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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 9,1431/ March 25, 2010 # 13

A mind blowing article by Sis. Aisha from New York City. On Health Care: Republicans and Democrats are working together. surprise! Don't be fooled by their squabbling. Scroll to end.

Pakistan's General Kayani with a team is in Washington for the final betrayal of Pakistan. General Musharraf will look like a patriot once Kayani is finished. See Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan's expose of the General's visit below. Also: Pakistan is leading protests on al-Aqsa violations by Israel. See below.

Indian police tyranny has made the life of the masses, the poor, Muslims and Dalits in particular, harsh and brutal. 2300 deaths in police detention. Scroll down to report from Ghulam Muhammad in India.

Another masterpiece from Prof. Alam in Boston. Scroll down to a study of the chances of Taliban victory.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Final Reminder: Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora Meeting. April 3, 2010: Theme: UNITE AGAINST ZIONISM

Most of the day it will be a planning committee meeting to create a program for a countrywide understanding of the Zionist death grip which is choking America.

Final sessions will be addressed by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, philosopher and thinker of the Islamic and African American community and Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman, International Representative of Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin.

From Imam Badi Ali [National Shoora Leader, Jamaat al-Muslimeen] North Carolina

Spotlight #1: Connect the dots. Looks like Obama got his health care bill passed in return for his silence on Israel's serious violations of the city of Jerusalem and Masjid al-Aqsa. Most people did not notice that the Zionists in Congress helped to pass Obama's health bill in conjunction with the expected arrival of Israeli terrorist Netanyahoo as Obama's guest. Israel announced the construction of 1600 housing units in Jerusalem on the arrival of VP Biden and 20 apartment complexes when Netanyahoo arrived in Washington. Israel made a statement in these actions: We control America. All this while Masjid al-Aqsa was being violated but not a cheep out of President Obama who claimed at one time to be a friend of Muslims. The mask is down.

Spotlight #2: Puppet rulers are essential to run America's agenda in Muslim countries. These are usually corrupt despots who continue to be blessed by America. However, once in a while, these clowns have to be sacrificed. Pakistan's General Musharraf had to go. Now it might be the turn of Palestinian puppet Mahmoud Abbas. All the benefits Israel and the US could squeeze out of him have been squeezed out. He may be on the way out. He may be replaced by a Palestinian American thoroughly steeped in the culture of slavery. He will probably like King Abdullah of Jordan or the rulers of Georgia.

Spotlight #3: The West is attacking Islamic values very systematically. The assault on hijab and niqab is in full swing. We see muftis speaking in the name of Islam being used to attack Islamic dress. We should respond not in a reactionary way but with scientific consideration so that the return of hijab will be permanent and according to Islamic, not cultural, norms. Real change has to be gradual and well thought out.

UNITE AGAINST ZIONISM: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora April 3, 2010
A message to the Shoora from Christian leader Mark Glenn [In Idaho].
Christian Activist Calls for Muslim-Christian Unity Against Jewish Deception:Islam supports Christian Values.

When asked by His disciples about the end times and the much-anticipated "final battle" between good and evil, Jesus described a tragic situation of deception so powerful that even His own followers, whom He described as "the elect" would fall victim to it.

Clearly (and not surprising) Jesus was correct. Indeed that time of great deception has arrived and tragically, the lion's share of his professed followers have been spiritually captured and seduced by a black magic of sorts cast upon them by individuals diabolically-empowered. The identity and end goal of these evildoers should not be a mystery to those who claim to be the followers of Jesus and His message, for they are the same people who opposed Him and His message in His own day.

Yes, these evildoers plot, but as we have seen throughout human history and as the Koran makes clear, God indeed is the wisest of all plotters. In His infinite wisdom, He foresaw this period of great evil, saw what would become of those who would allow themselves instead to be seduced by the black magic of His enemies. And in His great mercy, He decided upon a remedy to this evil so that indeed He--and not His enemies--would have the final say.

His remedy to the evil He foresaw was Islam and the Muslim people.

As much as it will doubtless offend professing Christians who read this, nevertheless it is the truth all the same--that it is Islam and her adherents alone standing in opposition to the machinations of these organized evildoers. This plague--emanating from Tel Aviv, New York, Hollywood and elsewhere where Jewish interests are in firm control, destroying humanity and infecting the West with a blinding, debilitating sickness permeating the moral, social, cultural and political organs of the collective body would have succeeded already in bringing final death to the human race were it not for the antibiotic properties of Islam. And while the West--that owes its very modern existence to the enlightenment brought by Islam some 1,400 years ago--should react with gratitude for the fact that Islam is the sole source of life-support keeping the West barely alive, instead it sides with the virus trying to kill it by enlisting its resources in the Jewish drive to exterminate Muslims wherever in the world they are found.

To my fellow followers of Jesus, the few in number they are--do you not remember how Jesus, Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, a foreign, alien place, when the Jewish political power at that time was trying to assassinate Him? There is a lesson in this meant for our edification and enlightenment, and following this example, we too should flee to the protective confines of the Islamic community and give it whatever assistance we are capable of mustering.

