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Zulhijja 29, 1425/February 9, 2005 #11
Thought of the Day:
Racism based on concepts of White Supremacy is the underlying reality of America. Islam is the solution.
[Dr. Abdul Alim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

Editorial :
Comedy in Sharm Al-Shaikh: CIA AGENTS MEET MOSSAD AGENT TO DECIDE FATE OF PALESTINE: Hosni, Abdullah, Abbas Confab with Sharon to Laugh at Muslim World

"They are the ones who have bartered Guidance for error, but their trade is profitless, and they have lost true direction. Their similitude is that of one who kindled a fire: when it lighted all around him, Allah took away their light and left them in utter darkness, so they could not see. Deaf, dumb and blind, they will not return to the path."
[The Qur'an 2: 16-18]

Israel and the U.S. talk to their own puppets and try to pass of their conspiracies as peace talks. Israel is waging war against Islam under the aegis of the U.S. The pretense of "peace" talks specifically excludes Islamic forces. Islam is presented as "terrorism." These talks are a case of the blind leading the blind. Sharon lighted a fire in the helpless refugee camps of the Palestinians. Allah has indeed taken away his light and that of his friends.

February 8, 2005: Seldom has the world seen such a display of shameless posturing by politicians since Winston Churchill met Stalin to hand over Eastern Europe to the Soviets. At least Churchill and Stalin, though mass murderers, were 'real' rulers. By contrast, Hosni Mubarak, King Abdullah and Abu Mazen Abbas are mere agents of the CIA who would not last a day without the protection provided them by western intelligence agencies.

They met Sharon, his hands still dripping with the blood of Palestinian children, and decided that the time has come for "peace" or cease fire. All three of the agents, in open defiance of the expressed will of their peoples, have accepted Israel as a legitimate entity.

This charade came about owing to two countervailing factors: From the Islamic viewpoint, Israel is an illegitimate entity fed, armed and used by America. The question of recognition and legitimization of Israel does not arise. Israel has committed too many crimes to be considered part of the civilized world.
Hosni Mubarak, Abdullah and Abbas have absolutely no moral authority or relevance as long as Islam is alive. They have the tanks and guns and America's backing. Islam has the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. And Islam today is on the roll towards victory.
Inshallah, the Jews will go back where they came from. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. No sophistry, no armada of tanks and flotilla of helicopters can change the Qur'an which says: "... drive them out from where they drove you out."
A SUGGESTION ABOUT ISRAEL: A New Trend observer, with a sense of humor, says: America has done enough for Israel by sending 150,000 of its best troops into Iraq. Saddam was the enemy of Israel. The Jews hated his guts. Every Zionist in the world has done his share of abusing Saddam. The U.S. has killed more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians [Lancet report] but the Iraqis, instead of surrendering, fought the Americans. By now 1440 American troops have been killed and 10,500 wounded, many with arms and legs blown off.

Wouldn't it make more sense to let ISRAEL DO ITS OWN DIRTY WORK? Let the Jewish tank columns go into Iraq, as they do so jauntily into Palestinian refugee camps, and let's see how many of the Jews come back to tell their tales of "terrorism" by the 'moslims.'

Correction: O'Reilly not a 'Scum Bag.'

Assalaamu alaykum, Brother Kaukab -

Advice about a term used in the latest New Trend:

"scum bag" is a "four-letter" word comparable to any of them. The literal image is a recently used condom. It is a term that was current when I was in junior high school in NYC in the early fifties.

It could be that the term is appropriately applied in the article, i.e. to O'Reilly. However, it is not a term which should be associated in any way with a person of your importance or with a medium having the mission New Trend has.

Ma' Salaam
Best regards,
Na'im AbdurRafi The CLEAR CHOICE

[Ed. note: Thank you Br. Na'im! Somehow that term slipped by the editor's pen. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call O'Reilly a bigot.]

