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19 sha'ban 1443 AH - March 12 2023 Issue # 11, Newsletter #2010

Inside USA

Washington DC

On International Women's Day, Nadrat Siddique and her friends protested at the main door of the embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC and called for the release of Dr. Aafia.

The videos of this amazing protest can be seen on face Book on her page.

[See below huge rally [right column] in Islamabad.]

 Juma salat at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Photo courtesy Nadrat Siddique.

March 10. Juma salat at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Crowd listening to Br. Kaukab Siddique. Read the main points of the khutba in the right column.

Saudi-Iranian deal

American Muslim Response to Saudi-Iranian collusion. Chinese CGTN outlet was extolling the gambit.

Here is an American Muslim scholar's brief pointed response:

The guest speaker on CGTN [Mohomed Morandi from Iran] is fabricating the meaning of the Saudi Iranian collusion.
These are criminal regimes which have committed genocide of Muslims, in Syria by Iran and Russia, in Iraq by Iran and occupation forces.

Iran supported the occupation of Afghanistan and did not help when Afghans were fighting the Soviets and occupation.

Iran armed and trained the Houthi minority to occupy San'aa, cynically as a side show to divert Arab attention.

The central point is that Bashar Assad's minority heterodox regime were never elected and with Iran, Shia militias and Russia has committed genocide of Syrian Muslims.
Notice that 500,000 Syrian Muslims have been killed and nine million made refugees.

Iran and its sectarian allies now occupy four non-Shia majority countries.
The people of Syria wanted a democratic regime in Syria. They were attacked by tanks, artillery and air force.

It had nothing to do with ISIS, just ordinary Syrians. There has been disinformation by Russia and Iran that ISIS was created by the US. The US has been fighting ISIS everywhere,

The US and the Western world remained silent as the Iranian--Russian-Alawite coalition committed genocide and pulverized Muslim and Islamic heritage. Schools, hospitals, mosques and ambulances were specifically targeted by Bashar and Russian air forces. The coordinates of hospitals and schools given to the Russians by the UN were perversely used by the Russians to bomb them. These are crimes against humanity in which Iran is a major player,

Russia, Iran's partner previously committed genocide in Chechnya.

Iran also continues to provide safe sanctuaries to Indian intelligence to coordinate terror activities in Pakistan and supports Indian occupation of Kashmir, while its sectarian allies in India have supported cultural genocide of Muslims, demolition of their homes and mosques.

The only truth your Iranian guest spoke was that the Arab Gulf regimes supported Iraq and that Iraq initiated the war.

Recent violence against women in Iran has not gone unnoticed in the world.

The regime in Saudi Arabia, like that of the UAE, is not representative of its people. Unknown, but large number of political dissidents are in jail and unknown number executed or tortured.

MBS is accused of engineering the Kashoggi murder, and the Biden admin blinked.

Inside USA
AP March 7

Mental Problems are Widespread.
This one led to 4 Murders of youths in their Twenties.

PEKIN, Ill. (AP) — An Illinois man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after being convicted of illegally giving his son an assault-style rifle he later used in a 2018 shooting that killed four people at a Waffle House in Tennessee.

A judge last May convicted Jeffrey Reinking of illegal delivery of a firearm to a person who had been treated for mental illness within the past five years.

Tazewell County Chief Judge Chris Doscotch, in sentencing the 59-year-old Reinking on Friday, gave him 90 days to prepare a likely appeal before he must report to begin serving his sentence, the (Peoria) Journal Star reported.

During Reinking's bench trial, prosecutors argued the rural Morton, Illinois, man knew his son, Travis Reinking, had undergone mental health treatment in 2016.

In May 2016, police and fire personnel responded to a pharmacy parking lot in Morton where Travis Reinking told officers he believed singer Taylor Swift was stalking him and had hacked into his cellphone. Reports showed he was taken to a Peoria hospital for an evaluation afterward.

