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Alleged Jewish Terrorist Caught in Florida: Agent Provocateur or Part of Network?

A Jew in Florida, Dr. Goldstein, has been caught with a large arsenal of weapons and explosives which he allegedly planned to use against Islamic centers. He is said to have had detailed plans to attack an Islamic school and to kill large numbers of children and worshipers.

The media are trying to downplay the significance of the Goldstein's arrest. Twenty four hours after his arrest, the media have not used the term "Jewish terrorist" or even alleged terrorist for this bloodthirsty would-be-child-murderer.

Goldstein needs to be investigated thoroughly. According to first reports in the media, very scanty and fast moving, he had a list of FIFTY Islamic centers. He planned to bomb an Islamic center's prayer hall and planned to place a claymore mine at the entrance to the parking lot so that worshipers trying to escape his assault would be blown up: The remnants would be trapped and gunned down.

The first information reports indicate:
1. Goldstein planned thoroughly.
2. Was heavily armed.
3. Had obtained explosives and bombs.

Observers say that there are three possibilities about Goldstein:
1. He is part of a Jewish network in America waiting for an opportune moment to attack Islamic institutions and communities.
2. This network in turn might be linked to rogue elements within the power structure.
3. He could be working directly for Israel.

Under number one, we notice that the Zionist media have churned out tremendous propaganda about Prof. Al-Arian and Prof. Mazen el-Najjar, trying to associate them to "terrorists." Goldstein could well have thought that public opinion is now ripe for attacks on Islamic centers.
THE NETWORK ASPECT is important because ONE MAN could not have possibly attacked FIFTY ISLAMIC CENTERS all by himself. There must Jewish associates of Goldstein who need to be tracked down as accessories to terrorism.

NUMBER TWO needs much thought. How could one individual have collected such an arsenal when Homeland Security is spending billions to keep America safe? Are there rogue elements within the power structure who want to support terrorism against America's Muslims? The possibility of such a nod of support from government elements needs to be investigated.

Number three: Is he an Israeli agent? Many Israelis have infiltrated the U.S. from top to bottom. The government must reveal whether Goldstein holds dual citizenship of Israel and the U.S.

HOW THE STORY WAS REVEALED: According to first reports, the story came out when Goldstein threatened his wife. She felt in danger and called the police. This report could be correct. After all wife-beating is widespread among Jews and the Judaic religion provides men the upper hand over women. However, the question arises, why the wife did not report earlier that her husband had numerous guns and explosives in his home?

"The wife called the police because she felt threatened" could be correct but it is not a very believable story. Investigators need to check if rogue elements in the power structure could have pulled the rug from under Goldstein's feet for a number of reasons:
1. They did not want an actual attack on Islamic centers but only the revelation of a threat to cow down the Muslims.
2. They felt that Goldstein was out of control and was moving too fast.
3. The rogue elements might were perhaps uncovered by the saner elements who might have thought that such an attack would antagonize rather than cow down America's Muslims.


Muslims need to study whether Goldstein was going to be used to provoke the Muslims. Perhaps the planners thought that such an attack or even threat of an attack would provoke a Muslim counterattack. Provocation implies that a weak opponent is instigated to behave in such a way that his slaughter can be justified.

A very sober, in-depth analysis of the situation is essential. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has taught Muslims to be calm and to control their anger. Remember that today our situation is like that of the Muslims who were left in Makka AFTER the Islamic state was formed in Madina. Those left behind in Makka had to endure in patience while the oppressors in their city went forth to attack the Prophet (pbuh) in the Islamic homeland.

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