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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 17,1429/ July 20, 2008, #40

Dr. Siddique's latest Jum'a Khutba was in Los Angeles. Some unusual points were made. Please scroll way down.

Munafiq watch: Who is "Imam" Magid and why is Sis. Asma Hanif cooperating with his ADAMS center and with arch opportunist Zaid Shakir? Please scroll down and enjoy.

Imam Warith Deen Umar will lead Juma Salat on August 15 the day before the International conference in Baltimore on August 16, inshallah The venue will be very near light rail coming from the city, so those not driving can attend. Look for announcement of venue.

Scroll down to important new endorsements of the conference.

Our America
Obama Wants Major U.S. Military Presence in Iraq till 2010 followed by smaller combat forces indefinitely

In a July 14, 2008 New York Times Op Ed, Barack Obama says:
"As I've said many times, we must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in. We can safely redeploy our combat brigades at a pace that would remove them in 16 months. That would be the summer of 2010 — two years from now, and more than seven years after the war began. After this redeployment, a residual force in Iraq would perform limited missions: going after any remnants of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, protecting American service members and, so long as the Iraqis make political progress, training Iraqi security forces."

Letter to the President of Sudan
U.S. Muslims Support Sudan and Condemn Slanders Against President Bashir

President Omar al-Bashir
President of Sudan

Dear President Bashir
asalamu alaikum

Muslims of the USA are shocked and saddened by the attempts of the Zionists and Imperialists to insult and abuse you, using the prosecutor of the International Court as their tool.

We support the strong stance the people of Sudan have taken to support you.

The enemies of Sudan hate you and Sudan because it is a successful Islamic and African nation which is steadily becoming more prosperous with the increasing wealth of oil. The support, education and facilities Sudan gives to Muslim students from all over Africa makes the enemies see you in a negative light because you are stopping the decline of African societies.

We condemn the slanderous attack on you. Inshallah, the Zionists' attempts to defame you will fail.

With best wishes for you and the Sudanese people.

[Imam] Badi Ali
National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Latest three Endorsements for the International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness: August 16. Baltimore, Maryland:

From Bangladesh: Prominent Intellectual & Islamic Scholar Endorses Peace Move

"Muslims of Bangladesh want a world without conflict and war. This change can best be brought about through communication and respectful dialogue between nations. In that context, I endorse the International Islamic Conference being held by Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. U.S. Muslims should know that Muslims of Bangladesh are among the largest populations of Muslims in the world. Let us work together to implement the ideas about honorable peace and coexistence taught by the Qur'an and the last messenger of Allah, Muhammad, peace be on him."

Shah Abdul Hannan
Former secretary of the Government,
currently Advisor International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC)

From the Anti-Torture Movement
"The Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC) is the only organization founded by and for torture survivors. The mission of TASSC is to end the practice of torture wherever it occurs and to support and empower survivors, their families and communities wherever they are."

"We Strongly support groups that work for peace, social change, for justice and human rights. Therefore, we are happy to endorse "

Demissie Abebe, Washington, DC

From the Anti-Death Penalty Movement

Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan
The Free Siddique Abdullah Hasan Coalition is comprised of Muslim and non-Muslim activists who are convinced of Imam Hasan's innocence and have rallied behind the international struggle to stop his execution and free him from prison. Imam Hasan was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death following the 1993 prison uprising in Ohio.

Contact person/info: Sis. Saadiqah Amatullah Hasan, (419) 514-7634,
Toledo, Ohio.

Outreach: Creating Awareness of the August 16 Conference in Philadelphia

July 18, 2008: A new brochure highlighting the main point of the coming International conference and introducing some of its endorsers was distributed at a masjid in the University of Pennsylvania area to 155 Muslims after Juma' salat.. Its message is that Muslims cannot be defeated by bombs and American military power. Peace is the only way to progress and human values. The speakers at the conference will highlight the senselessness involved in Israeli and U.S. attempts to subjugate the world of Islam. The American people are tired of Israeli occupation of Palestine. A tiny terrorist entity called Israel is bleeding America to be able to continue its criminal rampage.

The brochures went like hot cakes. The Muslims of Philadelphia like the message.
It was a 100 degrees in the sun as the flyers were being distributed but our volunteers did not flinch.

Outreach: Educating Brooklyn Muslims about the Absurdities of the JFK Airport Case: Why are Shi'as silent?
by Br. Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, NY

June 18: Information published in New Trend magazine about the JFK case was given to 150 Muslims as well as dozens of non-Muslim African-Americans.
The Muslims were reached after prayers at three masjids: Al-Farooq, which is mostly Arab brothers from Egypt, Palestine, etc., Masjid Khalifa, which supports W.D. Muhammad, and Islamic Foundation which is Shi'a Muslim.

