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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 21, 1428. September 3, 2007. #68.

From the editor: Ramadan is coming. It is the month of Taqwa [fear of Allah alone]:

Reminder: Dear Muslims: Speak out about Imam Jamil. He is the Imam of those who follow the Sunnah in USA. Egyptian-Americans: Why are you silent about the Blind Shaikh and Ahmad Abdel Sattar ? They are not criminals! Pakistani-Americans: Why the silence about Masaud Khan? 90 years for allegedly visiting an Islamic camp? Who will cry for Dr. Ali Timimi? Do living communities forget their best people so easily? What will we say to our children? That we were cowards?

Houston Imam Wazir Ali is refusing to let Br. Curtis Sharif enter the masjid
after he questioned Wazir Ali's business dealings which are said to have cost the community heavily. Br.Sharif is the spirit of gentleness and politeness but Wazir Ali refuses to answer even after numerous efforts by Br. Sharif.

The lure of easy money, particularly other people's money, can mislead the best people. We have seen Siraj Wahhaj, Native Deen [or deal], Mauri Saalakhan, "Imam" Magid, Mahdi Bray hovering around situations which are, at best, questionable. How a man of religion can become a hustler is being revealed only by New Trend investigators. We give right of reply but these people don't reply even to serious charges, although they know we have nothing personal against them.

Please scroll al the way down to Br. Sharif's letter from Houston

SMILE: Saalakhan has been writing abuse about us secretly!

Mauri Saalakhan, whom some describe as a hustler in Muslim garb, has sent an abusive letter about the editor of New Trend to his own circle. Some of them sent it to us. Why can't he write to us when we give all who are criticized here a right of reply? He is telling his friends not to worry because New Trend has a small circulation!

We have news for Saalakhan: New Trend is one of the most broadly read Islamic newsmagazines, and will not be silenced inshallah. Our web site, too, receives more than a million hits. So, stand and fight Saalakhan! Your game is up!

No Strings Attached to New US Defense Package for Israel

Haaretz (Israel)

The new $30 billion American defense package for Israel is not conditioned on diplomatic progress or concessions to the Palestinians, a top U.S. aide said Thursday as representatives from both countries signed the memorandum of understanding in Jerusalem. U.S. Under Secretary of State Nicholas Burns said the aid to Israel was meant to counter "an axis of cooperation between Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas that is responsible for the violence in the region."

"On With Leon" Radio Show
General Musharraf & Benazir Bhutto: American "Democracy" in Action: Iran facing Zionism

September 1,2007: Dr. Wilmer Leon, America's leading radio voice on American-Islamic issues interviewed Dr. Kaukab Siddique about a New York Times report on the rapprochement between Pakistan's General Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto as well as about attacks on Iran's President Ahmedinejad. Dr. K and Dr. L had predicted months before the NY Times that this deal was coming. Here are Dr. Siddique's main points which were broadcast LIVE on XM Radio:

Pakistan's power structure is controlled by America. General Musharraf's army is funded, armed and directed by the U.S. Ms. Bhutto is from the feudal system of Pakistan and lives in the U.S.
Democracy in Pakistan has little meaning because most people will vote according to the orders of the military and the feudal lords.
The spoiler in this situation is Nawaz Sharif, the last elected Prime Minister who was toppled by Musharraf's coup. Sharif represents the landlord class and has middle class urban support. He is returning to Pakistan [Sept.10]
Pakistani masses manage to get heard through the Islamic parties. This is the only genuine democratic force in Pakistan but cannot win in the way the democratic process is structured.
The women of Jamia Hafsa and the men of the Red Mosque openly challenged the power of the military. This was a red signal for both Bush and Pak army and they have set about bringing Ms. Bhutto into the "democracy" game to divert Pakistanis. Nawaz Sharif will create a double diversion.
The military is committing serious crimes. The Baluch leader Bugti was murdered; the South Waziristan leader Abdullah Mehsud was murdered. Baluch women have been demonstrating in the streets of Quetta for return of their men whom Musharraf has "disappeared" somewhat like what used to happen in El Salvador and Argentina.
About IRAN: Ahmedinejad is a popular, elected leader. He has more support than Bush ever had.It's a farce for Glen Beck of CNN to be constantly attacking him. Israel might get Bush to bomb Iran although Iran wants to be a friend and helps the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Outreach in Virginia: The Struggle and Sacrifice of Islamic Women in Jamia Hafsa [Pakistan] brought to U.S. Muslims: Breaking the Censorship Imposed by Scared Imams

August 31,2007: An unusual effort was made by Jamaat al-Muslimeen to educate U.S. Muslims about the historic stand of Islamic women in Pakistan. Literature about the struggle in Islamabad, where young women and young men led by Umm Hasan and Abdul Rashid Ghazi [the martyr of Islamabad] stood up to the bloodthirsty tyrant of Pakistan General Musharraf, was given to 185 people after Juma' salat at Dar al-Hijra in Falls Church, Virginia.

