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1. 58 National States or One Ummah from Morocco to the Philippines?
2. Kashmiris Foil Indian Bid to Stage "Elections" Under Occupation Army
3. What is the Real Afghanistan? Karzai Under U.S. Guard or Mullah 'Umar?
[Eyewitness Account of ISNA Convention: "Muslims" working with FBI]

[Reminder from a Juma' Khutba by Dr. Kaukab Siddique.] "The Ummah concept is most important for Muslims today. If you are 58 states, each tiny little country looking out for its national interest, you will be helpless in front of a superpower which stretches around the world with its dajjalic potential. If you are simply Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Morocco, you are nothing in comparison to the worldwide empire of satan. You will be enslaved and you will be taught to love your status as slaves. The only way to freedom and a future for our children as Muslims is through the ummah concept: Accept the Qur'an and the Example of Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh, and you will be successful now and hereafter. Otherwise you will be Karzais and Mubaraks, waiting for the signal from your master to lick his boots. Our enemies should know that if you hurt ONE MUSLIM, you hurt a BILLION MUSLIMS. One Book, One Leader, One Ummah, One Future.....]
KASHMIR: Reports indicate that the "elections" staged by India in that wounded land have failed to produce the results India needed. Observers say that only 5 to 10% of the eligible voters cast their votes. Most of these were Hindus who have been settled by India in occupied Kashmir. The few Muslims who did vote were forced by paramilitary forces to go to the polling booths.

India is claiming a 44% turnout but there are no witnesses to anything near that turnout. The 44% figure seems to have been fabricated by India.

Although the elections were held under the most stringent security precautions provided by the 700,000 strong occupation army, there were daily attacks by mujahideen groups for the entire two weeks preceding the "elections." The death toll ranged from 10 to 15 every day for those two weeks, one third of the dead being Indian security forces.

India has alienated the majority Muslim population of Kashmir through draconian use of force against a gentle and peaceful population. In the face of arbitrary arrests, systematic torture, rape used as a weapon of state terrorism, the people picked up arms and fought back in a saga of heroism and the miracle of jihad which has transformed the Kashmiri people.

Inspite of Pakistani President Musharref's secret strategic alliance with the rulers of India, said to have been brought about under U.S. influence, volunteers from Pakistan continue to slip into Kashmir to help the bleeding victims of the world's biggest occupation army.

India has seen in this election that even the unarmed, peaceful "politics only" Muslim groupings have boycotted the drama staged by India.
AFGHANISTAN: A troubling Essay. Can this be true?
New Trend urges readers to help us figure out the situation in Afghanistan. Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah (strange name for this stylish man in suit and expensive tie) from Kabul was on with Ashleigh Banfield (on MSNBC September 17) urging America and the "coalition forces" (America and America, as in Abdullah and Abdullah) to extend its troops outside Kabul.

A.A. does not feel secure under the aegis of the strongest military power in the world. [Even Scott Ritter, no fundamentalist, parenthetically noted on C-Span yesterday, that Karzai would not last for a split second without U.S. protection.]

So who really has won in Afghanistan: Karzai or Mullah Umar?

Karzai and A.A. live like jackals being guarded by American eagles (beautiful big eagles who can rain 2000 kg bombs on little mud huts if you don't behave yourself). Karzai and A.A. etc constantly distribute money and bribes to keep their machinery moving from Bagram to Kabul airport.

On the other hand you have Mullah Umar, a terrorist by American definition, although it is not clear whom he ever terrorized, living with a $10 million price on his head (or is it $25 million). How come no one turns him in? Is it possible that the people love and respect this man who lives like the Sahaba of the Prophet (pbuh)? How come he did not die in that terrible winter when beautiful B-52s were dropping daisy cutters and 2000 kg bombs up and down the country?

Is it possible that the people love and protect this man who has no state apparatus, sits on the floor to eat, has no made-in-Macys suits, sleeps on a bare threaded bed (somewhat like the harsh bedding the Prophet, pbuh, had, if you have read that Hadith when Umar (r.a) went to meet him and saw the marks of the bed threading on his bare back? For Bush the pleasures of the White House; for Mullah Umar the harsh bedding of one who has opted for al-Jannah.

How come Mullah Umar does not need America's protection and Karzai does? Who is really in "power" here? Can our readers help us to understand.

And please, no more of that demonization about the Taliban oppressing women. The Christian missionary women who were captured by the Taliban have borne witness against those stories. [No wonder they are not on TV any longer.] And the woman journalist who has decided to accept Islam after being imprisoned by the Taliban? So let's not keep repeating those stories the Jews circulated with so much effort.

Beware of the Afghan women with guns and grenades under their burqas. You try to "liberate" them and they might liberate you.

Is it possible that lots of Muslims were brainwashed about the Taliban and fooled by people like Ahmed Rashid who made good money off the suffering of the Afghan people by selling his soul to the Jews? Is it possible that the book he wrote was garbage in all its main points?

Is it possible that the only thing which can unite Afghanistan is Islam? Is it possible that Islam is coming back and people once more want the Taliban so that the murder, rape, pillage and general insecurity may end?

The Americans think (or thought?) that Mullah Umar is finished. The Iranians were happy too (a man with the name 'Umar is a problem for them).

But Karzai and Abdullah Abdullah think differently. They want American forces to protect them. They can't even trust their own tribes. They know that the honor of the Afghan people has been stained by the B-52s. They are afraid that the Ummah of Islam will punish them. [Why not buy a villa in Baltimore, Mr. Karzai, while you still have the funds?]

From Asum Mirza, courtesy Br. Rashid Hamid from U.K:

I have to totally agree 110% with brother Abdul Alim Shabazz, as I also attended this disgusting and disgraceful event (which by the way makes UK Islamic Mission conferences look like a bunch of SUFI extremists).

ISNA aka Islamic Sellout's National Conference.

When I arrived there, I was first feeling very uncomfortable with the fact that it was held in Bush's back garden. The conference was lined up with stalls promoting Voting in USA to voice muslim opinions, to HSBC version of Islamic mortgages (of which the brother who had set this up had not a clue of what was in the contract) to the WORST an FBI stall dying to recruit Muslim sellouts.

I guess it only took 10 mins and I was already fuming and ready to leave.

After the first day there was a sisters' function (fashion show, martial arts display and poems and all the other nonsense you can think of which is trying to show you why Islam is like America stuff). I had a shock of my life when I saw hundreds of brothers and sisters hanging outside of the Hotel free mixing, and some sort of dancing crap going on.

Man it was like a sikh/hindu Bangra night club.

Sisters where dressed like fruit tarts with a measely looking hijab around their heads. If this is what ISNA teaches the sisters then you are better off sending your girls to Israel to learn about Islam.

If the sisters weren't there they were in the night clubs opposite my hotel where I saw one sister walk out with a guy out of the club sleeveless, tight jeans and trying to stick her hijab back on while being dragged away by this kafir round the corner.

Enough of that kufr act.

As far as the talks go, well Hamzah Yusuf has to be awarded the "BIGGEST SELLOUT and I got the furthest up Bush's A@# Award." I apologize for my language but that is the least offensive way I can explain him and the trash that comes out of his GOB.

I cant remember anything positive about this conference other than the fact when it had an ending.

2002-09-18 Wed 19:42ct