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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 10, 1429/ February 17, 2008, #11

What does Islam say about Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women? Reply by Dr. Siddique. Scroll all the way down.

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Email this brief Message to the Prime Minister of Canada: Momin Khawaja must be Freed [Sample Text Follows]

Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada:

"Canada: Let my people go: Free Momin Khawaja NOW: Four years in prison without trial has exposed Canada's injustice."

100 Books Campaign: Second Book Recommended for February 2008

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Secretary General, Sis. Karen English, has sent a list of books for the Book Campaign.

In January, the choice was The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

For February, the recommendation is: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee by Dee Brown. [Strongly recommended for immigrants.]

Also, we need to get feedback on The Black Swan recommended by Sis. Ashira. What do readers think of it?

We hope readers are studying the Qur'an and Sahih Bukhari. This should be ongoing study, a little every day. Get the Power!

U.S. Muslims Condemn re-Printing of Blasphemous Cartoons in Denmark

In a press release, Jamaat al-Muslimeen points out that U.S. Muslims, along with Muslims around the world, condemn the brazen re-publication of insulting cartoons about Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] in Denmark on February 13. The Danish media, Jyllands-Posten other major newspapers, including Politiken and Berlingske Tidende claim that they are indulging in "freedom of expression" by publishing the cartoons. If Denmark believed in freedom of the expression, it would have opposed the imprisonment of David Irving, Germar Rudolf and Zundel for their critical studies of the Jewish Holocaust story.

We see the Zionist hand coming out of the Danish sleeve to blaspheme the sacred messenger of Allah, pbuh. There is no excuse for such activity.

We hail he new generation of Muslims in Denmark itself who took to the streets to protest the Zionist publication activity for 6 straight nights. We hail the rallies against the cartoons in Gaza, Islamabad, Karachi, Tehran. No Muslim worth the name will condone the sacrilege being committed by the Zionists.

On top of the Danish media frenzy, Denmark arrested and plans to deport two young men from Tunisia on charges of plotting to hurt the notorious cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. There was no trial and no proof. The two youths will probably be tortured in Tunisia which is one of the ugliest and most brutal regimes set up by the western powers in the Muslim world. [A third youth, of Moroccan origin, was arrested and released.]

The blasphemous cartoons are part of the international Zionist hate campaign against Islam. Note these:
1. Irshad Manji, Canadian lesbian and Israel-supporter presented as Islamic expert on CNN.
2. Ayan Hirsi Ali, exported from Holland to right wing groups in the U.S., openly abused Islam and the Prophet, pbuh, on C-Span.
3. Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner book, showing Afghan Islamic opponents of the U.S. as sodomites, child molesters and rapists, presented as best seller by the New York Times and made into a movie with serious racial overtones against Germans and Pashtun Afghans.
4. Rushdie being honored at the iconic center of Jewish culture in Baltimore, Maryland. [see next item.]

February 26: Rally to Protest Rushdie being Honored by Zionists at the Meyerhoff: He Arrival is part of the Coordinated attack on Islam

7:30 to 8:30 at the the Meyerhoff, downtown Baltimore, 1212 Cathedral street.

Stand up for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh, for the honor of the sublime 'Ayesha, r.a., mother of the believers, for the Qur'an's sanctity.

Be disciplined and peaceful and stick to the format of the rally. [All are invited.]

In case you think that Rushdie, the beloved of International Jewry, toned down after he wrote his satanic book Satanic Verses, here is a news report New Trend published on his ongoing abuses and lies against Islam.

"RUSHDIE Unchained: 90 Minute Rant Full of Hate & Abuse Against Islam:

October 28, 2006: C-Span Book-TV lent free rein to its campaign against Islam by giving 90 minutes to Salman Rushdie to attack Islam. Actually Rushdie had spoken to a New York audience [guess who those would be?] on October 11 and there was no pressing reason for C-Span to air it now.

