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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 2,1431/ March 18, 2010 # 12

From: Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora] North Carolina

Spotlight #1: Masjid al-Aqsa, the holiest place in Islam after Makka and Madina, is under Israeli attack. What are our duties as Muslims? This masjid belongs to ALL of us. Each one of us should think about how to respond to Israel. Send us your suggestions. Allah will hold us ALL responsible for silence and lack of response to the Jewish entity.

Spotlight #2: Palestine, Jerusalem, al-Aqsa masjid were lost by secularist Arab leaders. Now the coteries of secularist leaders are claiming to speak in the name of Islam. Neither their character nor their behavior has anything to do with Islam, yet Fatah and other secularists talk as if they are shaikhs and worshippers of Allah! This is the new hypocrisy.

Interesting references regarding Zionism and Jews
by Sis. Sofia [New York city]

Author: Yakov Rabkin (Professor of History at the University of Montreal, Canada)
Book Title: A Threat From Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism.

You will perhaps get the gist/list of Zionism's goals (since its beginning in the 19th century when its leaders began contacting world leaders to push their goals for a homeland for Jews in Palestine) as being three: grab land, control and power.(please verify this from the book -- which I have not read, although I did attend the lecture of this author at Columbia University (Seminary)) regarding this book.

You will need to verify these facts: One Jewish "friend" of US President Truman seemed to have convinced the President to allow Jews to settle in Palestine--the same US President who --with an eighth grade education managed to get elected as President and who went on to drop atomic bombs on innocent civilians of two cities in Japan and who created the United Nations.

You might already be familiar with the above and with this next reference:
M. Shahid Alam's book: Israeli Exceptionalism: The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism (Palgrave Macmillan, Pub. 2009).

The Ummah Concept.
On March 19: Rally Globally against Israeli moves on al-Aqsa: Top Islamic Leader's Call from Pakistan
European Union's Support for Israel Violates Moral Norms: Gaza Suffering Ignored
by Shamsuddin to New Trend [From Lahore, Pakistan]

LAHORE, Mar. 17: The Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has appealed to the Muslims all over the world to rally on Friday March 19, against the Zionist plan to demolish the Al Aqsa masjid and build Solomon Temple at its site expressing solidarity with the Palestinians rendering unparalleled sacrifices for this cause.

In a press statement he said that the Zionists had embarked upon their malicious plan and had already started the construction of a temple near the Al- Aqsa mosque.

The liberation of Al Aqsa is a part of faith with every Muslim as the site of Isra or the Holy Prophet's ascent to the heavens has been under Zionist occupation for the last 62 years, he said. Our Palestinian brothers had been facing untold hardships all these years and despite Israeli atrocities, the Palestinians movement had gained momentum during the last 22 years. Israel's brutalities on the Gaza people during the recent years had failed to crush the Palestinians' yearning for independence, he added.

Munawar Hasan also condemned the apathy and indifference of the Muslim governments and rulers in regard to the Palestinians.

He said the Israeli authorities had opened the disputed temple for the Zionists last Monday night due to which tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians increased further.

The JI chief said the Palestinians' organizations Al-Fatah and Hamas had condemned the opening of the disputed temple and appealed for observing "Day of Rage" on Tuesday last against the Israeli decision.

He said the role of the US and the European Union on this issue was most condemnable as the European Union was fully supporting Israel on the Gaza siege disregarding all moral norms and human values while the Gaza people were being denied fuel for the last four years as a punishment.

US Muslims: Victims of CAIR & MAS: Awad & Bray

Khalid Khawaja Meets Five US Muslims in Pakistani Police Custody:
US is indulging in blatant terrorism against Pakistan: Senseless drone attacks.
Interview with New Trend

On March 18, 2010. New Trend had an extensive interview with famous human rights activist Khalid Khawaja in Islamabad, Pakistan:

Here are some glimpses of the interview:

New Trend: Asalamu Alaikum Khalid Khawaja sahib. The news about the five US Muslim youths is quite serious if the daily Dawn of Karachi is to be believed. Dawn, which endorses military action against Muslims, says that the five American Muslims are being charged with terrorism in the Pakistani anti-terror court and are facing life sentences in prison [if convicted].

