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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-thani 28, 1428/ May 16, 2007 #38

LATEST from Karachi, Pakistan: The forces of MQM-Musharraf continued their rampage on May 13, killing 8 more people and injuring another 23. On May 14, Karachi and most of Pakistan observed a general strike of historic dimensions to protest the atrocities committed by MQM-Musharraf in Karachi. Jamaat-e Islami leader Syed Munawar Hasan told New Trend that this was a comprehensive strike and revealed the fact that both MQM and Musharraf are isolated from and rejected by the people of Pakistan. Pakistanis of the entire political spectrum have united against the fascist activities of MQM and Musharraf, the JI leader said.
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Steadily rising gas prices are quite possibly [even probably] a hidden form of war tax.

Few Americans know that in every dollar of gas, 38 cents are for State and Federal taxes. So, as the prices increase, not only the oil companies [who are usually blamed] but the government gets the money it desperately needs to run the increasingly expensive war.

To resist the hidden war tax, we urge readers to take these easy steps:

Drive 10 miles slower than you usually do, especially on the highways.
Walk to businesses which are 2 to 4 miles from your home. Short trips use up most gas and wear down the car engine. Your health will improve, inshallah.
Take public transportation where possible.
Share rides where possible.

Our America [2]

Jerry Falwell Died an Inglorious Death: Never Realized how he was used by the Zionists

The leader of the "Moral Majority" died on May 15. He was extremely ignorant and abusive about Islam, never realizing that Islam has overcome the abuse of much more guileful critics such as William Muir, Goldziher and Schacht in the past and Bernard Lewis in our own times.

Falwell was a great friend of the Jewish terrorist entity known as Israel and was given a medal of "honor" by the arch terrorist Begin himself. Christianity is in steep decline, constantly in retreat under attack by Zionist propagandists in the media. Falwell was a symbol of the fact that Christianity is now no longer a coherent thought pattern and is fixated only on miracles and money making. It is the rich man's religion. There are still numerous good Christians. Falwell was not one of them.

The tragedy of Falwell was that he never realized that he was being used by the Zionists as the perfect "fall guy." When CNN, NBC, ABC etc wanted to promote a negative view of religion, they would bring Falwell as the representative of religion. When the Zionists wanted to promote homosexuality and Lesbianism, they would bring Falwell as the defender of religion. Same way with abortion and peace.

[To understand why Falwell was so popular on TV, think of the way CAIR is being used by the Zionists to represent "Islam." When people watch CAIR-less men like Nihad Awad and ISNA types like "Imam" Magid and Siraj Wahhaj and "imam" Hendi [State Department's "imam] and think that they stand for Islam, the natural response of Christians is: If this is "Islam," so lick spittly and boot licky and hypocritical, then surely Christianity is better than "Islam!"]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen News [4 items only]
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CONGRATULATIONS to Sis Bilqis in Rocky Mount, North Carolina..

Her cancer is in remission. May Allah reward all those who prayed for her recovery. Jamaat respects and honors Sis. Bilqis for her pioneering work for the rights of Muslim women and for her devotion to the message of Islam.

Oppression of Muslims in America [1]
Who will Wipe the Tears of our Bengali Sister?

Recently our representative visited a pizza shop in Albany, New York. Situated in a poor area of the city, there is seemingly nothing remarkable about this pizza shop. But the person in there running the store makes one realize what is extraordinary here. She is wearing a full hijab and niqab. The young woman [girl] behind the counter too is in hijab.

A rough old White woman comes in and places an order. The girl can't understand the order. The woman starts using the F word. The older hijabi woman tells her to mind her mouth and gives her what she wanted.

The hijabi-niqabi woman is the wife of Muhammad Hussain, Bangladeshi pizza shop owner who was sentenced on March 8, 2007 to 15 years in prison. The U.S. government had trapped him and "proved" him to be a "terrorist." Even the Judge was shocked but had to do the sentencing within the guidelines fixed by the regime in Washington.

We watch as Muhammad Hussain's wife weeps quietly about her predicament and is soothed by Sis. Islah Umar. She has been unable to visit her husband in prison although it is a medium security prison. [The local officials cannot believe that Hussain had anything to do with terrorism and put him in "medium."]

Sis. Islah calls the prison on her cell phone and explains to the niqabi sister how to proceed.
Why should this be happening to an innocent family which has been selling pizza for over 10 years with a perfect record of civic behavior?