Rushdie had a field day. He abused and insulted Islam in detail and in retail. He condemned the Qur'an, insulted the Prophet, pbuh, made fun of Islamic prayers, attacked the dress of Muslim women [the "veil"], ridiculed Islamic protests against the cartoons and against the Pope. You name it, he said it. It was shallow, cheap and frivolous."

Our America

A Perceptive View of the Election Process
Obama: The New "messiah:" The chance that big money will allow for any real reform is nil.
by Dr. Hoorie

Where I stand currently, which may change with the tides of desperation: I am not at all crazy about either Dem candidate- if you go to their websites and break down their specific plans/ policies on the various domestic "issues", they are actually very similar (with small subtleties, often just wording, which can, but rarely do make a difference in politics). It comes down to charisma and likability very often, which is human nature I suppose.

What scares me silly is the can-do-no wrong near-zealotry I have heard ad nauseum about Obama from people I know everywhere. I know that (thinking) people are desperate for change, but the lack of skepticism and downright adulation about the great Obama go against the grain for my personal belief system. He is a man (about as white as a black guy gets) and a politician, not the rescue-fantasy he is made out to be. That said, when he is running against McCain, I will vote for him because the client base I work with primarily, and care for a great deal, need at least continued (doubtful it will be increased) funding for social programs to ensure basic survival needs, and that does not come from Republicans, ever. Money runs this country, and the chance that big money invested in the war(s), in oil/energy, and in insurance companies will allow for any real reform, even as seductively presented as by Obama, is nil.

The big issues that need changing in my opinion, historically do not have a precedent in this country. We do not have any (viable) candidates that are genuinely anti-war, peacemakers, or interested in seeing the US as only a very small percentage of the 6 billion plus members of club earth (not counting the animals/flora/fauna/environment which no "presidential" candidate has ever given a fig about). The bigger problem is that the majority of people do not care about that deficit. We are always "settling," and I guess the cynical part of me is more and more a fan of P.T. Barnum (who perhaps understood the American psyche much better than most). Lastly, most of this is an intellectual exercise.

I strongly predict (will take all of you out to dinner actually) that McCain will win, after Obama is swift-boated in some fashion. In 2004, Bush's overall popularity was way down according to "polls", and a very large contingent of evangelicals went door to door busily scaring all the Christians witless that someone pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, Darwin-loving, anti-war, and pro-immigrant was going to be running the country, who also had a billionaire wife with a big mouth. We were all "shocked" that Bush won... this time for "real..." People who will make McCain "win" do not participate in NY Times or Newsweek polls, and are told what to do by ministers and Limbaugh.
As for me, I will focus my energies on my clients/patients whom I work very hard for, the inner life which has no current reflection in politics, and on animal rights, my true passion.
thanks for reading!


Killings and Violence Aimed at Women: America's Internal Collapse linked to Erosion of Values
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

At Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, Illinois a former student opened fire in a classroom killing 5 people, injuring 18, before he killed himself. Before that, a gunman opened fire in a shopping mall, killing 5 women. [Tinley Park, Illinois, February 2.] In between those two atrocities, a police officer murdered his girlfriend, heavily pregnant with his baby, rolled up her body in a carpet, in front of her son, put it in his car trunk along with a sack of trash and dumped it at the other end of town. Not to be outdone, New York reports the murder of a female therapist who was hacked to death with a meat cleaver.

Murder and mayhem in America runs across race lines and affect highly educated people. These incidents are usually dismissed as acts of mentally deranged individuals or become politicized into debates about gun ownership. However, over the years a pattern of violence has emerged across the country, from coast to coast. What "we" are doing to Iraqis and Afghans, we are also doing to our own people. The patterns I have noticed coalesce into this analysis:

Zionist Program Behind Emergence of Obama and Hillary: China, India 'Useful'?
by Badi Ali [Imam and Analyst, National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina.]

The emergence of Barack Obama nd Hillary Clinton should be seen as ploys of international Zionism for the benefit of Israel. The way the election process is going, it could unloose a huge reaction from pro-war forces and bring about the election of McCain.