Jeffrey Reinking's attorney, Kevin Sullivan, argued his client didn't know his son had been treated for mental health issues at the hospital.

Because the younger Reinking had his firearm owner's identification card revoked by Illinois State Police, he could not legally possess guns within the state. Travis Reinking surrendered his guns to his father, who later returned them to him before the Waffle House shooting, prosecutors said. The AR-15 assault-style rifle he used in that attack was one of the guns his father returned to him.

Travis Reinking was sentenced in February 2022 to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted of four counts of first-degree murder and other charges. He opened fire inside the restaurant on April 22, 2018, killing Taurean Sanderlin, 29; Joey Perez, 20; Akilah Dasilva, 23; and DeEbony Groves, 21.

Teaching Fear & Humility in Prayers
by Kabir Oyemomii


Ustaz Abdallah Ali Jabata is the Imam of a new mosque in Ikorodu part of Lagos with majority congregation of Yoruba Muslims.

The mosque that is being sponsored by people who love to remain anonymous has been experiencing geometric turnout of members in Jumat services owing to the balanced jurisprudential submission of this young and vibrant scholar. Many people love his position on voting rights and Islamic perspective.

Even though he has been very popular among Nigerian scholars this can be arguably said to have added to his popularity and wide acceptance through the influence of social media.
Ustaz Jabata postulates that Islamic ruling appears open-ended regarding Muslim partaking in electioneering activities of voting or being voted and such decision should be made in accordance with a given circumstances in particular political environments.

Ustaz Abdallah Jabata is a sharp contrast to his elder brother, Sheik Muhammed Awal Ali Jabata who is popular with strict methodologies of Dawwah. Both are biological brothers from Ilorin, a town of Yoruba speaking people that falls within geographical northern location.

Ustaz Abdallah Jabata appears to be the re- writer of Jabata's history as it was fast becoming a dreadful family name with his elder brother's style of excommunication. Almost all known scholars home and abroad is either a kafir or innovator to Awwal Jabata.

Their late father, Sheik Ali Jabata used to be referred to as Muhadith in the city of Ilorin in his lifetime. He was a leader and a force to reckon with in Nigeria's Qadriyah group.

The last khutbah delivered by Ustaz Abdullah Jabata centered on full concentration while observing solat. He noted that many people dare not allow themselves misbehave but maintain decorum in front of people in the position of authority but tend to misbehave in front of their creator while praying. He hinted that a praying Muslim should have two things in mind in course of solat: humility and fear.

 War News

War News [We report the war news without taking sides.]


March 12. Assad artillery shelled 4 villages in the Idlib countryside.

An Assad army officer was killed in a clash with Fath al mubeen Islamic gfroup.

In Hasakeh Assad troops killed a civilian and arrested another when they refused to stop.

Moysaf, Hama province, Israeli air strike killed an Iranian officer and 2 others.
200 Iranian forces are headed tp Bokamal near Iraq border.

Homs desert An ASsad soldier and an Assad militiaman were killed in clashes with ISIS.

In Aleppo countryside ISIS raiders killed 3 and kidnaped 26 civilians who were collecting truffles for Iranian militia.

In western Aleppo, Assad artillery hit HTS Islamic group killing one injuring 5,

Northern Aleppo two groups of Shiite militia supporting Iran, clashed. One killed, several injured. Iran has sent troops to control the situation.

In Deraa province, a member of Assad's military intelligence was killed by hidden gunmen.