This Islamic Center, located in the Virginia suburbs just south of Washington, DC, attracts Muslims from a great variety of national origins. Those who got the literature about Jamia Hafsa were from Sudan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, various Arab countries and a few African-Americans. Most were pleased to receive Jamaat's literature because nothing like it is available in the area.

Outreach 2: August 31,2007: Juma' Khutba: How to Save our Children from Assimilation.

Islam is an Uphill Path: Struggle all the Way Till Jannah. USA is not a role model

[Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave his 5th Juma' khutba since July 20. The locations were Greensboro [North Carolina], Central Baltimore, Silver Spring, [Maryland] and western Baltimore (twice). For earlier revolutionary khutbas go to , click on News and find "Revolutionary Khutbas 7 articles."]

These are the main points of the August 31 khutba:

Text:" ... Did We not give him eyes, a tongue, lips, and point out to him the two clear ways [of good and evil]? Yet he has not attempted the steep path. What will explain to you what the steep path is. It is to free the slave....." [The Qur'an 90:8-13] [Translation by Egyptian scholar Abdel Haleem]

&Hadith and Tafseer books agree that the "steep" or "uphill" path is a metaphor for Islam.

&There is no easy way. Islam is a struggle all the way to al-Jannah. Our children face a constant barrage of "do this" "don't do that." Five prayers, fasting, separation of the sexes and see "rules only" Islam.

&By contrast, larger society is saying: Just do what you want to: have fun. The downward slide is easy. Assimilation into the mass culture is steady and automatic for the second generation of immigrants.

&America's standards are very low. When a Senator is caught soliciting homosexual sex in a public bathroom, the very talk of "standards" is absurd.

&We are losing our children fast. Fake Muslim "leaders" bring non-Muslim big shots right into the masjid. They ignore the rules of da'awah and tableegh.

&We must attempt the steep path, otherwise prayers and fasting will not work. These are the means to salvation, not ends in themselves.

&Become part of a movement. Stand against oppression. Travel to Muslim countries with your children. Going to Pakistan? Stop in Africa. Going to Egypt? Go on to Bangladesh and back. A little extra cost doesn't matter. Immigrants are rich.

&Study Malcolm X. Go forth to give the message. Don't bring the oppressors into our ranks.

Fort Dix Case: Another Abu Ghraib, not in Iraq but in Philadephia !

Helpless U.S. Muslims. Mother Not Allowed to see Son, not even brought to trial

[From our investigators.]

The mother of the one Fort Dix accused states that he and maybe all of the six are being held in a Federal jail that we didn't even know existed, at seventh and Race streets in Philadelphia. She said that conditions are horrible; the people in there both prisoners and staff are horrible. She states that she can't see him, that he is allowed out of his small cell only once a week and then only can walk six steps.

His muscles are weakening. The female staff watch the men go to the toilet and look at them and laugh at them. Sounds like a bit of Abu Ghraib. There is some kind of hearing this month. She also saw the infamous video and she said it was just like young people doing the usual paintball war but being Muslims they shouted Allahu Akbar which people do when excited.
[The arrests, believe it or not, are based on a homemade video. This is America under Israel.]

Letter: A Really Good Job !!

You and the New Trend staff are doing an excellent job keeping us informed and fighting the evils of dunya. May Allah reward you.

I urge you and those Muslims with you to fight the build up to a war on Iran. Not another drop of Muslim blood. Not another drop of innocent blood.

No more savagery as our daughter Abeer and her family suffered.

Balquis Muhammad [Alabama]

Letter: New Reader Responds to NT and Nadrat Siddique's Intro to Abeer & the Assata Poem

First impression - a promising site the poem is from this site. the reason I clicked the link _Our bravest sister a 14 year old sister which the Ummah has not even bothered to do ANYTHING ABOUT

Anyone criticized in New Trend has the right of reply up to 300 words this kind of Islamic democracy is nowhere to be seen! And we have idiots running in circles telling us we need the other "gunboat democracy"

I always wondered what happened to that thing called grey matter but then I have extremely high standards and knowledge!

