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FIRST Islamic Woman Leader in USA

Sis. Ashira Na'im is the Administrator of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. Decades before any other Muslim organization in America, Jamaat al-Muslimeen advocated leadership roles for Muslim women based on the example of 'Ayesha (r.a.) and other female companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him).

Sis. Ashira took up the leadership of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in 1993. It has been a difficult and uphill task because the audience of the masjid is from poor sections of the Baltimore community. Gradually, slowly, the mosque was built up.

First the Juma' was instituted. Then steadily the daily prayers were instituted. Finally a Shoora emerged, and young Imams who had more or less grown with the small masjid, took turns giving Juma' khutbas. The masjid is attended by African-Americans and Senegalese. New additions are Pakistanis from up and down the York road corridor.

This small masjid has potential to be a good example of an inclusive and united community where women and men have equal rights and Islam is from Qur'an and Sunnah without prejudice to the established schools of thought in Islam.

Sis. Ashira is herself well versed in Qur'an and Hadith. She has worked for 20 years to help Muslim men coming out of the prison system.
To join this effort, call : 410-435-5000 and wait for message about Masjid.

Today we have a quote from Syed Abul 'Ala Maudoodi


[Editor's note: Maudoodi discusses the concept of 'iztirar' by which Muslims start accepting a few things which are forbidden under Islam, somewhat like pork is permitted when one is in danger of death by starvation. In the beginning Muslims do this with a short term time line. However, they gradually realize that they cannot get ahead in un-Islamic society if they accept it only on the basis of 'iztirar.' From there he develops his commentary as follows:]

"For this purpose (of getting ahead), the Muslims established a new concept of religion which was that religion is related only to beliefs, worship and a few social matters such as marriage and divorce. If any system of government guaranteed security to them in these matters, then for such Muslims the real purpose of an Islamic existence had been attained. After those guarantees, they start thinking of the Land of Kufr as if it was the Land of Peace. Now for them loyalty and obedience to the established system became mandatory. Then they accepted the idea that all the civilizational matters should be based on laws structured on kafir principles [seeing them as 'worldly' matters as opposed to their self-defined 'religious' matters]. Then for these Muslims it did not matter if they had to exert themselves to make this Kafir system's legal and administrative system work. In fact they became willing to sacrifice themselves for the defense and expansion of the system they had accepted."

" This matter did not stop with the tolerance, acceptance and legalization of the Kafir system.
The needs of the Muslims in this system pressured them to teach their new generations to be enthusiastic about serving it to make up for the 'losses' they had undergone in the first stage of 'limited toleration.' Hence a final argument was manufactured which affirmed that the progress and prosperity of Muslims, and in some cases their life itself, depended on maximum participation in the legal, constitutional, administrative, military, industrial and all other departments of the Kafir system. Otherwise, they surmised, the 'Ummah' would be left behind the non-Muslims in the race for progress. Thus, suddenly, what was only 'permitted' in the early stages of assimilation, became 'obligatory.' [Tafheemat, Vol. 2, p. 146, 4th edition, Oct. 1967]


Arundhati Roy said that Bush and Kerry are like TIDE vs. IVORY SNOW.
Two slightly different products from the same manufacturer.

Luci Murphy [Washington, DC]


Br Kaukab

As you can see from below your response has been making the rounds in South Africa. Below Rasool Snyman is forwarding to his mailing group. Rasool Snyman is a Muslim worker in SA. In fact one person received your response from someone in Qatar.

Adam Seedat
South Africa
[The writer has attached a letter from Br. Snyman which begins as follows and then gives Dr. Siddique's response.]
"the idea that women should be practically barred from houses of prayer is an issue that should be debated in an open platform. To have fatawa issued from a restricted and totally colonised space defeats the essence of equality of worship and equal access to Allah."


[From our Pakistan Correspondent.]

On October 19, Lt. General Safdar Hussain, appointed by General Musharraf as Corp Commander for the sensitive Peshawar area, told reporters that Pakistan's forces have killed 246 Islamic fighters in the last 7 months, of whom 100 were "foreigners," mostly Uzbeks and Tajiks.
Hussain said that his security forces had lost 171 troops killed in the same period. [Gen. Hussain uses the word "terrorists" for the Islamic fighters.] He added that 579 "terrorists" had been captured. He declared that Pakistan would eliminate Abdullah Mahsood, the Islamic fighter who had kidnaped two Chinese engineers. Hussain was of the view that OSAMA bin LADEN is not in Southern Waziristan otherwise "we would have spotted him."