The JFK airport aircraft is a sensational case concocted by the U.S. government to claim that Muslims from Trinidad and Guyana conspired to blow up the JFK airport in New York! It's a case full of absurdities and is meant to create the fear that Muslims, especially from Trinidad and Guyana are terrorists. Whoever thought up this story to blame the Muslims must be a good liar who should be writing novels instead of working for law enforcement.

The three Muslims arrested have been extradited to the U.S. from Trinidad and Guyana. The Shi'a community has been targeted by the U.S. in these arrests.
We have tried to give the information to Shia Muslims but they seem to be as disorganized and leaderless as Sunnis. Instead of focusing on the issue, one of them called me and tried to fight with me on the phone about why New Trend is saying nice things about Abu Huraira, r.a.

Is this good sister being fooled by ISNA-ADAMS?
The case of Sis. Asma Hanif

A Good Lesson in how Dunya can Make Muslims forget the Akhira. Hobnobbing with Zaid Shakir, Native Deen, "Imam" Magid
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D

"O ye who believe! Turn to Allah with sincere repentance in the hope that your Lord will remove from you your ills and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flow.... [The Qur'an 66:8]
"On the Day of Judgment, the human being will not be able to move from his original place till reckoning is done on four accounts: Where did he spend his life, how did he use his knowledge, where did he obtain his wealth and how he spent it, and how did he use his body." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in the Sunan of Tirmidhi.]
"If a nation gets involved in wrongdoing, and among it are people who have the ability to stop the wrong doing but do not, then the time is not far when Allah will send his calamitous punishment to all of them." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith, Sunan of Tirmidhi.]

Allah Almighty has obligated Muslims to avoid the slightest cooperation with oppressors. There is no excuse for it in Islam unless one is facing certain death and in that case it is permitted but not encouraged.

Among the most obvious oppressors of Muslims are American Jews, who, with very few exceptions, support Israel, a terrorist entity which has been imposed by force in the heartland of Islam, Palestine.

Near Washington DC there is an Islamic Center, known as ADAMS Center which openly violates these teachings of Islam about non-cooperation. One reason for this steady process of violation is that the place is run by the Vice President of ISNA known as "Imam" Magid. He is on the record, in his own words, that he cooperates with American Jews and with Jewish synagogues to an extent not required by law. Here is what the ADAMS center web site states without apology: [The incorrect English is in the original.]

". The ADAMS Center and Imam Magid has an longstanding working relationship and friendship with The Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation. "

Magid has visited more synagogues than anyone else with the exception of ISNA sellout Syed Syeed.

Young Muslim women [girls] have been sent out from ADAMS center to admire the Pentagon, the matrix from which military assaults are launched on the Muslim world, and their pictures were published by ISNA.

It is not surprising that ADAMS center attracts Muslims who either work with the government or want to work with the government. Among these opportunists is Joshua Salaam of Native Deen, a musical group which was sent by Bush's State Department to various parts of the Muslim world. Joshua and the group were hosted by U.S. embassies overseas. [New Trend documented this from Joshua's own blog. These people are never ashamed of their gross violations of Islam.]

Into this mix comes Zaid Shakir who has emerged as the biggest opportunist of them all. He has in fact replaced Siraj Wahhaj in ISNA's pantheon of great Muslims. He is very active in ISNA Conventions and is not turned off by ISNA's FBI connections. ISNA made history last year by having its Convention sponsored by Bush's State Department, a new low in the history of ISNA violations of Islam . {Remember the Bloc Vote for Bush and the annual chaos created on moon sighting among ISNA's "achievements."]

The New York Times and other Zionists see Zaid Shakir as the hope for a new kind of "Islam" to emerge in America. Shakir is working in an institution in northern California called Zaytuna which is run by his buddy Hamza Yusuf. Some idea of the level of Hamza Yusuf's thinking can be gauged by an article he wrote for a Jewish paper, the Forward, and posted on his own web site, in which he claims that if Muslims question the credibility of the Jewish holocaust story then they would have to question the credibility of the Qur'an itself! [Zaid Shakir's praise in the NY Times was also posted on the Zaytuna web site, so these people are certainly not disturbed by the serious violations of Islam they are committing.]

We have documented Zaid Shakir's views on issues concerning the Muslim world. He condemned the demonstrations against the abusive cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, which were published in Denmark. He accused the demonstrators of violence and extremism.

