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Rajab 9, 1426/August 15, 2005 #63
African-American Muslim Woman Leader Nails Claim of Leadership by pro-Bush U.S. Muslim group. [Scroll down.]
  1. Cindy Sheehan is still camping in front of President Bush's ranch. More than 100 peace activists have joined her. Now in addition to calling for U.S. exit from Iraq, she has said that Israel must get out of Palestine.
  2. Lynne Stewart has spent her life fighting for the rights of Islamic, African-American and other prisoners held by the U.S. The Bush regime is now preparing to take revenge by putting her in prison as an associate of "terrorists." Wake up Muslim world! Speak up against this great wrong.
  3. Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israelis while she was standing in front of a Palestinian home to stop it from being demolished. Her murderers should be extradited from Israel and put on trial.
  1. The number of Islamic Medressa students being deported by General Musharraf from Pakistan is 14,00, not 14,000. The error is regretted.
  2. In an interview with Wall Street journal's Asra Nomani, Prof. Akbar Ahmed claimed that the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, said that the "ink of the scholar is more valuable than the blood of the martyr." There is no such narration in any authentic book of Hadith. If there is, perhaps the professor will let us know. By contrast, both the Qur'an and the Hadith put the martyr above others.
August 14, 2005

Will Pakistan's People Finally Gain Power or will the Plunder Continue?

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D.

Pakistan has been in turmoil since 9.11.2001. The country has witnessed an ongoing battle between the Pakistani people led by the Islamic movement and the secular establishment led by the military under the command of General Musharraf. Though it has stopped short of armed conflict and civil war, polarization has become seemingly a permanent feature of the country.

General Musharraf has registered significant victories. The most important were as follows: The achievements of the Islamic movement are as follows: ----------------------------------------
From the heart of Pakistan

Huge August 14 mass rally/conference in Central Lahore Demands Liberation of Kashmir: Rejects Musharraf's Pro-India Moves and U.S. "friendship.'

by Abdullah Muntazer

Strong views views were expressed by speakers at the Annual Takmeel-e-Pakistan Conference under the aegis of Jama'at-ud-Da'awah at Al-Qadisia Chowk, Chuburji Lahore. Thousands of participants came from every walk of life. Pakistani flags and ud-Da'wa flags bearing Kalima-e-Tayyaba were fluttering on all sides. The main speaker was Ameer Jama'at-ud-Da'awah Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. In his address he explained how conspiracies were being hatched to deprive Pakistan of its independence. He said Indo-US defence agreement is not anti-China but anti Pakistan. After being humiliated in Iraq and Afghanistan, US has lost the capability to attack Pakistan in a direct way but wants to move India and Israel to ruin Pakistan. A war is going to be thrust upon Pakistan; rulers and masses must shake off their dreams and be on vigil to realize the gravity of the situation. The preachers of non proliferation are transferring nuclear technology to India as a prelude to aggression against Pakistan. To bring this danger into people's knowledge Jama'at-ud-Da'awah has convened Takmeel-e-Pakistan Conferences throughout Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed said that this looming danger can't be encountered by a policy of surrender. We are facing the aftermath of results of U-turn on Afghanistan and the acceptance of pressure on Kashmir. He congratulated the scientists on conducting cruise missile experiment and said "It is pleasing but unless Dr. Abdul Qadeer is freed, neither the missiles nor the nuclear technology is free".

Again talking about the threat from India he said that the defence of Pakistan lies in Jihad which is labelled as terrorism. Jihad is a pillar of Islam. Instead of admitting it as 'Terrorism' government must ensure that every Pakistani should get Jihadi training. Pakistan's defence calls for Jihad training. There is no other option to defend the country, he said.

He emphasized that Allah is the sole guardian of Pakistan. America's friendship is a big hoax. Rulers should never be taken in by America's claim of friendship East Pakistan was lost due to American conspiracy. Nowaday it's again conspiring again against Pakistan. He said that the enemy of Islam is the enemy of Pakistan.
Indian lobbies, he said, have distributed a map in which present Pakistan has been removed and Balochistan has been shown as an independent country in 2020. India and its patrons should know that today's Pakistan is not that of 1971 but is nuclear and Jihadi Pakistan ."O! conspirators! Listen! Pakistan will remain and your conspiracies will perish along with you" Hafiz Saeed said while waving his hands.

