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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 19,1431/ March 6, 2010 # 10

Appeal against Domestic Violence. From Atlanta. Please scroll down.

Ernst Zundel, imprisoned in Germany for 5 years, victimized by Canada, is FREE and UNBOWED. Five years for refuting the holocaust story. Tribute to Zundel by Canada's Paul Fromm. Please scroll down to the end.

Remember the horrific massacre of retreating Iraqis by the US Air Force? see Jeff Archer's brilliant report below. [Archer lives in San Diego.]

Also see excerpt of a report on Iraqi children sent by Br. Husayn al-Kurdi [Chicago]. The farce of "elections" is being enacted in Iraq.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News] {Next 4 items only.]
Non-Violent Resistane
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

From Imam Badi Ali: [Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina]

Spotlight #1: Muslims should realize that Israel has been planted in the heartland of Islam to divide the Muslims and make them fight each other. Muslims must study the ideology of Zionism to be able to tackle its moves.

Spotlight #2: Zionism, as reflected in Israel, is a form of Racism and Colonialism. Palestinians should stop thinking in terms of West Bank and Gaza. They must insist on the Right of Return of the Palestinian people in ALL of Palestine. The concept must be for ALL of Palestine, in economic thought, politics, ideology and planning.

Spotlight #3: Interfaith dialogues are a farce and have become a form of advocacy for Israel. Tours and group visits of Israelis with Palestinians do not conceal the fact that "interfaith" is an illusion supported by Israel.There cannot be an honest coming together of the oppresssed and the oppressor.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature Distributed in Laurel, Maryland and Richardson, Texas

March 5, 2010: After Juma' prayers at the cute little mosque in Laurel, Maryland, Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was given to 100 Muslims including women. Most of the audience was Indo-Pakistani with a few Arabs and African-Americans. [Laurel is a small town just outside the Washington, DC beltway.]

In Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Jamaat literature was given to 25 Muslims.

The literature given to all 100+25 included news on the betrayal of the sons of five Muslim families by CAIR who were pursued by the FBI and arrested by Pakistani police. They are fighting back for their rights with the help of Pakistani peace activist Khalid Khawaja. The literature included Dr. Siddique's Khutba on Pat Robertson's attack on Haiti. The Khutba explores Zionist takeover of Christian churches and control of Muslim organizations. The third item was Imam Badi Ali's reflections in the impact of poverty on the Muslim world.

Theme of National Shoora Meeting on April 3, 2010: "Unite Against Zionism."

A few people working fi sabil Allah in an organized, open-minded way can change minds and souls, with Allah's help. In the 1980's Jamaat al-Muslimeen started working for the equal participation of Muslim women in Islamic organizations. This effort, though censored by ISNA, ICNA etc was a great success and today hardly anyone questions the idea of women's role as equals in Islam. Dr. Siddique's book The Struggle of Muslim Women went through four editions without publicity and was followed up with Liberation of Women Thru Islam and Man's Twin. Some damage was done to this effort by westernized women such as Asra Nomani but by and large it has been a great success.

Now we are urging the Muslims of America to UNITE AGAINST ZIONISM and ISRAEL. The National Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen will explore peaceful means, within the limits of the law of the land, to oppose, analyze and defeat Zionism and Israel within the Muslim communities of America and then join hands with the American people to defeat Zionism at the national level.
Readers are invited to send their ideas for the April 3 Shoora to the Jamaat on how to defeat Zionism in its own stronghold, that is the USA.

Host of the Shoora: Imam Badi Ali
Secretary General: Sis. Ashira Na'im
Ameer: Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Philosopher: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz

End Domestic Abuse in the Islamic Community.

Targeting: Muslim Leaders in Atlanta (Convenor of the Citywide Majhlis Ash Shura) and Muslim Leaders in the US .
Started by: Hadayai Majeed
Domestic abuse is prevalent in the Islamic community worldwide. In the US we are now seeing more and more reports on the news of Muslim women, girls and some men being hurt and or murdered. Several other reports have been made about successfully hidden murders of girls and women in Islamic households in the US. We can't verify the information so we can't include the victims in the Fatality Report that we are compiling.
Islam does not teach nor condone abuse. The Quran does not teach this type of behavior and speaks specifically against it. Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) did not hit or abuse any of his family members. He is the example of what a Muslim can be if they choose.
We ask people to visit and help us end the ignorance that surrounds domestic abuse in the Islamic community today.
We ask for Islamic leaders (Imams/Amirs) to make domestic violence awareness education a priority in every community. We can only end this travesty against women and children when we truly know what it is. We can only stop the growth of women in the Islamic community being violent towards men and children through education and advocacy.
Sign this petition today and pass it on to all you know.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Education in Local Masjid/Islamic Centers
As Salaamu Alaikum,

We share the grief of two beloved famlies with whom our friendship goes way back.

The mother of Br. Shoaib and Sis. Sheila [in UK] passed away after a severe illness which was not diagnosed in time.

The elder brother of Br. Shaikh Hyder and Br. Shaikh Mohommed [in UK] died in a car accident in Los Angeles.

May Allah give patience and spiritual sustenance to the two families in their hour of suffering and great personal loss.

We come from Allah and unto Allah we return.

[Both families are avid readers of New Trend and supporters of the struggle for human rights.]

Strategic Study Notes: from Kaukab Siddique
The Encirclement of Pakistan: Indian-Saudi Agreements with US-Israeli Support

Hopefully Muslim leaders have read Sis. Abigail's research titled : "Muslims Facing Death and Destruction as part of US Strategy: Pakistan is Playground of 'Full Spectrum Dominance' " which was published in New Trend dated February 13, 2010.
The vulnerability of Pakistan is becoming apparent much more rapidly than we had expected.

During Indian PM Manmohan Singh's visit to Saudi Arabia, February 27-March 1, the Saudis discussed with him "terrorism" and "extremism" which are terms concocted by warmongers against the Islamic resistance. It was decided that the Saudis and the Indians are determined to work together against Islamic forces.

