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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 12,1431/ February 27, 2010 # 9

Bangladeshi Muslims helping Haiti big time. Scroll to end. Also see note on relief troubles in Somalia

Latest Books:
Do Americans understand Israel, its worldview, its policies, its history, without polemic and propaganda? This book will probably be the required reading on Israel. Make sure your public library has it. Thoroughly documented from Israeli sources:

Israeli Exceptionalism. The Destabilizing Logic of Zionism by M. Shahid Alam.
274 pages. Order from

Jamaate Islami's new leader Syed Munawar Hasan is turning it into a grassroots movement. Who is Hasan? For the first time in USA, see his interviews in Return to Pakistan, the book publicized below. Also see his latest speech. Scroll all the way down.

The attack on the Red Mosque and the women's seminary Jamia Hafsa caused the Islamic uprising in northern Pakistan. First time in USA, read interviews with Red Mosque leader Abdur Rasheed Ghazi and woman leader Umm Hasan in Return to Pakistan, the book publicized below.

See note from Sis. Abigail below: CAIR is working with a SECRET group to brainwash US Muslims.

Also on February 26, big setback for the US in Pakistan. Br. Khalid Khawaja moved the Pakistani High Court on the case of Mullah Baradar and 4 other Taliban. The court decided that they cannot be extradited to the US or to the puppet Karzai regime in Kabul as Pakistani regime was attempting to do.

Change through Peaceful Means, within the law, thru non-Violent Resistance: April 3 Shoora

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's National Shoora will meet on April 3, 2010, inshallah.

Agenda is under preparation. Readers' advice and input is welcome.

Host: Imam Badi Ali.
Secretary General: Sis. Ashira Na'im
Ameer: Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Philosopher: Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz []

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora Leader, North Carolina]

Spotlight: Israel's murder of an Islamic leader in Dubai uncovers the major moral and material failure of the global network of oppressive powers. First the Israelis. They sent in a team of 35 killers to kill ONE Muslim who was not even armed. What could be more cowardly? Then look at the professional failure of the Israeli killers. They were spotted by the tiny police force of Dubai. Then see the steady revelations that western powers and Australia provided the Israelis with support including fake passports. Then came the hue and cry by the western powers and Australa when their cooperation with the Israelis became known. They said: We didn't do this international terrorist activity, but there can be little doubt that they were involved. Notice that none of the western powers have taken even the trouble to call in the Israeli ambassador for a reprimand. A Muslim country would have been put under sanctions. Finally there is the helpless silence of the Arab rulers. Below all of them is the Fatah faction which actually facilitated the murder [though they say only some of them were involved.]

Israeli murder in Dubai was organized at the highest level of Israeli leadership. See report below.

Breaking News

Turkey Imprisons Seven Senior Military Commanders for Treachery against the People

February 25, 2010. A court in Ankara, Turkey, ordered seven military commanders imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the democratically elected government. Among those imprisoned are two serving commanders of the navy and 2 retired commanders along with a retired general and two retired colonels. Another 50 officers have also been arrested and are being investigated.

The military general staff went into an emergency meeting and warned the government of dire consequences. Prime Minister Erdogan returned from Spain and had a meeting with his interior Minister and Justice Minister.

[Ed. Note: Turkey's military has suppressed the Islamic aspirations of the Turkish people for decades through the imposition of a crude secularism on Turkey. Looks like the military is weakening. More power to the people, inshallah.]

Late breaking: February 26. Eleven more Turkish military officers have been sent to prison.

A not for profit publication meant to create understanding of the real issues in America.

Return to Pakistan
Media Perspectives on Bush's Iraq & Afghanistan Wars

by Kaukab Siddique

200 Pages. $14.95+ $1.50 Postage and Handling

For the first time, an American Muslim's analysis of the sensitive issues from Fallujah to the Red Mosque. Factual and hardhitting.

Order from : American Society for Education & Religion, P.O Box 356, Kingsville, MD21087

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Pakistan

2. Ahmed Rashid and the Mirror Image

3. First days of War

4. Outline of Essay on Jihad.

5. Islam and America: Two World: Two Visions

6. Kandahar under Attack

7. Meet Munawar Hasan

8. Al-Qaida POWs and Musharraf

9. America's attempts to Create a new Islam

i. Stephen Schwartz
ii. W. D. Muhammad
iii. Ibn Warraq and Prof. Akbar Ahmad
iv. "Imam" Magid and Native Deen