Notice the high praise being lavished on Obama by the Zionist media. Not a word of criticism anywhere on TV. Funniest of all is the great praise he is getting on Fox TV! Fox is taking revenge on Hillary Clinton. A highly articulate, intellectual woman is too much for the Right whose poster child is the mindless Ann Coulter.

Look at how successfully the Zionists have divided the main forces opposed to the power structure. Hispanics are supporting Hillary: Blacks are supporting Obama. The division has been very cleverly done.

We should not forget that racism is the foundation of America, followed closely by contempt for women. Will America tolerate the election of a Black man [however mentally White he may be], or a woman who will stand for no nonsense. Try to understand what is going on here. The Zionist objective seems to be to arouse all of America's demons. The reaction will be strong, once the actual election campaign begins.

If Obama does get elected, he will be so beholden to the Zionist-corporate power structure, he will make Bush's support for war look like a picnic. He is talking not only of expanding the war in Afghanistan but specifically of GOING INTO PAKISTAN. His war plans [with Zionist backing] are on a bigger scale than those of Bush.

We should realize that international Zionism has sucked America dry through the monthly billions spent in Iraq every week and the billions on the "war on terror" which gave us Guantanamo Bay and torture and hurt America's image all over the world.

The Zionists-multinationals will let America collapse. They are already moving [or have moved] their programs to China and India. They can see where the big pickings are and will be in the future.

Don't let Hillary forget: She said on February 17 in Wisconsin:

"There is no military solution [to Iraq.]"
"I'll bring them [the troops] home sixty days after I get elected."

Islamic Shelter Program in Atlanta has Helped nearly 600 Women and Children
by Sis. Hadayai Majeed, Atlanta, Georgia

As Salaamu Alaikum Community,

We have been able to serve through the shelter program with your help and that of our non-Muslim neighbors 598 women and children. We have our struggles and our challenges however we with the help and mercy of Allah have made it through. Now it is time to grow and expand. So many need our help.

One of our brillant college students who is into statistics helped me with this one. She did all the number crunching. She reviewed past financial reports, considered the politics, etc. and gave me this simple yet brillant idea. Don't fight with anyone about anything. Just appeal to reason and logic. Be consistent and broaden your base.

Now is is time to stablize this program and expand. You can help do this by giving at least $3.00 per month and then ask two of your friends, family members to do the same, insh'Allah.

Okay everyone. Dig into the purses and your pockets and bring up the spare change count it and send it to us today! This is what we are asking for your spare change! Numbers are the key. We have the numbers. We just need to get to them, insh'Allah. We have the base to get to the numbers. So let's get moving team!

Only $3.00 per month from 1,333 will keep us going at our present level. Just think this email will go to approximately 10,000 clean email addresses. So don't think someone else will do it. You must do it! What can you do with $3.00 not a lot but we can do a lot with it. $3.00 to us is like $10.00 to everyone else. We combine cash with in-kind donations and come up a lot.

Help us out. Help homeless Muslim women and children and others of faith out. We all are our brothers and sisters keepers. No more people in our community being insulted by others when they ask for help. No more pork being feed to Muslim children, no more of our sisters being told you can't go to the Masjid, you can't cover your hair. Take off that silly long skirt and put on some tight jeans and people will like your more or be willing to help more. Stop being so strange and different. This is what many of our clients tell us they have heard from others when they ask for the least bit of help. We can change this reality.

Send this to every Imam/Amir, President of a group, etc. This is less than $1.00 per week. You can pick up change off the street and donate to help, insh'Allah.

Visit: to get updates, see who we are and review our financial reports. Then send us $3.00 per month. Ask all of your friends once a month to give you $3.00 to send to help homeless women and children. We guess most will say yes (at least once or twice). Go for it you will be surprised.

Send all donations made payable to: Baitul Salaam Network, Inc.

Send to:
PO Box 11041
Atlanta, GA 30310

Algerian 9/11 suspect eligible for compensation. Courtesy the Telegraph, UK.
By Matthew Moore and agencies

Last Updated: 1:32pm GMT 14/02/2008
A pilot accused of training the September 11 hijackers has been given the right to claim compensation for wrongful imprisonment by the Court of Appeal.
Lotfi Raissi, an Algerian, was arrested at his home in west London 10 days after the attacks, accused of being the main instructor for the four pilots.

