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Shawwal 21, 1426/November 24, 2005 #86
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Obituary: New Trend mourns the passing away of Dr. Amir Ali in Chicago on November 19. His funeral on November 20 was very well attended. We come from Allah and unto Allah we return.

We differed with Dr. Ali pre-9.11 when he was very pro-establishment probably owing to his conservative Indian background. After 9.11 he started changing and became openly anti-war. By the time he died he was criticizing President Bush and wrote a long analysis of a speech by Bush.

Amir Ali was a fine human being, very clean and muttaqi in his personal life. May Allah forgive his [and our] sins and grant him al-Jannah. Ameen. May Allah give sabr to his wife Mary, an outstanding Muslim woman, and other members of the family.
If you celebrate THANKSGIVING, New Trend urges you to remember those who are hungry in northern Pakistan's quake area, in India's shanty towns, in Bangladesh's hovels, in the cold mountainsides of Afghanistan, in the desperate townships of Sudan, Uganda, Niger, South Africa and Ethiopia.
[And don't forget the hungry in America inner cities. Bush is planning to take away their food stamps.]
Quote of the Month

"...at an antiwar demonstration last month, ... an older woman of African descent held up a sign that read simply, "No Iraqi ever left me to die on a roof."
[Quoted in The Nation in an article on the dismal meeting between Bush and Muhammad Ali, the warmonger and the unforgettable opponent of the Vietnam war.]

1. Michael Moore spoke to a Mott Community College audience [in Flint, Michigan] [November 20, 2005]. He summed up the feelings of 60% of Americans who no longer support the war and see it as both unjust and unnecessary. Increasingly Americans are also seeing it as "unwinnable."

Moore's words can be shared by all progressive Americans. He said: "This war has to be ended" now, within a few weeks.

He urged the American people to "ask God for forgiveness" for the great wrongs America has done in Iraq.

In his analysis of U.S. military propaganda about the war, Moore made an important point. He said, the regime claims that the "suicide bombers" are "foreign terrorists" [from "Saudi' Arabia" in particular]. Why doesn't the government EVER reveal the names, PICTURES and identities of the "suicide bombers" he asked. Evidently these are indigenous Iraqis and revealing their identities would blow the entire propaganda about foreign terrorists.

How dedicated these "suicide bombers" are for their cause he asked? Are there any people here [in America] he asked, who would be willing to sacrifice themselves physically for their cause?

Towards the end of his speech, Moore explained his religious beliefs. Strangely enough, he almost sounded like a Muslim, perhaps because both Jesus and Muhammad [peace be on them] originally taught the same message. In Moore's words: "You cannot get into heaven without a permission slip from the poor." Seek God among the poor. Unless you care for the poor and oppressed, God will not accept you, whatever you might believe.
[Muslims should see Sura al-Ma'un in the Qur'an]
2. Richard Perle spoke to the American Enterprise Institute about the same time as Moore did [broadcast on C-Span, November 23, 2005]. He is part of the Jewish/Zionist clique which took America to war in Iraq.

Perle claimed that America was in great danger from Saddam. Talking of the Amewrican air force's role in the imposition of No fly zones on Iraq in Saddam's rule, Perle claimed "We were under attack." He pointed out that Saddam's forces were shooting at the planes. "We were going to lose an air plane" he complained.
[This is Perle's "moral vision." You impose no fly zones within a country and subject it to sanctions. If it seeks to defend itself, you can claim that it is a threat to you. Did Hitler come anywhere near such hegemonistic thinking? and the Jews blame him! -- editor]

Perle was quite frank about his attempts to get the U.S. to remove Saddam as far back as 1998. He pointed out that he had carried out his plans openly. "There was no cabal" he said, referring to the "1998 letter" which he signed along with Rumsfeld.
[Incidentally, as New Trend noted before, Khalilzad also signed it.]

One important point made by Perle was that the forces facing America are not some vague "terrorists." 'We are at war with Islamic radicalism," he said. The opponents, he said, are "People who want a Caliphate, to dominate the world."
[Here he may be right, but the Caliphate is to be established in Muslim lands. There is no threat to America.]