[Observers say that a general named "Hussain" gives the impression that Musharraf is using a sect to kill Islamic fighters and thus fueling the sectarian conflict in Pakistan. Also, indications are that most of those killed by Pakistani troops are Pakistani civilians and Islamic refugees from the highly repressive Communist regimes in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan who are not fighters.]
[Source for General Hussain's views: Daily Nawa-i-Waqt.]


U.S. Deputy Foreign Secretary Christina Rocca visited General Musharraf on October 19 in Islamabad. He told her that Pakistan has "broken the back of terrorists" and that "we are pursuing them." He hailed the "elections" in Afghanistan. Ms. Rocca promised him more military and economic aid.


October 20. Nearly 2000 Pakistani troops entered Mahsud territory and encircled the entire area from Jandula to Spinkai Raghzai in search of Abdullah Mahsud, the mujahid who abducted two Chinese engineers in a failed attempt to exchange them with Islamic prisoners.

Pakistani helicopter gun ships are hitting hill sides where the Mahsuds are reportedly concealed. Pakistan is also using heavy artillery against the Mahsuds who are replying with machine gun and mortar fire.

After the artillery barrage, a Pakistani military column moved towards Abdullah's suspected hideout but was ambushed by Islamic fighters. Five military vehicles were destroyed in the ambush and 7 Pakistani troops were killed . The fighters melted into the hills after the well organized attack.

People of the Mahsud areas are leaving their homes and becoming refugees within Pakistan, a clear sign that the people do not trust the Pakistani forces. The Pakistanis are also laying mines, one of which killed two women.


[by new Trend's Media Monitor]

Two Taliban Ambushes in southeastern Afghanistan:

U.S. TV [MSNBC] reported on October 20 that 3 U.S. troops were wounded and one U.S.-trained Afghan soldier was wounded in a Taliban attack near the Pakistan border.

In a second ambush, the Taliban hit a van carrying "election ballots" from Paktika, killing all five "election" officials in the van. In this Pashtun area, a few northern alliance personnel are stationed with U.S, support and they carried out "elections" among themselves.

TWO TALIBAN ATTACKS in Southwestern Afghanistan

In Darra Chopan area of Zabul province, Taliban launched an attack on two military outposts manned by U.S. trained Afghan mercenaries. Two Taliban were killed in the attack as were 4 mercenaries. Another 7 mercenaries were wounded, 3 seriously. The Taliban set fire to the offices and made off with arms and ammunition before the U.S. air force could arrive.

In a second attack, this time in Uruzgan province area known as Hirat [not the city in the west], Taliban killed 3 U.S. trained troops and wounded 4.

MAULVI KHALIS BURIED: Report Indicates Depth of Opposition to U.S.

The Urdu daily Ummat of Karachi, Pakistan has published a detailed report on the passing away of Maulvi Khalis, the ailing mujahideen leader who was famous for his resistance to the Soviet Union. Although in failing health, Khalis had declared Jihad against the Americans in Afghanistan. Aware that the Americans would retaliate, Khalis had disappeared into the Pashtun hinterland, Afghanistan's majority population.

Maulvi Khalis' place of death and burial has not been revealed by his relatives who confirmed that he passed away. Islamic sources told the daily Ummat that the funeral was attended by THREE prominent Taliban leaders as well as representatives of mujahid leader Hikmatyar. Thus the ENTIRE ISLAMIC PASHTUN population is uniting against the American occupation of Afghanistan.
  1. The Taliban.
  2. Hikmatyar.
  3. Khalis supporters:
That's seen as a winning line up by the Pashtuns. Karzai, seen as a renegade Pashtun, is no match for them.

All those who supported the Afghan jihad against the Soviets mourn the passing away of Maulvi Khalis.
[Apparently the top U.S. intelligence officer who wrote IMPERIAL HUBRIS correctly predicted that the mujahideen leaders who fought the Soviets would gradually join the Taliban against the Americans. The current field commander of the Taliban is said to be Jalaluddin Haqqani, pride of Islam, famous for his resistance to the Soviets. Mullah Omar continues to be ideological leader of the Taliban, Pakistani reports say. As a Wall Street Journal report indicated earlier this year, Haqqani's village is often visited by U.S. armored columns. It is deserted. Around the gaunt trees are coiled the threads of audio tapes of Indian movie songs indicating the Taliban's opposition to cultural imperialism. These smashed audio tapes are meant to show support for the Taliban ].