Kashmir has been dumped by the Saudis who used to be the friends of Pakistan. Extensive deals are being made with India which would make access to Saudi oil easy and cheap for India.

Most Pakistanis do not realize that the Saudi regime is not Islamic. Monarchy, hereditary rule and the ruling family's use of the public wealth are HARAM under Islamic Law. Without Shoora, based on equality and consent, there cannot be an Islamic government.

Even worse, Pakistanis do not realize that Saudi Arabia's regime is strongly linked to the White House and the Pentagon. When the Red Mosque in Islamabad was being threatened by the Pakistani army, the Imam of the Ka'aba in Makka was brought by the Pakistani regime to Islamabad to oppose the heroic defenders of the Red Mosque. The Imam of the Ka'aba is not an independent Islamic scholar but a mere appointee of the Saudi regime. He was shocked that the Islamic women of Jamia Hafsa were confronting General Musharraf's forces.

Now that the US has become the STRATEGIC ALLY of India, it is natural for the Saudis to hook up with India.
Pakistanis, finally, do not realize, that Shaykh Osama has a large following in Arabia and it is a matter of time that the Saudi regime will be toppled. Hence the Saudi family needs US protection against Shaykh Osama and will ally itself with the ally of the USA which is India.

Pakistan is in great danger. Both its army and its civil government are in the hands of the USA. Without the Pak Taliban, Jamaate Islami and Jamatud Da'wa there would be nothing left of Islamic Pakistan. Pakistanis need to wake up and organize at the mass level for resistance.

Our America: #1
CAIR's Victims: Five Families of US Muslims facing Trauma
Loving, Sisterly, Advice to Future Victims of CAIR:
Even if you think your children are wrong, Don't hand them over to CAIR-FBI

[Editor's note: Sis. Abigail wrote this letter to the family of one of the US Muslims trapped by CAIR's activities. We are publishing it here to help future victims of CAIR. This treacherous organization has admitted that it has been deep in bed with the FBI. Read this carefully and don't go to CAIR next time.]


My name is Abigail Anthony. I am a writer for New Trend Magazine; I am the one who called you Monday evening. You have probably received many phone calls over the past 6 weeks and I do not blame you for not wanting to speak with strangers; I would probably do the same thing.

New Trend has published several articles about your son and his situation in Pakistan, and we care very much about what happens to him and are deeply concerned about your feelings. Please know that you and your son are in our prayers and we continue to ask Allah Almighty to intervene in this terrible situation and to help you, your family, and your son.
Your son's situation is not good. He faces the possibility of having many charges filed against him and spending the rest of his life in prison. Please know that we at New Trend hope that does not happen to him and we wish to see your son returned home safely to you, without any charges being filed against him.

As you know, the United States and many other Governments across the globe are in a fierce battle with many entities, and some are committing horrible acts of terror. While the governments fight this War on Terror, they are faced with having to judge who the true terrorists are and who the true terrorists are not. The government's job is extremely difficult and they are having to face many fanatical groups from many nations and are having to sort through countless theories and doctrines about religion. They are also having to judge between what is right and acceptable versus what is wrong and punishable. The governments are doing all of this, and more, while trying to protect the citizens of their countries, as they feel they should. This surely is no easy task for them, and because of the size and complexity of their job, they are likely to make mistakes, have errors in judgment, and unfortunately even imprison people who do not deserve to be imprisoned.

At New Trend, our hope is that your son is not one of the people the governments make a mistake with. We fear that with all of the evil, confusion, and religious doctrines in the world today, the governments are often unable to properly determine if someone is a fanatical terrorist or if they are simply someone who wants to help put an end to wars that kill innocent people. Many people, as your son reportedly did, simply see the"resistance fighters" in Pakistan and Afghanistan as a non-government military and see no harm in joining a military who are, or who appear to be, fighting for what they believe in. I am not sure whether the Afghan and Pakistani resistance fighters your son wanted to join are good or whether they are bad, but what I do know and believe is that if your son's beliefs are wrong, he deserves to be corrected, not punished.

Your son is very young and has been raised in America whose society is swarming with many different political and religious views; if your son is religiously confused or has misunderstood Islam, what he deserves is to have someone dedicate their time to showing him the Qur'an and pointing out the verses that show him his actions were wrong. That would be discipline. That would be correction. That would be care. That would be concern. That would be love. That is what we do for someone who strays from the right path. And that is what a true brother would do.

Unfortunately, the history of the United States Government indicates that their character will not allow them to do such a noble thing. Their character and their policies indicate the extreme opposite is likely to occur. We feel it is very likely the United States Government will file harsh charges against him, and seek severe punishment. It is for this reason that we at New Trend were saddened and furious when CAIR notified the FBI about your sons' situation. We believe there were many other loving and protective paths that could have been taken, and wish they would have shown more concern about your son's future and wish they would have taken precautions that would have prevented his lifelong imprisonment.

However, all of that is in the past, and now you must look forward as a family and try to do what is best for your son. It is very important for you to know that many of your Muslim brothers and sisters, who are not employed by the United States or Pakistani Governments, are working to help your son. Many of these brothers and sisters believe the governments do not have your son's best interest at heart and are concerned the government will charge him with crimes that will put him in prison for the remainder of his life.

One of the men working diligently for your son and his friends is Khalid Khawaja; he is the founder of the Defense of Human Rights organization in Pakistan, and he recently filed a petition with the Lahore High Court that resulted in the ruling that prevents your son from being handed over to America, any American agency, or any foreign agency. At this point, believing the U.S. Government will likely charge him severely, this move is commended and the ruling should be viewed as a victory and a relief for your son.

Khalid Khawaja will continue his assistance with your son's case, Insha'Allah, and he wishes to speak with you about this matter. If you would like to speak with him, please contact New Trend Magazine and we will be able to get you in contact with Mr. Khawaja. You can reach New Trend by calling (443) 869-5233. You may request that your call remain confidential.

