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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 30,1427/November 22, 2006 #78

[Scroll down to interview on Blair's visit to Pakistan.
Also, scroll way down to excerpts from Democratic party leader Nancy Pelosi at AIPAC convention.
We end with a shocking report on Muslim children in Israeli prisons.]

Thinking points: [2 items]
On Turkey Day, "Thanksgiving," remember the "Indians" and don't overeat!

Israeli military and U.S. police: Same mindset:

November 21: Jewish terror group IDF used artillery fire to kill a 70-year old Palestinian woman in Gaza. On November 22, an Israeli tank column entered north Gaza. The killing goes on every day with full U.S. support for Olmert who visited Bush last week to get his okay for more terrorism.

November 22: In Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. police killed a 90-year old African-American woman IN HER OWN HOME. The very old woman lived alone and kept a gun to defend herself. The police tried to serve a notice on her. She opened fire thinking she was being attacked. Three police men were lightly injured. The police then blasted her home with all they had, killing her.
[Observers say, the police could have pulled back and talked to the woman by megaphone or asked a neighbor to talk to her. The use of overwhelming force was unnecessary. Unfortunately, the life of an old African-American woman is not deemed important by the American power structure.]

Now try to understand Israeli terrorism. A Palestinian fires a puny home made "rocket" into territory the Jews have occupied by force of arms. The puny 'rocket' is no more than a pea shooter. It kicks up dirt on a street in "Israel." The Israelis then send in a tank column, backed by Apache helicopters, to slaughter Palestinians, men, women and children. When the UN tried to give a mild rebuke to Israel, the U.S. vetoed the resolution. Go figure.

Call U.S. Airways and Protest

November 20: Six men said to be imams were taken off a U.S. Airways flight after they prayed in the terminal and were seen as suspicious by a non-Muslim traveler. They were treated in a humiliating fashion, even being handcuffed for a while.

By such ignorant behavior, the U.S. authorities are alienating people who are their friends.We don't know the Islamic caliber of these imams. They had gone to meet Minnesota's first Muslim congressman Keith Ellison who is a supporter of Israel and of all Jewish causes. These are the people who deserve to be invited to the White House so that Bush may honor them.

Authentic Muslims, however, do not get such support and publicity from the media. Earlier this month, Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader] was denied air travel. The editor of New Trend, over the years, is hassled every time he travels by air.

Sis. Bilqis [from Maryland] has sent us a proposal which the authorities are mulling over according to which any Muslim citizen of the U.S. can be denied the right to travel, or worse, be denied the right to re-enter the U.S. after traveling abroad.

Please call U.S. Airways and protest. The number is toll free:


New Trend called US Air and they were very polite and apologetic. They have started an inquiry. They insisted that they do not discriminate on the basis of religion and the incident in Minnesota was an isolated, atypical one.
[The imams were either naive or over confident owing to their connection with the power structure. CAIR invited the FBI to its taghooti banquet. It's typical of CAIR's bootlicking style that instead of blaming the government, CAIR blames the gatekeepers, minor people who simply follow instructions.]

Analysis of Important News by New Trend's Media Monitor

Indonesians Close Out Bush Visit: Huge Display of Islamic Unity

During the entire week while Indonesia awaited President Bush's visit, November 13-20, Indonesians across the length and breadth of the country demonstrated against Bush and his policies in the Muslim world. Then on the actual day of his visit, there were huge demonstrations condemning Bush as the world's foremost terrorist.

The government provided such strict security that the entire town of Bogor was sealed off where the ceremonies were held. The bus companies which bring people to Bogor have decided to sue the government for big losses in revenue owing to the restrictions.

The Islamic people of Indonesia showed the world in no uncertain terms that they are with the Islamic resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan and with the long suffering people of Palestine..

Bush decided not to stay overnight and was whisked out of the country.

IRAQ: Heavy Fighting Continues: Muslims Should Protest to U.S. and Iran over Death Squads killing Sunnis

The U.S. rushed another 2200 troops to al-Anbar province [CNN November 16] where Islamic resistance led by al-Qaidah declared the beginning of an Islamic caliphate. Heavy fighting continues with the announced deaths in combat of 49 U.S troops during November. [MSNBC & CNN November 22.] Iraqi resistance losses are probably much higher. The total U.S. death toll is now 2869 troops and 400 plus civil contractors.

In addition, the U.S. has fought the Shi'ite Mahdi militia in Baghdad's Sadr city including an air raid inside the city which killed a child. By and large the Shi'ites are not resisting the U.S.

Four British troops were killed [Nov.12] while traveling by boat on the Shatt al-Arab.

Iraq is bleeding but the most tragic aspect of the conflict is the death squad activity of Iranian-trained Shi'ite militias in the Baghdad area. Every night 20 to 60 [sometimes more] Sunnis are dragged out of their homes and killed. It's a systematic attempt to "cleanse" Baghdad of ALL Sunnis.

It appears that the U.S. occupation forces are complicit in these nightly mass murders. None of the criminals has been caught. Under international law, the occupation forces are held responsible for the actions carried out in their area of control.