Re "9.11: What Did Prof. Churchill Mean by "Little Eichmanns?"

Kaukab, the esteemed brother

I just wanted to clarify for you and your readers, Ward Churchill's use of the term "little Eichmanns." Eichmann, as you know, was a captured death camp guard from Nazi Germany. He was placed on trial in Israel and his only defense was that he was "following orders". In claiming that there were no "innocent" civilians in the WTC on 9/11, I believe that Churchill was making the point that we are all complicit in the world wide economic imperialism of the United States unless we strive to fight the system, which has its roots, of course, in the genocide of native americans (Indians) and the slave labor of African slaves and their descendants. We are all Eichmanns until we RESIST!!

As Ever. Deeply in Struggle,

Lynne Stewart
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Ed Note: For overseas readers, Lynne Stewart is the famous attorney who fought for the rights of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, the famous Egyptian scholar of Islam, and who is herself being targeted by the U.S. power structure.

Oliver Roy: French Philosopher Attacks Dr. Kaukab Siddique

I am forwarding you the passage from the book Globalized Islam where Oliver Roy mentions your name. Under the chapter, "The Modernity of an Archaic Way of Thinking: Neofundamentalism", there is a smaller headline, "Deterritorialisation: the end of Dar-ul-Islam" it reads:

"Neofundamentalism refers to an imaginary ummah, beyond ethnicity, race, language, and culture, one that is no longer embedded in a specific territory.
Geography is as irrelevant as history. Nowhere is there a country where state and society are ruled only by the true precepts of Islam from political scene in the Middle East. Afghanistan under the Taliban was briefly seen as a model, but the fall of the regime and , in the aftermath of 9/11, the US military pressure on any would be 'Islamic liberated territory' have dashed any hopes of equating a given country with Islam. In this sense, the 'war against terror' has accentuated the Deterritorialisation of Islam. As we have seen, many neofundamendalists consider that true Muslims are living as a minority everywhere, in Muslim or in non-Muslim countries, erasing the concept of a physical frontier between the two worlds.....It is irrelevant to consider Dar-ul-Islam as a purely territorial concept... Many radical US Muslims (especially African-American converts) also consider that one should both remain in the United States and boycott a non-Muslim system (voting, inviting elected or government officials to religious celebrations or community gatherings, and so on). This is, for instance, the constant position of Kaukab Siddique, head of the Jamaat al-Muslimeen, who is a pillar of New Trend Magazine's website. This site supports such gaoled African-American Muslims as Imam Jamil, and mixes up Koranic and leftist terminology ('bring up the oppressed-mustadafeen')."

The passage is from pages 272 and 273.

Tell me if you want more passages and what you think of his analysis. In the beginning of the book, Roy was giving a balanced view about the Muslimeen and their issues in the best, then suddenly, towards the end of the book, he started to reinforce the typical westen view of the so called Hardline Muslims. He believes that whoever has a definite and clear stand, is against the western ideologies. Of course he is part of the group that believes that Islam has failed to deliver politically.

I bought the book because it criticizes the west for failing to see the Islamic experiences as divese as the 1,5 billion Muslims who live in the five continenents. In the meantime, he tried towards the end to say that a small group of Muslims, the extremists, have taken over, therefore, giving the very damaging image that Muslims ,and not Islam, have acquired before and after 9/11.

[from Morocco]
TOP AMERICAN JEW: Dershowitz supports murder of Islamic leaders, demolition of homes from which resistance fighters come, and the systematic use of torture by Israel. Published by special permission of the author.]