HVM [From Al-Awda Yahoo! group]

Letter: Correction: Hadith on Sha'ban is not Authentic

I really appreciate all the work you do; however I wanted to bring your attention to the disclaimer of the 15th of shaban and I wanted to bring to your attention the ruling according to some of the scholars who follow the truth.

Jazak Allah kheir, Assalam Alaikum,

Eyad [Defender of the Sunna]
[The writer has attached scholarly criticism of the Hadith from Ibn Majah which we published about Sha'ban indicating that it is not authentic.]

Important Pakistani News: [Jamia Hafsa and Rallies against Swedish Abuse]

On August 31,2007 large numbers of worshippers, including burqa clad women, tried to enter the Red Mosque for Juma prayers. They were barred by heavily armed security forces. Later they prayed on the sidewalk led by a young student of the mosque named Bilal.

Addressing the crowd later, MMA leader Shah Abdul Aziz, pledged that the struggle to re-open the mosque will continue and ONLY MAULANA ABDUL AZIZ [the radical khateeb before Musharraf's attack, not related to Shah] would be accepted as Khateeb.

Islamic Woman Leader Speaks

Umm Hasan's Views on Her Son's Martyrdom and the Musharraf Regime

A Pakistani court, trying to assert the rule of Law, ordered the release on bail of Umm Hasan, the firebrand leader of Jamia Hafsa women's university which was demolished by General Musharraf's commandos. In an interview [September 1, Daily Ummat] Umm Hasan spoke about the martyrdom of her son. She said all the children killed in Musharraf's attack were her children and we should never cry over martyrs although it is natural to feel hurt and to mourn.

About the government's refusal to give her son's body to her, she said: It doesn't matter because we will meet again in the Hereafter. Even if they had returned the body, she said, we would have after all returned the body to the ground.

About the arrest of her husband, Maulana Abdul Aziz, she said, he came out of the Red Mosque because the regime had put out the feeler that it was only interested in arresting the leaders. Subsequent events showed, she said, that the regime's objective was to demolish Jamia Hafsa [the women's university.]

Pakistan: Countrywide Protests Against Sweden's Abuse of Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]

[300 Swedish Muslims protested in front of Nerikes Allehandi newspaper offices in Orebro, Sweden on August 31. They demanded an apology for the abusive cartoon but were denied it.]

August 31, 2007: At a call from Jamaat-e-Islami and numerous Islamic groups, every Pakistani city held protests and rallies to condemn an abusive cartoon of Prophet Muhammad [peace be on him] published in Sweden's Nerikes Allehanda newspaper.

In Karachi, protests were held in 20 townships of the city. Student group Shabab-e-Milli led the protests, burnt the flag of Sweden and said Swedish goods would not be allowed to be sold. At a large Juma' prayer gathering in Jamia Masjid Muhammadi, a preacher named Abdur Rahman Salafi said that the abusive cartoon was an act of war against Islam. A leader of Ahle Sunnat, Abdul Aleem Qadri, told a big gathering that the Europeans are becoming bold against Islam because our rulers do not show any concern.

Similar rallies were held in Lahore and other cities. A preacher of the Jamiate Ahle Hadith said that the Jewish conspiracy was behind the acts of desecration.

[This time the Pakistani government showed some concern. The Foreign Ministry called in the Swedish Deputy Ambassador and lodged a protest.

Simmering Internal Tensions in Pakistan: [2 items]

Baluchistan: Women Take to the Streets to protest Musharraf

August 24-28,2007: Hundreds of Baluch women in purdah blocked the streets for 5 straight days. They were protesting the disappearance of innumerable Baluch youths who have disappeared after General Musharraf's heavy handed military crackdown on Baluchis. [The emergence of Baluchi women in such numbers is very rare in Baluch history and indicates that the Baluch have reached the limits of their suffering under General Musharraf's rule.]

The names of hundreds of "disappeared" young Baluchis were read out during the vigils.

August 25: On the anniversary of the murder of Baluch leader Akbat Khan Bugti, there was a general strike in all of Baluchistan's towns and a dozen protest rallies were held.