Muslims worldwide are so mesmerized with Iranian rhetoric against Israel and the posture of defiance against the U.S. that they are not questioning the Iranian role in Iraq. The U.S. seems intent on permitting a Shi'ite state to emerge in the area from Baghdad to Basra linked to Iran. Meanwhile U.S. forces continue to use heavy weapons and maximum force against the Islamic resistance rooted in the people in Sunni areas.

Mercenaries recruited from Shi'ite populations are helping the U.S. to hunt down the Islamic resistance. In turn these Shi'ites in uniform are attacked by Al-Qaidah. A martyrdom attack on November 12 killed 35 police and wounded 60 recruited and armed by the U.S.

PAKISTAN [Latest interview with top Islamic Leader.]
"Murderer of Muslims Go Back" Pakistanis Chant as Blair Visits Musharraf

On November 20, New Trend interviewed Syed Munawar Hasan, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami and a key organizer of the Islamic coalition MMA. Here are a few snippets from the interview:

New Trend: How is it that Blair visited Pakistan?
Syed Munawar Hasan: There is a procession of such visitors, including American generals, who come to thump Musharraf on the back for the "great work" he is doing and to urge him to do more.

NT: But it's a shame that Blair was allowed to visit a mosque.
SMH: That was the Faisal mosque in Islamabad. Everybody is taken there on official tour. it is insignificant.

NT: What do Pakistanis think of Blair, the Englishman coming back to claim his empire?
SMH: We did get our point across that he is not welcome in any Pakistani home. Many demonstrators got together in Lahore and chanted: "Musalmanon kay qatil, wapus jao."
[Translation: Murderer of Muslims, go back!]

NT: You are opposing General Musharraf's bid to undermine Islamic Law about women's rights. He does not want rapists to get Islamic punishment. He does not want adultery and fornication to be punishable. Will he get away with it?
SMH: Musharraf has already failed. He has not been able to find ONE Islamic scholar ['alim] to support him on this move, from any school of thought. Qazi sahib [Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Jamaate Islami's ameer] has spoken strongly against Musharraf. The wifaq al-madaris [federation of Islamic schools] is mobilizing to defeat Musharraf's move.

NT: I have heard that Islamic members of Parliament are planning to resign.
SMH: Not just planning. They have already decided. There was a three hour, stormy, session on this subject after Musharraf came out openly against Shari'a.

Sudan [Darfur]
Major New Propaganda Gambit by Rubenstein, Mia Farrow and Rossin:
Atrocity Stories

On November 21 three top representatives of the "Save Darfur Coalition" addressed the media gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. They claimed to have just returned from eastern Chad [on the Sudan, Darfur frontier]. They showed film clips and interviews with the victims of alleged atrocities committed by the "janjaweed" militia allegedly being used by Sudan. The Sudanese, they alleged, after committing "genocide" in Darfur are now doing the same in Chad.

The three presentations lacked substance and do not withstand critical review. We look briefly at each:

Democrats Want to Outdo the Republicans in Support for Israel

Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats [among them "Muslim" Zionist Keith Ellison] spoke recently at the Jewish alliance in America known as AIPAC. These are excerpts from her speech sent to New Trend by a non-Muslim reader.]

"There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza," Pelosi said as she rallied AIPAC loyalists. "This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist."

Apparently Pelosi has never asked Palestinians what they think of Israel's brutality. Not that she hasn't witnessed the occupation first hand; Pelosi is just not concerned in the least with the Palestinian resistance.

"This spring, I was in Israel as part of a congressional trip that also took us to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq," said Pelosi. "One of the most powerful experiences was taking a helicopter toward Gaza, over the path of the security fence. We set down in a field that belonged to a local kibbutz. It was a cool but sunny day, and the field was starting to bloom with mustard. Mustard is a crop that grows in California, and it felt at that moment as if I were home. And then we were told that the reason we had to land in that field, as opposed to our actual destination, was because there had been an infiltration that morning, and they weren't sure how secure the area was. And that point alone brought us back to the daily reality of Israel: even moments of peace and beauty are haunted by the specter of violence."

Forced labor for MUSLIM children in Israeli prison - Friday, 15 September 2006, 11:55
Many Palestinian children in Israeli Telmond Prison are being exploited by "forced labor in which they must work eight hours for a few shekels," as reported by the Prisoners Information Center.

One of the children made a statement after his release. "The prison administration has forced all prisoners in Telmond Prison to work eight hours for very low wages." He went on to say, "The Israeli soldiers come to the chambers at seven and force us to go with our legs tied with chains." The child added that his job was to stand under guard and pack plastic spoons in boxes.

Even injured political prisoners are forced to work, according to Friday's Nablus-based report. A former prisoner stated, "I had a broken bone but the soldiers forced me out of my cell to work anyway, without any consideration for the pain."

There are approximately 375 Palestinians in Telmond Prison, with most of them being children. The oldest Palestinian in Telmond is 22 years old. The child laborers are given two meals per 24 hours, one at 11:00 pm and another at 6:00 am.

Israeli prison officials also attempt to extract information from children regarding members of the armed resistance and engage in frequent psychological abuse.

According to the Information Center there are 200 children less than 16 years old in Israeli prisons begin subjected to some of the worst forms of exploitation and humiliation. A total of 376 Palestinian children are currently imprisoned in Israeli prisons and detention camps.

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