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A dress indicating wealth, power, wastefulness, frivolity is condemned by Islam, which is the religion of the oppressed, the poor and the downtrodden. Look at how the Saudi rulers dress today. Their robes show that they are the people of hellfire:

"On judgement day, Allah Almighty will not even look at a person who makes his clothes hang to the ground in opulent arrogance." (Prophet Muhammad, Hadith, Sahih of Bukhari and Muslim)
IMPORTANT NEWS for May 29 and 30:

IN IRAQ, 5 U.S. troops have been killed and 9 wounded in a week by Fidayeen organized by Saddam Hussain. It appears that a U.S. helicopter was shot down. Looks like resistance is continuing in Iraq. The U.S. has announced that an Iraqi civil administration under U.S. control has been put off indefinitely. It appears that support for President Saddam Hussain is much wider than what the U.S. had anticipated.
A British paper has published a photo of a British soldier torturing Iraqis. [The British press is much freer than the U.S.]

In IRAN, under pressure from Rumsfeld, the Iranian foreign minister, Kharrazi, came out openly against al-Qaida and the Taliban. He claimed that Al-Qaida and Taliban HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM and were "perverts" and "fanatics." He was addressing the so-called Organization of the Islamic Conference in Tehran. His views were then reiterated by President Khatami. The OIC represents all the corrupt rulers of the Muslim world. In its final statement, the OIC tried to placate Washington by putting the "war on terrorism" as its first priority. It also made feeble criticism of America's "unilateralism" but dared not even mention the U.S. by name.

In KASHMIR, the Indian army's major offensive has FIZZLED OUT. The mujahideen successfully evaded the thrust of the attack. Mujahideen sources have denied the Indian reports that the Indian army killed 100 or more mujahideen. These sources say, the Indian army killed 65 civilians and only 4 mujahideen.

In GEORGIA, USA, Imam Jamil al-Amin is being kept under 23 hour lock down. HE IS BEING DENIED VISITS by JOURNALISTS and his attorneys. Even his wife, Sis. Karima, is having a hard time visiting him. In turn, a civil suit has been filed against the Imam by the family of the policeman killed in the alleged shootout. The government is out to destroy African-American and Islamic leadership as epitomized in Imam Jamil. [Information provided by Imam Khalil Abdur-Rahman, North Carolina.]
PAKISTANI JIHAD LEADER urges Pakistanis to be vigilant.

May 16: Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Ameer of Jamaat ad-Da'wa , warned Pakistanis that America has begun its process to "solve" the Kashmir issue according to its will. Pakistan should be aware of the U.S.-Indian moves. He chided Pakistani rulers for issuing statements praising Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) during Rabi' al-Awwal when they themselves are in prostration before America. Hafiz (one who has memorized the whole Qur'an) Saeed said: Jihad will continue: none can stop it and the mujahideen are not under the orders of any government. He called on Pakistanis to be aware that if conspiracies against Kashmir succeed, Pakistan itself could be in grave danger, because the defense of Pakistan is going on in Kashmir.

Hafiz Saeed was giving the Juma' Khutba at Jami Masjid al-Qadisia in Lahore to a large congregation of worshipers.
THIS IS A PUBLICATION WE ENVY: A Voice of Truth from India
DALIT VOICE publicizes 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'

DALIT VOICE (fortnightly) with its famous editor V.T. Rajshekar is a must read for people interested in the struggle of the Black people of INDIA. Dalit Voice radiates the power of truth and is bound to change the thinking of those who read it.

Rajshekar is a disciple of the Indian philosopher Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. In dealing with the false concepts of brahminism, zionism and imperialism, Rajshekhar is like a hot knife cutting through butter.

Dalit Voice, though critical of rich and corrupt Muslim leaders, is doing solid, scholarly work to bring Dalits and Muslims closer to each other.

In the latest issue, June 1-15, 2003, there is an article in which Dr. Ambedkar quotes from Hindu holy book Rig Veda to show that the idea that Hindus never ate cows is false. Hence the cow is not sacred.
For sample copy, send $2 [$75 for a year] to:
Dalit Voice, 109/7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards, Bangalore 560 003, India
The strange world of Islam (or 'hislam') in America

Siraj Wahhaj: ISNA's Man Claims he is Leader of African-American Muslims!
Attempt to Side-Step Leadership of Imam Jamil al-Amin
Siraj Helped Jewish Judge Convict Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman

New Trend has received a magazine titled Grassroots published under the patronage of Siraj Wahhaj who has formed a new organization called MANA (Muslim Alliance in North America). The publication, with Siraj Wahhaj's picture in multicolor on the cover raises a number of questions:

1. Siraj Wahhaj, imam of a mosque in New York, is one of the stars of ISNA (Islamic Society of North America). ISNA happens to have a track record of support for the U.S. government. It has always, without fail, gone along with even the most atrocious anti-Islam policies of White House, under both Clinton and Bush.