Hussain has 6 children. He was kept in prison for 2 years and 2 months, August 2004 to October 2006, when finally he was convicted. Then he was kept in prison for another 5 months before being sentenced to 15 years. DON'T EVER SAY AMERICA HAS A JUST SYSTEM. This is tyranny plain and simple.

His "co-defendant", a Kurdish Imam, Yassin Aref, has 4 children and also got 15 years. His wife is near breaking point. Aref thought the government agent who trapped him was donating money to the mosque!

Oppression of Muslims in America [2]
Jose Padilla, Amin Hassoun and Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi: Innocents in Zionist-Controlled USA

May 14, 2007. The long awaited trial began in Miami. Padilla has been in prison since 2002 [almost 5 years] The government dropped the "dirty bomb" charge against him but claims there are many other charges. The government prosecutor made a 75-minute opening speech in which "al-Qaida" was mentioned 91 times.

Why is Amin Hassoun on trial. He used to raise funds for Bosnia in the 1990s. It's a "crime" written backwards in time which only Stalin considered a justification for prosecution.

And why Kifah al-Jayyousi? The man is a school administrator, middle class, with nothing in common with Padilla and has never in his life talked to Padilla. Dr. al-Jayyousi's "crime" is that he talked to Hassoun because he was interested in charitable activity to help children in Bosnia and Chechnya. At that time, the U.S. supported Bosnia and Chechnia and Kifah could have never dreamt that the U.S. would turn 360 degrees against Muslims.

The government needs all three because it wants to prove that a "terrorist cell" existed in Miami! [Don't laugh!] So what's the evidence? Padilla talked to Hassoun and Hassoun talked to al-Jayyousi. That "proves" a cell existed!

Another rumor is that the government will bring a convicted person, with an offer to reduce his sentence, to speak against Padilla.

There you have it! "Justice" in Zionist-controlled America!

Action Needed to Support Student Hunger Strike Against Nuclear Weapons
Saturday 12 May 2007

There is a hunger strike on University of California campuses.

Over 40 students, faculty and alumni, have decided to forgo food until the University severs its ties with Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore laboratories, which are presently planning to manufacture a whole new hydrogen bomb arsenal in violation of our agreement in the Non-proliferation Treaty for good faith efforts for nuclear disarmament.

They need our support! Letters should be written to the Regents of the University asking the University to give up its management and ties to the weapons labs.

You can get info and see the launch of the hunger strike at:

For news and updates go to:

Top Islamic Guerrilla Leader killed: May 12, 2007

Dadallah Fought both the Soviets and the USA: Mullah Umar Appoints his brother as the new Commander
by Kaukab Siddique

Reports indicate that Mullah DadAllah went to visit his wife's family in Helmand province when his movement was traced by a collaborator of the NATO occupation forces [ostensibly from a sect]. Like most of the resistance, DadAllah's people live in a small hutment in a small village. He died fighting after being surrounded. The hawk-like eyes and extremely handsome features of the Mullah, with his turban on his head, made him look like Geronimo, the Apache Indian chief who defied U.S. cavalry forces for years.

It is said that his whereabouts were first discovered when he gave an interview to ABC TV. DadAllah did not realize that western and western-linked media are not independent. They consider the Afghans as terrorists and would not hesitate to use "interviews" to help the U.S. to kill Islamic leaders. In the One Percent Doctrine by Ron Suskind, page 138-139, there is documentation of Fouda, a journalist in Al-Jazeerah TV, who was responsible for the capture of two high level Islamists who were in Pakistan. Al-Jazeerah is very popular in the Arab world but in one shot , through the Emir of Qatar, it did more for the U.S. than the U.S. could do for itself.

DadAllah was hated in the USA and Europe and typified by Karzai's people in a negative light. Among Muslims, DadAllah was known as a fighter of mythical dimensions who handed battlefield defeats to the best troops of Canada, Britain and the U.S. The Muslims consider him a martyr and see his passing, though a serious loss for the resistance, a fulfillment of the Muslim's ardent belief.

Will Taliban forces falter owing to this sudden loss? Analysts say that Islamic resistance in Afghanistan works in a way which is often not understood by outsiders. The Taliban are highly motivated followers of Islam for whom fighting against occupation forces coming from Europe and America comes naturally. The Jihad is based on the agitation of Taliban mullahs [preachers of jihad] and those from associated groups who move from village to village and stir up the people to fight against the forces seen in Afghanistan as "crusaders" and "Occupiers."

The Jihad in Afghanistan is a slow process because travel is not on highways but through mountains. Mullah DadAllah's achievement was that he speeded up the process and struck deadly blows, like the quick, straight jabs of a professional fighter, and then quickly withdrew, leaving NATO forces floundering in the wilderness.