Khalid Khawaja: walaikum asalam. Pakistani media, by and large, are sold out to the West. They have very little credibility.
I have examined the charges prepared by the government side against the 5 kids. The charges are bogus. The 5 US Muslims are not only innocent of the charges against them, they are young people whom the new generation of Muslim youth should be proud of.

New Trend: But Khalid Khawaja sahib, the daily Dawn is saying that the 5 could get life sentences for their connections to "terrorism."

Khalid Khawaja: The Pakistani government can bring any charges they want but their stories are so full of holes that they don't have a case even in the basics. For instance they say they arrested the 5 on December 9 when the world over their arrests were reported on December 8. The claim is made that they wrote to a radical cleric by email. The fact is that the cleric [whom I know] does not know English.

New Trend: Were you able to meet the kids on March 18?

Khalid Khawaja: Yes! I was barred from the court, as were the media, but the kids cried out that they would not have the court hearing without Khawaja! I have sent you the letter which one of them, Rami, has written. It is the writing of a brave and honest young man. Great injustice has been done to them. I am filing charges against the US and Pakistani governments for kidnaping these young men. It's an international kidnapng. These youths came to Pakistan with legal documents, passports and visas. Their visit was in no way illegal. Terrorism is coming from the two governments, not from these kids.

New Trend: My impression is that the Pakistani regime is doing ongoing propaganda to dishearten the Muslims and to please the Americans.

Khalid Khawaja: That is true but it is backfiring. There are indications that the Pakistani attacks on the Pakistani Taliban have failed.I would even say that Hakeemullah Mehsud, the Pak Taliban leader whom they claim to have killed, is very much alive.

New Trend: Haven't the US drones killed many al-Qaida and Taliban leaders?

Khalid Khawaja: US is carrying out blatant terrorism against Pakistanis by firing missiles into peaceful Pakistani villages. NONE of those killed have been al-Qaida or Taliban. All are innocent civilians. It is shameful brutality against Pakistanis. USA will have to face international courts of justice for violating civilian populations and killing HUNDREDS of innocents.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
non-violent but uncompromising
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

From: Sis. Ashira Na'im [Secretary General Jamaat al-Muslimeen]
What does it mean: Allah created humans to Worship Him?
Spiritual Dimensions of our Shoora theme: Unite Against Zionism & Oppression

How often do we hear the expression:"Allah created man for one thing only: to worship him."
And how often have (you) we repeated that same expression. What exactly comes to mind? Sometimes, we think of the 5 daily prayers as our (real) expression of worship;
Sometimes we think of our attendance at Jumah prayers as our (real) expression of worshiping Allah. To many, worship of Allah means Fasting the month of Ramadan, to others it means performing the Hajj. Well, a list of the many things that we think of as worship of Allah could go on and on. To get to the issue more directly, let us look in the Qur'an and see what Allah has said to us in His own words:
Holy Quran 30:30-32 (Muhammad Asad translation); emphasis mine.

(30) AND SO, Set thy face steadfastly towards the (one ever-true) faith, turning away from all that is false, in accordance with the natural disposition which God has instilled into man: (for,) not to allow any change to corrupt what God has thus created--this is the (purpose of the one) ever-true faith; but most people know it not.
(31) (Turn, then, away from all that is false,) turning unto Him (alone); and remain conscious of Him, and be constant in prayer, and be not among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside Him,
(32) (or) among those who have broken the unity of their faith and have become sects, each group delighting in what they themselves hold (by way of tenets).

A comprehensive reading of the entire chapter will give us an even clearer picture. Everything that Allah has created is in accord with His Will. What about man?

Man has been given free will. But Allah says that it is a natural disposition instilled into man by Him that man should turn away from all that is false and not to stand idly by allowing change to corrupt what He has created. Before man can be effective in taking care of the environment outside of himself, he must be in accord within himself. That is, he must be true to his own nature following the guidance of the prophets through revelation. He must not just follow his own desires. He must follow The Guidance.

