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Response to Imam Muhammad's Muslim Journal Editor: The Issue is Not Personal
The Issue is: Do you Have the Courage to Stand up for the Truth?

As salaamu alaikum Sister Ayesha [Editor of the Muslim Journal]:
Your letter of attack on Dr. Kaukab Siddique regarding a poem for Imam W.D. Muhammad was misdirected. One of the skills of an editor is paying attention to detail. You rushed to attack an important and courageous scholar like Dr. Siddique over a poem that clearly named someone else as the author. A Muslim woman who admires Imam WD Muhammad wrote that poem addressing the serious issues facing Muslims in America.
In your rush to attack a fearless leader such as Dr. Siddique, you wrote a typical ad-hominem response that so many Muslims find easy to cop these days. You founded it safer to attack Siddique's character rather than answer the contention or issued raised in Sister Karen's poem.
Dr. Siddique is not trying to push anyone into a rage as you state in your letter. No one has disputed the contributions that Imam WD Muhammad has made to Islam. However, with Muslim leadership comes the courage to fight for Islam when it is under attack. Islam is under attack in America. More Muslims should follow the guidance from our Lord and find the courage to address the serious issues facing us. The Bush adminstration would not find it so easy to drop more bombs on thousands of innocent Muslims babies and families if we did.
As Salaamu Alaikum,
Sister Motisola Malikha Abdallah
Thursday, Feb. 20th: National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Immigrants!
The post-September 11th climate of fear and suspicion has given rise to some ugly after-effects, one of the worst of which being a virulent new form of racial and ethnic profiling that targets Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrants. Many communities here in NC have already been affected by the resulting repression. Last year a Pakistani man living in North Carolina named Abdul Farid was deported for the crime of making a mistake on a loan application. Not long after a Greensboro man, Mekki Hameed Mekki, originally from the Sudan, was arrested because he knows how to fly airplanes. He was found guilty of minor visa violations and is being held in Winston-Salem. Recently NCs own Rep. Howard Coble said that he supported the Japanese internment camps used by the US in WWII, and implied that camps for Arabs, Muslims, and South Asians today would be a good idea. These events and others have sent waves of intimidation through North Carolinas immigrant communities, yet they have also resulted in increased opposition to these and other repressive policies. People all over the country will be speaking out on Feb. 20th! Add your voice to the growing numbers in opposition to growing US police state repression!

Join us for a rally and speakout on Feb. 20th from 12-2pm at the Federal Bldg in Winston-Salem (Main St. btw. 2nd and 3rd Streets). Stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters! Friday, Feb. 21st: Oppose Racist and Anti-Muslim INS Registrations!
There's something very wrong here. The United States government is currently detaining and strip searching masses of people of Middle Eastern descent who voluntarily showed up on the first registration deadline to register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Los Angeles earlier this week. This response to the community's willingness to cooperate with authorities was obviously not designed to encourage further compliance with the post 9/11 law requiring such registration. We believe it was designed to actually discourage further cooperation from the community with the government, thus ultimately giving the government wider latitude in its ongoing trampling of constitutional and civil rights. Henceforth, when thousands of people don't cooperate in any given initiative out of well-founded fear and mistrust of the Bush-Ashcroft regime, detention camps can be set up all over the country. From the Arab-American News, Dearborn, Michigan, 12/21/2002

The deadline for adult Pakistani and Saudi Arabian males is Feb 21st. Let your government know that you oppose racial profiling in all its forms! On Friday, Feb. 21st at 10 am, be at the Charlotte INS office to stand in solidarity with those who are registering. (Charlotte INS: 210 E. Woodlawn Rd.-take I-85 to the Billy Graham Expwy-this turns into Woodlawn after crossing I-77)
For more info call 336.272.215
Prof. Sami al-Arian Arrested for his Support of Palestine: Zionists In Full Control of USA

Early in the morning of February 20, 2003, Prof. Sami Al-Arian, a tenured professor at the University of South Florida, was arrested from his home in Tampa, Florida. No charges were announced against him. [These would come later in the day.]
For years, the U.S. government, under Zionist influence, has been trying to do harm to Prof. Al-Arian because he is a supporter of the Palestinian struggle. He was first "tried" on TV when OREILLY of Fox News played his game of "guilt by association."
His university seems to have played along with the Zionists with claims that all the negative publicity he was getting was harming fund raising activity (which is probably a round about way of saying that funds from pro-Zionist sources are being used as black mail).