Harvard Law Professor Sat On Israeli Assassination Target Review Panel: The "Jihad" of Alan Dershowitz

Law Professor,
Washburn University School of Law

If to dispute well is law's chiefest end, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has honed this ability to a stunning craft. In high-profile cases, such as O. J. Simpson, Doctor Dershowitz, a seasoned criminal law jurist, serves as a media-savvy lawyer determined to defend "the guilty." Less well known, however, is that this advocacy Mephistopheles thrives on inventing unpopular, counter-intuitive, and even unjust exceptions to international law--a subject he normally does not teach. These exceptions--mutually folded in each other's orb---allow the torturing of terrorists, the assassinations of their leaders, and the demolition of their family homes. What is most intriguing is the contempt that Dershowitz has for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and its current President (the Chinese judge) whom he calls a thug, discarding the language of professional courtesy.

Somewhat intrigued by his incendiary views daringly, and sometimes crudely, expressed in books and newspaper columns, I requested to interview Dershowitz, an interview he granted promptly and generously. We both taped the interview, I for no other reason but to save as a souvenir. I came out of the interview with the clear impression that--setting aside the civil liberties concerns that inform his criminal defense rhetoric--Dershowitz concocts these exceptions not merely to embellish his ivory tower but to proactively defend, and sometimes shape, Israeli policies in occupied Palestine.

For example, Dershowitz's contempt for the ICJ has deepened ever since the Court decided to rule on the legality of Israel's separation wall. Comparing the ICJ to a Mississippi court in the 1930s, Dershowitz contends that the ICJ is a credible court for the rest of the world but not for Israel, just as the Mississippi court was a just tribunal for whites but not for blacks. This argument, in its analogical enormity, paints the ICJ as an exceptionally anti-Israel body. Furthermore, Dershowitz challenges the neutrality of ICJ judges, arguing that they are shameless mouthpieces of their governments. When asked to comment on whether he holds the same view about British and American judges on the Court, Dershowitz stepped back to distinguish between the Court and its judges, now saying that the ICJ is bigoted but many of its judges are not. This distinction made no sense to me, since all judges on the Court, except one, held the separation wall to be illegal.

Dershowitz's exceptional defense of Israel is not confined to academic criticisms of the ICJ (or the International Red Cross or the United Nations). In the interview, Dershowitz, who opposes the death penalty, revealed that he had sat on the Israeli assassination committee that reviews evidence before terrorists are targeted and killed. This "due process" hearing is designed to reduce the raw charge that state-sponsored assassinations are blatantly unlawful. Dershowitz favors targeted assassination of terrorist leaders "involved in planning or approving on-going murderous activities." Under this protean standard, it is unclear whether spiritual and political leaders who favor terrorist violence but do not materially participate in specific terrorist acts may also be assassinated. These niceties aside, the idea of a Harvard law professor sitting on an occupying state's assassination committee would be, to many in the legal academy, a trifle perplexing.

What rattles his many critics the most, however, is the innovative exception Dershowitz draws for the Convention against Torture (1987). The Convention prohibits all forms of torture and provides for no exception. In fact, the prohibition against torture has attained the status of jus cogens--the peremptory norms of international law that cannot be abandoned or altered. Dershowitz confesses to know all this. Yet he makes an empirical argument to carve out an exception. Since torture cannot be eliminated in the real world, he argues: "Ay, think so still, 'til experience change thy mind." Dershowitz proposes that the legal system regulate torture by requiring state officials to obtain a judicial warrant before torturing. Despite Dershowitz's connections and influence, Israel refused to launch the proposed torture warrant, although it embraced the idea of exception to the Convention it had signed. However, when more than 90 percent of the Palestinian security detainees began to be tortured, the Israeli Supreme Court put an end to the fledgling exception.

Undeterred by such judicial rebuffs, Dershowitz continues to manufacture legal exceptions to shore up the universally condemned Israeli practices, such as bulldozing the family homes of terror suspects. Calling it property damage, he apparently dismisses the sanctity, the intimacy, and the memories attached to a family home, anybody's family home. As if demolition of family homes is a minor punishment, Dershowitz is willing to pull down even the entire "villages of suicide bombers." He thinks perhaps that it takes a village to raise a suicide bomber. It does. When her entire village has been grabbed by the neck and choked, some kid (a "terrorist") is surely going to be mad as hell.