I have 3 sons of my own and I truly hurt for you and care for you, as many of your Muslim sisters do around the world. Remember that you and your son are in our prayers. If you decide that you would like to speak with Mr. Khawaja or if there is anything we can do to help you, please contact us.
Abigail Anthony
New Trend Magazine
I have enclosed the articles that were recently published about your sons' situation by New Trend on

Our America: #2
Knowledge of Zionism Essential to Defeat Israel
Do not buy Products Linked to Israel: Do not give Info to CAIR, ISNA etc Which Help Zionists to Oppress Muslims

by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

This murder across country lines in Dubai allegedly by mossad is horrific and very antagonizing. One thing that I have noticed about zionists is that they do not care about their image. They have blinders on. Their only concern is to uproot Palestine and destroy Islam.

This is the power that the U.S. has given them. Comedian Bill Maher felt the need to tip his hat to these savages on his HBO show! He stated that people shouldn't mess with mossad because they will come and get you.

These Israeli attitudes are no different than a wife antagonizing and offending everyone she encounters, then, wanting her boyfriend to step in and defend her honor. The U.S. plays the role of defender. Israel has become Frankenstein's Monster!

The only way to dismantle this monster is to destroy the lies that created it. Famous zionist lies:
  1. Jews are semites. Semite is a region that covers parts of Africa and Asia. No European Jews can claim such ancestry.
  2. The holocaust. Some stories surrounding the holocaust have been proven untrue by authors such as David Irving.
  3. African-Americans and Eastern European Jews are kindred spirits. Dr. Tony Martin's The Jewish Onslaught dispels this myth.
  4. The Jews of Pharaoh's Egypt were of European ancestry and built the pyramids. The pyramids of Gizeh were built 1200 years before Prophet Abraham was born according to, Lesson From History: A Celebration in Blackness author, Juwanza Kunjufu. These Jews were Nubian or of African ancestry.
Many zionist lies have been told but, have also been challenged by a few notables. Dr. Martin and David Irving have incurred the Zionist wrath throughout their writing careers. It is important to arm yourselves with knowledge about our enemies and continue to boycott places like McDonald's and Starbucks, which are in Israel.

Most importantly, STOP supporting Muslim leaders who are working with our enemies! This is a stealth tactic our enemies have used to continue to monitor and oppress us. The less these key figures in CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, and MAS, MSA know about our affairs, the better off we are!

Don't give money to their organizations! Give to strictly Muslim charities and others where 100% of the money goes to aid.

Self-empowerment and awareness are very key.


Muslims Face Indian Police: Rally Against Renegade Writer's Attack on Islamic dress

March 1, 2010. Karnataka province.Two Muslims gave their Lives and 8 weree injured following police firing on and clashes with Muslim demonstrators protesting an abusive attack in a local paper on Islamic dress by Taslima Nasrin. The Muslim protest rallies began in the Shimogin area and spread to the Hassan area. Thousands of Muslims joined the rallies

India imposed curfew on the affected areas and rushed extra security forces to the area.

Taslima Nasrin is a renegade "Muslim" from Bangladesh who gained the support of anti-Islam hate groups by attacking the Qur'an. She fled to India from Bangladesh as protests against her abusive writings spread across the country.

Important Evidence About Nobel Prize' Hidden Agenda: It is not an Award on Merit
Elie Wiesel's Ignoble Recruits
John Walsh

Is there nothing that is safe from debasement by the propaganda machine of the U.S. and Israel? A full-page ad in the Sunday New York Times of February 7 provides the answer. Sponsored by Elie Wiesel's modestly named "The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity," and signed by 44 Nobel Laureates, 35 of them in the physical sciences, it urges brutal and lethal actions against Iran .. .. It asserts without evidence that such "ambitions" threaten "the entire world." This is certainly a very grave charge, and some scintilla of evidence should be offered for it. But none is provided, not one word, not even a footnote or reference in this spacious advert.

Two Israeli Terrorists Reportedly Entered the US

[with thanks to Lori Price]
2 suspected Dubai assassins escaped to US 01 Mar 2010 At least two of the 26 suspects sought for the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai reportedly entered the US shortly after the killing. Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh was killed in a Dubai hotel back in January. Now, the Wall Street Journal says records shared between international investigators show that one of the suspects entered the United States a day later, using an Irish passport. The second suspect entered the US on a British passport in February. [Notice that the *real* terrorists are not on the US 'No Fly' list. --LRP]

War News: [From our Iraq observer.]
Iraq: Police Suffer Heavy Losses in Baquba Attack.
Iraqis Oppose "elections" Under US-Backed Sectarian Regime

March 3, 2010: Baquba, Diyala province:Islamic attacks on police headquarters, official buildings, and a medical treatment center for the police have resulted in heavy police losses.

Reports indicate that at least 32 police officers were killed in the attacks. At least one martyrdom operator was involved in the attacks. US reports indicate that most of Diyala province is controlled by al-Qaida-in-Iraq. Iranian influence in help for the Shi'ites backed by the US is strong because Diyala province touches the Iranian border.

Iraq is facing another round of "elections" organized by the US-backed Shi'itesd and pro-Iranian Shi'ites.

Jundullah Choose New Leader After Iranian Hijacking of Kyrgiz Plane.
Iran Extracted 30 hours of "confessions" from Islamist under Torture.

[Al-jazeerah report]
Iran's most prominent rebel Sunni movement, Jundullah, has named a new leader to replace Abdolmalek Rigi, following his capture by security forces earlier this week.
According to the SITE monitoring agency on Sunday,
Muhammad Dhahir Baluch was appointed to head "the People's Resistance Movement in Iran".
Rigi, Iran's most wanted fugitive, was seized after Iranian warplanes reportedly forced a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan to land in Iran.

Iranian state media alleged on Friday that the United States had offered to provide him military aid to battle the Shia Islamic state.
Rigi said in a taped statement, made after he was taken into custody and broadcast on Iran's state-run English-language Press TV, that "they (the Americans) said they would cooperate with us and will give me military equipment."