10. War News as it Happened

11. Understanding Munawar Hasan

12. Kashmir

13. Assault on Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid

14. Interviews with Abdur Rashid Ghazi

15. Interviews with Umm Hasan, Principal of Jamia Hafsa

16. 10,000 Troops hit Lal Masjid

17. America's Defeat in Iraq

18. Why Sectarian Hatred?

19. Forecasting the Return of the Taliban

20. Gtmo: First US Muslim Condemnation

21. Great Muslim Thinkers of Modern Times
i. Iqbal
ii. Maudoodi
iii. Syed Qutb
iv. Khomeini
v. Omar 'Abdel Rahman

22. Why are the Taliban Winning?

23. Iraq War and Democrat Victory in 2006. American People were fooled.

24. Iraq Report: Old Wine in New Bottles: . Shia "Israel" to be Set Up

25. Charlie Rose's Love Fest with Rushdie: Waiting for emergence of a new "Islam"

26. Islam Has Declared Haram [forbidden] the Slightest Cooperation with Oppressors

27. Nationalization of Islam by Bush

28 Helping non-Muslims Understand Media Propaganda
i. Male Dominance.
ii. FGM
iii. Sex
iv. Taliban Excesses
v. Honor Killings
vi. Israel

29. Pakistan: Understanding the Betrayal by Musharraf

A note from Sis. Abigail's Research

CAIR worked with Secret Group to Brainwash 5 US Muslim Youths but Failed

Our research indicates that CAIR is working in depth with anti-Islam forces to break the spirit of US Muslims and to create a fake "Islam" which worships America.

More later.

America's Muslims

A Spiritual Muslimah asks: Is there a Salahuddin among US Muslims?

With thanks to:

Today I am thinking about him (pbuh)..............what if he were here, and I could lay my fears, sadness, insecurities, and complaints at his feet and ask for his advice. His gentle patronage and his affectionate manner would smooth over all ill feelings........

I am at the masjed to pray Maghrib and pray shukrana for my vision after getting an almost clean bill of eye health from my eye doctor. I want to thank my Healer (Ash- Shafi) in His house (the masjed).
As I wait in Dhikr for the adhaan, two men are talking loudly and making sarcastic remarks in a humorous manner about the Imam. I remain silent trying to concentrate on my pre Maghrib Dhikr; it is the hour of acceptance of du'a.......
The conversation goes on laughing, a little, a bit of a jeer, laced with a patronizing tone. I finally get up and walk up to the men's side of the masjed and ask the men if they had ever put themselves in the shoes of the Imam and walked with his limitations and challenges?
I feel like a chastising teacher to these grown men, lax in their manners in the masjed, doing Ghibah at the hour of acceptance of dua. In observing their body habitus, it reflects lack of exercise, and lack of control in intake of food, and thus lack in control of the tongue too at the hour before Maghrib and in the masjed.
I am shocked at myself. I am, after making up my mind that I was not going to critique anyone in the masjed, here I am speaking my mind..............

Another day.......
It is jum'a...................and I know I should not look in front of me at the American Muslim brothers, but every time the door opens I see a paunch entering before the body of the American Muslim male. Even the twenty some boys have paunches.
Why is the American Muslim male, especially the ones who are aware enough to come for Jum'a so lax? Their excesses are reflected in their tardiness, their lack of respect of jum'a prayers by appearing in jeans and wearing pants, which do not loosely drape and cover their awrah as is commanded by Allah Subhanahu-wa-taala.
Their faces and their gait reflect the stupor of a Baheme, satisfied with their state of belief and stupefied by the load of food numbing their brain, and we wonder why we don't have a Salahuddin to free Palestine.
Our Salahudins are buried under the tub of fatty foods that their mothers, wives and sisters feed them. They are in a race with those American non Muslim men to develop the figure comprising of the beer belly (without the beer) of the hard drinking, football watching, butt slapping, blue collar people who know nothing better and drown their daily frustrations in these acts.
While the light (Noor) as promised by Allah Subhana-hu-wa-taala illuminates the heavens and the earth and everything in between, but our modern day Salahuddins, the American Muslim males are wearing dark glasses with their noses pointed to the standard American practices (SAP) which are sapping their vigor, their sight and their desire to see and absorb what Allah subhana-hu-wa-taala has illuminated for his ebaad. They have reached the masjed but they have not opened or understood nor embodied that Noor and the message:

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light. Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah setteth forth for mankind similitudes, for Allah is Knower of all things. (35) (This lamp is found) in houses which Allah hath allowed to be exalted and that His name shall be remembered therein. Therein do offer praise to Him at morn and evening. (36)

We pray for Allah to send:

Men whom neither merchandise nor sale beguileth from remembrance of Allah and constancy in prayer and paying to the poor their due; who fear a day when hearts and eyeballs will be overturned;

(37) That Allah may reward them with the best of what they did, and increase reward for them of His bounty. Allah giveth blessings without stint to whom He will. (38)

br> The Muslim sisters in America may have to wait a long time....... or go elsewhere to find their Salahuddins.