Guidance from Sis. Yasmin

'Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem'
'Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh'.
 DHIKR Rememberance of Allah

~Of Shields And Mothers~

Every night the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) would read the Al-'Mu'awwidhatayn'
(Surah Al- Falaq and Surah Naas).
then blow on his hands and run his hands over his body (this is also known as 'Hisaar') He once visited his beloved daughter Sayyidina Fatima (Allah be pleased with her) and Sayyidina Ali (r.a) at night and urged them to do likewise.
It took me a few decades to realize that this is precisely what my grandfather was doing every night before going to bed !
'Dhikr'~ the Ultimate Shield.
There is a reason why 'Dhikr' and 'Du'a' are said to form a Muslim's fortress.
These 'Adhkaar' form an actual shield around us, protecting us from all sorts of dangers. They form our daily armour.
Countless 'Ahadith' about our morning du'a confirm that these du'as will prevent harm from reaching us till the evening or next day. The same applies to our evening du'a, recitations, or Adhkaar.

I would know; I have almost set the kitchen on fire many a time. While preparing aftaar a few years ago I saw a gorgeous orange light peering through our kitchen glass doors as I returned to the kitchen from my room. It turned out that the pretty light was a full-swing party of rather massive flames dancing off my wok of oil. Stunned, all I could do was recite---
Allah said, "O fire, be coolness and safety upon Abraham—

" ya naaru kuni bardan wa salaman ala Ibrahim.

[Qur`an~ Surah Al Anbiya 21 ~A #69]

When the fight response pushed me into motion,
I poured water on an oil fire! Yet, defying physical laws,
just as Allah cooled Namrud's fire for Sayyidina Ibrahim
(upon him be peace),
He calmed these fiery flames too.
How vividly this protection is illustrated throughout the Seerah!
For instance when the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him went to speak with the Jinn. Sayyidina Ibn Mas'ud (ra) agreed to accompany him (Peace be upon him) there.
Just outside the abode of the Jinn, the Prophet's made hisaar, a protective ring, around Sayyidina Ibn Mas'ud. By Allah's will, this ring protected him from all types of jinn and shayateen who came in such varied forms:
Jinn, scorpions, snakes and so on - an unimaginably scary list.

Sayyidina Ibn Mas'ud narrates that they would just crash against the ring the Prophet had simply drawn in the loose earth with his blessed finger as though they'd hit a wall.
And to this day I am certain that reciting from My Lord's blessed word is the only thing that saved me from those raging flames, and at countless other moments when we perhaps didn't even register.
Of Prophets and Mothers.
That, and my mother's Du'a!
Remember how Allah cautioned Sayyidina Musa (as) to climb the mountain carefully after his mother's death, for she used to make du'a for him every day.
And with her passing away...
lowered forever were the hands that rose time and again in prayer-most-earnest for her son.
Prayers that even Allah recognized as protection.

I can't imagine how direly in need we must be of our mothers' blessings and du'a.
Today, right now, make special du'a for your parents, and, make special effort to earn your place in their precious prayers.
Be an even better son, an even better daughter.
 DHIKR Rememberance of Allah

~My 'Salaams' to all~
~ Y a s m i n ~
~*Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah*~
~Say, 'Indeed, my Prayer, my Rites of Sacrifice, my Living and my Dying are for ALLAH, Lord of the Worlds'~
{'Qur`an'~Surat Al-`An`am -# 6-162.}

[Source ~ Article written by By K. Balkhi.]

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Revolutionary Khutba

by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

Most People Don't Realize these Islamic Essentials for Ramadan.

On March 10, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.

The masjid was crowded perhaps because Ramadan is approaching.

A non-Muslim came in and embraced Islam after reciting the kalima in English and Arabic with the help of the local imam.

These were the main points made by Br. Kaukab.

  1. With the help of fasting, we must change our eating and sleeping routines.

  2. Take extra care of our spouses. The Qur'an says we are each other's l ibas or garments, very close to each other and concealing each other's flaws and weaknesses.

  3. The daily prayers are most important. Connect at least 5 days a day with Allah along with, if possible, Sunnah and Nafal prayers.
    Where water is not available, do tayamum [dry ablution.] Qur'an 4:43]

  4. Follow the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and no other human being. The teachings of all earlier prophets are subsumed in the Qur'an. To know the authentic teachings of Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus and all others, peace be on them, study the Qur'an.