The loss is serious but before he was killed, DadAllah [literally one who praises Allah] [also pronounced as Dadullah] built up a momentum for the Islamic uprising which will most probably persist. DadAllah seemed desirous of martyrdom as evidenced by the uncaring way in which he moved around.

His body was identified by U.S' collaborators from his being one legged. He lost his leg fighting the Soviets. Thus his national credentials were as strong as his Islamic motivation.

The Emir of the Taliban, Mullah Umar, has appointed DadAllah's younger brother, Mullah Bakht Muhammad, as the new field commander of his forces. Most observers agree that if the Taliban is a truly peoples' resistance, the loss of Mullah DadAllah, though heart wrenching for the Afghan people, will not impair the Afghan fighting spirit.

WAR NEWS: Compiled by New Trend's Media Monitor



May 15, 2007: A huge bomb explosion in Merhaba hotel killed 24 people and wounded 25. A note found in the site said: "This is the fate of those who spy for America." Various theories have been put forward about the explosion. The one which seems nearest to the facts is that the hotel was frequented by Afghans, mostly Shias and supporters of the Karzai group. This conclusion is strengthened by the visit to the site by the Afghan Consular officials [Karzai group] after the explosion. One report clearly states that this could have been retaliation for the spying which led to the strike on Mullah DadAllah.

Pakistanis often forget that a war is raging across the border and they up with strange theories when the violence spills over into Pakistan.

Rebellion Among Pakistani Troops:

May 13-14: Pakistani troops broke ranks with General Musharraf to fight a bloody battle with Karzai's Afghan troops on the Pak border with Paktia province [Spina Shaga area of Aryub Zazai district] on the Afghan border. In two days of fighting in which artillery, mortars and machine guns were liberally used, 13 Afghan Karzai troops and 17 Pakistanis were killed.

May 14: A commanders meeting was held between Pakistani, Afghan and U.S. militaries at Teri Mengal village in Khurram tribal area to discuss how to avoid incidents like the ones on the Paktia border. After the meeting, there was a sudden outburst of firing in which a number of Pakistani and U.S. troops were shot. The Pakistani version is that the meeting, at its conclusion, was attacked by some "miscreants." However, this version is difficult to accept because the meeting of such high rank was under strict security.

The version of the Afghan [Karzai] governor of Paktia, who was in the meeting, makes more sense. He says that the meeting went well, but as the participants were returning to their helicopters, a Pakistani soldier among those guarding the meeting opened fire on the U.S. troops killing 2 U.S. and wounding 4. The U.S. troops returned heavy fire, killing 5 Pakistani soldiers, including the shooter.

CURFEW IMPOSED: May 14: Following an attack on Pakistani forces in the city of Tunk [just outside South Waziristan], curfew was imposed on the entire area. Hand grenades were used in the attack resulting in the death of one Pakistani paramilitary and injuries to several. Islamic militants are suspected.

AFGHANISTAN: [2 items]

OSAMA bin LADEN is Alive and Leading Military Operations

May 14, 2007. Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hikmatyar, from his concealment in eastern Afghanistan, debunked the idea that Osama is dead. Hikmatyar, who supports the Taliban but is separate from them, said that not only is he sure that Osama is alive but he is leading his own units of Islamic volunteer fighters who continue to arrive from all over the world. Hikmatyar was interviewed by an Arabic TV station which did not reveal his location as he has a $5 million price on his head from the U.S. CIA.
[The bounty on Osama's head is $50 million.]

Taliban Ambush : May 15, 2007: A unit of Karzai's security forces, trained and armed by the U.S., fell into a Taliban ambush in Nimroz province and was wiped out. The Karzai administration admitted the setback and said 8 of its troops were killed and others wounded.

Christopher Hitchens told lies, in detail and wholesale, about Saddam's actions against the Kurds. Fuad Ajami of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, said that the fall of Saddam was a "day of deliverance" for us. [CBS January 2, 2007.] Jewish-Zionist TV commentator Andrea Koppel said Saddam was a "butcher." [CNN January 7, 2007] and so on down the whole world of Zionism. Here is a different analysis.

Analysis of Saddam Hussain's Struggle and the Claim that he decimated the Kurds

Written the day before the Execution of the President of Iraq

Thursday/Friday, December 28-29, 2006


by Jeff Archer (Malcom Lagauche)

The decision to uphold the death sentence of Saddam Hussein by the sham Iraqi appeals court has gained worldwide condemnation, except for the U.S., of course. The court took two days to read 1,500 pages of documents presented by the defense. No court in the world can decipher this number of pages in such a short time, not even a legitimate court.

