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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'ban 8,1430/ July 31, 2009, # 37

It is difficult to read the report from Nigeria below [scroll down]. To be able to read this, remember the suffering of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, the suffering of his sahaba and his complete rejection of Dunya. May Allah accept the sacrifices of Nigeria's Muslims led by Muhammad Yusuf, shaheed.. Inshallah, the power of Islam is emerging in Africa but through terrible sacrifices.
To the western media of course the suffering of Muslims means nothing, and if the Muslims are Black Africans, even HUNDREDS can be killed without stirring America's conscience. In fact no one here knows what happened. [Editor]

From Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina]:

Spotlight #1: An American Muslim named Daniel Boyd [European descent] has been arrested by the govenment from Raleigh, North Carolina, along with three other Muslims. There are no charges. The allegations are vague. Looks like the government is now going back to the Jihad against the Soviet Union and arresting people involved with Afghanistan in any way. U.S. Muslims should realize that each time a Muslim is arrested, the freedom of all of us is reduced. These arrests show attempts to control the THOUGHTS of Muslims. While Israel is being pumped with all kinds of weaponry and funds, Muslims are being scared off from Afghanistan and Palestine and Somalia. Wake up and think!

Spotlight #2: A systematic effort is underway by the government to bring immigrants from Iraq, Sudan and other countries and settle them in America. These are highly alienated and dislocated people. Their image of America is high but when they are settled down here, they see that there conditions are worse than they were in their homelands. Many of them are highly educated. Sometimes they are dumped in American ghettoes, thus creating a new kind of conflict. These Muslims are seen as disorganized, confused and sometimes uncouth by Americans. They are in big numbers and can deplete the resources of local Muslim communities. This is a dangerous kind of "social engineering" which is going on. It is providing the regime with resources for action against Muslims, here and overseas.

Spotlight #3: As a Muslim, in America, if you believe in Allah and the Hereafter, you should be giving the message of Islam to the American people. That's called "Da'awah." If you don't, you and your children will lose Islam and will be punished in the Herafter. Even your DUNYA will be ruined, sometimes by your own children.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] [Next 4 items only.]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore. MD 21234

Outreach: JAM Resolutions Given to 142 Muslims in Delaware: Stop the Wars, Oppose Police Atrocities in the U.S.

On July 31, 2009 the resolutions passed by the National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen on July 25 were given to 142 people after Juma at the Islamic Center in Newark, Delaware. This is an Indo-Pakistani crowd with a few African Americans in it. The numbers at the masjid are growing and there is no place to park 200 cars. The neighbors are complaining at the erratic behavior of people who do not park properly.

The resolutions distributed to 142 people urged America to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and stop supporting Israel. The tragedy of Gaza enacted by the Jewish terrorist entity "Israel" was central to the resolutions. The Jamaat's Shoora expressed strong opposition to Pakistani military action against Pak Taliban as well as Indian military subjugation of Kashmir.

Within the U.S., the Shoora spoke against police tyranny and for the re-haul of the education system. The Shoora expressed strong support for women's rights and for the development of independent media.
One of the Directors of the Mosque did not want the JAM literature to be distributed but relented when he read the contents.

Black Panther's Suffering to Continue for another two years: Baltimore Court Packed with Tense Supporters.

On July 29, the Clarence Mitchell courthouse in downtown Baltimore was absolutely packed with supporters of Jack Johnson. The hearing for his expected parole continued for more than two hours. The defense attorney went through the 39 years of Johnson's stay in prison and how he had proven to be a model prisoner. The judge went through his own rigmarole, claiming to be very sympathetic to Johnson but unable to ignore the "anguish" of the wife of the police officer whom Johnson allegedly killed.

It was a painful display of the American sense of justice. The racial divide was very evident, though the government has now hired numbers of Black police officers, somewhat like the Aparheid regime did in South Africa.

After 39 years of a sentence where the verdict was NOT beyond a reasonable doubt, Johnson was told that probably he'll have to stay two more years in prison [if not more] before he is paroled.

The prisoner was brought to court in tight hand and foot irons as if he had just been arrested.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen's representative who was there says: America does not recognize political prisoners. It treats each opponent as a criminal and tries to connect him/her to some act of violence so that extreme sentences can be meted out.The court, including the defense, did not mention the words "BLACK PANTHER" and behaved as if the Johnson was a criminal who had to atone for his crime.

In fact, America has adopted the Soviet idea of "re-education" of opponents. The only chance of hope dangled in front of the prisoner is that if he brainwashes himself and starts thinking that he was wrong and the government was right, then there is a slight chance that he might go back to his family before he dies.

