq
Of what it means to be Muslim today
And how to protect yourself from going astray.

Palestine, cashmere, Chechnya and Sudan
Have all been named in America's satanic plan.
Whose aim is to weaken the people's moral
Economically enslaving them like sheep in a corral.
Using and abusing us day and night
The kufar are jumping with joy and delight
To know that now they have control
Over the daughters of the brave and the sons of the bold.
The messenger of Allah once said
You won't truly love each other
Until you want for yourself what you want for your brother.
Yet is it not a fact today
That our women are being raped and our children are being slain.
Ministers and kings with their doctors of spin
Have called their devils in to do their own thing.
Lying and cheating brainwashing and fleecing
Transforming the Ummah into a lion sleeping.
Then there's Saudi always saying "howdy"
Dipping and diving now there into Jiving
Always trying to state the fact
"You see the improvements to the Kabba is we who do that".
Spending the millions hoping to make billions
After the billions next they want trillions
Are you not satisfied until you have zillions?
Can't you understand why you lot are so hated?
And the believers of this Ummah want to see you abated
Because you're always looking to slip and slide
Ever eager to pull the wool over our eyes
And you Mubarak don't turn your back
With that amount of blood on your hands you might get a cap.
And nine-lives Musharif will eventually perish
Unable to drink the Whiskey that he used to cherish

Hassan, Abdullah and the rest of the royal gang
Never thought we'd wise up to their sadistic plan
Of forcing the Ummah into democracy
Legitimising the act of homosexuality
Alcoholic abuse criminals on the loot
Ignorant police looking for targets to shoot
Prostitution, aids, pollution and wine
What's next on the menu new halal swine?
Saddam mocks accusers in court

By Martin Asser
BBC News Online

Saddam Hussein arrived in chains at a palace complex once used by his inner circle for hunting, fishing and other pleasurable diversions.

Unchained, Saddam was able to gesticulate at judges.
The ex-Iraqi leader was flown to the complex by helicopter and brought to the makeshift courtroom in an armoured bus, escorted by four US military vehicles and a military ambulance.

The handcuffs, attached to a chain around his waist, were then removed, dropping to the floor outside the courtroom with a clatter.

He was then taken inside by two imposing Iraqi prison guards, while six other guards waited outside.

With free hands, the former president was able to jab his finger aggressively at the judge when he became animated, during the half-hour hearing to read out the seven preliminary charges against him.


Dressed in a grey pin-striped suit and white shirt - and looking thinner than before - the ex-Iraqi leader was at times defiant and at times subdued.

But he was wholly different from the submissive and dishevelled prisoner last seen by the world when he was captured in December.

This is all a theatre. The real villain is Bush

Saddam Hussein

Watch Saddam Hussein's defiant first appearance
One of the few reporters allowed in the courtroom, from Qatari-based al-Jazeera TV, said that at first Saddam Hussein refused to reply when he was asked to confirm his name.

"Are you Saddam Hussein?" the judge said.

Looking indignantly at the court official he replied: "Yes, Saddam Hussein, the president of the Republic of Iraq."

The judge then repeated "Saddam Hussein al-Majid?" using the former leader's full name.

"Saddam Hussein, the president of the Republic of Iraq," repeated the man in the dock, emphatically. Throughout the hearing he refused being referred to as the "former Iraqi president".

And when asked where he lived, Saddam Hussein replied: "I live in every Iraqi house."

This obstreperous attitude during the initial exchange seemed to set the tone for the whole hearing.

Legal dispute

"Under what law am I being tried here?" he asked the judge towards the end of the session.

How could you defend those dogs [the Kuwaitis]? They were trying to turn Iraqi women into 10-dinar prostitutes

Saddam Hussein
When he was told that it was Iraqi justice, he mocked the judge and the proceedings.

Did he have a law certificate, the accused asked, and since when had he been recognised as a judge - before the occupation of Iraq or afterwards?

"Since the days of the previous regime until now," the judge replied, explaining that the former US-led occupation administration had asked him to hold the trial.

Saddam then laughed: "You are trying me by order of the invasion forces. By what law are you trying me?"

"I am trying you in accordance with the Iraqi law," the judge said.

"Then you are trying my by the law that I enacted," Saddam Hussein replied. "You are trying me by a law that I approved and ratified."

