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Real History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio


I have just come back from the David Irving Real History Conference . Again I spoke, this time on the discrepancies between the Arabic and American media, the latter, actually rejecting information and refusing to inform the public in the US. I told of my own experience in translating for newspapers here only to find that they never published so much as one word. Thus, the problem is not that the US papers are ignorant of Islamic peoples and culture, or that they don't know Arabic. The problem is that those who run the media reject information that is out of step with their "war on terror" propaganda.


Of all the talks, I thought David Irving's was easily the best. It dealt with the negotiations that went on in 1944 between Adolf Eichmann in Budapest and Jewish representatives. Eichmann offered to release one million Hungarian Jews to the Allies if the Jews could get the British to supply (I think) 10,000 trucks. The British electronic intelligence intercepted the messages going among the Zionists from the UK station in Palestine so they knew about the whole affair even before the Jew arrived in Cairo to try to work out the deal.

Moshe Shertok and Chaim Weizman then saw Churchill to plead for the case in the summer of 1944 but he wasn't particularly interested. Of course, the British ambassador in Moscow wrote urgently back to London not to do any such deal because if the Soviets found out that London had supplied the Nazis trucks for use on the Russian front (nobody else was fighting in the area) they would be most upset. Because London dragged its feet, some Jew (presumably) broke the story to the London Times and that was the end of it, though they had hoped, presumably, to embarrass the British into carrying out the proposed agreement.


Another interesting talk was given by Charles Provan on Theodore Kaufman. Kaufman, an American Jew, wrote a book in 1941 calling for the sterilization of all Germans and the extinction of the German nation. The book soon became known to Goebbels who had it translated and reprinted and distributed to all German soldiers. It aroused concern at the highest levels in Berlin: Goebbels and Hitler discussed it on several occasions and regarded it as world Jewry's plan for the future of the German people.

Several people at the Nuremberg trials after the War, and Adolf Eichmann later testified that this book provoked many incidents of Jew killing and was responsible for the decisions that the west identified with the "holocaust" as to the desire to get rid of Europe's Jews, under a sort of "it's them or us" conception.

Joe Sobran, the noted columnist, gave a talk demonstrating that the US Constitution was originally written as a document designating the role of a federal government to which sovereign states delegate power. In other words the 13 original states were thought of as 13 countries that agreed to a loose federation, reserving the right to split up.

One might regard the gradual centralization of the United States into one country as something of a historical inevitability, nevertheless, Sobran's talk definitely demonstrated that the US Constitution is basically a "dead letter" because the chief virtue that many American historians and political scientists ascribe to it - namely that it is very "flexible" - only means that they can twist the document to suit their interests.

I was very much hoping to see you there again, in fact I was even somewhat worried because New Trend didn't come out for a number of days, but I now know that there were other meetings and, al-hamdu li-llah, New Trend is back.


Eric Mueller

2003-09-06 Sat 15:31ct