We are told there are prophecies in Islam saying that in the end times, during this great final battle between good and evil, that Christians and Muslims would unite in resisting the Anti-Christ. Tragically, most Christians today find themselves allied with their historical enemies--the Jews--in killing, torturing and oppressing Muslims. If ever there were a picture more abominable to the eyes if God, we cannot now fathom it.

May the spell cast over the hearts and minds of Christians in the West by diabolically-inspired and demonically-empowered Jewish interests dissipate, and may these two peoples finally--rather than fighting against each other--instead find themselves fighting side by side against those described by the Apostle Paul as "displeasing to God and contrary to all men."

It is no longer an academic exercise, for indeed the survivability of the world depends on this.

For Br. Mark Glenn's numerous writings against the tribe which has America in its death grip, see:
Give them to Christian friends. Hopefully they'll be re-educated, inshallah.

Eyewitness Account

Notes on March 20 Protest

By Nadrat Siddique

The energy of Saturday's anti-war march proved yet again that questioning and anti-war sentiment is not dead among the youth. The crowd was overwhelmingly youthful, creative, and colorful in their modes of protest. Young Muslim women in hijab were out in force. Student activists, acting on ANSWER's (ie, the organizer's--editor) suggestion to bring drums, pots, and pans ("anything to make noise against the war") to the march, banged away just feet from the White House gates. The hugely talented Korean and Palestinian drum troupes, in particular, drew attention to the protest.

The commitment of the protestors was inspiring. Many had traveled all night or spent long hours on buses and trains to get to the protest. One young Caucasian man I met drove by himself, from Chicago. Evidently not of means, he'd intended to camp out while waiting for the protest begin. He went to one campsite and then another, each time greeted by a sign "Closed Until April." Undeterred, he slept in his car until the morning of the protest.

I am always surprised at the diversity of kaffiya-wearers at such events: there were the usual Palestinians, Arabs, Pakistanis, and Kanye West-ers, off course. But then there were the kaffiya-wearing Caucasian males, whom, encountered elsewhere, I'd easily mistake for a redneck.

Many leading voices in the struggle for justice were present: Ramsey Clark, Dick Gregory, Rev. Graylan Hagler, Hodari Abdul-Ali, Cindy Sheehan, and others. The local peoples radio station, WPFW (89.3), which has told the truth about the war since its inception was well represented. Representatives of D.R.U.M. (South Asian immigrant rights group) were there, as were Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Military Families for Peace. Representatives of the campaign to impeach Bush, as well as those from, a group which challenges citizens to arrest of Blair on war crimes (, made their presence felt.

Most striking was the line of pallbearers leading the march. In a mock funeral procession, they carried symbolic coffins bearing the flags of Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Yemen, and other countries invaded and occupied by the U.S. or its henchmen. There were also coffins draped with American flags, a reminder that predominantly poor, black, brown and Latino people have been the cannon fodder of America's illegal wars. I noted the green and white flag covering the coffin of my native Pakistan, and immediately thought of Abdur Rasheed Ghazi (shaheed) of Red Mosque fame, lying there bleeding to death, forever changing the legacy of that centuries old Islamabad mosque, assaulted by Paki mercenaries in U.S.-supplied tanks.

Theatrics abounded at the protest. An American flag was burned on stage, by a former U.S. Army machinegunner and her youthful companion from the IVAW (Iraq Veterans Against the War). At one point, as the march proceeded past the offices of Halliburton, an effigy of Dick Cheney was squeezed, stomped, and finally trampled to death. At the end of the march, the coffins were delivered to the White House gate. Cindy Sheehan called Barack Obama a war criminal as she was led away in handcuffs (part of a civil disobedience action in which eight people were arrested), her supporters emotionally responding with shouts of "Let her go!" The Muslim American Society's Mahdi Bray

spouted anti-war rhetoric reminescent of pre-election Obama, into a megaphone tenderly held for him by Brian Becker, but carefully avoided mentioning a single Islamic resistance movement (even though without these, the war would be passé). A spacewoman, in intergalactic helmet, swayed to the drums of peace, while a short distance away, a hula-hooper kept rhythm to the beat.

Among the most insightful and relevant signs carried by the protestors:

• "Myth No. 1: This Time War will help Afghan Women" (carried by an older Caucasian woman)

• "End drone attacks" and "Northrup Grumen + One Drone = 35 Mil" (both carried by representatives of Code Pink, which did a particularly excellent job of calling attention to the inhumanity of the U.S. use of drones in killing.