Despite his legalistic jihad for Israel's security and despite his employment of the Harvard Law School stature to propose questionable exceptions to international law, Dershowitz does not completely throw away the sense of limits. For example, he opposes Nathan Lewin, a prominent Washington lawyer and a federal judge hopeful, who blatantly argues, contrary to popular feelings of the Jewish community, that family members of suicide bombers be executed.

By no means is Dershowitz an incorrigible ideologue, nor is he morally sightless. His reading of international law is most certainly flawed and he needs "to settle in his studies." His intellectual honesty is nonetheless beyond doubt. He is what he thinks. He does not duck hard questions. And he does all this with an inexhaustible capacity to swallow contradictions. At the end of the play, however, when all arguments have been made, when all exceptions have been put to rest, and when the nation that launched a thousand missiles has been defended, Dershowitz relaxes his grip with a disarming sense of humor expressed through borrowed jokes. In his book Why Terrorism Works (2002), for example, he tells readers how he, as a boy, pondered over difficult hypothetical scenarios such as this: "If you were up to your neck in a vat of cat vomit and somebody threw a pile of dog poop on your face, would you duck?"

One may relish Dershowitz for his wits, but only to wonder at the unlawful things he permits.
Ali Khan is a professor at Washburn University School of Law in Kansas. His book A Theory of International Terrorism will be published in 2005. He can be reached at: ali.khan@washburn.edu
[Editor's note: New Trend apologizes to Muslim readers who will be offended by Prof. Khan's use of the word "jihad." Also note that supporters of Israel like Derschowitz use the word "terrorist" when they mean "Muslim" or "mujahid."

More than Two Million Iraqi Victims of Two U.S. Wars

By Edward W Miller, MD

"They made a wasteland and called it "peace" -
Tacitus (Roman historian 55-117AD)

In contrast to the tsunami which recently struck at the coastal borders of the Indian Ocean, wiping out fishing villages, beach resorts, holiday hotels, and killing over 220,000 people, the US -led military tsunamis, starting with Desert Storm, which are still devastating Iraq, have laid waste to the entire infrastructure of this modern Country and to date killed at least 2 million of its people. The recent US destruction of Fallujah may well be remembered by future generations as a replay of the Nazi bombing of the Basque city of Guernica. during the Spanish Civil War.

In sharp contrast to the worldwide outpouring of sympathy followed by millions of dollars in aid , both government and private, Iraq's tsunami victims are struggling to survive their repeated devastations with little outside charity and a minimum of support from either the UN or the occupying forces, which, while facing a growing insurgency are wasting money in efforts to both cover-up their savagery while forcing on Saddam's people a spurious and largely unwanted "democratic election"

Reports today ( 19 January) direct from Iraq via KPFA note that 5 almost simultaneous car bombs in Iraq's capital killed some 29 persons, while several mortar attacks targeted the Green Zone as well as the highway between Baghdad and its airport. Iraqis in Fallujah reported the Occupation forces, rather than attending to the needs of a desperate population. were engaged in covering their tracks; trucking away bombed-out homes, carting away topsoil contaminated by chemical weapons and anti-personnel phosphorous bombs, to hide evidence of these illegal weapons from both the Red Cross and Red Crescent as well as foreign reporters, all of whom are being kept out of those areas of the City where heavy fighting has taken place and Napalm and phosphorus reportedly burned people in the streets. (www.antiwar.com /journal 1/19/2005 ).

"Desert Storm." was the first act in a genocidal campaign initiated by the first Bush administration, and followed throughout the Clinton years, to first destroy the infrastructure of Iraq and then continue killing its people, using a combination of starvation and biological (call it bacteriological) warfare. Since the Gulf War I , almost two million Iraqis, mostly the elderly, children, and babies, have been slaughtered by this US-British-UN program.

