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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 17,1431/ April 2, 2010 # 14

National Islamic Shoora on April 3, inshallah: Theme: Unite Against zionism.

From Imam Badi Ali [National Shoora Leader] Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina

Spotlight #1: See the difference: Shaykh Osama's taped message came out a few days back. Everyone listened, be they his friends or his enemies. By contrast, the world has ignored the gathering of Arab leaders, although there were 21 of them. What they say does not matter.

Spotlight #2: April 1: Israeli jet planes are bombing up and down Gaza, terrorizing the entire population. Why are they able to do this? They know that no Muslim or Arab leader will respond. They know the Palestinians are divided. They know Hamas is helpless. Bombing Gaza is a picnic for the Israelis.

Spotlight #3: The Palestinians themselves are becoming corrupted. Many of them are more and more interested in building expensive homes, buying flashy cars, moving to Europe. It's difficult to imagine the sordid scenes in the rich enclaves of Palestine as opposed to the suffering of the masses.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique Speaks on Masjid al-Aqsa and Plans for Air Attack on Iran

On March 26, Dr. Siddique was interviewed on a program called The Ugly Truth coming out of Spokane, Washington state. Dr. Siddique discussed Israel's moves to undermine Masjid al-Aqsa. He also analyzed Obama's tactics to put some distance between Israel and the US so that an Israeli attack on Iran will not seem to be endorsed by Obama. [Somewhat like the Israeli attack on Iraq's nuclear plant was "distanced" by Reagan.] Dr. Siddique said that the President of the US thinks he can fool all the people all the time but the bottom line is that he is in the service of Israel.

The program, about 50 minutes long, was organized by the famous west coast political commentator Mark Glenn in a very creative way. Here is how it was advertised.

It's Friday, and that means one thing-the one and only Mark Dankof joins us for a great interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique of www.newtrendmag. org discussing the latest events concerning Israel's plan to destroy one of the holiest shrines in Islam, the Al Aqsa mosque.

The show opens with a sound byte from Stephen King's Misery.

Mark Dankof will be a once-a-week regular on Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth. His own Mark Dankof's America will soon return to the airwaves with co-hosts, Dr. Paul Sheldon Foote of Cal State Fullerton, and Pastor Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths.

Those who are true to Jesus, pbuh, unite with Muslims Against Zionism:
Message from Charles Carlson: A Sincere Voice for Truth

Charles E. Carlson

Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Dear Dr. Siddique
We are proud to join UNITE AGAINST ZIONISM along with Christians, Muslims, and others of good will, in opposing what Jesus Christ spoke out against.

Jesus Christ proclaimed as evil those he called Pharisees. Today most Christian leaders fear to say that word lest they will offend a Zionist and provoke his wrath. But Zionists understand that cowardliness hides behind moderation.
No farmer can grow corn without opposing weeds. Neither can a parent raise a child without opposing the diseased culture that surrounds him.
We Hold These Truths has, for six years, opposed Christian Zionism conducting demonstrations at some five dozen churches and religious groups that practice it. We have named and opposed powerful leaders who are in turn supported by Zionist Israel.
We encourage others to join us, knowing from 11 years experience that Dr. Siddique will not compromise and he will not quit as long as he has breath.

We UNITE in a single common cause against a known and declared evil, knowing that Dr. Siddique will respect our faith as we respect his. Uniting against Zionism will make each of us more, not less, thoughtful and committed to our own faith.

God willing (Enshalla as Muslims say it), we will teach others that Zionism by whatever pseudonym, is the central source of the political evil called "wars" that threaten all who are committed to obedience to the one eternal God.

Charles Carlson, Director
We Hold These Truths,
Project Strait Gate
303 238 1168

Source: AOL News.
Zionist-controlled America Forcing Christians to Tolerate Abuse of Jesus, pbuh

(March 26) -- At one Texas university this weekend before Easter, the apostles are all gay, Jesus is officiating at a same-sex wedding and the kiss he shares with Judas is raising eyebrows.