• "Stop Israeli War Crimes, Stop Billions of Tax Dollars to Israel" (this was one of the largest banners)

• "US troops out of the Phillipines, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, and everywhere" (this was a beautiful, colorful sign, carried by members of Alliance-Phillipines USA)

• "Shariah law for a peaceful Iraq and Afghanistan" and "Is it terrorism to defend one's land?" carried by some brothers from the Islamic Thinkers Society, an independent group from Comstock, NY, which seems to have broken from the limited thinking of the big money Moozlem groups which take their queque from Riyadh/Cairo/Washington (more on this at a later date)

• "We need jobs and schools, not war" (preprinted, unfortunately, on hundreds of signs by the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, but still helpful in drawing the interest of many bystanders)

(The march proceeded from Lafayette Park, and through downtown, past the corporate offices of Morgan Stanley, the Washington Post, Halliburton, and the National Bankers Association. Unfortunately, I missed the procession, as I came to the protest directly from the National Marathon, which I ran that morning, in dedication to Leonard Peltier, Native American political prisoner, whose case first made me personally aware of the many political prisoners held in U.S. prisons. So, alhamdulillah, I ran the 26.2 miles in a shirt calling for his freedom. I finished the marathon close to 11:00 AM, and left soon after, since I knew the anti-war actions would begin at 12:00 noon. Unfortunately, the many road closures that morning delayed me, until famished and dehydrated, I took a break to grab some Thai noodles, slurped these down, then abandoned my car, and hopped on the metro to catch up to the protestors.)

Alhamdulillah, we were able to distribute some JAMI literature. At one point, I was speaking to an older Caucasian woman from D.R.U.M., who held a sign that said "Free Gaza." She asked for a flier. When I gave it to her, she looked it over and immediately asked for additional copies to pass along to others. This scene replayed itself throughout the day, as many people were pleased to receive the JAMI's now old, famous "Boycott Major Supporters of Zionism" flier, and wanted additional copies for their friends.

As I was about to leave the protest, I spotted a young man in a tee that read "I fund international terrorism." I grinned and offered to buy the shirt from him. He grinned back and said rhetorically "Yup, I pay taxes to the U.S. government." It was a heartening last view of the protest, the thinking youth, who are this country's hope for the future.

Islamic Leader Condemns Offer to the US.
Pakistan has lost 10,000 troops in fighting Pak Taliban. Now General Kayani is offering troops to help the US in Afghanistan
by Shamsuddin [To New Trend from Lahore]

LAHORE, Mar. 24: Jamaat e Islami Chief Syed Munawar Hasan has condemned an offer by the Pakistani delegation in the US to operate against the Afghan Taliban. He said the US is an invader in Afghanistan and the Afghan nation had the right under the UN charter to struggle for independence.

Syed Munawar Hasan said the Pakistan delegation should have explained to Washington that US occupation of Muslims lands and denying them their lawful rights was bound to have reaction. It was a pity, he said, that the Pakistan Foreign Minister and the Army Chief had on their own offered to operate against the Afghan Taliban instead of demanding withdrawal of NATO troops.

Pakistan, he said, had already paid a heavy price for acting as a frontline state in the US terror war and such an offer would aggravate the situation further. Ironically, he said, the offer had been made at a time when in spite of Islamabad's every effort to woo Washington, the US Secretary of State and the CIA were not prepared to trust this country. It was due to the US war, that the country's economy had been crippled, the budget was being spent on the war instead of public welfare, and over thirty thousand people including more than 10,000 troops, had been killed in this war. The US lack of trust in this country despite all these services, was a slap in the face of the Pakistani delegation and leadership, he added.

Petition Against US Drone Attacks in Pakistan
1000 Pakistanis Killed by the US Air Force. The People will respond.
Challenging Government's Claim that it is defending Sovereign Writ in Swat, FATA etc

by Khalid Khawaja [Islamabad]
[The writer is Pakistan's foremost human rights activist and is defending 5 US Muslims who were handed over by CAIR via FBI to the Pakistani security forces ----Editor]

Today my attached application was fixed in Lahore High court and the Chief Justice summoned the deputy Attorney general and asked for para wise comments from ministry of defense and the ministry of interior on or before 6th of April. I request all of you to highlight and follow up this most serious issue of national importance.
Our government is talking about the writ of government in the tribal areas and does not even bother about 2 to 8 drones flying all the times specially in Waziristan areas and committing murders and extra judicial killing almost every second day. There have been over 100 attacks on record only in last two years killing over 1000 people.
What writ of the government is our government talking about. Instead of downing these drones which are carrying out outright violations of our airspace and sovereignty of Pakistan, our air force is just bombing our own people and creating a situation like that of East Pakistan.
The whole nation must wake up and act against our corrupt and puppet rulers who have all the time to work on the amendments to distribute and loot the power and none of them even have the courage to talk to their masters.
I have traveled to the tribal areas and I would like to warn the nation to act fast to help our victim brothers and sisters who are desperately calling the nation against the atrocities as there are thousands who have been abducted and killed, their houses have been looted and destroyed. In response these desperate people can do anything. This is why I have asked the court to give security to us and them that at least they are able to lodge their complaint, as the media is banned in those areas and their severe pains are just not felt by our people and do not reach the whole world.
Don't wait till they blast us with the path forced on them and we could then have an experience worst than BANGLA DESH.