When President Saddam Hussain was hanged on the day of Eid, Shakir expressed his satifaction and specifically pointed out that he was not disturbed by the fact that Saddam was being hanged on the holiest day of the Muslims of Iraq to terrorize the people opposing the occupation.

Asma Hanif is working with ADAMS Center, "Imam" Magid, Native Deen and Zaid Shakir to hold a fund raiser on the first of August. Why would a woman who appears to be pious and sedate be working with these government-agent types? Is it the lure of the dunya which is attracting her? That is possible because ADAMS center has one of the richest Muslim constituencies on the east coast.

Or is it that she is naive and does not know Islam? That is difficult to believe because she comes out of a background where the meaning of Islam is clarified.

Asma Hanif says she is collecting funds for a homeless women's center. The problem with that assumption is that she is from Baltimore and a hard working Muslim woman, Sis. Nadia has already set up a shelter for homeless Muslim women in Baltimore. The shelter is called al-Mumtahinah and it's the one place in Baltimore where one can see homeless Muslim women being helped. Why is Asma Hanif not supporting the center which already exists?

Some people get the misinformation that Asma Hanif has a shelter for women on Liberty road and is collecting funds to keep it going. Not correct! That place is Asma Hanif's clinic and not a shelter for women.

Last year too Asma Hanif held a fund raiser at ADAMS center. It was disturbed by a storm but she still collected more than $37,000. How that money was used, we don't know. [Does anyone know? Please tell us.]

Perhaps as a reward for her cooperation with ISNA, Zaid Shakir, "Imam" Magid etc, she has been made the director of a "Coordinating Council" [known as CCMO] which is trying to claim leadership of all Muslims in the tri-state area. The latest issue of "Islamic Horizons," ISNA's public relations journal, shows that Asma Hanif, for CCMO, played an important role, with Zaid Shakir, in the recent "East Coast" conference of ISNA. [See Islamic Horizons Vol.37, #4, p.11]

I respect Asma Hanif and am disconcerted at her slide into dunya related activity. I mentioned my concern to her personally and politely and have emailed her several times in case she has some exotic explanation for cooperation with pro-regime elements. She has not answered, again like ISNA "leaders" who never respond even when their gross violations of Islam are caught and documented.

As Allah and the Prophet, pbuh, have taught us, this world is passing away while the Hereafter is better and lasting. The best of us can be seduced by an easy life and funds along with facile excuses [which "imams" working with the FBI can always provide in the name of Islam itself.]

Latest in a series of revolutionary khutbas:

Social Transformation and Religious Belief are integrated in the Qur'an: Peaceful Ways of Opposing Taghoot are Available

Dr. Siddique gave a juma' khutba very recently in Los Angeles, California . About 150 to 200 people were in the congregation. After the khutba, he led the prayers, reciting verses from sura al-Baqarah [21-25] in the first rak'at and sura al-Balad in the second. Here are the main points, summarized in the hope that other khateebs will be helped by these:

1. The Qur'an, sura 90. "And what will explain to thee the path that is steep? It is to free the slave, to feed at a time of hunger...." verses 13-14 ff.

2. Sura 2:177 ".... to free the captive...'

3. Sura 81: 8-9. "When the female buried alive is asked, for what crime was she killed..."

4. Sura 107;1-3. "Have you considered the person who denies the the Day of Judgment? It is the one who pushes aside the orphan and does not urge the feeding of the needy."

5. Sura 42:38. "Those who listen to their Lord and establish regular prayer and conduct all that they do by mutual consultation [shoora] and who spend out of what we bestow on them." [Notice that the verse is well integrated with each clause in it connected to the other by "and." There are no breaks in the flow of the verse. Some translators, such as Picthall, have messed up the translation by using semi-colons and breaking up its unity. The command for SHOORA is embedded right in the middle of prayer and spending in Allah's way.

6. 2:191. "... And turn them out from where they have turned you out, for oppression is worse than slaughter..."