Those adaptations to the life and times of Christ are just part of Terrence McNally's incendiary 1998 stage play "Corpus Christi," which is being performed in an abbreviated version at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. The play details the troubled high school years of a thinly veiled Jesus figure named Joshua, who confronts a hostile environment because of his homosexuality.
As a gay teen himself, McNally grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the 1940s and '50s.

From New Trend's media observer.
Pakistan: The darkest chapter of na-Pak History

General Kayani was not the only one integrating with his masters in Washington a few days back.
March 26: Here we see Admiral Bashir Nauman of the Pakistan Navy at the service of General Petraeus himself in Florida. Looks like the admiral has been living it up. Plump as he is, the Hindus must be laughing at him.

Letter: Dr. Siddique's Research on Imam Bukhari Published in the Muslim of Canada.

Assalam u Alaikum

Following is the link of your article publisheed at
Jawed Anwar
Publisher & Managing Editor, TheMuslim.Ca

Our America:
Jews-Zionists Control Major Mosque in Los Angeles
A look at the Rabbi lovers: Maher and Hassan Hathout

Asalamu alaikum- This is quite an old article, which you may have seen already. (I hadn't seen it, but since my brother/friend Nabil had posted it on his FB, and as you know, he is a very serious/politically conscious young man, I took the time to read it.) It mentions, in passing some important links between Hatout's mosque and California zionists, which I thought was quite important.


[Editor: Most of the report is a largely supportive article about Islam hater Wafa Sultan. Such trash cannot affect Muslims. But then come the comments praising the deep infiltration into Muslim ranks of two effective friends of the Jews. Here is the relevant quote showing why Daniel Pearl's father objected to Sultan's attacks on Islam!!]

"You might wonder why a rabbi is so uneasy about Sultan's assault on Muslims and Islam. Here's why: Contrary to practically every mosque in the U.S., the Islamic Center has a regulation in its charter barring funding from foreign countries. As a result, it is an American institution dedicated to propagating an American Muslim identity. Maher and Hassan Hathout are the philosophical and spiritual pillars of the mosque. They also have been partners of Wilshire Boulevard Temple rabbis and others throughout L.A. for decades.
The Hathouts' mosque has twice endorsed pilgrimages to Israel and the Palestinian territories, its members traveling with fellow L.A.-area Jews and Christians. It invites Jews to pray with them, to make music with them, to celebrate Ramadan with them. This is the mosque whose day school teaches students about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah alongside lessons in Arabic and the Koran. Recently, the Islamic Center joined the food pantry collective of Hope-Net, helping feed the hungry and homeless."

Our America: Sometimes the J's Get Caught
This Jew Thought he'll Get Away with Murder
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City.]

Morristown, New Jersey. In April 2006, Eugene Baum mowed down tow Muslim cousins on their way home from the movies. The two cousins were 15-year-old Mayada Jafar and her 16-year-old cousin, Athear. Baum's blood alcohol level were four times the legal limit! The prosecutor stated that he hit the two cousins from behind and never hit his brakes.

Eugene Baum had the opportunity to plead guilty four years ago and get a twenty year sentence but opted to fight the charges. After a long, agonizing four years, a jury convicted Eugene Baum and sentenced him to 40 years in prison. He will be 80 years old when he is eligible for parole!

The Jafar Family was not fooled by Baum's tears and offers of an apology, in which he stated, "I recognize your daughters were your future." "It took us four years to get here, but if you had truly any sympathy, you would have pled guilty and not made us work and suffer through these years," said Hasan Jafar.


Latest War News: by New Trend's Media Monitor

140 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan this year Include 34 Elite British forces
Thu Apr 1, 8:33 am ET
LONDON (AFP) - A British soldier was killed by an explosion while on a foot patrol Thursday in southern Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence said.