He harped on the next item on the Jewish-Zionist agenda: He emphasized that the "Saudis are not our friends" and started repeating the story that "half the suicide bombers bombers are Saudis."

Perle's message was that of deep hatred for the entire Islamic world. It was the message of Israel, the entity which has constituted the Jewish agenda for which he wants Americans to pay.
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French Intifada Not Owing to Racism? CAIR's Awad Cosies Up to French Ambassador
[from our New York representative]

On Tuesday, 11/21/2005, Arsalan Iftikhar (Legal Director of CAIR) hosted a discussion on the France Riots on C-Span. Amongs members of the panel were Nihad Awad, executive director of CAIR and Jean-David Levitte, French AMbassador to the United States.

Regarding the riots in France, which erupted because two Muslim youths were electrocuted while being chased by police, Nihad Awad stated that it is against Islam to destroy property and cause public disturbance. However, it was noted in the program how dejected the economically-disadvantaged Muslim population because of discrimination from the French government.

Awad went on to say that extremist Muslim media in France and the U.S. tried to indicate that the riots were a result of racial discrimination, which he did not believe was the case. He also reported that a French Muslim cleric had issued a fatwa, too, but did not state against who or what.

Nihad Awad stated that if Muslims there were suffering such harsh forms of discrimination that they should have reported this to French public officials, the media, and to CAIR itself. He felt that taking these actions would've been better than rioting.

French Ambassador, Jean-David Levitte, suggested that religion taken out of government is a solution to any type of religious adversity. He stated that the government ruling against the wearing of hijabs in only the public schools was reaffirming a 1905 law that removed completely religion from public schools. He stated that before that 1905 law, public schools laws were based on Catholicism.

The journalists present asked for suggestions on how the French Government could accommodate the Muslim population there without further alienation. I wish someone would've challenged Ambassador Levitte by challenging him to answer these questions:
  1. Why was the ruling against religion in the public schools made in the first place?
  2. Was the ruling putting limitations on government-imposed Catholic law or the people's religious freedom?
  3. Does the removal of religious law from French public schools mean that Muslims are not free to practice Islam as they see it, such as Muslim girls wearing hijab?
  4. How are hijab-wearing Muslim girls imposing their Islamic law on the public school students and system?
But, alas, no one asked such questions. It was a very polite discussion with everyone, including the journalists, making every effort not to offend anyone present. I found Niwad Awad's comments against the riots to be very judgmental and unforgiving. He did not understand the level of frustration on the part of the Muslim youth there and he did not view them as his Muslim brothers or sisters. His criticsm could have easily come from a non-Muslim U.S. official.

I pray for those Muslims in France and I can identify with their pain and frustration. I hope the French government realizes that the Muslim youth are a force to be reckoned with and I believe they can offer better solutions to this situation than imposing curfews.

Sis. 'Aisha

Prisoners Lost Belongings: Hurricane Wilma Hit Prison in Beaumont, Texas

One of our regular correspondents from Beaumont, Texas who embraced Islam in a prison there has described the impact of hurricane Wilma. Many of the buildings, including many in the city, have been damaged. The conditions of the prisoners are bad because they lost their little goods in the storm.

Many of the officers who work at the prison lost their homes and have not returned to work. hence the prisoners cannot get their requests for search of their properties processed. Nearby towns were also damaged.


Famous Egyptian-American political prisoner Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar, a man of peace who has always been a model citizen of the U.S., is being mistreated in prison.

After he was beaten up, he was put into a cell block where he is not allowed any family visits. His mail has been cut off and his water has been cut off [other than the water in his urinal].

To protest the mistreatment, Ahmed has gone on hunger strike. We found out about it after he had already been on hunger strike for 6 days [November 22]. The authorities are preparing to force feed him so that he may not die.


The U.S. government on November 22, 2005 unsealed an indictment of Abdullah al-Muhajer [Jose Padilla], the famous Hispanic revert to Islam. It does not include any language about "dirty bomb," "attacks on apartments" and "Al-Qaida connection" which the regime had so dramatically brandished on every TV screen when Jose Padilla was arrested.