He was released after seven days but re-arrested and held for four-and-a-half months on an extradition warrant issued at the request of the United States government.
Mr Raissi, 33, trained at the same flight school as Hani Hanjour, the man suspected of crashing Flight 77 into the Pentagon
But he has since been cleared of any involvement in the attacks after the US failed to produce any evidence against him.
His application for compensation had been rejected by the Home Secretary and the High Court, but the Court of Appeal today ruled he had valid grounds for a claim.
"The public labelling of the appellant as a terrorist by the authorities in this country, and particularly by the CPS, over a period of many months has had and continues to have, so it is said, a devastating effect on his life and on his health," Lord Justice Hooper ruled.
"He considers that, unless he receives a public acknowledgement that he is not a terrorist, he will be unable to get his life back together again."
Legal experts have said that Mr Raissi could receive up to 1 million for his ordeal.
Lord Justice Hooper added: "We have allowed his appeal ordering that the appellant's application for compensation be referred back to the Home Secretary for reconsideration in the light of this judgment."
Mr Raissi said he "wept with relief" when he heard the judgement. "I have always said that I believed in British justice and I finally got it today," he said outside court.
"Surely I can expect to hear from the Home Secretary with the long-awaited apology very soon."
He said his wrongful arrest had ruined his life and left him blacklisted as a pilot and unable to work. "They destroyed my life, they destroyed my career. "For this I will never, ever forgive them."
Commenting on the ruling, the Ministry of Justice said: "We are considering the implications and whether or not to appeal."
Mr Raissi was the only man to be arrested in this country accused of playing a part in the mass murders of September 11.

When it Comes to Islam and Muslims, Black Upper Class Sides with Bush: Muslims of African Descent Should Take Note
From New Trend's Think Tank

Leaders of the African-Islamic community such as Imam Jamil, Imam Musa, Imam Warith Deen Umar have taught that Islam is ONE UMMAH, global and faith-oriented. Allah Almighty is not going to ask about race on the Day of Judgment but about DEEN, as Imam Jamil put it. The Imam could see clearly that the power structure in Atlanta turned against him on racial grounds because it alleged that he had killed a Black police officer.

The Black upper class is no different from any other segment of the power structure. A case in point is the union between the Congressional Black Caucus [CBC] and George Bush. Can it get lower than that. The CBC is working with Bush to destroy the economy of Sudan. [Don't forget that the major shakers and movers behind the Darfur 'genocide' story are American Jews coming right out of the so-called Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.]
Notice how they ignore Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam reporting on Sudan. No kind of anti-Zionist Sudan viewpoint is acceptable to the CBC.
Sudan, Africa's giant, is about to achieve economic power. These CBC-Zionist-Bush forces want to stop Sudan from sales of oil, gas, timber and rubber.
Here are excerpts from an anti-Muslim Black paper, the AFRO, coming out of Baltimore. Notice how they are not ashamed of being so close to Bush:

Sudan bill signing pleases CBC
By James Wright
AFRO Staff Writer
WASHINGTON -- Members of the Congressional Black Caucus praised President George W. Bush for signing into law a Sudan divestment bill they hope will help stem the government-sponsored violence that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives so far.
But they say much more needs to be done to stop the genocide in Darfur.
Bush signed the Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007 into law New Year's Eve.

In a statement released after he signed the bill, Bush said that the ongoing genocide in Darfur was unacceptable.
"I share the deep concern of the Congress over the continued violence in Darfur perpetuated by the government of Sudan and rebel groups," he said. "My administration will continue its efforts to bring about significant improvements in the conditions in Sudan through sanctions against the government of Sudan and high-level diplomatic engagement and by supporting the deployment of peacekeepers in Darfur."
The law allows states, local governments and universities to divest from companies doing business in the oil, gas, timber and rubber industries in partnership with the Sudan government; prohibits new contracts with such companies and prohibits the federal government from entering into new contracts with these offending companies.
The law protects those who choose to divest from lawsuits from the companies from which they pull their money.
The bill was passed unanimous approval by both houses of Congress.
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), a fierce critic of the Bush administration and the author of the bill, praised the signing.