Pakistan Leading Protests against Zionist Plot to Demolish Masjid al-Aqsa
Islamic Leader's "Advice" to Army Chief & Foreign Minister on way to USA to Plan Pakistan's Future

LAHORE, Mar. 19: Countrywide protest was held on the appeal of the Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan against the Zionist plan to demolish the Al-Aqsa mosque and build the Solomon Temple at its site,
The Ulema and Khatibs in their congregational addresses, condemned the Zionist designs and exhorted the world community to check Israel's move.
Protest rallies against Israel were held in Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan and other cities. The JI leaders addressing the rallies, said that this was an issue of the Muslim Ummah and not of the Arabs or the Palestinians alone, and the Muslims all over the world were at the Palestinians' back.
Syed Munawar Hasan, while addressing a large congregation at Mansoora, Lahore, said that Israel was digging trenches in order to raze the Al-Aqsa mosque and had already begun construction of a temple nearby. The Palestinians, he said, were resisting the Zionist move and were offering their lives for this cause.
He said the entire Muslim world was agonized on the Zionist plan but the Muslim rulers remain unconcerned. In the past, he said, Pakistan used to be the first to raise her voice on the Palestine issue but the Pakistani rulers had now become totally indifferent after adopting the maxim of "Pakistan First". He said Egypt's conduct was the worst as she had first build an iron wall to stop the Gaza people from entering their country and later demolished the trench built by the Palestinians for transportation and necessary supplies.
The role of the Muslim rulers, whether Musharraf, or Zardari or any democratic ruler in this direction was condemnable as they all were acting as US slaves.
He stressed upon the rulers to take up the issue at the world level. He also urged the media to highlight the issue.
Syed Munawar Hasan further said that an important meeting was being held in the US shortly which was to be attended by the Foreign Minister and the Chief of Army Staff. Important decisions regarding this country were to be taken at this meeting. He stressed that Pakistan should go fully prepared and at the very outset, demand withdrawal of the US and NATO forces from this region and stoppage of drone attacks and military operations.
He stressed that there should be no compromise on the ideological character of this country which had offered huge sacrifices in the US war and also suffered heavily. It was high time to review the strategic relations between the two countries and preference given to national interests, he said.
JI central leader and Director, Idara Maaraf e Islami, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, while addressing the congregation at Syed Maudoodi Institute mosque, said that the Masjid e Aqsa, the first Qibla of the Muslims, was being threatened by the Zionists' nefarious designs. Both the US and Israel were enemies of Islam and the Muslims, he said, and world peace had been shattered because of their machinations. He said in Palestine, Hamas was resisting the Zionist plans and the Muslims all over the world must stand at their back.

A view of World War II unknown to Americans
In Latvia, SS Veterans Commemorate World War Two Struggle
Daily Mail (Britain)

Veterans of the dreaded Nazi Waffen-SS marched in freezing temperatures in the Latvian capital Riga today, cheered by locals who view them as heroes. A city council ban on the march was overturned at the 11th hour by a court. That meant that men who once wore the double S-flashes of the Nazi party's elite combat unit were honored among the 2,000 who took part as freedom fighters from Communism. All in their late 80's and 90's, the 30-odd Latvians who took up arms for the Third Reich against the Soviet Union in WWII were the heroes of the day in the tiny Baltic state .. .. March 16 has become a hallowed date for Latvians. On that day in 1943 they fought the Red Army for the first time and halted it.

Censorship: [New Trend editor: The time is not far when the Europeans will try to stop sales of al-Qur'an & Hadith.]
Britain Wants to Stop Islam: Arrests Man for Selling Syed Qutb's MILESTONES and other Islamic Books
[With thanks to Br. Yusuf Irelandi, Knoxville, Tennessee Jamaat al-Muslimeen.] [Background information.]

Birmingham man in court on 30 terror charges

A 30-year-old man has appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London charged with 30 terror offences.
Ahmed Faraz faces 19 counts of distributing terrorist publications and 11 counts of possessing material likely to be of use to a terrorist.
Mr Faraz, of Esme Road, Birmingham, was arrested on 26 January at his home by officers from the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit.
He denies the charges and was remanded in custody until a hearing on 2 March.

Ran bookshop
The court heard the charges related to a period between 13 April 2006 and 26 January this year.
Mr Faraz, who wore a white prayer cap, spoke to confirm his name and address.
Viv Goddard, prosecuting, said Mr Faraz was a British national who had been in control of a Birmingham bookshop called Maktabah and a website.
She said he worked in an IT job until the end of last year.
Gareth Peirce, defending, said Mr Faraz denied all the charges against him.
The Deputy Chief Magistrate, Daphne Wickham, refused a bail application by Mr Faraz and he was remanded in custody until a committal hearing on 2 March.

The war against Islam
Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, Qur'an in the toilet, beliefs attacked, prayers ridiculed.................
Interfaith Dialogue is Fake. They can't Defend Jesus and Mary, pbuh, and use Muslim "modernists" to Undermine Islam

by Sis. Sofia [New York city]

Muslims have through the centuries been blessed by the Creator with limitless natural resources, opportunities to live meaningful lives and clear guidance to manage their social, political and spiritual lives on this earth and for the life beyond.