Siraj has always been loyal to ISNA's anti-Islam policies. He went to the bloodthirsty Congress of the United States to bless it with his Islamic prayers before the Congress declared its support for Gulf War I.

As New Trend quoted once before, Siraj stated loudly, in public, that "ISNA is on the Sunnah path." (Astaghfirullah!) At the 2002 ISNA Convention in Washington DC, which was publicized by the Zionist media as an example of how happy Muslims are in America, ISNA OPENED ITSELF TO RECRUITMENT BY THE FBI. Siraj Wahhaj and his MANA friends went along with the ISNA decision with no public protest.

In his own publication, Grassroots, dated Spring 2003, Siraj declares clearly: "I am still on the Shura of ISNA. I will still be working officially with ISNA ..." (p.3)

[NAFS or self-worship is one of Siraj's key problems. In this issue of Grassroots, his own publication, his photo is published on PAGE 1 (smiling and gesturing), PAGE 3, (speaking in serious mood), PAGE 4 (smiling broadly with three associates), PAGE 6 (shaking hands with Imam W.D. Muhammad), PAGE 7 (charismatic picture placed between the minarets of a mosque).

2. Siraj Wahhaj's paper provides a flimsy excuse for the emergence of this "new leadership." It claims that the purpose is to serve the needs of "indigenous" Muslims. What more can Siraj Wahhaj do what Imam W. D. Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan are not already doing for "indigenous" Muslims? It's indeed a poor excuse. In any case, an organization meant for ONE RACE's needs certainly cannot be called an Islamic organization based on the Qur'an and the Sunnah. It is a racial organization of which many already exist.
[The "leadership" listed in the paper also indicates that it is an ALL MALE group.]

Readers might wonder why New Trend is concerned about Siraj Wahhaj. He has the right to set up an organization, however one sided it might be, and after all it's not our task to notice every group which takes the name of Islam in a false way, hiding its racial orientation behind an Islamic label. There are two reasons for our taking notice:

A. The Imam of America, Jamil Abdullah al-Amin is in a U.S. prison. For Siraj Wahhaj to come up and claim leadership of the Muslims while Imam Jamil is suffering daily torment in prison is truly shameful. This is certainly not the time to go into the game of "leadership." Siraj should have been sitting outside the prison where the Imam is being held and protesting. He should have been taking risks and putting himself on the line confronting the power structure which is holding the Imam. Is Siraj Wahhaj thinking that Imam Jamil's imprisonment has created an opportunity for him to become "leader?" It's not an absurd question about a man who has his photo on 5 pages in a 20 page paper.


B. Grassroots implies on page 12 that Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman was a "terrorist." It defends Siraj from being associated with the Shaikh. Readers might remember that at the time of the Shaikh's arrest 172 Muslims from the New York, New Jersey area were put on a list by the U.S. attorney as "unindicted co-conspirators." Among them was Siraj. No one ever bothered him him but Siraj has been scared stiff ever since. So much so that the incident is included in Grassroots in a misleading article titled: "The Assault on Imam Siraj."

There never has been any such "assault" other than a few stupid comments by Daniel Pipes.

What Grassroots leaves out is Siraj's role in the CONVICTION and SENTENCING of one of the greatest Islamic scholars of our times, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman.

During the trial, Siraj Wahhaj was called by the Muslim side as a defense witness. He claimed first that he hardly knew anything about the Shaikh and then he SHOCKED the DEFENSE (whose witness he was) by claiming that the Shaikh supported bank robberies! The Defense attorney quickly let Siraj go but the damage had been done.

Michael Mukasey, the Zionist Jew who was the judge in Shaikh Omar's case, duly noticed Siraj's statement, and when he announced the Shaikh's sentence, he included SPECIFICALLY the point Siraj had made as very significant coming from a defense witness.
[New Trend has the transcript of Siraj Wahhaj's statement in court and can send photocopies to interested readers.]

MUSLIMS BEWARE! ISNA is branching out into African-American communities through Siraj Wahhaj and his friends.

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