Terming Pakistan incomplete without Kashmir, Junagarh, Hyderabad, Monawader and Gujarat, he said that the work of completing Pakistan was started with Kashmir. Freedom was near but dialogue and friendship pushed it on the back burner. But this will not work as India is not sincere in the dialogue process. Kashmir will have freedom through Jihad. Along with Kashmir the water of rivers and the environment of mountains will also be freed. Our rulers always take the name of Kashmir just to appease and satisfy Kashmiri people; if they are sincere, they should strengthen freedom movement there. This is the movement for defence of Pakistan. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said, one who is the traitor of Kashmir freedom movement is the traitor of Pakistan. He said we reject friendship, trade and every kind of dealing with India until it solves the Kashmir issue. It is our duty to raise a strong voice for the liberation of the people of those territories witch have been illegally occupied by India such as Hyderabad Daccan, Jonagadh, Monawader, Gujarat, Kathyawar, the districts of Gurdaspure and Ferozpure. The government should encourage the people of these areas to take an initiative to liberate themselves from the clutches of India. He advised the rulers to enhance the co-operation with China instead of America. Muslim countries should devise a common army and currency and Mujahideen should be respected rather then declared terrorists.

Deputy Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said Pakistan got independence as a result of sacrifices. The installed ruling regime wants to tarnish the image of those sacrifices but the blood of martyrs will not be in vain. The rulers are aping the western culture of dance and music to celebrate the independence day. Jama'at-ud-Da'awah on the other hand by holding Takmeel-e-Pakistan Conferences all over the country has shown the rulers that hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis are ready to sacrifice for this country and Islam. Religious Madrassahs are only browbeaten when they look up to the government. Hafiz Idrees emphasized that Kashmiries would be able to get freedom and every Pakistani is bound to support kashmiris as their moral duty. He said to adopt the slavery of Allah is the real liberty; to accept the devilish system is not liberty.

The central leader of APHC and Secretary Genral Tehreek-e- Hurriyyat-e-Kashmir, Abdullah Malik said Kashmir and Pakistan are integral to each other. Quaid-e-Azam declared Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan. Pakistan's geography is incomplete until Kashmir becomes a part of Pakistan. He said seeing is believing: When one looks at this huge crowd, it proves that the majority of the people believe in the philosophy and ideology of Pakistan that brought it about and is still holding its sway. Today's gathering is evidence to this fact. The slogan Pakistan Ka Matlab Kia La Ilaha Illallah still resounds under the guns in Kashmir. He said that few hundreds of Mujahideen in Kashmir have adopted this slogan as policy that "the war will be carried on until the destruction of India."

(India Kee Barbadi Tak Jang jari Rahay Gee)

Political affairs leader of Jama'at-ud-Da'awah Prof. Hafiz Abdul Rahman Makki said in his forceful address "Azad Kashmir was annexed to Pakistan as a result of Jihad: so the rest of Kashmir will also be liberated with Jihad". He suggested the withdrawal of Indian army from Kashmir for peace in the subcontinent. He said that if India does not say good bye to its stubborn attitude, it will have to face the revenge of Mujahideen. He said there are two boundaries of every country, one ideological and the other geographical. We had the country in the name of Islam but failed to enforce the Quranic laws. Geographically also Pakistan is incomplete as Kashmir, Junagarh and Manawadar are under India occupation.

He warned the rulers, Madrassahs have divine orientation: one who tries to close down Madrassahs will himself be out of Power. 'Visa and border policy with India we reject' he said emphatically.

Zaeem Qadri, Secretary Information Punjab PML (N), Engineer Saleemullah Khan (JUP-NS), Moulana Saifudeen Saif secretary general MMA Lahore, Moulana Yousaf Taibee, Col Nazir Ahmed and others also addressed the gathering.

Organized by Jama'at ud-Da'wah, Takmeel-e-Pakistan conferences were held in all big cities of Pakistan.
War News [by our media monitor]

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban on the Offensive

According to U.S. TV channels, six small Taliban attacks resulted in the death of 6 U.S. troops during the first 10 days of August. The U.S. air force killed 18 people whom it said were Taliban. Local villagers claim that these were civilians, mostly women and children.

Pakistani Urdu language newspapers provide information some of which has been confirmed by U.S. media. It appears that the Taliban are hitting U.S. funded Afghan troops, said to be hired from the Hazara [Shi'a] area of Afghanistan.

Of importance is the emergence of Taliban guerrillas in Nuristan and Ghazni. On August 3, the Taliban hit Kabul troops in Nuristan killing 8 of them. Karzai rushed reinforcements to the area which were ambushed by the Taliban who killed one and wounded 8.

Earlier on July 24, a UN jeep was ambushed near Kabul. Two police officers in it were killed and 4 wounded.

Heavy fighting continues in Zabul province where the U.S. air force says it has killed 28 Taliban. Troops from Kabul [Shi'as] have suffered heavily here, 16 being killed in one Taliban attack on July 29. A "neutral" fighter Abdus Samad of district Ata Ghafr joined the Taliban with a large number of fighters. By contrast, in Nangarhar province, two local leaders on the Taliban's side decided to give up and went to over to the government.