[Editorial comment: The process of censorship is well underway to silence all Islamic voices of dissent. The government wants Islam only to be represented by ISNA-types. Inshallah, a new generation of Islamic leaders will step forward to thwart the silence being imposed. That can't happen without the defeat of the old sold-out leadership which has fragmented and Tomized (from Tom) the Muslim community.]
58th Anniversary of the Destruction of Dresden: 100,000 German Civilians were Killed
Prototype of Bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan: Killed More than Hiroshima bombing
Why is Hiroshima Discussed and not Dresden?
Dresden was a city of culture, dotted with beautiful old churches, museums, libraries and gardens. It was an open, undefended city without any military formations or industries. In a deliberate act of genocide, the British air force, the RAF, systematically bombed the city on Valentine's Day, February 14, 1945.
In his powerful book APOCALYPSE 1945:THE DESTRUCTION OF DRESDEN, David Irving provides British air force strike maps to show that the bombing deliberately aimed at the maximum infliction of death on the civilian population. No attempt was made to hot economic targets, such as the railway line. It was naked terrorism aimed at the civilian population.
The bombing was organized by wave after wave of British aircraft that it created a fire storm leading to the death by suffocation of civilians who hit in underground cellars.
Thousands of children prepared to celebrate Valentine's Day were killed, their bodies piled up like a doll factory in disarray.
After the British night bombing, the Americans finished off the city with daylight raids.

COUNTING THE DEAD: It was difficult to come to correct counts of the German dead. The Germans meticulously prepared lists of city dwellers but could not list the huge number of refugees who had come in to escape from the Soviet armies which were only 70 miles away at that time. Irving looked into all the collateral damage and computed that there were probably as many as 100,000 dead, not 30,000 as the British were willing to concede. Thus the losses at Dresden were higher than those at Hiroshima.

IRAQ: During the so-called Gulf War, the Americans and the British bombed Iraq with huge tonnages of explosives. Till now (12 years later) the U.S. media have conceded only 3,000 Iraqi civilians killed. Impartial observers, however, indicate that anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000. [In the Amyriah shelter in Baghdad, in ONE incident, 400 Iraqi women and children were killed.]
However, the bombing of Iraq was done in such a way that the Iraqi system of water pumping and sewage disposal was destroyed. After that, sanctions were imposed so that the systems which required imports of spare parts could not be repaired, nor could medicines be imported. Over 12 years, 2,000,000 Iraqis died of disease and lack of medicines and spare parts.

AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban are a small guerrilla force which can operate only with the support of the people. To destroy the Taliban regime, the U.S. launched terror bombing raids across Afghanistan, from north to south, from west to east. The Taliban were defenseless, their guns unable to reach anywhere near B-52s and B1s and F-16s which sowed death and destruction in the villages of the dirt poor country.
The methodology used was as follows: On receiving a report that an Al-Qaida member was praying Taraweeh prayers in a mosque during Ramadan, the mosque was bombed by the U.S., wiping out the entire congregation. This methodology could also be seen after the "war" when a wedding party was bombed on the basis of a rumor that the Taliban were nearby.
Pakistani media put the number of dead in U.S. bombing of Afghanistan at 60,000. Even the New York Times and National Public Radio admitted that the number of civilian Afghans killed in the U.S. bombing have to number in the "thousands." An American scholar has put togerther a list of incidents which document the number of civilian dead at 3076. Most Afghan losses have not been documented.

COUNTING the VICTIMS: Dresden was only one of many German cities which were destroyed by the British and the U.S. How many German civilians were killed? It didn't matter. The more the better. German civilians were linked to the image of Hitler. It was okay to kill them. Similar is the situation in Iraq. Civilians can be killed and then Saddam can be blamed for using them as "human shields."
Of the dead in Afghanistan, Rumsfeld is reported to have said that he wasn't counting how many died.
Of the million (at that time) children dead in Iraq, Albright said: It was worth it.
By contrast, Spann, a CIA agent killed in Afghanistan, received more publicity than all the dead civilians of Afghanistan combined.

Over the years, the U.S. media has started mentioning the horror of the bombing of Hiroshima. Question arises, why is Dresden still taboo? The answer lies in the Zionist process of the milking of Germany. If Germans could be seen as victims and hence human beings, that could put a dent in the Israeli fund raising in the name of the Holocaust. [That problem does not arise with Japan, so Hiroshima can be discussed.]
IMAM WARITHUDDIN 'UMAR was scapegoated by the Wall Street Journal. Not only was his job link terminated, the jobs of all Islamic chaplains were put in jeopardy owing to attacks by Senator Schumer and Governor Pataki. We published Imam 'Umar's response. In our next issue we'll discuss the issue further, with reference to a letter he has addressed to Muslim chaplains.

[Please do not confuse Imam Warithuddin 'Umar with Imam Warith Deen Muhammad of the Muslim Journal.]

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