Fortunately, the Black community has a good understanding of the situation. Muslims are the natural friends of the oppressed. Why not unite?

Abu Ali, Youthful Victim of a Prosecutor and a Judge who behave like Slave Masters: July 27, 2009
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Innocent Abu Ali sentenced owing to Zionist Jewish hatred of Muslims. How he smiles in the face of tyranny and the brutality of Zionist America! Shame on you Muslims of America if you let this pass. Wake up! Resist by all lawful means.

Abu Ali is a young Muslim from Falls Church, Virginia, a suburb of Washington. In 2003, he was studying in the holy city of Madina, Arabia when the Saudi regime panicked at fears of attack by Islamic groups led by Shaykh Usama. Abu Ali was rounded up among those arrested by the Saudis on nothing more than suspicion.

The Saudis, good allies of Bush, were good at torture. They tortured him so much that he confessed to all kinds of things including a plot against Bush's life and that he was an al-Qaida operative.

Abu Ali's parents believe in America as a nation of laws. They pleaded and protested that Abu Ali should be returned to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia. They did not realize that that here he would fall into the hands of the Zionists. Hundreds of letters of good character were brought in Abu Ali's support. He has NEVER committed a crime. There is absolutely no evidence against him that he is part of al-Qaida or that he meant any harm to Bush.

Yet on the basis of his confession in Saudi Arabia, he was sentenced in 2005 to 30 years in prison to be followed by 30 years of supervised parole.

Yet, believe it or not, the prosecutor was not satisfied! He had Abu Ali brought back to court for a new trial and now on July 27, Abu Ali was sentenced to LIFE in prison. This is American justice: a government in the death grip of Israel and International Jewry. For sheer hatred of Muslims, the sentence RE-IMPOSED on Abu Ali has few equals even in the bloody history of American injustice.

[We urge Muslims of America to get organized and protest the crime committed against this innocent youth Abu Ali. Wake up Muslims! The oppressors who run this country are not your friends. Without UNITY and non-violent resistance, they will continue to smash Muslims who stand for Islam. Don't think that nice talk about America will get you anywhere. Resist! Peacefully and within the law! Stand up for your rights.].

Please send letters to the following urging that Abu Ali be released. Remember there is no evidence against him other than what was produced by Saudi torture.
International law forbids the use of torture.

Judge Gerald Bruce Lee
U.S. District Court for the Eastern District
401 Courthouse Square, Room 601
Alexandria, VA 22314
President Barak Obama
The White House,
District of Columbia 20500

National Shoora sets up Support Groups for Political Prisoners & African women & Children

The National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen which met on July 25 set up two resource groups. The first one will help those high profile political prisoners held by the U.S. government who do not have effective support groups among Muslims. These include Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman [the blind shaikh], Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar [ ] and the Shi'a prisoners implicated in the bogus JFK case [still ongoing].

The second group will help U.S. Muslims to work with African Muslims to set up educational institutions for women and children in Africa. Almost 80% of Africa is Muslim but U.S. Muslims have neglected Africa

An Unusual Book about Pakistan's Taliban, Baluchistan and Karachi's MQM.

New Trend recommends Schmidle's book To live or to Perish Forever. Other than Dr. Siddique's interviews with Abdur Rasheed Ghazi, this is the first sympathetic writing in English about the Red Mosque. Also provides interesting and relatively unprejudiced perspectives on Maulvi Fazlullah and the Pak Taliban. Some of it is very funny about the Pak regime's attempts to "modernize" the maulvis of Pakistan under U.S. pressure.

Letter: Deep Appreciation from a Pakistani Reader

Dear Brother I just read all of the articles you have posted to me over a 2-3 month period.
All I can say is thank you and may Allah bless you. Do not misunderstand me that I am 1 of those uneducated people that believes everything he reads.
Theinformation you have sent me I have read and have found very informative.
I occasionally peruse the net trying to read articles such as these that never actually get published.
Keep up the good work :)
Also you should not waste your time with people who have falsely assured themselves of the lie that everything the Pakistan government says is 'Gods Truth' aka Gi Joe. He is a retard and this is why Pakistan is going to hell (as its becoming corrupt from within), because of people like him.

I don't expect a reply, nor do I seek one. Only emailing you to thank you and assure you that people do appreciate your hard work and it is not falling on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Walaikum salam
Imad [Pakistan]

Ed. Note: He is referring to Gi Joe, a supporter of General Musharraf who has been attacking Dr. Siddique on the Internet and who claims that Pakistani soldiers fighting the Pak Taliban are "mujahideen" and troops killed in the fighting are "shaheed." [God forbid!]