Jundullah response

Jundallah said in its website posting: "Let the [Iranian] regime know that it will face a movement that is stronger and much more solid than ever before and one whose existence it has not been aware of."

"It will see what our believing heroes among our Baluch children can do to the occupiers, the aggressors and the unjust. The falsehood of the senior leaders of the regime will soon be exposed."

Jundallah says it is fighting Tehran's Shia government to secure rights for Sunni Baluchis who form a significant population in the eastern Sistan-Baluchestan province.

New Trend Media Research
Iranian Press TV Issues Self-Damaging Propaganda Against the Army of Allah [Jundullah]

Iran's propaganda against Jundullah is damaging Iran's credibility in the Muslim world.
On March 2, Iran's propaganda channel known as Press TV stated: "In his 20 hours of confessions, Rigi has revealed intelligence of high importance."

Press TV did not realize that no sane person can provide 20 hours of information even if he is a highly motivated scholar, writer and scholar. The Iranians apparently tortured Abdolmalik Rigi so much that he "confessed" to just about everything under the sun.

Press TV also unashamedly notes the act of air piracy Iran carried out to "capture" the mujahid leader. Press TV wrote: "When the Kyrgyz pilot refused to land, two Iranian fighter jets forced the plane to land at an airport in Bandar Abbas. In order to prevent harm to the passengers, they were told to evacuate the airplane due to suspected terrorist activity on the plane," added the official, who was not named. During the evacuation process, Rigi and his deputy, Molla Mohammad Jan, also known as Hamzeh, were arrested by Iranian security forces."

Note the use of imperialist language: Calling the very presence of an Islamic opponent "terrorist activity." Iran is violating islamic laws of honesty, decency, compassion and brotherhood.

Sikh Leader Writes about Attempts to Disunite Muslims and Sikhs
India has Committed Horrendous Crimes against Sikhs

Dear Dr Kaukab Siddique

Aslaam O Alaikum!

Please Do Not worry on the Two Sikhs, who have been beheaded by the 'Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and associates' supported news media hysteria of the 'state-controlled' apartheid practicing, devious, divisive and deceitful alleged Indian democracy alias the Zulamhooriat and Zamhooriat of the 'Hindus-Brahmins' alleged Indian democracy. Perhaps, you do not know how the Asian Television Network's Punjabinews@ Zeenewsnetwork. com has been making its propaganda, using the 'turbaned/Dastaardhari Hindus' in 'The Sikh Identity'. These turbaned Sikhs are the members of the 'Rashtriya Sikh Sangat (RSS)', a baby sister organization of the 'Hindus-Brahmins Rashtriya Swamsewak Sangh' (RSS). The RSS in an offshoot of the Hindus Mahasabha (the mother of all evils). Who knows that the RSS of the 'Brahmins and Hindus' brought the 'turbaned Hindus-Brahmins' in 'The Sikh Identity' to create their hysteria against the Muslims, non-Muslims, and Sikhs? The administrations (JL Nehru son of Thissue and Mobarak Ali' NOT of ML Nehru in anyway to Manmohan Sinh. The latter is not an elected Member of Parliament, but Sonia Gandhi alias Sonia Maino) and other 'Brahmins-Hindus' have been using him to serve their political purpose. In fact, Manmohan Sinh is a "joe boy" of Sonia Gandhi and the 'Brahmins-Hindus'.

The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat, a baby of the RSS, kept their mouths shut when 'massacre' of 13-Sikh was carried out in the second week of this month in the Ludhiana district of the occupied Punjab of the Sikhs since 15th August, 1947. These ethically, morally, criminals 'Hindus-Brahmins' and their state and federal (centre of the New Delhi administration) are 'bankrupt' and killing of the non-Hindus-Brahmins is their sacred duty to kill them, simply to please their blood-thirsty 33-million Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

In an "Undeclared War Against the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, Khalistan, in the form of a brutal military "Operation Bluestar" of June, 1984, these 'Brahmins-Hindus' armed forces (army, navy and air force) killed more than 1.5 million Sikhs and the Punjab was made a 'Concentration Camp'. None of the 'Hindus-Brahmins' opened their mouth against their administration of India Gandhi alias Maimuna Begum.

None of these deceitful 'Brahmins-Hindus' opened their mouth of the genocide of 1.5 million Sikhs, and now just for two Sikhs killed by the so-called Talibans (RAW and associate intelligence agencies), have been shedding crocodile-tears.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan and its citizens must take a lesson that the 'Hindus-Brahmins' will never be the friends of the people who follow the Islamic religion and who are the 'Members of the House of Guru Baba Nanak Sahib'.

Best wishes and warmest regards.

Your brother,

Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)
Associate Professor (Retired), Medical Microbiology and Immunology
Director (Former), National Centre for Human Mycotic Diseases CANADA
Managing Editor and Editor in Chief
International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435

With thanks to Br. Husayn al-Kurdi [Chicago]
Excerpts from a much longer and detailed article. [Readers can request the full article from us.]
Violations of Iraqi Children Rights Under the American Occupation
Dr. Souad N. Al-Azzawi, Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering
For two decades, Iraqi children, along with all other elements of Iraqi society, have been subjected to grave human rights violations.
These violations began with the destruction of all civil services and Iraqi civil infrastructure by the US/UK aggression on Iraq during the Gulf War of 1991, and were followed by the brutal economical sanctions which deprived the people of Iraq of food, clean water, health care, education and security.
As a result more than half a million Iraqi children died during the nineties [1].The thirteen years of suffering under embargo ended with the American invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Another form of suffering was born in 2003 under the American occupation. As if the causalities of the excessive use of power during military operations were not enough, the invasion operations consisted of systematically burning and looting of civil services and infrastructure, health care centers, schools and universities, industrial compounds, etc [2]. As stated in UNAMI's report of November 2006, Iraq can be described as "a nation that has been plunged into barbarism since the US-invasion in 2003"[2].
Under the American occupation, lack of security, sectarian violence, deterioration of health care systems, poverty, massive imprisonments, clean water shortages, limited or no electrical power, environmental pollution and lack of sanitation all contributed to grave violations to children's rights and a drastic increase in the child mortality rate. It has been reported that one out of eight children in Iraq die before their fifth birthday [3].
The forces of the American occupation, and the occupation-assigned Iraqi government, grossly failed to fulfill their most basic duties towards the children of Iraq in accordance with the UN/CRC Convention on the Rights of the Child, Resolution 25/ Session 44, November 1989 [4]. The convention was ratified by 194 countries of the United Nations, except the USA and Somalia.