Elie Wiesel and the `Iranian Problem'
Arno J. Mayer

Elie Wiesel modestly calls his benevolent foundation the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. Under its flag he has gathered the signatures of 43 Nobel laureates in support of the resistance inside Iran. Although Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace (1986), his appeal is anything but a call for a peaceful and negotiated resolution of the "Iranian problem" in West Asia. .. .. Wiesel also seized the occasion to blast the Goldstone Report as "a crime against the Jewish people." Concerning Iran Wiesel is patently in complete harmony with Shimon Peres, the hard-line President of Israel who incongruously shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat.

War News: Afghanistan: #1

Indian, Western, Intelligence, Karzai's Police hit in Audacious Islamic Attack in Kabul

February 26, 2010: Taliban raiders hit the guest houses of foreigners in the heart of Kabul. The attack began with a truck bomb followed by two martyrdom operators who entered the target while mujahideen held off Karzai's forces in a 90 minute gun battle. The Taliban killed at least 18, mostly high value targets, and wounded 32. The dead included 9 Indians whom India has identified as "government officials," [a euphemism for intelligence officers]. A senior Italian intelligence officer and a French film maker were among those killed along with 7 officers of the Karzai police. The mujahideen withdrew safely after the two matyrdom operators gave their lives.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujaddadi called the media to take credit for the successful attack and to give details.

Afghanistan #2

US Military Operation in Marja Fizzled: Entire Column of American Tanks blown up. Beginning of the end for NATO in Afghanistan?

February 25, 2010: The Taliban force of only 100 withdrew intact from Marja after humiliating a huge American force of 15,000. The worst point for the Americans came when an entire column of American tanks, advancing advancing abreast ran into a network of homemade bombs placed by the Taliban. The tanks became sitting ducks for dare devil Taliban who knocked the tanks out with rpgs at close range.

Only FIVE Muslim fighters were killed in the entire fighting. Probably these were Arab mujahideen who want al-Jannah and nothing else. They held up the Americans while the defense force withdrew.

Only a few hundred people out of a population of 20,000 returned to Marja for US offers of money. They were photographed by the Americans and Karzai's flag was raised to put the publicity on the corporate media in America.

The Americans stopped giving details of the battle after the first 4 days. TheTaliban have given a detailed account.

One point the Taliban are making in their electronic media is that with the Americans finding it so difficult to take ONE town in spite of overwhelming odds in their favor, what chance of success do they have because the Taliban are holding scores of such small towns.

Pakistan : NATO Supply Route Hit

February 25, 2010: A Pakistani oil tanker carrying oil supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan was blown up on the outskirts of Peshawar. AFP reports that probably a local Islamic group known as Lashkare Islam was involved in the attack.

US Air Strike Kills Pak Mujahid Leader's 20 year old son: Pakistani Intelligence Helped US

On February 18, 2010 a US aircraft fired two missiles into the Pakistani village of Darpa Khel in North Waziristan. Mohammad Haqqani, 20 year old son of Sirajuddin Haqqani who is known for his support for the Islamic resistance forces. Two Afghans visiting him were also killed.
General Kayani's intelligence operatives were probably involved in the killing because the first reports of the strike came from Pakistani intelligence and were presented as a victory in the pro-US Pakistani daily Dawn.
The Taliban have promised to retaliate.

Israel: International Terrorist

[With thanks to Al-Awda.]

Murder of Islamic Leader was Planned and Implemented by Top Israeli Leadership

The Sunday Times, citing "sources with knowledge of Mossad", reported on Sunday thatNetanyahu visited the Israeli intelligence headquarters in early January and, after being brief, authorised the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. [Just as he approved the killing of Khalid Mishal in Amman in 1996. Wm]

http://english. aljazeera. net/news/ middleeast/ 2010/02/20102219 289545873. html

Israel PM 'signed off' on Dubai hit

Hamas officials said al-Mabhouh may have created a "security breach" that led to his death [Reuters]

Binyamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, is alleged to have given the green light for last month's assassination of a senior Hamas figure, according to a British newspaper.

The Sunday Times, citing "sources with knowledge of Mossad", reported on Sunday that Netanyahu visited the Israeli intelligence headquarters in early January and, after being brief, authorised the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

A rehearsal of the operation, which reportedly involved at least 18 agents, was apparently carried out at a Tel Aviv hotel - without detection - prior to the briefing.

While the identity of the killers remains unknown, Dubai police have identified 11 members of the alleged hit team through immigration records and CCTV tapes.

They identified the passports the 11 suspects were using as coming from Britain, France, Germany and Ireland

Dhahi Khalfan, Dubai's police chief, on Saturday said further investigation showed that some of those passports - bearing authentic holograms - had been used to track al-Mabhouh on earlier trips to the emirate.

'Security breach'

Al-Mabhouh took off from Damascus, the Syrian capital, on a flight bound for Dubai on January 19. Israel apparently suspected he was on his way to Iran to arrange an arms shipment for Gaza.

Around five hours after he checked in to the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, he was murdered.

in depth

Hamas officials are now saying al-Mabhouh may have inadvertently made some security slip-ups by booking his flight online, and by calling his family.