KARACHI: Regime Brings in Thugs to Attack Islamic Medical Students

August 25: A gang of thugs with a student label brought in by the regime from Punjab attacked the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center. The JPGMC is a stronghold of Islamic students known as Islami Jamiate Talaba. The attackers, arriving in police vehicles, opened fire to terrorize the students. A freshman named Farhan Ahmed was killed and 5 other students were wounded.

Earlier on August 15, another Islamic student, Hafiz Abdur Rahman, was killed in a similar attack. The Medical Center and related institutions are now closed. Islamic leaders have urged the students not to retaliate.

War News: From Urdu Language Media

PAKISTAN: Fighting Spreading in Northwestern Pakistan: Revenge for Red Mosque

September 1,2007: For the first time in the Bajaur tribal area [tehsil Mamund] a martyrdom operator hit a Pakistani army unit. Heavy casualties resulted but Pakistan admitted only 3 troops killed and 8 wounded. The Pakistani troops panicked and fired in all directions killing 2 civilians and wounding 8. [The Taliban of Bajaur issued a statement saying that the martyr gave his life to avenge the army's assault on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa.]

August 30,2007: In South Waziristan, Islamic fighters of the Mehsud surrounded and captured an entire military force of the Pakistan army, total of 208 troops including 9 senior officers. The force, in 16 trucks, was going from Wana to Ladha when it was ambushed. Rather than die, the troops surrendered. The local Taliban say, that they had let an earlier troop of Pakistan army [19men go] after the Pakistani pledge that its army will not try to enter South Waziristan. The Taliban say, they saw big army movement trying to do exactly what Pakistan had pledged not to do.

August 30-31 night: In Swat, Gul Bagh area, there was an hour long exchange of fire between Islamic fighters and a unit of the elite Pakistani Frontier Corp. The battle ended with Islamic forces in charge. The Pak army camp caught fire, 8 troops were killed and 7 wounded. A Police unit rushing from Huwara Khela to help the troops had its lead car blown up by the local fighters, killing one police officer, wounding another.

August 29-30: In Swat town, six shops carrying pornographic CDs were blown up at night. No one was hurt.

August 26: In the Shangla area of Swat, Islamists hit a police van with a mortar round killing 4 policemen, including a senior officer.

August 26: In north Waziristan, Dutta Khel area, Pakistani troops drove back persistent Islamic attackers killing two for a loss of one of their own. In the Mir Ali area, a day before, Pakistani helicopters hit a car approaching a military convoy, killing one person. The helicopters then fired missiles at three cars parked at a hotel in Mir Ali thinking they belonged to "extremists." Scores of civilians were wounded and 3 pedestrians killed in the attack.

U.S. Muslims Ignoring Islam

Houston Imam Wazir Ali Questioned about Loss of Masjid Funds Barred Questioner from Masjid

This post addresses the root of the problem, which began when ummah members discovered, from sources outside the masjid that a year old lawsuit had been filed against the masjid over a three year old debt.

The debt was for the lease of a container that was used to store assets from the Imam's private business. The Imam put the container in the masjid's name, although he and his business partner had the responsibility for paying for it.

They never paid one cent of the lease over a three year period and the container company sued the masjid.

The original debt for the three years was $3000. In the period of a year the cost escalated to over $20,000 because the Imam and his business partner repeatedly committed to ever escalating settlement offers , but never paid anything on any of them.

The case went to trial and was lost. In addition to the original $3000, we had to pay $15,000 in their attorney fees, plus the cost of defending the lawsuit.

To keep the container company from seizing the masjid and all of its assets, the $20,000 was paid out of a building fund, into which I had pledged and paid $1000 the standard family pledge amount.

After the funds were dispersed from the building fund, I asked for financial reports on the fund and for regular monthly financial reports.

the Imam and masjid officials never provided any financial reports on the money spent out of the fund......AND stopped giving masjid financial reports for a year.

I was put out of the masjid for asking for these reports. I was never charged . tried or proven guilty of any punishable offense. I was put out and have been refused access to prayer and worship at the masjid ever since. This began in 2002.

This putting people out of the masjid when they fall in disfavor with the Imam is a continuing practice in our community that is rooted in the Nation of Islam days. I am working to eradicate the practice in our community.
That is the gist of the situation, although it is much more detailed than that.


Curtis Sharif [ Houston,Texas]

2007-09-03 Mon 20:06:32 cdt