[1] John Pilger." squeezed to death". The Guardian. March 4, 2000.
[2] John Pilger."Killing the Children of Iraq -A Price Worth Paying?" .TV documentary exposes devastation toll of sanctions against Iraq .Britain's ITV channel .Monday March 6th ,2000
[3] ICR No.237."Suffer the children; number of children dying is higher than when the country was under sanctions ". Hind Al-Safar .November 16th, 2000.
[4] UN DOCUMENT." Convention on the Rights of Child."

Lest we forget: The Slaughter of Retreating Iraqi troops by the US Air Force
[Iraqis were victorious 2003-2008 when they used guerrilla warfare instead of conventional forces. editor]
"Nothing But Shit Strewn Everywhere"
Jeff Archer Sunday-Wednesday, February 28-March 3, 2010

Nineteen years ago, one of the most diabolical slaughters in war history occurred in Iraq. Despite the assurances of the Bush I regime that retreating Iraqi soldiers would not be attacked, just the opposite happened. Iraqi soldiers and civilians were massacred after Saddam Hussein called for their exit of Kuwait.
More than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed in five weeks, the majority during the 100-hour ground war. You may say, "This is war and people get killed." That's true, but tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers were killed by illegal weapons in a most brutal manner that contradicted international laws that apply to war.
When then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Colin Powell, was asked about the number of deaths the Iraqi military suffered, he said, "I don't have a clue and I don't plan to undertake any real effort to find out." This is the same man who stated several months after Desert Storm that his goal was to "make the world scared to death of the United States."
We all know how Powell as Secretary of State lied to the world about Iraq in 2002 and 2003, yet few remember his affinity for killing during the Gulf War. He was just as vicious and untruthful in 1991 as he was in the early part of the 21st century.
Prior to the start of the ground phase, many countries were trying to dissuade the U.S. from attacking. Moscow came up with a peace plan that Bush called "a cruel hoax." Bush kept saying that the only objective was for Iraqi troops to leave Kuwait. When one reporter asked him how the Iraqis could retreat while they were still being heavily bombed, Bush answered, "That's for them to find out."
On February 22, 1991, White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater played his own "cruel hoax." He stated, "The United States and its coalition partners reiterate that their forces will not attack retreating Iraqi forces."
Despite all the efforts to bring a peaceful conclusion, none was accepted by the U.S. Saddam Hussein ordered a retreat of Iraqi troops from Kuwait on February 25, 1991. This order, with Fitzwater's earlier statement, appeared to be the beginning of the end of violence in Kuwait and Iraq.
Bush looked at it another way. He now had his chance to slaughter tens of thousands of defenseless soldiers and one of the most barbaric massacres in history began.
On February 25, 1991, at a junction of roads leading from Kuwait City, U.S. Marine aircraft, flying close support for ground troops, arrived and saw a five-vehicle-wide stream moving on the highway out of Kuwait City. The vehicles were occupied by Iraqi military personnel (mostly unarmed) and civilians of many nationalities.
The Marines allowed the vehicles to get out of the city and then laid down an aerial barrage of anti-armor mines across the road, making it impossible for the vehicles to move ahead. There were miles of vehicles and thousands of passengers who were not able to move. Kill zones were assigned to groups of eight aircraft sent into the target area every 15 minutes. According to Major General Royal N. Moore, commander of the Marine Air Wing 3, "It was like a turkey shoot until the weather turned sour."
By the morning of February 26, the 2nd Marine Division and its augmenting armored brigade (the Tiger brigade) of the Army's 2nd Armored Division, arrived on the scene. Other ground division followed. Now, the slaughter on what has become to be known as "The Highway of Death" began in earnest.
U.S. troops observed thousands of Iraqis trying to escape up the highway. They attacked the defenseless soldiers from the high ground, cutting to shreds vehicles and people trapped in a miles-long traffic jam. Allied jets repeatedly pounded the blocked vehicles. Schwarzkopf's orders were "not to let anybody or anything out of Kuwait City."
On February 27, the first words hit the outside world about this carnage, however, it still would be a few more weeks until photographs of the destruction made their way to the public, and then only a few were seen. A pool reporter with the 2nd Armored Division wrote:

As we drove slowly through the wreckage, our armored personnel carrier's tracks splashed through great pools of bloody water. We passed dead soldiers lying, as if resting, without a mark on them. We found others cut up so badly; a pair of legs in its trousers would be 50 yards from the top half of the body. Four soldiers had died under a truck where they sought protection.

The Iraqi retreat extended north of Jahra, where the two main roads going into Iraq split at al-Mutlaa. Because the main road was so jammed, Iraqi troops were being diverted along a coastal route. These soldiers suffered the same fate as those on the Highway of Death. According to a U.S. Army officer on the scene (the coastal road):

There was nothing but shit strewn everywhere, five to seven miles of just solid bombed-out vehicles. The Air Force had been given the word to work over the entire area, to find anything that moved and take it out.

Surrendering Iraqi troops were also slaughtered. According to a media pool report of February 27:

One Navy pilot, who asked not to be identified, said Iraqis have affixed white flags to their tanks and are riding with turrets open, scanning the skies with their binoculars. The flier said that under allied rules of engagement, pilots were still bombing tanks unless soldiers abandoned the vehicles and left them behind.