"Al-Mabhouh called his family by phone before he travelled to Dubai and told them of his plan to stay in a specific hotel, and he booked his travel through the internet," Salah Bardawil, a Hamas politician in Gaza, told reporters on Friday.

"This undoubtedly created a security breach in the movements of al-Mabhouh."

Bardawil also said some members of rival Palestinian faction Fatah may have had a role to play in the Hamas commander's death, but made no accusations against the group itself.

"We hold the Mossad directly responsible for the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on Arab territory and the Mossad should, and will, bear all the consequences for this crime sooner or later," he said.

"We are not blaming Fatah or the Palestinian Authority. Until now, the investigations only point to collaborators or individuals who worked with Mossad. But this does not mean the PA of Fatah were behind the assassination. "

The Israeli government, and Mossad itself, have refused either to confirm or deny any role in the assassination - part a "policy of ambiguity", as Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli foreign minister, described it.

"Ultimately people here are quite satisifed by the outcome, whether it was in fact the Mossad or not, whether the faces of the operatives were shown on the CCTV cameras, whether or not there is a certain amount of diplomatic embarrassment, " Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland, reporting from Tel Aviv, said.

"That this Hamas senior commander, who was believed to be involved in gaining finance for weapons for Hamas fighters, the fact that he was taken out is something that most Israelis would approve whole heartedly of.

"There is nothing politically controversial here ... the question more is the rather messy loose ends that have been left here."

Diplomatic tensions

Tensions between Israel and its European allies have, however, mounted in the wake ofthe murder, with UK, Irish, German and French governments all summoning their respective Israeli ambassadors for answers regarding the use of their passports.

On Saturday, Germany's Der Spiegel magazine reported that the German passport used was genuine(in German).

The magazine said a man using the name of Michael Bodenheimer approached Cologne immigration officials in June 2008 with a request for citizenship, offering pre-World War II papers as proof of his German ancestry. The travel document was apparently issued in 2009.

The passport was apparently obtained by stealing the identity ofan Israeli-American.

UK authorities, meanwhile, said on Saturday that they believe the six British passports used in the operation must have been duplicates using numbers copied by Israeli immigration officials, according to a Telegraph report.
The British travel documents were not biometric, meaning they did not have computer chips embedded in them that would make it more difficult to duplicate.

Iran: The cat is out of the bag [From NT's Iran observer.]

The Other Face of Iran: US linked Pakistani Intelligence behind Capture of Islamic Resistance Leader in Iranian Baluchistan

On February 23, 2010 Iran forced down the international flight of Kyrgiz Airlines and "captured" Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of the Islamic resistance in Iranian Baluchistan. Iran presented this violation of international law as a great victory. At the same time, the Iranians tried to claim that Riji, who is a mujahid leader, had visited an American military base but could not mention where is this base.

However, later reports show that this was an operation linking Iran with pro-US intelligence group of Pakistan. The cat was out of the bag when the Pakistani ambassador in Tehran proudly announced that the capture of Rigi would not have been possible without the role played by Pakistani intelligence [which is reputedly linked to the American CIA].

Here is what the Pakistani ambassador said, as published in the pro-government Tehran Times of February 25, 2010:

"TEHRAN - The arrest of terrorist ringleader Abdolmalek Rigi by the Iranian security forces would not have been possible without the help of Pakistan, Islamabad's ambassador to Tehran said here on Wednesday.

"I must tell you that this did not happen without the help of Pakistan, and Pakistan will continue to support Iran," Ambassador M.B. Abbasi told reporters at a press conference at the Pakistani Embassy in Tehran. "

The Pakistani ambassador went on to point out that the Pakistani regime earlier handed over a number of Islamic activists to Iran, including Abdolmalek's brother. Here we quote Mr. Abbasi again from Tehran Times:

"Pakistan has already shown its commitment by surrendering some other Rigi terrorists to Iran. One brother of Abdolmalek Rigi, Abdolhamid Rigi, has already been handed over to Iran by the Pakistani authorities."

New Trend readers might remember that at one time Iran tortured Abdolhamid and then put him on TV to "confess" that he worked for the US. Other resistance fighters were quickly executed by Iran ostensibly to avoid the need for evidence that they worked for America.

Breaking News: February 25: As expected, Iran brought Abdol Malek Rigi to TV to broadcast a "confession" in which he condemned himself as an American agent! Such "confessions" are beyond the pale of civilization and are brought about by torture and fear of death. Iran is smearing itself with these acts against basic human rights. Even more shameful is the activity of the Iranian propaganda branch disguised as media [known as Press TV] which is proudly dissemnating this confession.
On Press TV, Abdolmalek Rigi looked like he was ready to fall down and his face had been distorted probably by torture.