And yet, again and again Muslims have had in their midst corrupt and corruptible leaders and rulers. And many Muslims do not make meaningful effort to educate themselves about their faith and about the world beyond their immediate needs. And many unfortunately speak up and/or take sides over issues about which they have little knowledge.

Take this issue of Christian-Muslim dialogue. Are those Muslims who are for it, aware that despicable slurs against Prophet Muhammad and Islam was begun as early as the 8th century in the Christian world by the Abbots of Cluny/Cluney in France when they translated the Qur'an in order to attack it and cooked up rumors about the Prophet's personality and that these activities have continued through the centuries to this day?

The list of anti-Islamic "irreligious" attacks by Christians and atheists through the centuries in Europe and the Americas could easily fill volumes. To mention just a few names, look up anti-Islam references from various Popes, including the current Pope, in the history of the Christian Church, of the Italian poet Dante, the Protestant Martin Luther of Germany, of U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt and the more current post-9/11 biased rhetoric of TV Christian evangelists and in their weekly Sunday sermons from pulpits.

Have any Christians offered their apologies to Muslims for the anti-Islam, anti-Muslim attacks? Not one! And yet there are some Muslims who choose to sit down with them and have an inter-faith dialogue, violating clear Qur'anic dictates to them for exactly this kind of situation.

Have no doubt about it, there are plans of western countries already in place in Muslim-majority countries to destroy Islam and the Qur'an from the face of the earth because Islam is a threat to the corrupt and the unjust everywhere. Islam unequivocally stands for Justice and for Equality for all of Humanity. Wouldn't that pose a threat to those who do / live otherwise?

Here is one reference point for further investigation. Check out all activities in Pakistan involving Americans and other Western NGOs, sociologists from U.S. universities, who have been awarded millions of dollars in government funds to change Islamic laws under the guise of women's human and civil rights, and the rewriting of educational curricula of religious schools in Pakistan. Investigate how many bills have been passed or due to be passed using Pakistani "modernist" "feminists" politicians. Eventually, the consequence of these anti-Islam, anti-Muslim "social-engineering" politicians and planners will be eventually to destroy the Muslim Ummah's practice of their faith. You see, Muslims are being used to destroy Islamic cultural practices in Pakistan. For example, if Muslim women use the new westernized/modern laws through Pakistani courts, they would lead to a violation of Qur'anic dictates which is the hope of the West.

The non-Muslim world tried to destroy the morals and spiritual lives of Muslims by ridiculing their beliefs, their prayer rituals, blasphemed the Qur'an and the Prophet through despicable cartoons, flushed the Qur'an down the toilet (and by doing so, ironically, they flushed down their own Christian beliefs of Jesus and his Mother Mariam / Mary) in order to make Muslims give up their faith just as many Jews did under social / political pressure.

The question to ask now is: Which fork in the road will Pakistan take?

With thanks to Br. Yusuf Irelandi [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Knoxville, Tennessee.]

Re/Max's Israel Race Policies Exposed In Undercover Email
Tuesday 9th March 2010
by Robert Sutcliffe

I recently spent a bit of time shopping for a home in occupied territory, I thought to myself hey, why not try Re/Max!
I sent an online enquiry to one of the agents and got this reply. This is a message from the Maaleh Adumim branch, Re/Max makes no effort to hide the fact they sell stolen land. I have removed names of agents.

Hi David,
My name is ——————- RE/MAX Atid in Maaleh Adumim. ——- does not speak English so I am contacting you in his stead.The house that you are inquiring about is a 6 bedroom cottage which is obviously not to your needs. Please tell me the following information so that we may assist you in finding a suitable property.
What neighborhood of Maaleh Adumim are you interested in?
What is your budget?
New or old?
What floor?

The more information that you can provide, the easier it will be to help you.


I replied the next day.

Hi ———-.
Thanks for your response. I've only been to Israel once and spent most of the time in Netanya so my knowledge of the neighbourhoods is limited. €300 000 is the upper limits to what we want to spend, my parents and my wife's parents will be covering most of the money so I am very lucky and at their will a little. They know Israel better and say that Ma'ale Adumim is great value and a quick drive into Jerusalem. We are wanting one bedroom as it's just me and my wife, but I have a lot of photographic and computer equipment which takes a large sized room so two bedrooms or a house with large study is essential. We prefer an open plan houses and my wife definitely wants a shower or space to add one. A view would be nice but not essential.
We are planning to fly out to Israel to look at a number of houses and then make an offer. We are also looking at some places more central to Jerusalem but Ma'ale Adumim seems to be better value. Our only worry is safety as we have already left a country (South Africa) because of violence. My wife is especially worried that there will be Arabs in Ma'ale Adumim or that we will end up living in some kind Palestinian state. What is Ma'ale Adumim like in this regard? Are the roads into Jerusalem safe?
We are probably going to be there within 3 weeks and will be staying for roughly 2-4 weeks but may stay longer if required.