On August 7, in Uruzgan province, 10 Kabul police were killed in a Taliban attack. Another 4 police officers were killed in a second attack and 4 vehicles were set afire by the Taliban.

An American general announced that the "back" of the Taliban has been broken, [again], 500 of them have been killed and now the Taliban are using "children" to fight for them.

IRAQ: Iran's help Badly Needed for U.S. Pull out

On August 13, U.S. troops opened fire at a mosque in Ramadi after they were hit by a martyrdom operator. According to Al-Jazeerah, 15 civilians, including 8 children, were killed in the U.S. firing [with heavy weapons] and 22 wounded.

U.S. forces are under steady attack by the mujahideen. By August 13, 2005, the U.S. said that its troops killed in Iraq number 1849 [53 of them in August] with more than 13,000 wounded.

AN ELUSIVE MASSACRE: On July 29, 2005, at a small town north of Baghdad, U.S. forces went on the rampage after being struck by a martyrdom operator. Local Iraqi sources said that 93 civilians, many of them women and children, were killed and 53 wounded as the U.S. used heavy weapons at random in the town. The U.S. denied the figures and said only 10 had been killed and 20 wounded.
[The massacre was reported VERY BRIEFLY on the Fox news ticker but was ignored by the TV media in America.]

Iran is working closely with the U.S. to help work out an exit strategy. The U.S. installed Iraqi "leaders" have visited Iran. So-called "badr" brigades trained in Iran are involved in specific atrocities aimed at Sunnis in Iraq.

It appears that the U.S.-Iran standoff on nuclear energy is a smoke screen meant to conceal the working relationship between the U.S. and Iran. After holding strong for a few days, the Iranian government suddenly announced that it was ready for negotiations. President Bush, in response, said that Iran is "a country with which we are comfortable" and added that "Iranians have been straightforward." [August 9, 2005.] Bush concluded that Prime Minister Ahmedenejad's willingness to return to negotiations is a "positive development." By contrast, his statement that no option is off the table, put on Israeli media, was broadcast repeatedly by the U.S. media.


Muslim Woman Leader sees no support for Muslim Group Supporting U.S. Bush

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Please be careful when making statements that you represent all Muslims or even most of us. You truly don't. Your local representative in GA is not known among us who are working actively in the community on a daily basis. You have not had any organizing meetings in this area about your group. We have too many cliquish organization that get money, set up chapters do not connect with the community they are in and then claim to represent Muslims in general.

Also if you truly mean to help Muslims (all Muslims not just immigrant or rich immigrant Muslims) review the so-called Patriot Act you will see several items that are not good for any American (no matter what race or religion). It should not be made permanent due to many parts of it violates the Constitution of the US.

When the US takes time to develop a foreign policy that is fair, mirrors the Constitution of the US and not special interest (Oil producers, bankers and other rich people) we will see less conflict in the world. When we learn to understand the culture of other people and assist people within to make changes that are good for them then we will not have incidents like 911 and the bombings in London.

I do not defend any act of aggression. It is all wrong. We were wrong for going into Iraq the way we did. We are now seen as the world's biggest bullies. I do not defend suicide bombers; however I can not say we did not have a hand in creating some of them if not all of them. We also had a hand in creating the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussain and we aided Osama bin Laden when it served our purpose to use them to do our dirty bidding with others (Iran and Russia). Oppressed people with no hope in sight will use drastic measures for what they call freedom. Let us stop putting so much pressure on people and maybe they will not be prone to kill us and themselves.

We cannot Americanize the world. It is not natural. America is a great country when we operate by the Constitution or at least give it a good try. America can be a terrible neighbor when we ignore the foundation of our own laws. What happened to "Want for your neighbor what you want for yourself." We are a people for the most part that have been self-determining. Now we want to shove our form of democracy down everyone else's throat.

Maybe we need to take time to examine self (America) before we continue the very unjust crusade we have launched against others around the world trying to reform them and make them "American."

Born and Raised in America

Served in the US Army and Army Reserves

Not a terrorist because I reverted to Islam

Not bitter due to being African-American and witnessing and being subject to some of the worst form of racism in the world.

Hadayai Majeed

American by birth

Proud of America when she is right

Believe enough in the standards of this country to criticize her when she is wrong
The following is the introduction issued by an organization which claims to represent Muslims:

The Free Muslims Coalition (FMC), a national Muslim organization with 15 chapters, will give a presentation titled "The Struggle for the Future of the Middle East, Who Will Win?" at the National Defense University to a group of 50 government officials from the Department of Defense, Department of State and other agencies.
The presentation will be given by FMC president Kamal Nawash and FMC senior Islamic scholar, Dr. Ahmed Mansour.

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