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U.S. bombers hit Two Defenseless Afghan villages: Kill 50 People
Two Islamic Martyrs Break Through Israeli Security :
Kill 8 Zionists injure 170
Which of the two is terrorism?
Answer: On Dec. 2, Sharon, arch Jewish Terrorist, will be honored by Bush

Our media monitor is very confused today. The day started with the following news from Afghanistan. According to U.S. TV channels, American bombers hit two villages near Jalalabad, killing 50 people and injuring 5 children seriously. An American reporter was shown visiting the children. The U.S. government denied the hit because it could not see the 50 dead.

The defiant Taliban, facing a third consecutive day of attacks on Kandahar by 130 U.S. bombers, claimed to have shot down a U.S. plane. The U.S. fervently denied it. The U.S. is denying a lot. A number of Muslim sources indicate that at least 150 American special forces troops have been killed in Afghanistan since October 7, some in 4 helicopters shot down. The U.S. claim that the CIA hero was the only U.S. casualty appears to be part of the psychological war.
The bombing of the two villages was carried out by high flying B-52s. It was cold, efficient, systematic terrorism by a great power against a defenseless people.
Then the ultimate in "evil" happened. Two Islamic martyrs, as yet unnamed, penetrated the Israeli defense shield and attacked the Israelis celebrating Saturday night in occupied Jerusalem. First reports indicate that 8 Israelis were killed and 170 injured. (None of the dead have yet been shown but we have to accept the word of the Jews. After all, they control everything.)

How did the two martyrs get through? It was a superhuman act which only those dedicated to the teachings of the Qur'an can perform. In the words of Saeb Erakat, EVERY PALESTINIAN TOWN AND VILLAGE IS SURROUNDED BY ISRAELI TANKS AND A TIGHT SECURITY NET. It's a vast concentration camp. The Jews have outdone the Nazis. The Nazis at least took the trouble to make camps for the Jews where all the basic facilities had to be provided. Here the Jews have turned towns and villages into one concentration camp. And then within the camp, JUST AS THE NAZIS HAD JEWISH CAPOS WORKING FOR THEM, the Israelis have Arafat's people working for them. (So when things don't work, Sharon blames Arafat!)

Defense of occupied lands is an internationally recognized right. The whole world, even the U.S. (!), accepts the fact that Jerusalem is occupied territory. Israelis who live in Jerusalem (as in the rest of Palestine) are occupiers, be they troops or cooks who prepare food for the troops.
Under international law, Islamic law, all law, the people whose lands have been occupied have the right to hit back in whatever way they can.

But as soon as news of the Jerusalem attack came in, Bush rushed to denounce it and ordered Arafat to catch the culprits, (How martyrs can be caught is only known to Bush.)
No wonder our media monitor is confused. Fifty Afghan children and women killed by cowards dropping 500 pound bombs from beyond visibility: NOT TERRORISM.
Afghans killed, like the 3000 civilians bombed into the ground since Oct. 7, had never fought the U.S. They perhaps did not even know where is USA. They were not even part of the Taliban, let alone al-Qaida.
Yet killng them is : NOT TERRORISM but part of America's heroic war effort. America has seized air superiority over Afghanistan!
Yet when the martyrs break through the tightest security ring in the world and sacrifice themselves to hit the occupation forces, THAT IS TERRORISM!
Sharon is coming to the White House. He will be treated like an honored guest and will be listened to with respect. The U.S. will continue to pour billions of dollars into Israel to prop up the terrorist state.
Sharon is the documented master mind behind the Sabra Shatilla massacre. His crimes against humanity are too many to be even listed here.
Yet Sharon is a welcome guest in the White House.
And Mr. Bush claims that he is fighting a war against terrorism.
As the Urdu poet has written: Khirad ka naam junoon rukh diya, junoon ka khirad ... ("Reason has been named craziness, while craziness is called reason.")

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