There were actually two Gulf Wars. One, to recall Saddam's troops from Kuwait, the second, to destroy the infrastructure of Iraq, "bombing it back into the pre-industrial age," as General Schwarzkopf put it. The destruction of telecommunications, water supplies, sewage treatment plants, and oil facilities had nothing to do with moving Saddam's forces from Kuwait, but with the unspoken US-UN intent to destroy Iraq with those Apocalyptic weapons of mass destruction: war, famine, pestilence, and death. Noam Chomsky correctly called this "biological warfare."

During the Desert Storm the Pentagon conducted 110,000 aerial sorties in 42 days, one every 30 seconds. unleashing 85,000 tons of bombs. Iraq was essentially defenseless. Civilian casualties from the bombing were in the tens of thousands. Thousands died from direct bomb hits, but far more died from destruction of the facilities essential to human life. Within hours of the first bomb there was no electricity anywhere in Iraq. In the first two days, pipes distributing water ran dry throughout the country. By February 1991 Iraq's Minister of Health estimated 3000 civilians dead and another 25,000 were in hospitals and clinics. A quarter of a million more were sickened without medicines or medical care from drinking polluted water.

On Sept. 17, 2000, Professor Thomas J. Nagy of George Washington University made public a seven page document prepared by the US Defense Intelligence Agency. This report, hidden by the government for ten years, outlined the Gulf Allies' plan to set the stage for a water-born genocide in that country. The report reads: "Iraq had gone to considerable trouble to provide pure water for its population... importing specialized equipment and purification chemicals... a shortage of pure drinking water... could lead to increased incidents, if not epidemics of disease... Full degradation of the water treatment system will probably take at least six months." The Agency's report "was circulated to all major Allied commands."

This intelligence report identified not only bombing targets, but those specific chemicals and specialized water purification equipment which the US and British then added to their list of embargoed items, to be certain the genocide would succeed. As author and UN specialist Phyllis Bennis reported, by the 1993 the UN committee 616 which was required to pass on items ordered under the "Oil for Food" program by Saddam's government, items to both maintain public services and repair war damage, had denied over $6 Billion requests from Saddam's engineers, targeting those specific materials needed to return potable water to their people and even medical supplies necessary to treat water-born diseases. The US-British genocide was thus supported at the UN level.
As intended, Allied bombing had destroyed dams, reservoirs, wrecking flood control, irrigation, and hydroelectric power. Pumping stations were crippled as were 31 municipal water and sewage facilities. As raw sewage poured into the Tigris River, the Iraqis only remaining source of water, they died by the thousands. The allies dropped 88,500 tons of bombs, equivalent to seven Hiroshimas, rendering 1.8 million Iraqis homeless and killing over 150,000 Iraqi troops. The Fourth Geneva Convention which the US signed clearly states: "It is prohibited to attack or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population... including drinking water supplies and irrigation works."

Added to the carnage of Dessert Storm, the US and British fired "anti-tank" shells containing depleted uranium, which on contact burns with intense heat, leaving free uranium 238 particles to blow about freely in the desert winds. Inhalation of this dust has already created both an increase in childhood lymphomas, plus birth deformities. With a half-life of depleted uranium at 4.5 billion years, lethal radiation from our shells will continue killing the civilian population for generations. In addition, cluster bomblets, dropped over civilian centers are still killing children who pick them up.

Americans may have forgotten that on Dec. 16, 1998, while sexual McCarthyism played out on the floor of Congress, President Clinton ordered Patriot and Tomahawk missiles to again hail down on Baghdad. Operation "Desert Fox" (called " OPERATION MONICA" in the Mideast) created extensive damage, killing civilians, and targettimg one of the few oil refineries still able to function.