Our America
Establishment Insider warns that America is in the Grip of "Israel First" Agents: America's Interests are being ignored
[Michael Scheuer used to be the main man at the Osama bin Laden desk of the CIA. He wrote anonymously to warn Americans that the stories about Osama being a criminal with no support in the Muslim world were totally devoid of reality. He wrote a book titled Imperial Hubris to document what Osama really says. No one listened to him, so he resigned and gradually became a critic of the American power structure. He has been hinting for several years that unlimited support for Israel has harmed America. Now, it appears that he is really frustrated and has come out openly against Israel. He is naming names but has been censored by the major media. Here is the link followed by an excerpt.][It seems that some American nationalists still exist who see America being dragged into totally unnecessary conflict to fulfil the Israeli agenda - Editor NT]

"The idea that there are U.S. citizens who have equal loyalties to the United States and Israel is passé. American Israel-firsters have long since dropped any pretense of loyalty to the United States and its genuine national interests. They have moved brazenly into the Israel first, last, and always camp. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Norman Podhoretz, Victor Davis Hanson, the Rev. Franklin Graham, Alan Dershowitz, Rudy Giuliani, Douglas Feith, the Rev. Rod Parsley, Paul Wolfowitz, James Woolsey, Bill Kristol, the Rev. John Hagee, and the thousands of wealthy supporters of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) appear to care about the United States only so far as Washington is willing to provide immense, unending funding and the lives of young U.S. service personnel to protect Israel. These individuals and their all-for-Israel journals – Commentary, National Review, the Weekly Standard, and the Wall Street Journal – amount to nothing less than a fifth column intent on involving 300 million Americans in other peoples' religious wars, making them pay and bleed to protect a nation in which the United States has no genuine national security interest at stake ......."

War News: Compiled by our Media Monitor
U.S. Forces Massing on Pakistan Border: Islamic Leader Calls for End of all Cooperation with NATO+Baluchistan Watch

LAHORE, Jul 16: Jamaat-e-Islami has expressed serious concerns over the massive build up of US-led allied forces on Pak-Afghan border with sophisticated weaponry and unusual movements of the troops besides flights of warplanes and helicopters, terming it a war signal.

JI secretary general Syed Munawar Hasan, while warning the rulers against possible US attack has asked them to end their foreign visits in view of the serious dangers to the country, come back and call emergency session of national assembly to evolve a solid strategy to counter this situation.

He was addressing the concluding session of the 5-day training workshop of the party office bearers and workers at Mansoorah coming from all over the country to attend the moot, said a press release issued by JI Media Cell on Wednesday. Munawar demanded of the rulers to immediately stop military operation in Fata and take the tribal elders, ulema and people's representatives into confidence because a disunited nation can never fight against enemies.

Munawar said naked threats issued against Pakistan by George Bush, Hamid Karzai and US presidential hopeful Barak Obama could never be ignored under the circumstances when US-led Nato forces are in a massive build up on Pakistani borders. He said the fire in which Gen Musharraf pushed the nation after becoming frontline ally of the US war on terror has almost engulfed entire country, while enemies of the nation including Zionists and Hindus have joined hands to make a final invasion.

He said the rulers sitting in the foreign luxury should take serious notice of the situation and immediately return to evolve necessary strategy by taking all the forces into confidence including tribal representatives, Ulema, intellectuals and political leaders. He said halting military operation is the foremost prerequisite of such a strategy.

Munawar said the situation demands abolition of all contacts and cooperation with Nato forces in Afghanistan including logistic support and exchange of information, and the Pakistani bases given to US forces should be vacated. He said the military operation in tribal areas has been increasing public hatred against the rulers and Army, while the recent unwise statement of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani that another 9-11 could happen because of tribal areas has added fuel to this fire.

Munawar Hasan said Balochistan is also a US target besides the NWFP while Indian agencies and the mushroom growth of Indian consulates in Afghanistan have played their role in worsening the situation in Balochistan for this purpose. He asked the government to keep a close watch on Indian activities in Afghanistan and demanded immediate solution to the Balochistan problem by negotiating with Baloch leaders, accepting their justified demands, acknowledging Baloch people's rights to their resources and ensuring that they should be shared in those resources.

Pakistani Tanks, 1500 troops, Artillery, Helicopters Attack Islamic forces in Hangu Area: 25,000 Refugees from Doaba

July 17-19, 2008: Pakistan launched a major offensive in the Hangu area adjoining the tribal areas on the Afghan border. Hangu is relatively in the plains but gives massive support to Islamic resistance. The Pakistani offensive damaged hundreds of homes. Death toll is not clear yet but seems to be heavy. However the Islamic Taliban forces withdrew in good order with their weapons, thus letting the Pakistanis capture three important positions.

In the Doaba area, more than 25,000 people have left, fearful of Pakistani military occupation. Curfew has been imposed on those who remain.

In South Waziristan, NATO forces attacked the Taliban from across the Afghan border and demolished three homes. From Paktika in Afghanistan, NATO forces attacked Islamic fighters with helicopters and artillery. Pak Taliban replied with machine gun fire.
[U.S. Defense Secretary Gates, answering questions at a press conference, expressed satisfaction at the latest Pakistani military moves.]

