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Zulhijja 25, 1425/February 5, 2005 #10
President Bush's Prayer Breakfast: February 3, 2005

A Strange Religion: Scenes out of Alice in Wonderland [Revised Edition].
Mass Murderers Pray to Jesus [not to God] for More "Victory"

by New Trend's Media Monitor

Dear readers of New Trend: When Bush and his generals close their eyes, clasp their hands and pray to Jesus, does anyone know what they say? It's a silent prayer, so it is anyone's guess. Here are a few guesses: "O Jesus, help us to wipe out the Muslims." "O Jesus, forgive the Iraqis, Afghans, Palestinians that they forced us to kill them." "O Jesus, forgive the people of Fallujah for resisting our tanks so that we had to kill them." O Jesus, help us to love our enemies so that we may kill them without compunction, just as we killed the 'Red' Indians and the African slaves." "Forgive us our trespasses, O Jesus, for we know not what we do."

On a more serious note, here is New Trend's objective report on President Bush's Prayer Breakfast. We didn't make this up. It actually happened, so stop laughing and read:

God was not mentioned throughout the ceremony. Instead there was constant repetition of the name of Jesus. Apparently, these people worship a man named Jesus. They believe he is everywhere. You simply have to lift your hands and he will hear you. He lives somewhere in the sky and someday will come down to rule the world.

Elaine Chao, Labor Secretary, spoke "in Jesus name" and asked Jesus to bless both Bush and Cheyney.

The large, largely Republican but also Democrat, crowd prayed for the success of Iraqi CIA agent Iyad Allawi and others who "won" the elections on January 30.

Sgt. Douglas Norman made it very clear that the prayers were about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. He explained his miraculous survival when an rpg fired by the Taliban in Afghanistan tore into his humvee killing two U.S. troopers with him.

[Strangely enough, the incident was not reported in the U.S. media. There have been reports that fighting in Afghanistan is not reported to create the impression that "we have won" there.]

A brief but lively speaker was Norm Coleman, Republican from Minnesota. Could you have guessed from his name and state who he is if he had not said it himself? He is a Jew. It's good strategy which Muslims should learn: keep names which sound so non-Jewish.

The keynote speaker was Tony Hall, Bush's ambassador to the U.N. for Food, Agriculture, etc. He seemed to be the non-thinking type. He claimed that PEOPLE WERE HIT BY TSUNAMI and ARE DYING BECAUSE WE DIDN"T PRAY HARD ENOUGH. [That's why it is a serious query: When these people pray to Jesus, what do they say?] Hall seemed to be aware that the people he met in Indonesia owing to the Tsunami are Muslims. He was sad that Jesus had not been brought to them.

Finally President Bush came on and spoke a few platitudes. All the others had mentioned Christians or Judeo-Christians only. He added one word for the Muslims, enough for Muslim bootlickers to claim that he cares.

[Readers might remember that after Attacking Fallujah during Ramadan, destroying mosques, and unleashing a hail of bombs during Lailatul Qadr, BUSH MENTIONED THE QUR'AN, "Koran," in his INAUGURAL and the CAREFUL MUSLIM BOOTLICKERS WENT ECSTATIC.]
[Editorial comment: Tony Hall quoted from the "Thessalonians" in the New Testament of the Bible. Mr. Hall perhaps does not know that Thessalonians is not the word of God or even of Jesus, pbuh. Even the Bible does not claim so. Is it not time to tell Christians that most of the New Testament is not from Jesus, pbuh. Why keep misleading people?]
{Muslim readers should say, peace be on him, each time the name of Jesus is mentioned.}
WAR NEWS: from New Trend's Media Monitor

Aimed at Muslims who attacked Israelis at Taba. 2500 tortured.

On February 1, 2005 Egyptian military forces launched an offensive aimed at the destruction of 100 beduin in the Sinai who are armed and are protecting two Egyptian mujahideen linked to the attack on Israelis in Taba on October 7, 2004. Fighting continued into February 2.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry claims that beduin are protecting Muhammad Ahmad Salih Fulayfil and Hamad Jumaa who were allegedly involved in the successful attack on the Israelis holidaying in Taba.