There was a few days break and then I sent another message, I thought I had scared him off with my overt racism.

Hi ———-
I didn't get a response to my last email, if you sent one could you please re-send it and I will make sure its not getting stuck in my junk filter.

Wow, stolen land must be profitable enough not to have to bother with decent customer service, a response finally came.

Hi David,
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner; hope you enjoyed the Purim festivities. Your family is right about Maaleh Adumim. I immigrated ——- from the US directly to Maaleh Adumim and have watched it grow from a small village to a small city that has not lost the small town charm. There are no Arabs living in Maaleh Adumim and in the 25 years that I am here there has never been an incident in the town. The roads are safe and I have never had any trouble. There is no chance of Maaleh Adumim being under non-Israeli control; we are basically a bedroom community of Jerusalem and well within the national consensus.
There has been a large influx of residents from Jerusalem coming to our city because of the quality of life and lower housing prices. Based upon your budget, there are many properties that we can offer you that can fit your needs. Let me know when you are coming and we will assist you in any way that we can.
———- ———-

Let me show you what ethics Re/Max pretends to operate by when they are not breaking Geneva conventions.
RE/MAX Code Of Ethics
Article 15
All RE/MAX Affiliates shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin. RE/MAX Affiliates shall not be a party to any plan or agreement to discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.
I couldn't find anything about Geneva Conventions, International Law in general or promises of racial hygiene anywhere in their code of ethics to be fair. I guess its not that important when there is money to be made.
Should you want to buy your own piece of illegal settlement from Re/Max there should be 30 odd on this page.
You will notice that on their main page you can find a proper map of Israel and the West Bank with the 1967 border intact.

Click within the Jerusalem area and new map will appear; this one seems to have not bothered with those pesky borders.

These are the vultures that feed on the carcasses of failed peace processes and Palestinian dreams of equal rights, cast aside for a quick buck.

Jim Crow All Over Again?
Democrats and Republicans are Working Together Against the People
Don't be fooled by their mutual Squabbling
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York city]

For years, Americans have been complaining about the bass-ackwards U.S. Health Care System. If you are a citizen, you are required to pay for any emergency room visits, while non-citizens can give birth in American hospitals at the expense of taxpayers. Some citizens, with out insurance, have resorted to identity theft to avoid paying hefty medical bills.
There had been many reports comparing America's healthcare with that of Canada's and England's, who use their taxpaying dollars to provide "free" medical care to people needing it. Well, as of 03/21/2010, the democrats alone passed Pres. Obama's U.S. Healthcare Reform Bill, which will require that every American have health insurance by 2014.

Pres. Obama's Health care Bill benefits the health insurance companies! None of the republicans voted for this bill ; however, they are the reason why Americans will be required to have health insurance whether we want it or not! They threatened not to vote for the Health care Reform Bill should Pres. Obama keep the public option in it. This would have allowed Americans to have the option of having insurance or not.

Now, no one can escape the tangled web of games that insurance companies play with our lives!
Last night, on C-SPAN, I watched as angry republicans accused the democrats of not listening to the American people. This wreaks of the backroom dealings that led to the Jim Crow Era (1877 to 1965).
After American Slavery ended in 1865, the republicans (Pres. Abraham Lincoln's Party) worked to create the reconstruction laws to introduce newly freed African slaves into American society. After, these newly freed slaves started exercising their voting power and actually voted in African-American politicians, the white politicians got together and created Jim Crow Laws.
These laws eliminated the rights of many African-Americans and introduced racial segregation into society. Until this day, many unaware citizens believe the lie that southern politicians alone were to blame for creating Jim Crow.
Now, the republicans and democrats are once again playing good cop/bad cop and want the American people to be divided along racial and party lines. This morning, angry C-SPAN callers promised not to vote for anymore democrats because they passed a bill that the people did not want passed.
If anyone remembers, for the past 10 years, the democrats and republicans worked together to:
  1. Pass the Patriot Act
  2. Bail out Wall Street with $800 billion dollars
  3. Bail out the lending industry with another $800 billion
  4. Give $200 billion to fund the occupation of Iraq, etc
Neither party listens to anyone! They are all cronies who go golfing together and play a game of give & take with each other over lunch. But, in this godless society, it is very easy to take a step back and watch how white supremacist thinking and the marginalization of the oppressed has skewed the points of view of so many people.
The republicans voted against this measure because they could afford to! They want to make it appear as if they are, all of sudden, trying to work in the best interests of Americans in time for November elections. Please, don't be fooled! This is history constantly repeating itself. They are all in this together!

Why the Surge is Likely to Fail. Will the Taliban Reclaim Control of Afghanistan?
By M. SHAHID ALAM [Courtesy Counterpunch.]
More than eight years after dismantling the Taliban, the United States is still mired in Afghanistan. Indeed, last October it launched a much-hyped 'surge' to prevent a second Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, not imminent yet, but eminently possible.