{In the Mohmand Agency, a clash between Taliban groups led to 15 people being killed. It appears that the regime successfully infiltrated one of the groups with numerous weapons and money. Baitullah Mehsud's group then attacked the suspected group. The situation is not clear yet.}

In Karachi, the stock market crashed. Hundreds of small investors rioted. Security forces were called in. Protest rallies by small businessmen spread to Lahore and Islamabad.

First U.S. Withdrawal + Canadian Military Column Hit+ Heavy civilian losses Confirmed in Herat

July 18: U.S. media reported that U.S. troops have withdrawn from their base in Kunar province. This follows an audacious Taliban attack in which the Taliban successfully lured a U.S. military platoon from the base into the wilderness. In the day long battle which followed, 9 U.S. troops were killed and 15 wounded. U.S. air strikes failed to hit the Taliban who attacked in between waves of air attacks. The area, also known as Nooristan, is very rugged even by Afghan standards.

July 19: While Senator Obama was visiting Afghanistan, a Canadian military column in the Spin Boldak area off Kandahar was hit in a smashing attack by a martyrdom operator. Canadian losses were heavy but are not being detailed. At least 4 Canadian troops were killed and 20 wounded [by admission]. A Canadian tank blew up.

July 17: U.S. air raids hit civilian targets in the Shindad district of Herat province in western Afghanistan. More than 50 civilians were killed in the bombing. The district governor appointed by Karzai complained because two tribal chiefs close to Karzai were among those killed. Ten Taliban, the real targets of the U.S. air force, were also killed.

In Farah province, a U.S. bombing raid killed 9 civilians and wounded 2. All the dead were women and children.

In Ghazni province, a martyrdom operator hit a "coalition" military force killing 25 troops. It's not clear that these were all Afghan mercenaries or included NATO. [An Australian soldier was killed in an earlier Taliban attack.]

War News: Iraq:
Saddam's Right Hand Man Evades Capture: Calls for Continuing Strikes and Victory in this very Year

July 15, 2008: Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri, President Saddam Hussain's right hand man and most Islamic of his commanders, has not only evaded capture but is leading the battle against U.S. occupation forces. In a message to his forces published by wire services, he has called for more battle strikes against the U.S. forces aimed at military victory this year.

Also on July 15, AFP reports that a martyrdom operator hit Shi'ite army recruits at al-Sa'ad military base, east Diyala province. At least 28 soldiers were killed and 55 wounded.

The same day in Mosul, a martyrdom operator killed 5 Shi'ite police and wounded 6 while they were on patrol.
Resistance seems to be re-emerging in Fallujah. On July 9, attacks in Fallujah killed 6 and wounded 18 security forces Iraqis brought by the U.S. from Baghdad.

Al-Qaida forces Parade Openly in Dora Area of Baghdad
[The following is from a Baghdad newspaper strongly opposed to the Islamic resistance forces as can be seen from the language. The sender is a Shi'ite who considers them terrorists. The content indicates that U.S. media have been hiding the reality. - Ed NT]
Al-Bayyina Al-Jadeeda July 16, 2008:
"Islamic State" Brigades Parade in Dora (front p.)
Some parts of the capital, Baghdad, remain pockets for al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations affiliated with it. Despite publicity to the contrary, the Dora area south-west of Baghdad, where Iraq has its largest oil refinery in the country and a huge electrical station, is one such area. Recently, the brigades of the so-called "Islamic state in Iraq", which are affiliated with al-Qaida, have held a military parade to demonstrate their muscle, prove their existence and defiance of the State authority. The exact location of the parade is the Asia quarter of Dora, and eyewitnesses report saying that the parade took place as members of the "awakening councils", American and even Iraqi forces looked on.

Despite all reports published in the press or shown as television footage of the Dora having been "purged of terrorists", the facts on the ground prove the contrary. The area has a large number of orchards and groves and has for quite some time been a thorn in the side of both Iraqi and coalition forces which all remain reluctant to comb it, fearing high losses, preferring to keep shelling it from a distance. Such shelling has resulted in the burning of many orchards and groves some of which belong to farmers who do not at all sympathize with al-Qaida and who are too weak to get them out of the area. If the American and Iraqi forces cannot completely put this area under their control, how can average farmers and other citizens be expected to do it? Iraqi and American forces have been reluctant to comb the area with a fine comb with the use of metal detectors to discover buried weapons caches and ammunition. Rumor has it that some parts of Dora are even used as camps to train al-Qaada

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