No one was surprised by the verdict against Saddam because of the knowledge this was a foregone conclusion. However, the court outdid itself by ruling on the Iraqi vice president, Ramadan. He was sentenced to life in prison, but the appeals court took it upon itself to change the sentence to death, even though his case was not on the docket.

From the time Saddam first set foot in court until today, the entire system was stacked against him and conducted so many breaches of the law that it would take an expert mathematician to give us a tally.

Dr. Curtis Doebbler, a noted international human rights attorney, was on Saddam's legal team from the start. I spoke to him today to get his opinion on the appeals court decision. He stated:

We're trying to point out that if an execution takes place, it will be an ex-judicial, arbitrary execution outside the law in violation of the law. It's somewhat ironic that this individual who will be executed has proven to have much more integrity than the individuals who are executing him, including the U.S. president who exhibits more evidence that he has committed crimes against the Iraqi people than there was against the president of Iraq in the first trial in which he was brought before the U.S.-created court and there has still has been no investigation of the U.S. president.
As you've seen the Iraqi president has maintained his dignity and also maintained his peace of mind in belief that he personifies the will of the Iraq people to continue to fight against this occupation, which they believe, and the majority of the international community believes, is illegal and the consequence of the illegal invasion of Iraq.
It's quite a sad day, I think, for international justice and, unfortunately, an another example of how the United States is unwilling to conform with international law; to show respect for international law. What hurts me most, as an American, is that we're the ones who benefit the most from respecting that law. When we set this example, we essentially tell people that the law cannot be used to try to get the United States to respect their rights. They have to use other means. That's what got us into many of the problems that we're in today.

Almost everybody in the U.S. is in the lynching mood. Pundits are frothing at the mouth while they discuss the upcoming execution. There is a collective air of insanity today in the U.S. Even former anti-war proponents are cheering on the future execution. Many Democratic politicians have said they were happy about the decision and that Saddam "deserves" it. Not one, however, has discussed the legality or the fairness of his trial.

Leftist journalists are trying to outdo each other in demeaning Saddam. Not only are they talking about his "brutal dictatorship," they are making up even new fables of atrocities committed under his regime.

I challenge all journalists who advocate the hanging of Saddam Hussein to take a few hours and research reality.

The standard figure of deaths attributed to the Ba'ath regime during the Anfal campaign is 182,000. Why have there not been any bodies found? If 182,000 people were killed, there must be piles and piles of bodies, yet none has appeared.
If 148 people were sentenced to death in 1982 for attempting to assassinate the president of Iraq, why are at least 24 still alive? And, those who were executed received a lengthy and fair trial that lasted about three years. They were fighting on the side of Iran while Iraq was engaged in a war with its eastern neighbor. In the U.S., this would be considered high treason. With Saddam Hussein, it was called mass murder. George Bush himself signed off more execution orders while the governor of Texas than did Saddam in the Dujail case.
If Iraqi military personnel gassed and killed 5,000 Kurds in Halabcha, why were only 300 bodies found? And, why was the gas used to kill the citizens cyanogen, a gas that Iraq did not possess but Iran did? Why have the CIA, the U.S. Army War College, Greenpeace, the main CIA analyst in 1988 (Stephen Pelletiere), the late Jude Waniski, the U.S Marine Corps Historical Report, and various other individuals and organizations blamed Iran for the gassing of the Kurds?
Why has not one Iraqi come forward and stated he was part of the gassing campaign? Today, with the Ba'athists out of power, one cannot use the excuse that no one would step forward because of threats of death from the Ba'ath administration. Huge sums of money have been offered for someone to state that he knew about or was part of the gassing: a pilot, or a supply specialist, or an observer, anyone. Not one person has emerged to claim the bounty.
In November 2003, the U.S. stated that 400,000 bodies were found in mass graves in the south of Iraq. The following June, Tony Blair admitted to the press that only 5,000 bodies were found. He "mis-spoke" when he used the original figure of 400,000. Subsequent investigations showed that many of the 5,000 were killed by U.S. bombs in Desert Storm. Why has no one taken the ball and run with this story?

I have reported extensively on the above anomalies. Unfortunately, few others have. To me, investigating and disproving accepted myths are the marks of an astute journalists.