The first British pilots to arrive at the scenes of slaughter returned to their base. They protested taking part in attacking defenseless soldiers, but, under threat of court martial, they eventually took part in the massacre.

According to a report by Greenpeace called On Impact:

Aboard the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Ranger, air strikes against Iraqi troops were being launched so feverishly ... that pilots said they took whatever bombs happened to be closest to the flight deck. S-3 Viking anti-submarine patrol aircraft were brought into the bombing campaign, carrying cluster bombs. The number of attacking aircraft was so dense that air traffic control had to divert planes to avoid collisions.

On March 10, the scenes at the coastal road were still horrendous. Reporter Michael Kelly described them:
For a 50 or 60-mile stretch from just north of Jahra to the Iraqi border, the road was littered with exploded and roasted vehicles, charred and blown-up bodies ... I saw no bodies that had not belonged to men in uniform. It was not always easy to ascertain this because the force of the explosions and the heat of the fires had blown most of the clothing off the soldiers, and often too had cooked their remains into wizened, mummified, charcoal-men.

General McPeak took great pride in the slaughter. He said, "When enemy armies are defeated, they retreat. It's during this phase that the true fruits of victory are achieved from combat, when the enemy's disorganized." Less than a week after the White House spokesman assured the world that U.S. forces would not attack a retreating Iraqi army, most of the army was destroyed while it was retreating.
When the operation was completed, Iraq was stuck with the bill. One of the conditions of the cease-fire was that Iraq had to pay Kuwait $50 billion in reparations for damage caused by the U.S. When the oil-for-food program began, the first 15% of all revenues taken in by Iraq went to Kuwait.
The most appalling aspect of this end to Desert Storm was the bravado of the U.S. government and the top military officers. They ordered this unnecessary slaughter and took glee every time they publicly spoke of it. Powell and McPeak gained the military accolades that had diverted them a couple of decades earlier in Vietnam.
In addition to the Highway of Death carnage, an incident occurred that has since been forgotten by most of the world. On the first two days of the ground war (February 24 and 25, 1991), U.S. troops, using tanks and earthmovers that had been specially-fitted with plows, buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive.
Three brigades of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Division (the Big Red One) used the tactic to destroy trenches and bunkers that were defended by about 10,000 Iraqi soldiers. These combatants were draftees, not seasoned troops such as the Republican Guard.
The assault was carefully planned and rehearsed. According to U.S. participants, about 2,000 Iraqis surrendered and were not buried. Most of the rest, about 8,000, were buried beneath tons of sand - many trying to surrender. Captain Bernie Williams was rewarded for his part in the burying with a Silver Star. He said, "Once we went through there, other than the ones who surrendered, there wasn't anybody left."
According to a senior Army official who, under anonymity, was questioned by The Spotlight about the tactics, the use of earthmovers is standard procedure in breaching obstacles and minefields. The heavy equipment precedes armored and infantry units to level barriers, then the vehicles can move quickly through enemy defenses. The official stated that any Iraqi troops who remained in their bunkers would have been buried and killed. He added, "This is war. This isn't a pickup basketball game."
Colonel Anthony Moreno, commander of the 2nd Brigade, said, "For all I know, we could've killed thousands." A thinner line of trenches on Moreno's left flank was attacked by the 1st Brigade, commanded by Colonel Lon Maggart. He estimated that his troops alone buried about 650 Iraqis alive.
After the cease-fire, in an interview with New York Newsday, Maggart and Moreno came forward with some of the first public testimony about the burying alive of Iraqi soldiers. Prior to their interview, then Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney, never mentioned the atrocities, even when he submitted a report to Congress just prior to the interviews.
The technique used in burying the soldiers involved a pair of M1-A1 tanks with plows shaped like giant teeth along each section of the trench line. The tanks took up positions on either side of the trenches. Bradley fighting vehicles and Vulcan armored personnel carriers straddled the trench line and fired into the Iraqi soldiers as the tanks covered them with piles of sand.
According to Moreno, "I came through right after the lead company. What you saw was a bunch of buried trenches with peoples' arms and things sticking out of them." Maggart added, "I know burying people alive sounds pretty nasty, but it would be even nastier if we had to put our troops in the trenches and clean them out."
The attack contradicted U.S. Army doctrine, which calls for troops to leave their armored vehicle to clean out trenches or to bypass and isolate fortified positions. Moreno admitted that the assault was not according to policy:

This was not doctrine. My concept is to defeat the enemy with your power and equipment. We're going to have to bludgeon them with every piece of equipment we've got. I'm not going to sacrifice the lives of my soldiers - it's not cost-effective.

The most disturbing aspect of the incident was the secrecy involved. When Newsday broke the story, many were taken by surprise. According to members of the U.S. House and Senate Armed Forces Committees, the Pentagon had withheld details of the assault from the committees. Senate Chairman, Sam Nunn, was unaware of the assault and after he was notified, he stated, "It sounds like another example of the horrors of war." Quickly, the incident was forgotten.
The killing of defenseless soldiers and civilians did not end with the cease-fire. On the morning of March 2 (two days after the cease-fire was announced), a convoy of Iraqi vehicles was reported moving through the demarcation point of allied operations on Highway 8 about 50 kilometers west of Basra.
According to a pool reporter from the UPI, a platoon of the 24th Infantry Division reported that the "massive Iraqi convoy ... had just shot a couple of rockets at it." The Washington Post added that the convoy of 700 wheeled vehicles and 300 armored vehicles "opened fire in an effort to clear a path toward a causeway across the Euphrates." Lt. Chuck Ware, the battalion commander, received permission to return fire and the battalion received backup from Army artillery and 20 U.S. Cobra and Apache helicopters.
The ensuing fighting was one-sided and several thousand Iraqis (civilian and military) were killed in two hours. There were few Iraqi survivors.

According to a Washington Post report on March 18, 1991:

U.S. tanks were shooting Iraqi tanks off heavy equipment trailers trying to haul them to safety. Bradley fighting vehicles shattered truck after truck with 25mm cannon fire as Iraqi civilians and soldiers alike ran into the surrounding marshes.

