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from our Afghanistan monitor
Karzai and Musharraf Meet to Counter Taliban Resurgence
Spate of Taliban Raids in Afghanistan: New Jihad message from Gulbuddin Hikmatyar
Pakistani military helicopter down in border area: 70,000 Musharref troops try to seal border

The Taliban resurgence has become strong enough to make more coordination necessary between America's two surrogates in the area: General Musharraf of Pakistan and Karzai, the "ruler" of Kabul.

Karzai arrived in Pakistan and had secret meetings with General Musharraf and public relations meetings with Prime Minister Jamali. Karzai declared that the Taliban were "terrorists" and Saddam was a "usurper."
[Karzai left on April 23.]

Before, during and after the meetings, Taliban attacks against Afghan mercenary forces and U.S. troops continued on a daily basis. The most daring was an attack on AMERICAN FORCES in which, the U.S. says, two American troops were killed and 4 wounded. This was a lightning raid, whose speed can be gauged from the report that the U.S. force under attack called in air support which took only 20 minutes to appear, but the Taliban had struck and disappeared BEFORE air support emerged. [The attack took place in a desolate area called SHKEN, in Paktika province, adjacent to the Northern Waziristan area of Pakistan.]

The Taliban have started killing Karzai's mercenary Afghan forces in increasing numbers with almost no losses for themselves, which is a principle of classic guerrilla warfare based on the Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) that: Al-Harb khud'a

A new message has emerged in Afghan villages from mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hikmatyar urging people to join the growing jihad against America. Without help of modern media, the "primitive" Afghans have devised new ways of spreading the message, in hand written letters often pasted in the village square.

The green banners of Islam are gathering in the rugged hills of eastern, southeastern and southwestern Afghanistan. Pakistani reports say that the Taliban control the night in 8 provinces of Afghanistan. In two provinces, Zabul and Oruzgan, they have taken day time, formal control of several districts.

To check the area of daily strikes by the Taliban, buy a beautiful, large sized map which has been produced by an Afghan company (nothing to do with Taliban) in Arizona. It comes for $12. Order from
Pakistani observers say that if U.S. air power were withdrawn, the armies of Islam could reach Kabul in one day. These observers think that the FUTURE OF the ISLAM-U.S. CONFLICT will be decided in Afghanistan, and the Taliban, scampering like goats over the rocky terrain of this blood soaked nation, may well force the U.S. to withdraw, just as the Afghans once forced the Soviets to retreat with their tails between their legs.
America's main hope in the area is GENERAL MUSHARRAF. After getting a billion dollars from Bush, the general has put the honor and integrity of Pakistan on the line to defeat the Taliban. Under Musharraf's orders, 70,000 Pakistani troops are trying desperately to seal the border with Afghanistan. It appears that in the process, Musharraf is willing to get Pakistani troops killed and to destroy the Taliban. IN THE MOST RECENT INCIDENT, April 24, a Pakistani military helicopter went down in north Waziristan, and 13 Pakistani forces, including 7 officers, were killed. Pakistan says the incident is "being investigated." [Nawai Waqt.]
Taliban attack kills 9 Afghan militiamen
By Rahimullah Yusufzai
Jang News International - Pakistan

PESHAWAR: The Taliban claimed on Wednesday (April 23) that their fighters had seized the headquarters of the Deh-i-Chopan district in Zabul province in southwestern Afghanistan and captured its pro-government head and his seven men.

A Taliban spokesman, Mohammad Mukhtar Mujahid, told The News that about nine militiamen loyal to President Hamid Karzai's government were killed in the Taliban attack. He said the Taliban lost one of their fighters named Abdur Rahim while six others were injured in the fighting.

During the last week, April 20 to 27, new fighting erupted in Kashmir, a Muslim country occupied by a huge Indian army. Reports indicate that 77 people have been killed in ONE week and 170 wounded. At least 25 of these were Indian troops, killed in raids by Lashkare Taiba mujahideen. Another 20 were Indian paramilitary forces also killed in Lashkare Taiba ambushes, 17 were mujahideen from the Lashkar ambushed by elite Indian troops, and the remaining were civilians either killed by enraged Indian troops or caught in the crossfire.

On April 26, a mujahideen group not heard from in a long time, Harakat al-Mujahideen, launched a daring attack on Indian controlled radio station in central Srinagar. Five Indian troops and the three mujahideen were killed in the attack which brought the city to a stand still.

REASON BEHIND THE FIGHTING: India's racist Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, recently visited occupied Kashmir under a heavy security screen. Following that there were reports that Pakistan's Gen. MUSHARRAF and VAJPAYEE are working out a deal between them which would put an END TO THE ISSUE of Kashmir as far as Pakistan is concerned.

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