Some 34 Brits have been killed this year.
The soldier, from the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, was killed by a blast near the town of Babaji in central Helmand Province.
Britain has around 10,000 troops in Afghanistan, largely battling Taliban militants in Helmand.
[Comment: US Corporate Media have failed to tell Americans about the deaths of 140 of NATO's best troops. This is blatant censorship. Taliban guerrilla tactics are paying off. Other than 6 martyrdom operators, they have had no losses. -Editor]

Media watch for New Trend.
Two Chechen Islamic Women Hit Moscow Subway in Revenge for 40,000 Civilians killed by Russia in Grozny

March 29, 2010: Two Islamic women from the Chechen resistance hit a key point in the Russian transportation system in Moscow. At least 37 Russians were killed and 80 wounded as the two women accepted martyrdom. Among those killed were Russian troops.
March 30: A martyrdom operator hit Russian troops on the Chechen border causing serious causualties.

April 1, 2010: On NPR, Zbigniew Brzezinski , former security adviser of the US presidency , made the first balanced comment coming out of America on the suffering of the Chechen Muslims occupied by Russia. He pointed out that the Russians killed 40,000 Chechen civilians in Grozny alone. The entire city was destroyed by Russian heavy artillery, tanks and helicopters.

The Qur'an ordains al-jannah for martyrs.

Saturday-Wednesday, March 27-31, 2010

by Jeff Archer [San Diego, California]

The recent Iraqi elections did provide one positive aspect: they were even more absurd than a Three Stooges episode.

First, we had the current faux president of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki. I don't have to write much about him because most people are aware of his ludicrous and deadly actions as "Butcher-in-Charge" who is stationed in the Green Zone of Baghdad. If he were to greet the people, in the same manner of his predecessor, President Saddam Hussein, his body parts would be strewn all over Iraq. It would be no stretch of the imagination to assume he is a major stockholder in the U.S. firm Black and Decker, one of the world's largest manufacturers of drills. However, the U.S. company markets their drills to do-it-yourself handymen to make improvements on their houses. Al-Maliki used the drills to test how long a human being could live while having his head drilled.

His main opponent was Ayad Allawi, a has-been former "prime minister" of Iraq. His tenure was short-lived. The Iraqi people did not take him seriously. In an act meant to outdo al-Maliki and his ilk, Allawi once lined six young men, who were arrested and not charged with any crime, against a wall and shot them in the head with his revolver.

The Iraqi people had no real choice in the elections. It was Murderer #1 versus Murderer #2. Despite their so-called differences, both shared a similar past: neither had lived in Iraq for decades prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Both praised the U.S. invasion and, recently, Allawi went out of his way to profusely thank the U.S. for the losses it suffered while "freeing" Iraq.

Many people are well aware of al-Maliki's past few years of murderous activities. Few, however, realize that in the 1990s, Allawi was the force behind the killing of more than 100 innocent Iraqi civilians at various venues, such as bus stops and cinemas. The word "terrorist" is used in broad terms by various groups and causes. Allawi's actions qualify him to be a terrorist no matter what definition is used.

At a press conference in November 2001, George Bush stated:

A coalition partner must do more than just express sympathy. A coalition partner must perform. All nations must do something. It's important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity. You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror.

Let's take a look at a terrorist who eventually became Iraq's prime minister. On May 28, 2004, when the U.S. government announced that Ayad Allawi would become Iraq's interim prime minister, most people asked, "Who?" Before this time, he was unknown to the U.S. public

Ayad Allawi was an Iraqi exile living in London. When he first moved to London, he was a member of Iraq's Ba'ath Party. Shortly after, he changed sides and sold his services to the British spy agency MI6. Later on, he collaborated with the CIA as well.

In the mid-1990s, the Clinton administration had placed the assassination of Saddam Hussein at the top of its agenda, albeit in a covert manner. The plan was for Iraqi dissidents to meet in the north of Iraq (at the time under the protection of U.S. forces) and march to Baghdad. The U.S. was to supply air power and weapons.

Allawi was the man for the job. He was in charge of a U.S.-sponsored Iraqi expatriate group called the Iraqi National Accord (INA). The first part of the operation was to create havoc in Baghdad. For months in 1995, INA agents blew up bus stops, cinemas and stores in Baghdad. At least 150 civilians were killed and many more injured.