By 1998, Rick McDowell, whose "Voices in the Wilderness" group had visited Iraq many times since 1991, reported, "As of 1995, over a million Iraqis have died, 576,000 of them children, and three million risk acute starvation... More children have died... than the total of the two atomic bombs dropped on Japan." McDowell noted the Oil for Food program was a failure since reparations to Kuwait, paying for UNSCOM and support for the Kurds ate up over 40 percent, leaving less than 25 cents/person/day for the Iraqis. McDowell said UN Security Council sanction which embargo pipes, pumps, filters, chlorine, ambulance tires, and everything necessary to produce potable water represent a "war of collective punishment."

Americans may recall that in October 1998, Denis J. Halliday, Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and Chief of UNSCOM's "Oil for Food"
resigned in disgust over the US-British interference with his program in an "all-out effort to starve to death as many Iraqis as possible." He added: "We see the member states... of the Security Council manipulating the organization for their own national interests." Halliday reported UN sanctions had reduced a once-proud civilization to third world status, resulting in crime, prostitution, beggary, family breakdown and corruption. He said Iraqis "were selling their belongings for food." Under Saddam Hussein, Halliday noted: "Iraq experienced the best civilization in the Mideast with universal medical care, the finest hospitals, free university education and overseas grants for graduate students....I went to Iraq to administer the largest humanitarian challenge in history I didn't realize the level of complicity in the suffering. It is to the point of madness. One day we will be called into account."

Halliday, Ex-Attorney Ramsey Clark and others have reported mass starvation, waterborne diseases previously unknown in Iraq: diarrhea, cholera, strep, hepatitis, typhoid and polio (which had been eradicated).

Right up to Bush Jr's.' "Shock and Awe" invasion US and Britain " overflights " pursued this devastation, though with rising world criticism the French backed out the overflights, (never authorized by the UN), and bombing missions had killed over 2000 civilians since 1998 wrecking attempts by Iraqi to rebuild its infrastructure. To pursue this mayhem, the US ignored fellow members in the Security Council where Russia, China and France, amongst others had asked the US to quit the sanctions and normalize trade.

The UN's HansVon Spondek who like Halliday had resigned from the 'Oil for Food Program" in a Boston Globe interview reported the death rate for children had tripled since 1991, and much-needed electricity was often lacking in Baghdad. The UN had allowed only $112 million for repairs whereas the system rehabilitation minimum was over $7.1 billion. Saddam's people, once the best-educated in the Mideast on a 1989 $2.1 billion school budget, with sanctions struggled with $229 million. The literacy rate fell from over 90 percent to barely 60 percent. Computers can't be imported, as the UN fears "military use.".

The Bush II invasion with its capture of Saddam has only added to the carnage and physical destruction of this once proud people. The resulting insurgency which US forces face today is understandable in terms of the past 14 years of genocide. The added havoc of a second invasion, plus the abject failure of the Bush II administration to offer the occupied Iraqis either security or viable evidence of intent to rebuild their shattered lives has added fire to an increasingly organized effort to drive out the US forces. US administrator L.Paul Breman III's thoughtless isolation of Saddam's Bathist party, which constituency, numbering almost 900,000 government workers and police, might well have maintained law and order and kept public works functioning during the Occupation, was another major failure. Jordan's Prince Abdullah on the Charlie Rose Show just two nights ago explained that he had personally advised Breman to employ the Bathists, but his suggestion had been rejected. Breman seemed more interested in privatising Saddam's government-owned industries, and providing lucrative business opportunities for his friends.

As for Bush Jr.s' Januiary 31 election as writer Edward S. Herman noted in an extended article ( Z- Magazine Dec 2004 pgs 322-5) the US experience with such elections managed by Washington in our military-ravaged countries, such as Vietnam, El Salvador, Afghanistan and Nicaragua have all been abject failures despite attempts by our government and a compliant media to present an optimistic picture. Iraqis may risk their lives to vote for fear their religious group may be overrun, but most will vote in the hope that whatever political consortium manages Iraq after our ex- CIA agent Alawi steps down, will kick the US occupiers out.

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