Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Press Release

(from an observer) (somewhat tongue-in-cheek)


On the face of it, Taliban's plan to destroy giant statues of Buddha does not show good thinking. The statues are not being worshipped by anyone. There is no Buddhist population in Afghanistn for whom the statues could be a rallying point for other-than-Allah worship (shirk or associationism). Thus the Taliban move makes no sense. The whole world now sees Taliban as anti-culture and this helps the U.S. to tighten the noose around Afghanistan.

However, the question arises: What comes first: human beings or cultural artifacts? Look at the record of "culturally advanced" nations:
1. USSR (which spent millions of dollars on the advancement of culture) occupied tiny Afghanistan. The Afghans had to give one million martyrs to force the Soviets to withdraw. Russia (USSR's successor regime) has paid no reparations to war-ravaged Afghanistan. Instead the USA is helping Russia to improve its economy.
2. Culturally advanced FRANCE occupied Algeria, tried to destroy Islamic way of life by turning Algeria into a major producer of wine. The Algerians fought a bitter war to force France to leave: Cost a million Algerian martyrs. France never paid a cent to the Muslims of Algeria. Instead it helped to impose a barbaric military regime on the Algerians which has been killing women and children and blaming it on Muslims.
3. CULTURALLY ADVANCED UK, USSR and GERMANY fought each other tooth-and-nail from 1939-45, destroying hundreds of cities and killing millions of civilians. They relished bombing each other on Christmas.
4. Culturally most advanced USA, committed genocide of the "RED Indians" and stole their lands. For 400 years, USA practiced the slave trade while its culture developed. USA dropped atom bombs on Japan, incinerating two cities in their entirety and firebombed Tokyo killing hundreds of thousands of people. Horrible crimes were committed by culturally advanced USA in Vietnam. In Korea, the US troops machine gunned hundreds of FRIENDLY (pro-US) civilians for fear that one or two of them might be enemy spies.

Today these "culturally advanced" countries are telling Afghanistan:
i. Forget about your one million martyrs.
ii. Forget about your starving and freezing children
iii. Forget about the fact that the Soviets wiped out your infrastructure.
(Of course for Europe, in similar circumstances, we had the Marshall Plan, but you are colored people, wear funny clothes, and above all, are Muslims.)
iv. Forget about USA's role in keeping Afghanistan destabilized.

JUST DON'T DO ANYTHING TO THE STATUES otherwise it will prove that you are barbarians and "we" are civilized.

One friend says, if Mulla Omar had been on the same wavelength as the rest of the world, he would have asked for money for the upkeep of the statues, advertised the statues and brought in thousands of tourists. (As in Egypt, casinos, night clubs, taverns and "boat parties" would have "civilized" Afghanistan.)

Dear Afghans, if this reaches you, Islamically you don't have to destroy those statues. Keep them under wraps. The history of the past has value as long as there is no danger of the revival of paganism. Look at how the Turkish generals have "preserved" our mosques, allowing no one to pray in them while making tourist dollars of them.
(Do you hear the United Nations protesting to Turkey that why the Muslims are being deprived of the right to use the mosques for worship. Remember the Muslims are still the majority in Turkey.)

As for Babri Masjid in India, no voice has risen from the "culturally advanced" countries although that mosque was very old.

Nor do we hear any punishment imposed on the Serbs for the destruction of hundreds of beautiful mosques in Serbia.

You see Muslims are not "culturally advanced", so it's okay to destroy their mosques, or use them for tourism. But if a non-Muslim artifact is damaged, it proves that the Afghans should be starved to death. (REMEMBER OSAMA STILL HAS REFUGE THERE. And they do make the Communist women of Kabul wear Chadri. What barbarians! Give me napalm in the morning every day (in Viet Nam), and AS FOR THE CULTURALLY UNADVANCED IRAQIS, it's "okay" for 750,000 of their children to die a slow death! (Get my drift?)

2001-03-05 Mon 06:31ct