Syndicated columnist Eric Margolis of the Toronto Sun was one of the few journalists who wrote about the plan. In his column, "The Bay of Camels," of August 25, 1997, he stated, "Terrorism is bad, it seems, when used against Americans or Israelis, but fine when used against Iraqis."

The title of Margolis' column was a mockery of the "Bay of Pigs" invasion by Cuban dissidents backed by the U.S. that turned into an embarrassing defeat. The Iraqi debacle in 1996 had similar implications, yet gained little publicity.

The Iraqis discovered who was behind the terrorist attacks and arrested INA agents in Baghdad. In addition, Iraqi special agents had already infiltrated the would-be insurgents. The scheduled invasion was doomed before it began. Infiltration by Iraqi government assets, along with a decision by the U.S. not to supply air cover, made it a non-starter.

At the time, a civil war was raging in the north of Iraq between the two largest Kurdish factions. One of their leaders, Massoud Barzani, asked Saddam Hussein for help in putting down his rivals. The payoff for Iraq was that Barzani alerted the Iraqis to the huge CIA operation in Irbil, in the north of Iraq. Iraqi troops destroyed the CIA program and helped Barzani take over Irbil, then they returned to Baghdad.

After the failed coup, Allawi was protected by the U.S. and he fled to England, although he still was a major behind-the-scenes player involved in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Many know of the escapades of Ahmed Chalabi and his group, the INC, but Allawi was just as important to the U.S. and he continued his work for the CIA after the failed strategy to get rid of Saddam.

On November 13, 2004, The Spectator, a British publication, ran a feature by Andrew Gilligan called "The Strongman of Baghdad." According to the article:

Unlike his main rival in Iraqi exile politics, the banker Ahmed Chalabi, he (Allawi) was low-key and persuasive, hinting at highly placed contacts inside the regime who were ready to turn the West's way. Not for the last time, Ayad Allawi was telling the British, and later the U.S. government exactly what they wanted to hear, and the CIA millions started to pour in.
The INA's most controversial operation during this period was a campaign of what can only be termed terrorism against civilians. In 1994 and 1995, a series of bombings at cinemas, mosques and other places in Baghdad claimed up to 100 civilian lives ...

In 1996, with massive CIA backing, Mr. Allawi finally got to mount his coup. It was a complete fiasco, not entirely helped by his decision to announce the supposedly top-secret operation to the Washington Post. Even before this, Saddam's secret police had secretly seized the sophisticated encrypted satphone sent into Iraq to communicate with the coup plotters and were using it to feed disinformation to the CIA. Once the coup had been crushed and all the plotters arrested, the special line came to life one last time. It was the Iraqis, kindly ringing up the CIA to let them know it was all over.

The "ringing up the CIA" to which Gilligan refers consisted of an Iraqi officer calling a CIA agent in Amman, Jordan, who was anxiously awaiting word of how the operation was progressing. When the CIA operative answered, the Iraqi officer said, "Gotcha!"

Allawi continued to rake in the revenues from the British and American intelligence agencies. He, like Chalabi, continued to turn out the most outrageous allegations about Saddam Hussein and Iraq. The more preposterous, the better. Gilligan added:

Undaunted, Mr. Allawi kept up his contacts (and income) with the spooks and an even thirstier less discriminating audience, the British press. At top-secret meetings in London hotels, murmured conversations with selected extra-gullible hacks would produce exciting headlines in top right-wing newspapers. It was the INA, in July 2000, which fed the Sunday Telegraph the sensational scoop that Saddam had deployed crack "Mata Hari" teams of killer belly-dancers to Britain to assassinate his political opponents, a story which continues to be remembered with tears of real joy whenever Iraq-watching journalists gather to reminisce.

Allawi's acts of terrorism, lying, and bilking the U.S. and Britain of millions of dollars were well-rewarded: he was appointed Iraq's prime minister. As the leader of a quisling government, Allawi had virtually no support and the people of Iraq did not respect him. Even Saddam Hussein's opponents who lived in Iraq their whole lives despised Allawi.