The four industries were selected because of their military and economic importance to the country, said Lee spokesperson Cleve Mesidor.
"Everyone knows about the oil and gas, but people should understand that the timber and rubber are used by the government to sell to other countries and companies as well as to build its own military," Mesidor said.
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) praised Lee for her work on this issue."This crucial legislation sends a loud and powerful message to the Sudanese that Americans will not tolerate the mass killings of innocent people," Cummings said.
D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) ... said that the administration must enforce the law in order to be effective.
Because the disinvestment will be locally controlled, there may be fewer opportunities for federal interference, but federal mechanisms are necessary to make the disinvestment effective and rapid, she said.
Rep. Al Wynn (D-Md.) said that the signing of the bill "is a step in the right direction but more needs to be done."
He pointed out that state of Maryland and the University of Maryland Foundation already have divested their funds.

Compare this nonsense of CBC and Bush with the stance of Imam Musa who personally rallied Muslims at the Sudanese embassy to oppose sanctions against Sudan. Muslims of African-American descent need to wake up and question their leaders: Why are the leaders not speaking out against CBC and the Zionist lobby.

THE FORGOTTEN TERRORIST ATTACK: 500 civilians killed by the U.S. in One Blow
by Jeff Archer [San Diego, California]

On the morning of February 14, 1991, when I turned the TV on to see the latest lies being told to the public about the U.S. bombing of Iraq, I saw a chaotic situation in Baghdad. The Amiryah bomb shelter had just been struck by two 2,000-pound super bombs. Information was sketchy, but it was evident that many people lost their lives.
The first statement from the U.S. administration was that the U.S. hit an Iraqi command and control post and the dead were military. Shortly after, the cameras showed charred bodies of women and children, so the U.S. story had to be revised. The administration then said that the building was a military target in which Saddam Hussein placed civilians to protect the military personnel.
Remember that the current vice-president of the U.S., Dick Cheney, was the U.S. Secretary of War in 1991. He said, "We blame the Iraqi leadership for putting civilians in harm's way." That statement was not only a lie, but one of the most absurd allegations one could make because it denigrated the hundreds of humans who lost their lives. Cheney, an avid hunter of caged quail, once shot a hunting partner. He can't tell the difference between a small bird and a person, so nothing is new about his lack of brainpower or eyesight.
For a couple of hours, the world was told that the Iraqis led civilians to their deaths by putting them into a military target. Then, the truth began to emerge.
The Amiryah bomb shelter was built as a civilian bomb shelter during the Iran-Iraq War. Even the engineer who designed it came on television and told the world that there was no way it could be a military asset.
After the lies were put to rest, it became evident that the U.S. had mistaken the target as a military venue, or it had deliberately bombed it knowing it was a bomb shelter. To this day, not one U.S. government spokesperson has ever mentioned the truth. In fact, after February 14, 1991, the subject has been left unspoken: even the lies.
Those inside the bomb shelter died horrific deaths. First, a 2,000-pound bomb crashed through the shelter creating a massive tunnel in which the second 2,000-pound bomb then came. Both blew up leaving a huge hole and killing more than 500 people. Only seven humans survived the attack. Those who died actually saw the first bomb and had a few seconds of life left before the second burrowed its way into the shelter. Such an attack transcends the barbarity of a bombing in which the people die immediately.
The lines of burnt dead bodies lining the street presented a horrific scene reminiscent of Hiroshima after it was nuked by the U.S.
This is the 17th anniversary of the bombing of the shelter, yet few words have been written as a reminder of the horrific act. Before March 2003, at least Iraq commemorated the event and remembered the dead. The stooges in power today don't want to remind the world of the lack of caring for human life the U.S. displayed in 1991 in the bombing of Iraq. Most weren't even in the country then. No matter how much they stick their heads in the sand, nothing will never ease the pain of one of the most barbaric terrorist attacks in history. The silence from the U.S. and the Iraqi quislings is deafening.