Iran is holding Shaykh Osama's son and a number of mujahideen who had taken refuge in Iran following the US bombing of Afghanistan. Iran cooperated with the US against the mujahideen both in Afghanistan and in Iraq. It joined the US and the UN in imposing sanctions on Iraq. The Iraqi air force which took refuge in Iran to avoid US attack was seized by Iran in violation of Islamic values.
Iran has done much for its people but it is straying further and further away from Islamic ideals.

Helping US Muslims Understand Islam

Specific Advice for Modern Transformation from our Leader Muhammad, pbuh

By: Shamim Siddiqui [The writer lives in Long Island, New York, and is the author of numerous outstanding books on Islam.]

[The writer uses the term Rasulullah, which simply means Messenger of Allah, pbuh.]

Human society has reached the state of complete moral bankruptcy, especially after the great global economic disaster of 2008-09. It needs men of character in every field of life to set its house in order and deliver goodness in each and every sector to make its abode worth living with dignity and honor.

We see today that morally the world is collapsing. Trust in its leadership is touching the zero point. Corruption in all its shapes has defaced it face. Greed and fraudulent practices are rampant everywhere and in each sector of our social, economic and political life. Exploitation in its wake has emerged as the fashion of the day. Maximization of personal profit, gains and fame has empowered individuals in every field of trade, commerce, business enterprises and entrepreneurship to run their affairs with total greed and false desires. In consequence, the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer day by day.

This situation is producing only zulm (oppression) and denying even two square meals to millions and millions inhabitants of poor, underdeveloped countries including vast regions of Asia, Africa, Latin America and many parts of Europe and America too. There are 36 million people who are leading a life below the poverty line in the USA alone; not to say of the sub-Sahara regions of Africa and teaming millions of India who hardly sleep with something in their belly. The situation around the world has, thus, reached t a very precarious point and needs immediate attention towards getting it corrected. But who could do it - not the corrupt and deceitful secular leadership around the world - then who?

To correct this disastrous situation, honest leadership, with dependable, trustworthy character should be in power in each and every country of the world and in every sector of the world economy - in trade, in commerce and in industry both at individual and collective levels. The question is: Who can do this job? Where is its blueprint? Where is its inspiring model for all times to come?

This agenda is also missing from the development plan of each and every country and nation around the world. Different faiths and religious practices too lack in this respect, except Islam and the life pattern of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) wherein it is present in a predominant form but, unfortunately, the Muslims too stand nowhere for doing good to others.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) carried out his plan through character building as the basic need of the Islamic System which he introduced and established in the human society for delivering justice and fair play to human species. Let us see how he did it . Remember, he saw character as the paramount need of the system he was assigned to profess, practice and deliver to mankind for attaining eternal bliss in both the worlds.

When the Second Wahi [revelation] came to him after the gap of a few months [called "Fitrah"], he was assigned the Mission of his life in these words:

"Rise and warn. And glorify thy Lord [by establishing His authority]" - The Qur'an - Al-Muddassir: 74: 2-3]

Along with it the Kalimah "La Ilaha Illallah" was also entrusted to him for calling the humanity to the fold of Allah, the Creator and the Sustainer of this cosmos.

Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) now needed three things to accomplish the mission of his life:

1. The Guidance - the Blueprint of the System he was to establish on earth for the deliverance of mankind;

2. A team of dependable and trustworthy character to work as the founder workers of the system and the builders of the edifice of the Islamic society and state and to serve as models for mankind till eternity;

3. The land where to establish the system in the form of a society and state to serve as its model.

Now let us see how it worked out:

1. The Creator and Sustainer Himself sent the details of the Guidance - the System, the Blueprint about what to do and how to do, and completed it in gradual process in 23 years and perfected it with his last words during his first and the last Hajj:

"This day I have perfected your Deen for you and completed My favor unto you and have chosen for you Al-Islam as your Deen" [Ref: Al-Qur'an. Surah Al-Maidah 5: 3]

2. Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) himself started building the requisite team of trustworthy men of character in ones and twos through his "person to person" contact - inviting each to the fold of Allah, trimming and molding their life to be obedient to their Sustainer, feeling always accountability to Him in the life after death for all their actions and deeds and following his own life pattern as its model.

He was remarkably assisted in his efforts by his beloved companions, especially Abu Bakr Siddiq, Musab bin Umair and others like them. Through this process he built his team of trusted workers [we call them Sahabah, may Allah be pleased with them, out of reverence] who were always ready to sacrifice their time, talents, energies and resources (wealth) for the mission of Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him). Thus, he built his team of dependable and trustworthy people to accomplish his mission of the Iqamah of Allah's Deen on earth.

They were the luminaries of the time and for all times to come. They carried the mission of Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) within the next hundred years to the vast tracts of Asia, Europe and North Africa and delivered justice and equity to lands that came under the sovereignty of the Islamic State.