Once we are in accord with this inherent disposition, everyone can see it on our true face, they see it in our character. It truly "becomes" us. And when we look like, talk like, and act like a reasonable and God conscious human being, we look as beautiful as the beauty that is in the sky, the beauty of diversity in mankind's colors and tongues, the beauty of sleep and/or rest, the beauty of spring, the beauty of rain and the subsequent produce of the earth; and the beauty of all the animals and other life-forms, and this list could also go on and on.

Let us not look ugly. Ugly is FALSE. God did not create it. How did it happen? Allah says to us in Quran 30:41
(41) (Since they have become oblivious of God,) corruption has appeared on land and in the sea as an outcome of what men's hands have wrought; and so He will let them taste (the evil of) some of their doings, so that they might return (to the right path).

No, no, don't point to someone else. Let us each point to our self, individually, to see what it is that we have allowed to take us away from the true representation of a servant of Allah. This is our purpose: to be a PROOF that the application of obedience to Allah in accord with the nature He has placed in us coupled with the guidance in revelation = MAN. This man is the man that Allah created. This man is in true worship of Allah.
The man who worships Allah is not looking for a branch of Islam. He knows that there is only one Islam and one ummah. He will not accept something with a brand other than MUSLIM--no adjectives before or after it. He wants for his brother what he wants for himself. He wants to stand against oppression of any kind. He is one with his brother/sister in this entire world. He is not cowed down like a coward in the face of his enemies (Zionism, materialism,imperialism etc.) which he knows will destroy him and his children if he does not fight back. These enemies of mankind must be put back in their place. They should be ruled by man, not the other way around. We have a lot of work to do. Let's prepare ourselves to truly worship Allah. Let's be that PROOF that Allah has promised to reward:
H.Q. 31:2-3-5
(2) These are messages of the divine writ, full of wisdom,
(3) Providing guidance and grace unto the doers of good
(4) Who are constant in prayer and dispense charity; for it is they,
They who in their innermost are certain of the life to come!
(5) It is they who follow the guidance (that comes to them) from their
Sustainer; and it is they, they who shall attain to a happy state!

It has always been my pleasure to say, "I don't care what they say," but in my closing this article, Insha-Allah, Allah puts it best:
H.Q. 30: 60
Remain then patient in adversity: verily, God's promise (of resurrection) is true indeed--so let not those who are devoid of all inner certainty disquiet thy mind! (Emphasis mine)

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Knoxville, Tennessee
Power of Sura Fatihah: A Divine Sign During Khutba. Western Democracy Denounced.

On March 12, Br. Yusuf Irelandi gave Khutbah in Knoxville on the tafsir of Surah Fatihah. Here are the main points.

There was a symbolic sign from the power of Allah during the khutba: Here it is in Br. Yusuf's words:

"In the middle of the Khutbah the post man walked in. After the khutbah, the ameer of the masjid handed me a letter from an incarcerated brother here in Tennessee that embraced Islam and wants to be taught true Islam. How he had the address to the Masjid and my name, I do not know - I do not even know the address to the masjid myself! He said in the letter that a brother in there gave him some things to read and my information was in his notes, so he asked the brother if he could write me and the brother said it was fine. I do not know who this other brother is as well. His name is 'Ali ibn Sharp (the one who wrote me).

The only thing I can figure for now is mu'jiza!

brother Yusuf

We urge all Muslims to STUDY sura al-Fatiha. The best book is: al-Fatihah and its Significance by Shamim Siddiqui. [It is available from New Trend.]

Uncovering the Jewish Holohoax
The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies
Theodore J. O'Keefe - Institute for Historical Review

Nothing has been more effective in establishing the authenticity of the Holocaust story in the minds of Americans than the terrible scenes US troops discovered when they entered German concentration camps at the close of World War II. At Dachau, Buchenwald, Dora, Mauthausen, and other work and detention camps, horrified US infantrymen encountered heaps of dead and dying inmates, emaciated and diseased .. .. But it is known today that, very soon after the liberation of the camps, American authorities were aware that the real story of the camps was quite different from the one in which they were coaching military public information officers, government spokesmen, politicians, journalists, and other mouthpieces.

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