Lt. Col. Ware said, "They shot first, we won big." Another U.S. officer stated, "We really waxed them."
This massacre took place after the cease-fire had been announced. At the time, it was thought that the convoy was not aware of its position; therefore it ran into the U.S. Army personnel. All the equipment was being transported on trucks - it was not in position to use in battle - so the U.S. forces had nothing to fear in terms of casualties. Some Iraqi soldiers were lying down on the vehicles and sleeping or obtaining a suntan.
When the post-cease-fire massacre occurred, the U.S. news agencies mentioned a "skirmish" between Iraqi and U.S. troops and said there were no U.S. casualties. They did not mention the slaughter.
The information made it appear that the unlucky Iraqis had taken a wrong turn somewhere and happened to run into a trigger-happy group of soldiers. The truth, however, is much more diabolical.
In May 2000, The New Yorker published an article by Seymour Hersh called "Overwhelming Force." Hersh spent years tracking down some of the participants in the slaughter, which was given the moniker the "Battle of Rumaila."
Instead of a wayward convoy of Iraqis who had the bad luck to shoot at U.S. forces, Hersh paints a picture of U.S. General Barry McCaffrey intentionally giving wrong location information to his superiors so he could concoct a battle with the hapless Iraqis who, in reality, were exactly where they were supposed to be according to the "safe" routes of return designated by the U.S.
According to the article:

McCaffrey's insistence that the Iraqis attacked first was disputed in interviews for this article by some of his subordinates in the wartime headquarters of the 24th Division, and also by soldiers and officers who were at the scene on March 2nd. The accounts of these men, taken together, suggest that McCaffrey's offensive, two days into a cease-fire, was not so much a counterattack provoked by enemy fire as a systematic destruction of Iraqis who were generally fulfilling the requirements of retreat; most of the Iraqi tanks traveled from the battlefield with their cannons reversed and secured, in a position known as travel-lock. According to these witnesses, the 24th faced little determined Iraqi resistance at any point during the war or its aftermath; they also said that other senior officers exaggerated the extent of Iraqi resistance throughout the war.

The slaughter may have been forgotten and never discussed if not for an anonymous letter sent to the Pentagon that accused McCaffrey of a series of war crimes. The letter stated that McCaffrey's division began the March 2nd assault without Iraqi provocation and it included information only an insider would know. An investigation ensued, but, eventually, McCaffrey was exonerated.
Despite the prospect of an inquiry, McCaffrey openly bragged about his unit's performance in the massacre. He told another general's battalion that the 24th Division had carried out:

"absolutely one of the most astounding goddamned operations ever seen in the history of military science ... We were not fighting the Danish Armed Forces up here. There were a half million of those assholes that were extremely well-armed and equipped."

Some participants of the battle say that Iraq did not fire the first shot. Others maintain the Iraqis shot first, but only once. Authorities differed on the time between the supposed Iraqi shot and the beginning of the U.S. actions. Some say it was about 40 minutes, while others say the time lapse was close to two hours. Either way, it was evident that if Iraq did fire a shot, there was no follow-up or change of formation for the convoy. It still went forward with its equipment not in place for battle.
Soon, a call came asking for every available unit to come to rescue the U.S. troops. Sergeant Stuart Hirstein and his team rushed to the site. When Hirstein arrived, he said there was no attack and no imminent threat from retreating Iraqi tanks. According to Hirstein:

Some of the tanks were in travel formation, and their guns were not in any engaged position. The Iraqi crew members were sitting on the outside of their vehicles, catching rays. Nobody was on the machine guns.

Despite the intelligence that stated the Iraqis were no threat, and the doubts of other officers about an Iraqi attack, McCaffrey still wanted to go to battle. There were more discussions and Captain Bell, who had been involved with the talks before the U.S. "counterattack," believed that McCaffrey moved his brigades to the east of the original cease-fire line to provoke the Iraqis. He added that there is a huge difference between a round or two fired in panic and McCaffrey's determination that the Iraqis were "attacking us." He added, that "is pure fabrication."
Hersh described the beginning of the hostilities that wiped out thousands:

The division log placed the time of McCaffrey's first known battle order at five minutes after nine o'clock. According to Log Item 74. McCaffrey directed that the causeway "be targeted," thus blocking the basic escape route for the retreating forces. The division's Apache helicopters were to "engage from south with intent of terminating engagement." Within moments, the assault was all-out. One company reported that it had engaged a force of between a hundred and two hundred Iraqi "dismounts." By ten o'clock, division headquarters had begun receiving reports of extensive damage to the Iraqi forces. One group of Apache helicopters reported in mid-morning, "Enemy not firing back, they are jumping in ditches to hide." Forty minutes later, according to another log item, McCaffrey ordered artillery to be "used in conjunction with personnel sweep to 'pound these guys' and end the engagement."
The 24th Division continued pounding the Iraqi column throughout the morning, until every vehicle moving toward the causeway - tank, truck, or automobile - was destroyed
McCaffrey was triumphant at battle's end. "He was smiling like a proud father," John Brasfield told me ...
... A couple of evenings later, Pierson was driving toward the causeway. "It must have been a nightmare along this road as the Apaches dispensed death from five kilometers away, one vehicle at a time. I stopped as a familiar smell wafted through the air ... It was the smell of a cookout on a warm summer day, the smell of seared steak."

After the battle, a captured Iraqi tank commander asked again and again, "Why are you killing us? All we were doing was going home. Why are you killing us?"
Shortly before his troops flew back to Fort Stewart in the U.S., McCaffrey told them he had never been:

"more proud of American soldiers in my entire life as watching your attack on 2 March ... It's fascinating to watch what's happening in our country. God, it's the damnedest thing I ever saw in my life. It's probably the single most unifying event that has happened in America since World War II ... The upshot will be that, just like Vietnam had the tragic effect on our country for years, this one has brought back a new way of looking at ourselves."