Q & A: Does Islam Allow Muslim men to Marry non-Muslim women in America?
[From Sis. N a very young woman, perhaps we should call her daughter-in-Islam, in Atlanta, Georgia.]

Q. I have been told that Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men but Muslim men are permitted to marry non-Muslim women. What does Islam say?

Answer by Kaukab Siddique: Islam teaches that marriage is half the faith. Marriage is one of the most powerful means for the spread of Islam. It turns hostile communities into friends. The Qur'an used it to break up the well-established system of slavery in pre-Islamic Arabia and then in the rest of the Islamic commonwealth.

Islam does not permit a Muslim, male or female, to marry a non-Muslim, especially in countries like the U.S., China and India where Muslims are minorities.
In a fully developed Islamic state, where Islam is dominant, Muslim men are sometimes allowed to marry non-Muslim women who are chaste and follow the original teachings of Moses and Jesus, pbut.

In America, people coming in from Arab countries have propagated the view that Muslim men are allowed to marry non-Muslim women. Not only is this an incorrect view it has seriously damaged the Islamic cause in America. This country has become more pagan than Christian and a non-Muslim woman who comes into a Muslim home is backed by the entire power of the secular State system and the children of such a marriage are educated by a secular education system. Other than in very exceptional cases, such a marriage is very damaging.

Tens of thousands of American and African-American women have embraced Islam during the last two decades. These men who are marrying non-Muslim women are denying marriage to those women who have embraced Islam. Racism and nationalism are often involved in the Muslim male's decision to marry non-Muslim [usually White] women.

Why have U.S. Muslims been so misled? It has to do with inability to study the Qur'an in CONTEXT and the desire to study the Qur'an WITHOUT the help of the Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh. If we were to know HOW to study Islam, such questions would not arise.

The Qur'an makes it very clear that marriage is to be based only on FAITH in ALLAH and that one of its purposes is to UNDERMINE SLAVERY. Marriage based on CLASS STRUCTURE and NATIONALISM is a clear violation of Islam. Here is what the Qur'an says:

"Do not marry women who associate others with Allah [mushrikat] until they believe. A slave woman who believes is better than one who associates others with Allah [mushrika] even though she allure you. Nor marry men who associate others with Allah [mushrikeen] until they believe: A male slave who believes is better than one who associates others with Allah [mushrik] even though he allure you. They [associaters] beckon you to the Fire but Allah beckons by His Grace to the Garden [of Bliss] and forgiveness, and makes His Signs clear to mankind that they may receive admonition." [2:221]

Notice that I have written the Arabic word in brackets. It is often incorrectly translated as "disbelievers" and "idolaters" although mushrik is one who associates others with Allah.

All interpretations must end when there is a clear Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, on the issue. He never recommended marriage with non-Muslim women. Addressing men, he makes it quite clear that Islamic integrity and faith is the requirement for marriage:

"The messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, said: Women are married for 4 reasons: for wealth, for family nobility, for beauty and for Deen: You should marry for Deen, otherwise may your hands be rubbed in the dirt." [Narrated by Abu Huraira, r.a., in the Sahih of Bukhari and the Sahih of Muslim.]

Deen is a comprehensive term for piety, knowledge and practise of Islam, and Fear of Allah.

Our Arab brothers try to take advantage of a permission granted in chapter 5 of the Qur'an to marry women from the People of the Book: These brothers [conveniently?] ignore the fact that the verse they are using was revealed after the victory of Islam when Islam had become the dominant force in Madinah: " ... [lawful unto you in marriage] are not only chaste women who are believers but chaste women among the People of the Book revealed before your time ...." [5:5]

This is a legal "permission" within a context of Islamic dominance. The Prophet, pbuh, does not recommend it. What is legal is not necessarily the best course.
And Allah knows best.

2008-02-18 Mon 21:51:45 cst