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NPR was the only media outlet (on April 28) which reported new fighting in Mosul. It said U.S. forces had come under "heavy fire" there without giving details.

NEW TREND COMMENT: TV channels have reported some people celebrating President Saddam Hussain's 66th anniversary. It must have been quite widespread to have received a little coverage on MSNBC etc.

TV reported that General Garner, the U.S. occupation officer in charge, held a Karzai type of meeting in Baghdad. Outside the meeting were NINE U.S. tanks. There were U.S. troops both outside and inside the gathering, though TV wisely did not show these but only mentioned them in passing. [Perhaps these reports are not being censored carefully.]

IS SADDAM DEAD OR ALIVE?: U.S. TV says that according to the (captured) Tariq Aziz and U.S. agent Chalabi, Saddam is alive. New Trend treats these reports with great care because our TV monitors indicate that U.S. media is being used not only as a TOOL of the Bush administration but also as a source of intelligence moves for a variety of purposes. [Some reports say Tariq Aziz was involved in helping the U.S. in its air strike on Saddam, and his story, if he is saying it, that he had seen Saddam alive, might be a way of saving himself from being cursed by the Iraqi people.]
QUOTE OF THE DAY: Bush stumbled on the truth. In a speech to Arabs in Dearborn, Michigan, April 28, the President suddenly said:

"Today Iraq has 50% fewer hospitals than in 1990."

His advisers will probably explain to him that this was a blunder. He more or less admitted that Iraq BEFORE the Gulf war, when it was secure under Saddam's rule, had 50% more hospitals than it has now.
What happened in between? sanctions! [Please tell Mr. Bush.]
The Muslim crowd in Dearborn was applauding Bush again and again. Men with beards and caftans, women with hijabs, getting up to cheer the bomber of Baghdad.
SMILE: Muslim jokers say that the FBI has decided not to open its booth at the ISNA conference this time. So many Muslims with beards and hijabs have filed applications to join the FBI that there are no more jobs left. The immigrants in this country love America above God, but Daniel Pipes thinks they are potential terrorists because they have beards and hijabs!

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