The U.S. spent millions of dollars listening to advice on Iraq, but those they asked for information always gave them the wrong information. Not one penny was spent on listening to the opinion of Iraqis in Iraq, not exiles living in luxury who had no idea of Iraqi attitudes. Gilligan summed it up:

The trouble, you see, with wafting in a British passport-holder from Wimbledon as your chosen leader is that he has no genuine political capital in Iraq to spend, no popular support to withstand the inevitable crises.

Let's go back to the 1996 "Bay of Camels" debacle and look at how then President Bill Clinton handled the affair. He had to take some military action against Iraq, yet he could not admit that the U.S. ran the world's largest CIA operation in Irbil and that it had been completely knocked out.

On September 3, 1996, Clinton told the press:

Three days ago, despite clear warnings from the United States and the international community, Iraqi forces attacked and seized the Kurdish-controlled city of Irbil in northern Iraq. The limited withdrawals announced by Iraq do not change the reality. Saddam Hussein's army today controls Irbil and Iraqi units remain deployed for further attacks.

These acts demand a strong response and they have received one. Earlier today, I ordered American forces to strike Iraq. Our missiles sent the following message to Saddam Hussein: when you abuse your own people or threaten your neighbors you must pay a price.

There was not one word about the CIA operation or that the Iraqi army defended against an assassination attempt. The most curious aspect of Clinton's explanation was the area in which the missiles were sent. If Iraqi troops were "abusing" the Iraqi people in Irbil in the north of Iraq, logic would say that a military response would have been conducted in the north. But, Clinton added:

First, we are expanding the no-fly zone in southern Iraq. This will deny Saddam control of Iraqi airspace from the Kuwaiti border to the southern suburbs of Baghdad and significantly restrict Iraq's ability to conduct offensive operations in the region. Second, to protect the safety of our aircraft enforcing this no-fly zone, our cruise missiles struck Saddam's air defense capabilities in southern Iraq.

Iraq did not conduct "offensive operations" in the south. It was in the north. Even a few reporters asked why the south of Iraq was whacked when the Iraqi troops were in the north. Clinton gave a feeble excuse and the press bought it.

The reason Clinton sent any cruise missiles was because of the outcry from Congress to retaliate, but, he could not tell the truth. At the time, the press had no information about the huge CIA operation that had been destroyed.

The operation was not un-noticed by Congress. Most members knew of the CIA operation, but were tight-lipped. After the fiasco, the Democrats tried to downplay the event, while the Republicans went for the jugular.

A document from the House Republican Policy Committee, called "U.S. Intelligence Debacle Worst Since the Bay of Pigs," was released on October 8, 1996. The report was primarily an attack on Bill Clinton's "weakness" on Iraq, but, much information was included of which the U.S. public was unaware. According to the report:

In early 1996, President Clinton signed a secret directive authorizing a covert CIA operation to unseat Saddam Hussein. He and his CIA director, John M. Deutch, pinned their hopes on a cadre of Kurdish and Iraqi agents operating inside Iraq with undercover U.S. support. In America's largest covert operation since the successful CIA campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan, Deutch personally promised the effort would succeed "within a year."

But the Clinton-Deutch scheme in Iraq began to come apart in June 1996.
First, the CIA attempt to infiltrate the Republican Guard was uncovered. Reminiscent of the "exploding cigar" fiascoes targeting Fidel Castro in the early 1960s, one of the missions that Clinton approved was to plant a small bomb in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces. It went off, but not while Saddam Hussein was there. The fact that the bomb at least detonated was the only success of the infiltration. Through late June and early July 1996, Iraqi security forces systematically exposed every one of the U.S.-backed officers and agents in the ranks of the Republican Guard ...

... With hundreds of American-supported Kurds and Iraqis dead or imprisoned, Bill Clinton dishonestly declared victory before a credulous American public who did not know (and could not have known) what actually happened in Iraq.

Though it was the Republicans who brought out the real facts about the debacle in Irbil, they did not do so for altruistic reasons or to enlighten the U.S. public about situations in Iraq. The report was a partisan swipe at a Democrat president. In fact, before the situation turned sour, most Republicans supported the idea of trying to have Saddam Hussein overthrown from within.