Human rights were well protected and taken care of in every field of life. All citizens were equals before law. No discrimination and no exploitation was permitted in any form.

Basic needs of each citizen was guaranteed through Islam's own self-sustained welfare system. Corruption was rooted out altogether. Service to humanity was the fashion of the day. It was all a boon for human society.

Through these efforts, Rasulullah got 124 team mates in Makkah, and through the magnificent Da'wah efforts of Musab bin Umair in Madinah, he got 63 from the tribe of Aus and 176 from the tribe of Khazraj. He arranged this team in the battle of Badr and prayed to Allah on the eve of the battle day:

O Allah! Send your promised help other none will be left to worship You["La Tabud"].

His promised help came and the idolaters of Makkah who had attacked Madinah arrogantly were routed . Seventy of their stalwarst were killed and 70 became prisoners in the hands of Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him). They were all set free after paying some nominal ransom either in cash or in kind.

3. Land: While at Makkah, Rasulullah tried his best to find a place to make the headquarters of the Islamic Movement. First he tried for Ethiopia. Then he himself went to T'aif but could not succeed due to stiff opposition by the idolaters. Allah then prepared the ground in Madinah where he migrated with his companions in the thirteenth year of his Prophethood.

4. The Trustworthy Character that Rasulullah built in his beloved companions delivered justice, peace and equity to human society, the suffering humanity of his time, and for many centuries together its blessings continued. However, this job was subsequently neglected, even given up, causing decay and decadence in Muslim societies. The neglect of duties paved the way towards the emergence of kingdoms, empires, tyrants and many corrupt oppressive regimes within the body politic of Muslim countries, surrendering ultimately to the secular West that excelled in science and technology.
5. As such, in spite of the fact, that the west is dominating the world's socio-economic-political scene for the last two hundred years, it could not deliver justice to mankind in any form. Its civilization stands on some secular "values", the shifting sands of time. I have drawn its fathomless condition in the beginning to depict that it could not and cannot deliver good to mankind as it has nothing to offer to man except lust, greed and false sense of arrogance with military and economic superiority to subjugate the weak and the poor.
6. Hence man needs the character that Rasulullah built at the outset of the seventh century C.E., if humanity today wants justice, peace and fair play in every field of life at individual and collective levels. This is the job of the Muslim Ummah to fulfill this paramount human need as Allah has commissioned it to do. Now let us see what the Ummah possesses today out of the three requisites that were the prime need of Rasulullah to accomplish his mission. Let us examine what we have to do towards meeting our obligation in the midst of conflicting rival ideologies and dogmas and the extraordinary selfish behavior of man that is full of all kinds of greed and caprices.

7. What the Muslim Ummah possesses today out of the three requisites that Rasulullah needed to fulfill his mission towards establishing the authority of our Lord can be traced out as follows:

1. The Guidance - the Blueprint [the Qur'an] is available, Alhamdulillah, with us intact in its original form, language and shape and the life pattern of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) in its minutest details to follow as the most perfect model till eternity;

2. The Land: There are currently 57 countries where Muslims are in majority and have their own governments but have nothing to do with the Islamic System of life though they all claim that they are Muslims and their state "religion" is Islam.

3. The trustworthy leadership that Rasulullah built for the attainment of his mission: That is missing altogether at each level in the context of modern world whereas it is the most urgent need of the Muslim Ummah and that of the human society at large. The world cannot solve any of its ever surmounting problems in absence of that honest, God-conscious and trustworthy leadership.

The Islamic Movements around the world have been conscious of this fact from their very outset and were and are trying their best to build the requisite team of trustworthy Da'ees but not in the same proportion as the time needs and the Ummah requires. All the movements are bogged down practically in the day to day problems of their respective countries, the legacies of colonial rules, and, as such, could give little concentration to this basic requirement of the Movements.

This is one of the basic reasons that why so far they could not succeed in their genuine efforts to get the Deen of Allah established anywhere in the Muslim world and its possibility in near future too looks like a distant dream as the west is constantly and consciously putting stumbling blocks in their way everywhere and creating problem after problem every now and then.

The above discussion confirms, beyond any shadow of doubt, the need and urgency of dependable and trustworthy characters for human society in every walk of life and in every country to deliver justice and equity to entire humanity, both to the affluent and the have-nots. It equally shows that meeting this requirement is the ultimate responsibility of the Muslim Ummah to get themselves first out of the mess that is infested in every segment of Muslim societies. The Ummah, especially the Islamic Movements and the Muslim leadership has to fulfil this obligation without making any delay to get their own house in order and set the model before the suffering humanity to follow.

If Muslims can devote their time and energy solidly in building the requisite Team with the ennobling character on the pattern Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) inculcated in his beloved companions and set models for others to follow, human societies will rush to them for guidance and the Muslim leadership will then be able to lead the destiny of mankind afresh in the way the Muslims of the first century Hijrah did.