Angry response

As the charges were read out, Saddam Hussein became enraged when the judge got to the section involving the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

"How can you as an Iraqi talk about the 'Iraqi invasion of Kuwait'?

"Kuwait is Iraqi territory. It was not an invasion."

"How could you defend those dogs? They were trying to turn Iraqi women into 10-dinar prostitutes" [by undercutting the price of Iraqi oil].

He was rebuked for using insulting language by the judge, who told him this was not permitted in a court of law.

At another point, the former president looked around smilingly at the court and remarked: "This is all a theatre. The real villain is Bush."

Hesitant guards

Regarding charges over the chemical weapons attack on the Kurds of Halabja in 1988, he said he had heard about such attacks during his rule "on television".

And again he mocked the court when asked if he wanted it to provide lawyers to defend him.

"But everyone says, the Americans say, I have millions of dollars stashed away in Geneva. Why shouldn't I afford a lawyer?"

Not surprisingly then, at the end of the arraignment Saddam Hussein refused to sign the list of charges against him until he had a defence lawyer present.

At which point the guards were told to take the prisoner away.

One of them hesitated, apparently not quite knowing what to do with this man who less than 18 months ago was an all-powerful tyrant who ruled Iraq with a rod of iron.

Eventually, he tucked his hands under Saddam Hussein's elbows and led him away.
13 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Abdul Lateef Hakeem, official spokesman for the Taliban said on Thursday that Taliban Mujahideen shot down a US military helicopter in Zabul province, killing all 13 US soldiers people on board. The chopper aircraft was shot down by "a new weapon" and crashed in Kharmany village in the province, Hakeem said. The Taliban claim has now been confirmed by independent sources, including the Afghan Islamic Press and the Pak Tribune. The US military had no comment on the incident.

Taliban Mujahideen also attacked a Coalition convoy in Uruzgan, destroying four vehicles and killing eight Coalition soldiers. Four others were wounded in the attack.

In another incident, a US military convoy was ambushed in Zabul and Taliban Mujahideen claim they have inflicted heavy loss on the US forces. The exact number of casualties is not yet confirmed at the time of this filing.

The Taliban have also captured 12 Afghan truck drivers who were taking supplies to US-led coalition bases in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday. Taliban spokesman Abdul Lateef Hakeem made the announcement.

"We claim responsibility for destroying four trucks, and kidnapping the drivers. They were transporting foodstuffs for the Americans, they were feeding the Americans" he said.

The truck convoy was on its way from southern Kandahar province to neighboring Uruzgan when it was stopped in a valley between the two provinces. Taliban Mujahideen set fire to their four vehicles and the drivers and other staff in the convoy were taken hostage.

Hakeem also admitted the Taliban have captured a foreign woman and an Afghan man after officials reported an Australian journalist and her Afghan assistant and driver missing. Taliban spokesman Hamid Agha confirmed the incident with Reuters on Wednesday but said he did not know if the woman was a journalist. (JUS)


2004-07-02 17:41:14
Israeli interrogator was at Abu Ghraib

Sunday 04 July 2004, 2:16 Makka Time, 23:16 GMT

General Karpinski (L) has not been charged for scandal

The US general who was in charge of Baghdad's notorious Abu Ghraib prison has said she had met an Israeli interrogator in Iraq.

The controversial allegation on Saturday is likely to irritate many in the Arab world, though a US military spokesman in Washington said he had no information to back up the claim.

But Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, who was responsible for military police guarding all Iraqi jails at the time prisoners were abused by US troops there, told the BBC she met the Israeli at a Baghdad interrogation centre.

"He was clearly from the Middle East and he said: 'Well, I do some of the interrogation here and of course I speak Arabic, but I'm not an Arab. I'm from Israel'," she said.

"My initial reaction was to laugh because I thought maybe he was joking, and I realised he was serious," said Karpinski who has been suspended from her command for failings at Abu Ghraib but has not been charged with any wrongdoing.


Israeli involvement in Iraq could anger Arabs who accuse Washington of favouring the Tel Aviv in its conflict with the Palestinians and in wider disputes with its Arab neighbours.

Israel has denied similar reports in the past of involvement in US-led operations in the Middle East.

Last month, it denied a report in the New Yorker magazine that it was training Kurdish fighters in Iraq.

Photographs of military police abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib and other reports of abuse have led to hearings in Congress and provoked international outrage.

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