RAMADAN MUBARAK. Entering the blessed month of Ramadan in struggle.


Prince is right on! After the recent debacle regarding Yusuf Islam, America has again condemned a very famous homegrown artist. This time it is Prince. In his most recent video Prince attempts to go inside the mind of an Arabi woman, to fathom the depths of her feelings under occupation. All of a sudden now Prince is seen as causing "controversy." The simple attempt by an artist to understand something about the causes effecting Muslims and Arabs is being seen as evil. So now we in New Trend ask did you not just go to Iraq for freedom. To spread democracy? Or free _expression? Now ALL OF A SUDDEN Prince, who is well respected by all people, is being attacked for simply exploring the thoughts and minds of the Falasteeni woman. What gives? We need to ask ourselves these questions. Clearly an attempt is being made to silence and talk about the causes, concerns, and aspirations of Falasteen.

So now what right does America have to say we are free? When a hall-of-fame rock and roll artist questions the tragedy taking place in front of us? They hypocrisy of America has been shown clearly. This and the event surrounding Yusuf Islam was another example of the disrespect to anything having to do with Islam.

If you have the time please don't allow the video to be banned. We didn't act in time to prevent MTV from banning Public Enemy's rap about Imam Jamil-Al-Amin. Maybe we can this time.

We would like to ask the New York Post: How is Prince doing something wrong? How is he controversial? Why is it that you are trying to silence him ONLY because he brought up the issue of Anti-Islamic, Anti-Arabi, and Anti-Falasteeni behavior in the country but all over.

We challenge the Post, CNN, and FOX news for calling Prince "irresponsible," "tasteless," When a Black or Latino artist speaks on social, political, and moral matters the media circus immediately disrespects such individuals. But when they are dancing, swearing, and acting out immoral behavior CBS, ABC, NBC, and everyone else gives these artists all sorts of accolades. Why? Why is that? You mean to tell me you only respect people when they take orders from you?

This writer commends the courage of Prince and stands by him to go further.

And all the other adjectives you have give him SIMPLY because he wanted to start dialogue.

This writer is open to your constructive criticism.

Performing Namaz and keeping dua So Allah Par war degar blesses our efforts. First and foremost.

The following Agencies were directly or indirectly responsible for Yusuf Islam's detention. YEAH IM CALLING U OUT:

Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528
No email.

Department of Justice
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
AskDOJ@usdoj.gov .

Department of Transportation:
U.S. Department of Transportation
400 7th Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20590
Someone needs to get a hold of Mr. Mineta and express outrage over such events.

U.S. Customs
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20229 (202) 354-1000
No email address

You need to call and express your displeasure at one or more of these places.



The following Congressional Representatives are most likely to condemn this action and call for remedy. As small as it may or may not seem. If you live in one of these districts you need to pick up the phone or email them. I have spent the day contacting each office and lodging a complaint.

Here are some things to do. They are imperfect but still some form of action:

If you live outside of this country you need to make a formal complaint to the Embassy. The diplomats from the Muslim world must AT A DIPLOMATIC LEVEL REBUKE WHAT HAS TAKEN PLACE. Therefore, others on the outside can still make a point of protest.


On Friday October 1, Cynthia McKinney came to the Falasteeni community for a fundraiser. She was a special guest at Al-Baladi Restaurant in the heart of the Arabic community in Illinois. Our esteemed representative in Congress also inquired about the well-being of Imam Jamil-Al-Amin. This writer once again strongly urges the Defense Committee of Imam Jamil-Al-Amin to enter into dialogue with our beloved Sister Cynthia McKinney. Cynthia spoke at length on a number of issues. Some of them included on how the Zionist lobby attempted to control her, the draft, words or condemnation about Yusuf Islam's racial profiling, and The need for breaking down barriers around Black Communities. She too made it clear that the Democratic party has disappointed her on a number of issues also.

Cynthia is in need of your prayers, financial and morall support! Please do so at: www.cynthiaforcongress.com


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