Attorney General Gonzalez was sweating and nervous as he parried questions about the horrendous allegations his previous boss, Ashcroft, had brought against Padilla. It's a real shame and a disgrace for the American justice system that a man was held for THREE YEARS, in a little cell, with no human contact, on an TV allegation of his readiness to use a "radiological bomb!" on a U.S. city.

Suddenly the whole thing is dropped without explanation. Observers say, Bush is turning the U.S. into a clown for the whole world to mock.

Even then, Gonzalez is not willing to let Padilla go. Looks like now new charges have been cooked up in the so-called "indictment." Poor Padilla is now being linked to 4 other Muslims, a so-called "cell" which wanted to participate in jihad overseas to "kill and maim" people.

The others indicted are: Adham Amin Hassoun a Lebanese-born Palestinian who lived in Broward County, Fla.;, Mohammed Hesham Youssef, an Egyptian who lived in Broward County; Kifah Wael Jayyousi, a Jordanian national and U.S. citizen who lived in San Diego; and Kassem Daher, a Lebanese citizen with Canadian residency status.

Just when one thinks, Gonzalez might have something against these four and one reads on: SURPRISE. The four are being accused of going to Chechnia, Kosova, Bosnia to help jihad in the 1990s!

So now we are going to go back in history and indict all those Muslims who went overseas to help other Muslims! This is not justice! This is a joke being perpetrated by the Zionist-controlled tyranny in Washington, DC on the Muslim citizens of this country.
[The exception would be Hassoun in whose case they found some immigration irregularities and decided to tie him to "terrorism" anyway! ]


Letters and phone calls are going out to the Austrian embassy. Reader Melissa Meza gives us a sample as well as clips from the Austrian embassy's web site:

My name is Melissa Meza, I am writing the Austrian Embassy for two reasons:

I would like the Austrian Embassy to explain to me why it is that such a "modern democracy," feels it necessary to arrest people that question certain aspects of the so called holocaust? Do they arrest people in Austria that claim they have been abducted by Aliens? Do they arrest those who claim Elvis is alive? Why then arrest someone that questions the holocaust? In my mind it's clear - they [The Austrian Government] is complicit in covering up lies it propagated in the past, why else arrest a historian for God's sake?

Embassy of Austria

3524 International Court N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Telephone: 202-895-6700
Fax : 202-895-6750
E-mail: austrianembassy@washington.nu

The Ambassador
Eva Nowotny http://www.austria.org/nowotny_cv.shtml
Tel.: 202-895-6716

Ambassador Eva Nowotny is the official representative of the Republic of Austria in the United States and is responsible for all aspects of the relationship between the two countries. On December 04, 2003 she presented her credentials to President George W. Bush at the White House. She is also Permanent Representative of the Observer Mission of Austria to the Organization of American States (OAS) and Ambassador to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

Deputy Chief of Mission
Mr. Harald GŁnther, Minister
Tel.: 202-895-6718
E-mail: austrianembassy@washington.nu

The Deputy Chief of Mission is responsible for the smooth operation and overall coordination of the Embassy. Specific responsibilities include Security and Defense Policy, Political Military Affairs as well as Political Affairs concerning Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

Trade Office
Mr. Marcus Bergmann, Counselor
Tel.: 202-895-6713
E-mail: austrianembassy@washington.nu

The area of competence of the Trade Office consists of matters related to trade policy between Austria and the United States. Its mandate also encompasses European Union Affairs from a Member State's perspective on a bilateral and multilateral level. Furthermore, it serves as the primary interface between U.S. Authorities and the Embassy in trade related matters. The Trade Office is the official point of entry on issues pertaining to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in a transatlantic context. Agriculture, Finance, Health and Labor are also part of its portfolio.