McCaffrey weathered the storm and received his fourth star in 1994. In 1996, he retired from the Army and was appointed by the Clinton administration as the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, more commonly known as the U.S. Drug Czar.
Hersh's article received much pre-publicity in 2000 and many people were anticipating the piece. Then, a couple of days before The New Yorker was to appear on the stands with the article, a press conference was called to address the issue. A Clinton spokesman took to the podium and criticized the article. He called it "old wine in a new bottle." In the space of about five minutes, an article that should have been read by the American public was dismissed as rubbish by the Clinton administration. The curious aspect of this denigration is that the article had not yet appeared. Normally, an administration tears apart something in the press after it is published. This fact alone should have piqued the interest of the public. However, the opposite occurred. Within a couple of days of its publishing, few spoke of the article again. It became a non-issue.
The entire article is a must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth about how the U.S. military conducted itself in Desert Storm. Not all the personnel were as bloodthirsty as McCaffrey, and Hersh interviewed participants who opposed the decision to slaughter thousands of Iraqis who could not fight back. It is available online at many websites. Punch in the name of the article on a search engine and you will be able to find the entire piece.
Marlin Fitzwater's statement that retreating Iraqi troops would not be attacked was an outright lie, yet neither he nor the administration paid a price for the deceit. Up to 100,000 retreating Iraqis were slaughtered after he made the statement to the world. Among the retreating Iraqi soldiers were civilian men, women and children of various nationalities. Their deaths were, according to various U.S. military officers, the "spoils of war."
Those soldiers who did make it out of Kuwait were still not out of the woods. As soon as they approached Basra, they came under attack from Iranians who crossed the Iran-Iraq border during the U.S. bombing and their Iranian-backed Iraqi stooges. Much bloodshed on both sides occurred, creating more deaths for Iraqi troops. When the hostilities ended, the Iraqi army, by putting up a fierce resistance to the attempted coup, came out on top.
Marlin Fitzwater lied about not attacking retreating Iraqi troops and despite the horrendous circumstances they endured to get back to Iraq, their war was not over. Iran, with the blessing of the U.S., tried to finish off the Iraqi army. But, in the end, the heroic army kept Iraq intact by its brave fighting. Even this part of history has been re-written by the U.S. Instead of stating that Iraqi soldiers faced yet another ambush, the West put its propaganda machine in full gear and the perception of this incident has been attributed to Iraqi soldiers attacking and massacring Iraqi Shi'ite Muslims.

Ernst Zundel, a political prisoner, a "thought criminal", the first
man renditioned in chains from the United States, is free. He was
imprisoned for his thoughts, by a German government in chains,
Israeli chains. He is free again. Paul Fromm's eloquent account

Open Letter to Just Released Political Prisoner, Ernst Zundel

Lieber Ernst:

First, hearty congratulations on being released yesterday as a political prisoner incarcerated by what you so rightly call the German "vassal state." The soulless descendants of men whose boots they are not fit to even lick extracted the full term of their 5-year sentence imposed upon you for being a heretic.

It is almost five years to the day since I was called to the Metro West Detention Centre where you had been kept in solitary confinement for 25 months - confinement usually reserved for the most dangerous of criminals. This treatment was what one might expect from the sorry hypocritical Canadian state that loves to wag its finger and preach human rights but is as comfortable as its Red Chinese pals in jailing dissenters or gagging the Internet. In some ways, though, Ernst, your ideas, your dissent from the new religion of holocaust, was more dangerous to our political establishment and the minority puppeteers than the activities of a gunman, rapist, or armed robber.

JB and I went around to the prison to collect boxes of your correspondence reflecting the hundreds of devoted people around the globe who had written to you to support and encourage you in prison.

We learned that you had been sneaked on a private jet - which government paid for that ? - surreptitiously ("security" reasons, you know) - to be sent back to Germany to face charges for Internet postings legally made in North America. The extraterritorial claim of jurisdiction, of course, didn't trouble Canada's highly politicized courts and they had blithely consigned you to a kangaroo trial and certain jail in Germany.

So, Ernst, we go back a long time. The Canadian Association for Free Expression did its modest part to help publicize your various cases going back to 1985 and the ludicrous "false news" charges for which you were twice prosecuted. Later we joined as an intervenor in the Canadian Human Rights Commissions' Sec. 13 "Internet" hate charges, a case that went on from 1996 to 2002.

In today's TORONTO SUN (March 2, 2010), Mark Bonokoski, unable to act as anything from a hate-spewing voice for his ethnic group's lobby called you a "rat." The headline reported on the Canadian Jewish Congress website charged: "Rat let out of his cage." Years ago, we called you the "Galileo of Revisionism." A rat is vicious and secretive. You have always been friendly and up front in the 70s and 80s in your defence of the rights of German parents not to have their ethnic group defamed and vilified in schools, and later in your skepticism about the new state religion of holocaust.

Ultimately, you were punished, not because the facts and research you adduced to question the claims and assertions of the new religion were false, but because you had questioned at all. Many, probably you included, felt that the extravagant claims of German wrongdoing - the vehemence of which increased with each year as WW II receded into history - were matters of historical or scientific facts misreported or wrong. You sought to shed the light of research and statistics on these claims That was not allowed. One is not allowed to question or discuss what is called "the holocaust" because it is not a historical event. It is a religion, a religion that has all but become the state religion in most of what was once called "the Free World." You were not punished because you got the facts wrong - you didn't. You were punished because you were a heretic, because you refused to say that Ooga Booga, he with three purple horns, lived up on top of the mountain, was god and should be adored.

Thus, like Galileo, you refused to assent to foolish superstition or state imposed belief and sought to see what facts, eyewitnesses and forensics had to tell us of the events of WW II.

We honour you and rejoice in your release from prison and pray and strive for the day when you enjoy real freedom and we in Canada and even more your countrymen in super repressive Germany enjoy freedom of thought and freedom of expression which are our rights. -

Paul Fromm, Director,

2010-03-07 Sun 13:37:23 cst