The first dismantling of the Taliban was a cakewalk.

In 2001, the United States quickly and decisively defeated the Taliban, killed, captured or scattered their fighters, and handed over the running of Afghanistan to their rivals, mostly Uzbeks and Tajiks from the Northern Alliance.

Unaware of Pashtoon history, American commentators were pleased at the smashing victory of their military, convinced that they had consigned the Taliban to history's graveyard.

Instead, the Taliban came back from the dead. Within months of their near-total destruction, they had regained morale, regrouped, organized, trained, and returned to fight what they saw as a foreign occupation of their country. Slowly, tenaciously they continued to build on their gains, and by 2008 they were dreaming of taking back the country they had lost in 2001.

Could this really happen? That only time will tell, but prospects for the Taliban today look better than at any time since November 2001.
In 2001, the United States had captured Afghanistan with the loss of only twelve of its own troops. Last year it lost 316 soldiers, and the British lost another 108. The numbers speak for themselves.

The United States had occupied Afghanistan with 9000 troops. When Obama took office in January 2009, these numbers had climbed to 30,000. In October, US troop strength in Afghanistan had more than doubled. This does not include tens of thousands of foreign contractors and some 200,000 Afghan troops armed and trained by the Americans.

Yet, NATO could not deter the Taliban advance.

That is when President Obama ordered a troop surge. US troop strength will soon reach 100,000. At the same time, the United States is inviting Taliban fighters to defect in return for bribes. In tandem, President Karzai - for the umpteenth time - is offering amnesty to defecting Taliban fighters. So far, there have been no high-ranking defections.

Can the United States defeat these men - returned from the dead - it calls terrorists? It is a vital question. It should be, since the United States claims that if the Taliban come back, Afghanistan will again become a haven for Al-Qaida, their training ground and launching pad for future attacks against Western targets.

How did the Taliban stage this comeback?

Simply, the answer is: by finding strength in their handicaps. If you had compared the defeated Taliban in December 2001 to the Mujahidin in 1980, you would conclude that history had closed its books on them irrevocably.

The Mujahedeen brought several advantages to their fight. All Afghan ethnicities opposed the Soviet presence in Afghanistan. They had financial, military and political support from all the Western powers. President Reagan honored them as freedom-fighters. They also had support from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran. In addition, tens of thousands of foreign fighters would join the Afghan mujahidin.

In comparison, Taliban prospects looked quite dismal after their rout in November 2001. Nearly all the factors that favored the Mujahidin worked against the Taliban. Taliban support was confined mostly to one Afghan ethnicity, the Pashtoons. In the United States and its European allies, they faced a more formidable opponent than the Mujahidin did in the Soviet Union.

There was not a single Muslim country that could support the return of the Taliban: the US forbad it. Worst of all, the Pakistani military, partly for lucre and partly under US pressure, threw its forces against the Taliban. Under the circumstances, few Muslim fighters from outside Pakistan have joined the Taliban.

Their goose was cooked: or so it seemed.

Nevertheless, the Taliban defied these odds, and now, some eight years later, they have taken positions in nearly every Afghan province, with shadow governments in most of them. Is it possible to reverse the gains that Taliban have made in the face of nearly impossible odds?

What can the US do to weaken the Taliban? They have few vulnerabilities because the United States has been so effective in denying them any help from external sources. They have built their gains almost exclusively on their own strengths: and these are harder to take away.

What then are some of these strengths? Unlike the Mujahidin, the Afghan resistance against the United States is less fractious. The Taliban make up the bulk of the resistance. Other groups - led by Haqqani and Hekmatyaar - are much smaller. The Afghan resistance has a central leadership that the Mujahidin never had.

Unlike the Mujahidin, the Taliban do not have the technology to knock out the helicopters, drones or jets that attack them from the air. On the ground, however, they have technology the Mujahidin did not have. They have acquired suicide vests and, more importantly, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) developed by the resistance in Iraq. Indeed, the Taliban claim to have improved upon the IEDs they acquired from Iraq.

Notwithstanding their apparent lack of sophistication, the Taliban leadership have proved to be savvy in their use of videos, CDs, FM radio stations, and the internet to publicize their gains, build morale, and mobilize recruits.
Despite the satellites, drones, spies on the ground, and prize money for their capture, much of the Taliban leadership has evaded capture. In particular, Mulla Omar remains a ghost. He has not been seen or interviewed since 2001. Yet he remains in touch with his commanders through human couriers.

Afghanistan's corrupt government is another Taliban asset. They have spawned a tiny class of Afghan nouveau riche battened by drug money, government contracts and cronyism. President Karzai implicates the US occupation in the blatant corruption of his own government.

It appears that there is little that the United States can do to neutralize these elusive advantages. Instead, it tries to blame and shift the burden of the war on Pakistan. It continues to pressure and bribe Pakistan's rulers to mount full-scale military operations against the Taliban support network in Pakistan.