No, today we still hear all the beastly acts attributed to Saddam Hussein from the mouths of people who should know better. Many people have stated that George Bush has lied about everything to do with Iraq: weapons of mass destruction; the Bin-Laden/Saddam link; the Iraqi involvement with 9-11; the fictitious biological weapons trailers; the imprisonment of an American POW since 1991; etc. Yet, the same people broadcast the myths about Saddam Hussein's barbaric actions. I again issue a challenge to the leftist press: Please explain if Bush has lied about everything, why is he telling the truth about Saddam's brutality? That's a hard one for the pundits to answer. For someone with any amount of intelligence and logic, it is easy: Bush lied about Saddam as well.

Here are a few questions that are not heard today, but should be crucial in discussing Iraq:

Why don't we hear about Iraq being designated "free of illiteracy" by the U.N. in 1982, when in 1973 the country's literacy rate was below 40%?
Why don't we hear about the proclamation of the U.N. in 1984 that Iraq's education system was the finest the world had ever seen from a developing country?
Why don't we hear about the New York Times calling Iraq the "Paris of the Middle East" in 1987?
Why don't we hear about Saddam Hussein visiting houses in the south of Iraq in the 1970s just to make sure each one had a refrigerator and electricity?
Why don't we hear about the several million foreign Arabs who went to Iraq to take advantage of the land program the Ba'athists instituted in which the person would be given land to create crops?
Why don't we hear about the Iraqi educators and doctors who were sent to Arab countries to assist them in developing their own programs?
Why don't we hear praise from Arab countries for Iraq having lost so many soldiers in the Iran-Iraq War, all for the defense of these countries who were scared about Iran exporting its religious fundamentalism to their shores?
Why don't we hear about the several approaches made to Saddam in the 1990s by U.S. sources to recognize Israel and allow U.S. military bases in Iraq in trade for lifting the embargo?
Why don't we hear that every U.S. person on the U.N. inspection team from 1991 to 1998 was a spy, not an inspector?

The list could go on and on. In my upcoming book, The Mother of All Battles: The Endless U.S.-Iraq War, I go into detail about these and other matters left untouched by the cliché-ridden, myopic and gullible media.

The current scenario just does not make sense. The people who lied through their teeth (Bush, Cheney, Rice, Bremer, Powell, Rumsfeld, et al) and stole tens of billions of dollars that belonged to the country of Iraq, are proudly speaking of creating a new Middle East or conducting book signing tours for their memoirs. The results of their lies led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; a cost of about a trillion dollars so far to the U.S. public; and the destruction of a country's culture and infrastructure. Even the history of Iraq has been re-written by people in Washington D.C.

On the other hand, the guy with the moustache who told the truth about all the lies and adhered to the U.N. request for inspections, as well as supplied a 12,000-page report that documented in detail every aspect of Iraq's former WMD programs, sits in a jail cell awaiting execution. Something is fundamentally wrong when things can get so far out of hand.

Today, Saddam Hussein is the freest man in Iraq, although he is behind bars. His mind is clear and his integrity is nothing short of incredible. He awaits death with dignity. Not once has he cracked under torture or pressure. Even when offered a "get out of jail free" card by the U.S. if he stopped the resistance, Saddam refused to capitulate.

Other leaders, such as Qaddafi and Noriega did succumb to U.S. pressure. Qaddafi, once a revolutionary, today is nothing more than the head inspector of the transfer of his country's oil to the capitalist giants. He no longer has a grand view of society. He may not be in jail, but he is a slave.

Noriega quickly began singing when the U.S. put on the pressure. He admitted to trafficking in drugs, despite the U.S. being his partner. And, he made a big deal of stating that he had found Jesus after he was incarcerated. He is a slave behind bars.

Saddam Hussein is not a slave, although his incarceration keeps him imprisoned. He is not allowed to see his family, unless, like his sons and grandson, they are shot to death with hundreds of bullets. The U.S. prides itself on "family values," but not for foreign individuals. A U.S. family is sacred, but an Iraqi family is merely cannon fodder.

On January 17, 1991, Saddam Hussein proclaimed to the world, "The mother of all battles has just begun." Despite two U.S. presidents declaring victory over Iraq with a New York parade and a U.S. aircraft carrier celebration, the mother of all battles now roars more fiercely than ever.

In about three weeks, it will be the 16th anniversary of the beginning of the bombing of Iraq. Despite U.S. denials and proclamations, the battle still rages. The bombing did not stop with the signing of a cease-fire agreement on March 2, 1991. It continued until March 2003 from the illegal "no-fly" zones the U.S. created.

Soon, Saddam Hussein will be hanged. He will be dead, but his legacy will not only survive him, it will be enhanced. The mother of all battles is a long way from being terminated.

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