The main U.S. asset, Allawi, was quickly transported out of Iraq with most of the U.S. agents. The Iraqi stooges, who thought they were being well-protected, were left defenseless against the Iraqi troops and they paid a hefty price.

Allawi is in the major leagues of terrorists. But, the U.S. has protected him and Allawi now splits his time between an expensive, well-guarded house in Jordan, and another residence in London. Some working class Moslem may get arrested in his house in the U.S. and accused of being a terrorist because of his reading material, but one of the world's most notorious terrorists is protected by the same government that said there will be no safe haven for any terrorist in the world.

Haiti: Atlanta Muslims Actively Involved

As Salaamu Alaikum,

Please do not forget Haiti! We (Baitul Salaam) are working with two groups to get supplies directly to the people of Haiti. Our supplies go directly into neighborhoods after they are checked at the ports and distributed by people who are from Haiti. There are teams on the ground who meet our supplies get them checked by customs and off to help the people. No third parties are involved. We are sending about a 14 foot moving van full every month (this is enough to help a neighborhood). If anyone wants to help from outside Atlanta they can send gift cards from Walmart, Kmart, Target or Home Depot to us we will shop and send them the receipt, insh'Allah.

They can send the cards to: Help Haiti, c/o Baitul Salaam Network, Inc., PO Box 115470, Atlanta, GA 30310. Our goal is to complete shipment three by April 22. We will be collecting supplies until we are told to stop, insh'Allah.

ma salaam

Haiti: Second Item

"The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." (Al-Tirmidhi)

Muslims for Haiti

Haiti Shelters - Families Moving In...

Assalaamu Alaykum

The final batch of college students for our Youth for Haiti program are closing their week off by volunteering in the daily medical clinics and building permanent shelters. These last few days have been very successful with up to 15 families being housed in these shelters and doctoral staff arriving from the United States to treat patients. Dr. Asad Mohammad, a volunteer in the Youth for Haiti program, along with Brother Shahid Hayat, Executive Director of HHRD, took a moment to share their thoughts with us.

Dr. Asad Mohammad a recent graduate from the Medical School of Long Island and a current intern in Long Island arrived in Haiti to take part in the Medical camps. His extensive background in medicine allowed him to provide much needed care to the earthquake victims, as well as gain a considerable amount of knowledge with regards to diseases and conditions. "Being able to come to Haiti and treat patients has given me a whole new spectrum of conditions in the kinds of patients I would normally not have experienced being in America and seeing illnesses, issues and diseases which normally aren't present in western industrialized countries," shares Dr. Mohammad.

One of the most important additions to the valuable work that HHRD is doing in Haiti is buliding educational facilities for the hundreds of children living in and around the HHRD shelters. These schools are providing essential lessons to close to 200 children as well teaching Muslim children Arabic.

Brother Shahid Hayat, Execute Director of HHRD, has been in Haiti for a few months now and provides continuous updates on the field both about the clinics and shelters. He spoke passionately about the need to provide the children of Haiti with a means to normalize their lives and the necessity of schools to serve as a foundation for this change. "Because the schools have been destroyed and there is no normal educational cycle the children of Haiti are suffering the most by staying home and doing nothing. We plan on having these schools as a means for them to end their suffering and to forget about their problems."

With all the various efforts that HHRD is conducting the citizens of Haiti are keen to show their gratitude. "Right after the earthquake happened people became very depressed and disturbed. Now we see them trying to return to their normal lives and regain their strength to live their life. Alhumdulillah our shelters are on the side road and whoever passed by comes and shows their happiness and support."

Be part of this noble cause, any amount of a donation will facilitate the process of bringing these victims the ease and comfort we all enjoy in our homes and with our families. Your cooperation and support are necessary steps towards ensuring a brighter future for the Haitian people.

For further information about our programs or to listen to these interviews in their entirety please visit

Wasalaam Walaykum

- HHRD Team

2010-04-02 Fri 19:15:25 cst