Since the attack, according to human rights groups, the EGYPTIAN DICTATOR, CLOSELY ALLIED TO ISRAEL, HAS HAD 2500 EGYPTIANS ARRESTED and TORTURED at random from the people of Al-Arish in his efforts to find the mujahideen.
[This news was censored completely by the U.S. media and appeared only on Aljazeerah.]

It seemed all quiet on the Iraqi front during February 1 and 2. This encouraged Iyad Allawi to declare that the 'insurgency' was going down soon. The 'governor' of Mosul issued an order to 'insurgents': Lay down your weapons within 72 hours otherwise you'll be "wiped out."

On February 3, the Islamic resistance resumed its offensive against the occupation: 12 troops trained by the U.S. were killed near Kirkuk. Fighting broke out near Fallujah and two marines were reported killed. Two Iraqis working for the U.S. were reported killed in a mortar attack near the Syrian border.

The northern Iraqi oil pipeline was set on fire again.

On February 4, the resistance killed 6 Iraqis working for Haliburton, along with a soldier, in the Baqubah area.
[Contract work is well paid by the U.S. and attracts Iraqis who do not have only a nominal allegiance to Islam.]

Also on Feb. 4, a SETBACK for the 'GOVERNOR' of MOSUL: The mujahideen carried out an attack on a U.S. army unit in the city. CNN reported one U.S. soldier killed.

9.11 and Prof. Ward Churchill: Doors to Discussion Closed.
Native American ['Red' Indian] Intellectual Questions Official Version

Special to New Trend

"When you kill 500,000 children in order to impose your will on other countries, then you shouldn't be surprised when somebody responds in kind." [Prof. Ward Churchill.]

Fox TVs scum bag propagandist O'Reilly was fulminating at University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill [Feb.2]. No one would have known what Prof. Churchill actually said from O'Reilly's vicious spin.

A day later MSNBC also attacked the professor but had the decency to give a few seconds to a professor who spoke in support of Churchill.

O'Reilly appears to have taken on the role of attack dog for the American right wing. As soon as his journalistically dishonest piece was aired, the Republican machine sprang into action to attack Prof. Churchill. The Governor of Colorado and the entire officialdom, elected and unelected, was baying at the scent of Churchill's blood.

Then the evening national news networks got into the action and asked for Churchill's head. Fortunately Churchill is tenured and is getting solid support from both students and faculty at the university.

New Trend had to go on web search to find out what was going on. Such is the abysmal failure of the news and cable networks in America. Here are the facts of the case.

The entire hullabaloo is about a brief commentary Ward Churchill wrote on 9.11 THREE YEARS back. This year he was invited to speak at a college in New York State and someone dug up his old three year old piece and probably sent it to O'reilly and to "stop the discussion" kind of publications like the New York Post.

Churchill made two these points in his piece:
  1. The 9.11 attacks were not random terror attacks. They were directed at the Pentagon, which is the nerve center of American military power, and at the Twin Towers which were the hub of America's technological power.
  2. The attackers were not some crazy nuts but a well trained, elite, combat unit.
  3. The attacks could have been in retaliation for the mass death of Iraqi children during the sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Iraq.
Prof. Churchill seems to have mis- spoken in part because he tried to connect the people running the towers to "Eichmann," that is the Nazis. It's difficult to understand how he came to connect the Towers to the Nazis. Perhaps it would have been a problem for him to point out that the Towers were owned by a Jew and it was a central node of Jewish business interests. Perhaps he feared that he would be accused of anti-semitism. Also there was a CIA station in the Towers.

In any case, the massive reaction of the power structure to Churchill's three year old comment indicates that discussion of 9.11 is still not possible in America.

[BREAKING NEWS: An Afghan airliner went down on February 4 with 104 people on board, including three Americans. The plane, flying from Herat to Kabul, could not land owing to a snow storm. It was diverted to Pakistan but is said to have gone down before it could reach Pakistan. It's not clear at this point if it was shot down.]

U.S. Officer Praises Pakistani Generals for Helping Direct Fire at Taliban

February 2, 2005: AFP reports that Col. Cardin Crawford, Director of U.S. military operations, praised the Pakistani army for its help in directing U.S. artillery fire at Taliban positions on the Afghan-Pakistan frontier. Laison officers have been placed in the U.S. and Pakistani military headquarters, he said. Crawford said that as the Americans fire at the Taliban, the Pakistanis give them directions and vectors down to details like : "go left, go right etc."