The life pattern of Rasulullah was the model for his time and it is the most perfect model for our time and for all times to come till eternity. Muslims of today have to undertake it as the universal challenge of the time. Allah will then shower His blessings all around us as per His "commitment" through the Verse 69 of Surah Al-Ankabut: "As for those who strive in Us [struggle for His Deen] We surely guide them to Our path, and Lo! Allah is with the Mohsineen."

This path to struggle in the way of Allah is wide open and the passage to the goal is equally surmountable if we could muster equivalent will, courage and stamina to accomplish it within the next decade or so at the most. Muslims in the west, especially their leadership, have greater responsibility to prove themselves as trustworthy models to their fellow citizens. Only then they will be able to wash away the hate campaign against Islam and the Muslims when they prove that their character is of 24 caret gold and they are extremely sincere and honest in doing well to the people of the land. Muslims' survival in all the plural societies in the East like India and in the West like the USA rotates on how fast they follow the footprints of Rasulullah (peace and blessings of Allah be to him) and transform themselves into trustworthy characters in the midst of other Abrahamic faiths at one hand and the pagan world on the other. Only then the human race will open its heart and mind to accept the leadership of Rasulullah as the most perfect model and the Muslims as the saviors of mankind.


Top Jamaate Islami leader says: The Qur'an teaches Jihad as Essential to Islam.

Liberation of Muslim Lands comes First

by Shamsuddin [Writing to New Trend from Pakistan]

LAHORE, Feb. 26: The message of the 12th of Rabiul Awal was that the Muslim Ummah revert to Jehad for establishing the superiority of Deen and the Muslim rulers felt pride in obeying the Holy Prophet ( PBUH) instead of worldly masters, the Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan, said on Friday.
Addressing the Friday congregation at Masjid Al Kausar, Malir, Karachi, he said this recipe alone could free the Muslims from the infidels' tyranny and restore their lost glory, says a JI press release issued from Mansoora.
In the eyes of Washington, only those accepting US slavery were praiseworthy but the slaves of Muhammad( pbuh) would never accept US subjugation under any circumstances, he declared.
. Syed Munawar Hasan said, during the last two decades, foreign troops led by the US were perpetrating tyranny and oppression on the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Chechnya, Lebanon, and Pakistan but ironically the Muslims were being blamed and targeted for terrorism and extremism.
He said, tolerating oppression was not a sign of bravery. On the other hand, supporting the Muslims in their struggle against tyranny was in line with the Holy Prophet's teachings.
The JI chief said that in order to malign Jehad, the Western Media, at the instance of the US, had been dishing out false news and circulating these through the ISPR. [Military news group.] He said the activities of the Muslims against the non-,Muslim forces in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Iraq were real Jehad that would end up in the liberation of occupied Muslim states. He said the oppression of the non-Muslim powers had compelled the Muslim youth to rise against the tyrants. Street terrorism was the weapon of the weak people, he said. The Muslim masses, he said, were more worried about the state terrorism of the US-crony Muslim rulers than the attacks of the aliens as this had increased terrorism and lawlessness.
Syed Munawar Hasan pointed out that the Holy Prophet (pbuh) during his ten years of life at Madina, as also his companions, continuously waged Jehad against the infidels. The Holy Quran contained as many as 486 verses that were considered as verses on Jehad. The Muslim Ummah today, was confronting hardships on all sides and the enemy was taking it as soft fodder while the US was labeling Jehad as terrorism only to bring it bad name However, the Muslims all over the world had raised the banner of Jehad to demonstrate their love for the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The JI leader said, the objectives of the Hizbullah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine and Hizbul Mujahideen in occupied Kashmir are the same. In Kashmir, 700,000 Indian troops have been committing atrocities on the Kashmiri Muslims for the last 22 years and violating human rights.

US restrictions hamper aid distribution in Somalia
17 February - United Nations has slammed strict United States restrictions in Somalia saying they are hurting humanitarian aid distribution in the horn of Africa state.

The UN humanitarian official Mark Bowden said the UN agencies have not seen any evidence from the US that food aid is being diverted to Islamists fighting the weak and UN backed Somali transitional government.

afrol News,

The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." (Al-Tirmidhi)

Muslims for Haiti

HHRD Team in Port Au Prince, Haiti

Weekly Update Narrated by Shahid Hayat [US Executive Director HHRD] in Haiti

Saturday Feb 13, 2010 - Visit to Leogane

Helping Hand for Relief & Development (HHRD) Team visits Leo-Gane (Leogane), which is 30 km from Port Au Prince. Leogane is located very close to the epicenter of the Jan 12th, 2010 earthquake and suffered great damages (up to 90 % of the town has been reported to be damaged). Ministry of Health, Haiti has identified Leogane as one of the priority areas for medical assistance and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene): Other priority areas are Carrefour, Grand Goave, Petit Goave, and Jacmel.