More and more, Pakistan's military leaders have been caving under these pressures, escalating their wars against their own population. This has provoked a backlash. A new faction of the Taliban has emerged to launch deadly attacks against military and civilian targets in Pakistan. These attacks are destabilizing Pakistan. In turn, the US uses these attacks to push Pakistani rulers into greater capitulation to its demands.

In addition, President Obama has dramatically escalated drone attacks against the Taliban support network in Pakistan. In tandem, Pakistan too has been launching more massive air and ground attacks against their hideouts. However, none of this has deterred the escalating Taliban attacks against NATO and Afghan forces.

No one suggests that the Taliban can match the credentials of America's freedom fighters in the late eighteenth century. The latter were committed to the proposition that all men are created equal, barring a few rarely mentioned exceptions. The Taliban are zealots and misogynists, but only a tad more so than the Mujahidin whom the West embraced as freedom fighters.

The West celebrated the Mujahidin's victory over the Soviets. The same people, fighting under a different name, have now pushed the United States into a costly stalemate. Will the US prolong this stalemate, and push Pakistan too over the brink? Or will it accept the fait accompli the Taliban have created for them, accept its losses, and save itself from greater embarrassment in the future?

Once or twice, the United States has retreated from unwinnable wars and survived. It is likely that the 'surge' is primarily a political move to try to pass off the retreat from Afghanistan as another 'mission accomplished.' Let's hope that this stratagem works somehow, because the alternative is likely to be much worse for all parties involved in this unwinnable war.

M. Shahid Alam is professor of economics at Northeastern University. This is an excerpt from his book, Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism (Macmillan, November 2009).

With thanks to Br. Ghulam Muhammad in India.

Every second police encounter in India is fake
Submitted by admin4 on 25 March 2010 - 1:48pm.

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: While there is strong resistance by the government and its agencies including police and even courts for a judicial probe into the infamous Batla House encounter - ignoring persistent demand, sharpened following the autopsy report, of the Muslim community and human rights groups - the official data available says every second police encounter that takes place in the country is fake.

Since October 1993, 2560 cases of police encounters have been brought into the notice of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Of them, according to the NHRC, 1224 cases have been found fake encounters. It means that roughly every second police encounter is fake in the country. The information has been accessed by eminent RTI activist Afroz Alam Sahil after several attempts. Sahil recently came into limelight for securing the autopsy report of Batla House encounter victims.

Another interesting point the data reveals is that of 1224 fake encounters, the NHRC ordered for compensation in only 16 cases.

Sahil, a Jamia Millia Islamia student filed an application with the NHRC using RTI Act on 24/09/2008. He sought information on three counts: number of police encounter cases reached NHRC so far, number of fake encounters among them and details of these fake encounters.

He got incomplete reply on 20/10/2008. The one-paragraph answer to these questions said: "As per record available with the Commission, so far 2560 cases of police encounter/alleged fake encounter have come up before the NHRC. The Commission has so far granted compensation in sixteen cases of police encounter/alleged fake encounter." The answer did not provide the number of all fake encounters.

Unsatisfied Sahil appealed for full information on 29/10/2008. He got reply on 27/11/2008. "In addition to earlier reply provided to the applicant, it is submitted that out of 16 cases in which certain acts of omission/commission resulting in violation of human rights on the part of public servants were found, 8 have been closed and the remaining 8 are still under consideration before the commission." Once again the Commission skipped the question about the number of total fake encounters. Rather the repeated information about compensation in fake encounters seemed to indicate there were only 16 fake encounters. But this was not true. The actual number of fake encounters was in hundreds.

The petitioner filed a fresh application on 02/03/2009 and asked 7 questions including: Since October 1993, how many cases of fake encounters, communal riots/caste violence, death in police custody, exploitation of women and exploitation of Dalit have come before the commission. In how many of them public servants were found guilty. How many of them were disposed of or found wrong. And the case number of fake encounters in which NHRC has given compensation.
The reply the NHRC sent on 08/04/2009 was revealing. Since October 1993 there were 1224 fake encounters in the country. See the table.

Fake encounters 1224

Communal riots/caste violence 432

Death in police custody 2320

Exploitation of women 4502

Exploitation of Dalit 17998

The NHRC said that out of the above, in 224 cases, the Commission found violation of human rights by public servants. The Commission had disposed of a total of 16784 such cases where no finding/positive recommendation in respect of proven violation of human rights was made.

However, this reply contrasted its own reply dated 27/11/2008 as for compensation in fake encounters.

While there were 1224 fake encounters the commission ordered compensation in only 7 cases. "In 7 cases of encounter, the Commission has awarded compensation," says NHRC in the new reply while November 2008 reply said compensation was given in 16 cases.

Of these seven one was Mohammed Shafi of Andhra Pradesh. The complaint in his case was filed by Lateef Mohammad Khan of Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee of Hyderabad. The encounter had taken place in Zaheerabad on 22/05/2003. The victim family has been given a compensation of Rs 3 lakh.

2010-03-26 Fri 19:22:39 cst