The disclosure has created a furor in Pakistan because General Musharraf has been telling the Pakistani people that there is no actual military cooperation with the U.S. Pakistani government has published denials in several newspapers.


On January 25, in Kandahar province, Taliban ambushed and killed district police chief Azeem Jan and his 6 bodyguards and as he was going to his office from district Mewand. Afghan officials confirmed the killings but claimed that two Taliban were killed in return fire. Talking to Pakistani paper UMMAT, Taliban spokesman Abdul Lateef Hakeemi confirmed the successful attack but denied Taliban losses.
PAKISTAN: [From Urdu language papers.]

South Waziristan:

January 31-February 1: General Musharraf's military forces blew up 15 homes belonging to Mahsud tribesmen in the Shankai Khel area. Earlier the Pakistan army had ordered the area evacuated and enforced the order by subjecting the surrounding hills to artillery fire for several hours.

Pakistan is claiming that the Mahsud tribe has agreed to stop fighting and give up all "foreigners" living among them
[referring to Islamic mujahideen and refugees].
However, in the the last 10 days, three tribal chiefs supporting the Musharraf regime have been killed. The latest chief killed is Shariat Khan who was attacked by gunmen as he was driving his car.



According to the daily Khabrain, there were bomb explosions in Quetta, Hyderabad and Larkana on February 1. The most disruptive was the blowing up of the electric transmission line from Sibi which plunged the entire province of Baluchistan into darkness.

The Baluch rebellion is being fueled by the rape of a female doctor who was allegedly raped by one of Musharraf's officers. An attempt was made to conceal the rape, and the woman was transferred for medical treatment to a hospital in Karachi.

An attempt was made on Feb. 1 to derail the express train from Quetta, leading to serious injuries to 4 police officers and 6 passengers. Later, the attacker, reportedly from Dera Bugti, died in another explosion.


While some Pakistani women are becoming westernized, huge numbers of Pakistani women are accepting Islam as their choice. The U.S. government is deeply concerned that there are now 13,000 Medressas [Islamic schools] in Pakistan educating ONE MILLION young men and women.

Increasingly young women are joining Islamic schools exclusively established for women. According to Muhammad Hanif Jullundhury, who speaks for the joint and united Board of Islamic Schools, there has been a 25% increase in female enrollment in Islamic schools in ONE YEAR.

From classes equivalent to and ranging from Matric to M.A., 42,450 women joined the Deobandi Islamic school of thought alone. In 2004, 5624 women obtained the highest degree in Islamic education. In addition Ahle Hadith, Brelwi and Shia have their own Islamic schools for women.

{Source: Daily Jasarat, January 13, 2005)


In the night between Feb. 2 and 3, the embassy of Karzai in Islamabad received serious threats from an untraceable phone number if it did not stop military operations in Afghanistan. Musharraf has ordered strict security at all Karzai offices in Pakistan.
[Source: Daily Ausaf, Feb. 2, 2005.]

FATAL FLAW in "Election" Process

Re: FARCE: U.S. Orchestrated "Elections" ... [January 31]

Brother Kaukab:

There was one element missing from the polling places. Yet, according to all news sources that element is essential to guarantee fraud free elections. That element was 3rd party observers. There were absolutely no 3rd party observers from any country or even the UN to monitor this election. Nor were there 3rd party observers available to accompany the ballot boxes to the ballot counting areas. What this tells me is that the reports of ballot box stuffing in areas where there were few to no voters was most likely the norm throughout the region. The dyed finger trick would not guarantee that someone could not cast his vote 20 times over especially if the election officials at the polls chose to ignore the finger or if names were previously collected and written in on ballots by the election officials. The number 72% is more than likely a number derived from voters who actually showed up at the polls plus names fraudulently written in to make the election appear popular. The election officials could garner names from the telephone book. It would be safe to say that election officials knew that people in certain areas would not be able to vote because of bomb threats and search and seizure operations conducted by the occupying forces. Bombs set off on election day exclusively in these areas made sure that few to none would be able to vote in these areas. The names of people in these areas could easily be culled from the phone book and then written in on ballots. Voila! a 72% turnout and they all "voted" for Allawi. I think this is probably what really happened.

Your Sister in Islam
Um Esma

[Editorial comment: Why only Allawi? Sistani's people too are Wolfowitz favorites.]


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