HHRD Team met with the local Leogane community to establish a shelter village in the area for 100 families. This will benefit about 1,000 people, who are homeless after the earthquake. The Local community and HHRD agreed to build these shelters as soon as possible. We are in process to coordinate with the local Government and UN authorities to facilitate the basic infrastructure like electricity, water and sanitation. Br. Saqib Ateeq (NJ) and Dr. Mubashir Saeed (Chicago, IL) join the HHRD Team in Haiti today.

Sunday Feb 14, 2010 - Vaccinations

HHRD Team arranged Td vaccination at two locations: One at Masjid Toaheed and second one close to the security office of Br. Yousuf, who is a local Muslim community leader. In these two locations, HHRD Team vaccinated more than three hundred women, children, and men. Dr. Mubashir Saeed of Chicago, IL; Dr. Mohammad Panday of Kansas City, MO; and the rest of the HHRD team spent the entire day in these locations, advising local communities about prevention from various diseases as a result of an earthquake. A Team of Doctors from Bangladesh visits HHRD camp and appreciates these services. They promise to join our mobile health clinic in different areas from the next day (Monday).

Monday Feb 15, 2010 - Mobil Clinic in Masjid Allah-u-Akbar

Today is our regular day for the mobile health clinic and it is scheduled at Masjid Allah-u-Akbar. This Masjid is still standing, despite being surrounded by flattened buildings. Allah SWT saved this Masjid making this view is quite touching.
We leave our base camp in two vehicles with medicines and volunteers. Today is another hectic day. We are well-staffed with six doctors and two paramedical staff to serve about 200 women, children, and men. Three doctors and one paramedical are from Bangladesh, including Dr. Mamoon, Dr. Chowdhary, Dr. Shahid Ul Islam and Raza Ul Karim (Paramedical Staff). Also we have Dr. Mohammad Panday (Kansas, MO), Dr. Mubashir Saeed (Chicago, IL) and Dr. Daniel (Port Au Prince, Haiti), plus we have one more Paramedical Staff from Port Au Prince.

HHRD team serves more than 200 patients from morning till evening. Our medical camp is much appreciated by the community. Even before our arrival, with the knowledge of our team coming, the local community made basic arrangements and are were very supportive in further helping us to arrange and set up the clinics, bringing the chairs-&-tables and covering the whole area with sheets to protect us and the medication we brought from the suns heat.

Earlier, Br. Saqib (NJ) left us to coordinate with UNO about medications, and up until now, with the Grace of Allah SWT, the HHRD Team has been purchasing all the medications (mostly from USA and some from Dominican Republic), sending them through US volunteer doctors going to Haiti. HHRD Team has been utilizing hundreds of dollars worth of these medicines every day. Br. Saqib has meetings with various officials to find out how we can coordinate with different agencies, who are working in the area. He discovers that we can get some medicines at a low cost; but that needs permission from Haiti Government officials. Also he is able to coordinate with UNICEF for some other medicines: However that needs more paper work before we can start to receive those medicines from UNICEF.

Tuesday Feb 16, 2010 - Health Clinic in Nazon

Today we are leaving our base camp at 9am as we are scheduled to set-up our mobile health clinic in the Nazon, which is another affected area (70% of the houses are destroyed, making people homeless and living on the streets). Today we have four doctors, two paramedical staff, and six community volunteers.

The Community is very happy to see us as we arrived after our last visit there some seven days ago. We serve their health needs with proper medicines. Dr. Mamoon and Dr. Shahid Ul Islam from Bangladesh; Dr. Mohammad Panday from Kansas, MO; Dr. Mubashir Saeed from Chicago, IL and Dr. Daniel from Port Au Prince, Haiti are serving, along with Raza Ul Karim (Bangladeshi Paramedical Staff and one Haitian Paramedical Staff.

The local community is very supportive, even at times it is hard to set up clinics on the streets due to difficulty in controlling the crowd. But Alhamdulillah local brothers help us to control the crowd and set up the clinics. They remain with us until we are done and ready to get back to our base camp. Today we have served more than 150 people in this area and gave them about $1,000 worth of medicines.

On the other hand, Br. Saqib (NJ) visits Haiti Government Office to get the permission for the medicines and Alhamdulillah he is able to get the permission after waiting for more than two hours. We will get medicines for low price after this permission InshaAllah.

We had earlier plans to visit Leo-Gane (Leogane), where we have to set up our shelter village and meet with local community: However it is too late now and our local representative advises us that we should not go there late evening because of rough roads and other security issues. InshaAllah we will try to close our clinic early and then visit Leogane tomorrow, so as to discuss with the local community the mechanism and plans for establishing the shelter village.

Please visit the to listen to the update interview from Shahid Hayat and Br. Yousuf, Local Haitian Volunteer helping in the Medical Clinic.

-HHRD Team

2010-02-28 Sun 13:13:44 cst