  5. In the greatest miracle in history, Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, traveled in a split second to Jerusalem [al-Quds] with angel Gabriel on an extra terrestrial being known in hadith as Burraq.

  6. From Jerusalem [al-Quds], he was taken by Gabriel to the Other World. He was shown Heaven and Hell, and in similitude, the punishment of adulterers and money lenders. In an extraordinary sequence, via Moses, he was bequeathed, the blessings of 50 prayers in each prayer.

  7. The greatest part of the miraculous journey was that he led all the previous prophets and messengers in prayer, thus showing the finality of his prophethood. [pbuh]

    Part 2.

    Muslims often forget two of the greatest events of Ramadan

  8. The battle of Badr. The greatest victory of Islamic fighters, when heavily outnumbered Muslims with hardly any weapons or resources totally defeated the army of the oppressors. [Qur'an 3:123]

  9. The prophet, pbuh, prayed all night for the victory of Islam before the battle. He picked up a handful of sand and threw it at the oppressors, and the kuffar were routed. Allah said: It was not he who threw but Allah did. When the Will of Allah coincides with the will of the believer, the result is victory. [Qur'an 8:17]

    Bilal, r.a., killed the oppressor who had kept him as a slave.

    9-ii. Why do we forget the anniversary of Ayesha, r.a., the most beloved wife of the Prophet, pbuh. At his express wish he spent his last days with Ayesha, r.a, and died in her lap. One of his last wishes was to clean his teeth and he asked for MISWAK. She softened it with her spittle and thus her loab and his became one.

  10. Muslims must stop fighting each other. This masjid should be a masjid for Da'wah, inviting the kuffar to true faith, decency, peace and justice.

  11. Invite our sisters to come to the masjid. Do not divide the ummah. Also help the orphans in Baltimore. Remember, the Prophet, pbuh, was an orphan.

May Allah forgive our sins and our shortcomings.


Thank you Br. Rich.

New Trend's web site got 48523 hits in February.

On face book our March 5 issue of

New Trend reached 833 Muslims [about Rushdie, Air Janaza, etc]

Political Prisoners :

Civil Discord Show

Massive Rally by Women in Islamabad.
JI leader spoke to them

by Qaiser Sharif

Islamabad: March 08: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Emir Sirajul Haq has said that international powers want to create Libya and Syria like situation in Pakistan and some political parties act as their facilitators.

Pushing country into civil war was their common agenda, he said while addressing Women Rally in Islamabad, adding the general elections were the solution to the prevailing crises.

The PDM, the PPP and the PTI were pawns of the establishment, he further said.

JI women wing organized the rally in connection of International Women Day.

Addressing the event, Haq also condemned the police torture on PTI workers in Lahore, saying holding peaceful rallies and meetings were the right of every political party as per the constitution.

"Shehbaz Speed has proved fatal for the country in 11-month and the so-called financial expert Ishaq Dar's claims also cannot bring any improvement in economy."

If the performance of the former PTI government was bad, the incumbent one brought further disaster, he said, adding it had been that the troika could not bring any betterment.

Haq said that majority of women in parliament were representatives of elite class as they never talked about the rights of common woman. He said women in Pakistan were deprived of from their basis rights. They were harassed at workplaces, in parks, in buses, he said, adding women did not feel protected even in federal capital.

He said the country's development linked to the betterment of women as they made more than half of the total population. He said women must be given rights in properties. He said the culprits involved in incidents of honors killing and torture against women should be dealt with iron hand. He said Islam guarantees rights to women but the rulers were reluctant to ensure women their basis rights. Hence, he said, it was need of the hour that women must demand Islamic system in the country and should become the part of the JI struggle to transform country into Islamic welfare state. He said the corrupt system deprived every citizen from his/her rights. He said the JI would bring Islamic revolution with a democratic struggle.

2023-03-13 Mon 11:14:33 GMT/UTC/Zulu