Press & Information Service
Mr. Christoph Meran, First Secretary
Tel.: 202-895-6746
E-mail: austroinfo@austria.org

The main objective of the Press & Information Service is to work closely with the American media as well as Austrian correspondents assigned to the United States. During visits of Austrian dignitaries, the Press Office overlooks all media aspects of their meetings with representatives of the US government. It also keeps the Austrian government informed about the media coverage of Austria in the US. Since 1995, the Press Office co-hosts and updates this website. Every year, thousands of phone- and E-mail inquires from journalists, students and private citizens, are answered promptly. The bimonthly newsletter Austrian Information goes out to approximately 12,000 readers worldwide and is also available online.

UK gags paper over Aljazeera memo

Wednesday 23 November 2005, 12:01 Makka Time, 9:01 GMT [Courtesy alJazeera]

Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper has been ordered to cease publishing further details from an allegedly top secret memo revealing that US President George Bush wanted to bomb Aljazeera.

The gag order from Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith came nearly 24 hours after the paper published details of what it said was a transcript of talks between Bush and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In those talks, which took place during the prime minister's April 2004 visit to Washington, Blair is said to have talked Bush out of launching "military action" on the television channel's headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

"No 10 did nothing to stop us publishing our front page exclusive yesterday (Tuesday)," the Daily Mirror said on Wednesday, referring to the British prime minister's office.

But the attorney-general warned that publication of any further details from the document would be a breach of the Official Secrets Act.

He threatened an immediate High Court injunction unless the newspaper confirmed it would not publish further details.

"We have essentially agreed to comply," the paper reported.

"We made No 10 fully aware of the intention to publish and were given 'no comment' officially or unofficially, Daily Mirror Editor Richard Wallace was quoted as saying.

"Suddenly 24 hours later we are threatened under Section 5
[of the Official Secrets Act]."

According to Britain's Guardian newspaper, it is the first time that the Blair government has threatened to prosecute a newspaper for publishing the contents of leaked government documents.


The White House has dismissed the Daily Mirror report, calling it "outlandish".

"We are not going to dignify something so outlandish and inconceivable with a response," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Tuesday.

Aljazeera itself, whose coverage of the war in Iraq has been criticised by the US, says it is also investigating the report.

"If the report is correct then this would be both shocking and worrisome not only to Aljazeera but to media organisations across the world," the station said in a statement http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/63190D83-F77A-4521-A5CB-FA84D672FAB7.htm .

Following the Mirror's report there have been calls to release the transcript.

"If true, then this underlines the desperation of the Bush administration," said Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman Sir Menzies Campbell.

"On this occasion, the prime minister may have been successful in averting political disaster, but it shows how dangerous his relationship with President Bush has been."

The Mirror on Tuesday quoted a source as saying: "The memo is explosive and hugely damaging to Bush.

"He made clear he wanted to bomb Aljazeera in Qatar and elsewhere. Blair replied that would cause a big problem.

"There's no doubt what Bush wanted to do - and no doubt Blair didn't want him to do it."

Previous attacks

The threat by Bush also "casts fresh doubt on claims that other attacks on Aljazeera were accidents", the Mirror said in its report on Tuesday.

It cited the 2001 direct hit on the channel's Kabul office in Afghanistan.

In November 2001, Aljazeera's office in Kabul was destroyed by a US missile. None of the crew was at the office at the time.

US officials said they believed the target was a "terrorist" site and did not know it was Aljazeera's office.

In April 2003, an Aljazeera journalist, Tariq Ayub, died when its Baghdad office was struck during a US bombing campaign.

In its statement on Tuesday, Aljazeera said that if the Mirror's report was true, it would "cast serious doubts in regard to the US administration's version of previous incidents involving Aljazeera's journalists and offices."


A British civil servant has been charged under the Official Secrets Act for allegedly leaking the government memo.

The Daily Mirror said the memo, stamped "Top Secret", turned up last year at the Northampton office of then Labour MP Tony Clarke.

Civil servant David Keogh, 49, is now accused of passing the memo to Leo O'Connor, who once worked for Clarke.

Both Keogh and O'Connor are due to appear in court next week on charges under the Act.

Clarke, who opposed the invasion of Iraq and who lost his seat at the last election, returned the memo to Downing Street.

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