Nigerian Army attacks Mosques, Schools, homes, Slaughters 600 Muslims: Islamic Leader Muhammad Yusuf Challenged Westernization.
Armored Division Let Loose on unarmed/poorly Armed Muslims: Religious Establishment Silent

Special New Trend report

From July 27 to 30, 2009 Nigeria witnessed some of the most brutal scenes in its history. For decades, the Nigerian military has been trying to crush Islamic challenges to its policies of westernization and links with Israel but this one broke all records of military brutality.

An Islamic leader named Yusuf, from the city of Yobe, called on the people of Islam to stop the westernization of Nigeria. He got a great response and the Islamic movement he led set up mosques in 4 cities with its headquarters in the city of Maiduguri way up in the northeast. The military saw the emergence of this new force as a threat to its links to the U.S. and Israel.

The president of Nigeria, nominally a Muslim, signalled the army to go ahead with the massacre of Muslims while he left the country for a trip to Brazil. An entire armored division was set in motion to attack the Islamic movement in Kano, Bauchi, Yobe and Maiduguri. In Kano, the brutal regime demolished the major mosque where the Islamic people would meet. In Maiduguri, the Islamic people defended the mosque with whatever they could pick up, like sticks and stones, daggers and machetes, even bows and arrows. These were no match for the military's ruthless use of machine gun fire followed by mortars, artillery and tanks.

The people gave their lives willingly and the army, parts of it secularized, Christian and animist, had no qualms in slaughtering the Muslims. At least 500 Muslims were killed by the army, at least 100 in the mosque which Yusuf attended in Maiduguri. This mosque too was demolished. They didn't have a chance as the kafir military broke into the prayer area.

In Bauchi, the Muslims responded by attacking government offices, police buildings and churches before the army arrived to crush them. In northern Nigeria, the regime has been setting up churches funded by western powers and giving property to southern Christians to dilute the 100% Muslim population.

The religious establishment in Nigeria is firmly in the hands of the government. "Muslims" get elected to high positions but these upper class Muslims never protest when the army kills poor Muslims. These rich Nigerians are the sort of Muslims the Egyptian president Mubarak has on his side. When Mubarak kills Muslims, al-Azhar supports him; Al-Azhar condemns the Islamic movements like al-Gamaa. The same is now happening in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government has launched a big propaganda campaign to cover up the brutality which the army has inflicted. The Islamic movement is being labelled "Nigerian Taliban," a term which could also show the Ameirican-Israeli hand behind this action. The religious establishment is not questioning the government but is claiming that those killed by the army were "not Muslims." [Compare with Swat, Pakistan where the Pakistani generals claim that the mujahideen are 'Indian agents."]

Part of the propaganda was that the Islamic movement had abducted 180 women and children. Even BBC and al-Jazeera reported this, but as the report continued, it noted that the 180 were the wives and children of the men defending the mosque. In such situations, the Islamic victims have no media and their enemies can say whatever they want.

Late news: July 30: The Nigerian military announced that the Islamic leader Muhammad Yusuf was captured and SHOT DEAD WHILE IN CUSTODY. This is a crime under any law and the Nigerian military commander should be brought before an international tribunal.

July 31: A direct report from Nigeria broadcast by NPR says that many of the leaders of the "Nigerian Taliban" were university people who sacrificed their careers to join Muhammad Yusuf to stop the advance of western materialism.

[Editorial comment by New Trend. The world media are controlled by the Zionists. They do not mention the suffering of Muslims regardless of how terrible it is. In December 2008, New Trend noted the Nigerian military's slaughter of Muslims in the central Nigerian city of Jos. At that time, the U.S. media were going through the orgy of out-of-context reporting on Mumbai, India. Not a word about Jos was said. Stacks of Nigerian bodies did not create a stir.
Seven months later Human Rights stated that the Jos massacre did take place.
On the positive side, it is evident that a VERY STRONG Islamic thrust is emerging in Nigeria. It is coming from the poor and the oppressed. The terrible brutality of the Nigerian army is not enough to smash the Islamic movement. It's only a matter of time before the Islamic forces will be dominant. Many more Yusufs will emerge, inshallah.]

Numerous people disappeared during the Musharraf regime. Sis. Amina [in photo below third from right in front row] has organized a movement for their recovery. It is feared that General Musharraf either handed them over to the U.S. or they are in army prisons without trial or notification to next of kin.

Missing Persons Relatives protest in Islamabad, Pakistan.7.31.09

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