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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Awwal 5,1431/ February 20, 2010 # 8

For inspiring words of Islamic guidance from American Muslim teacher and scholar Br. Shamim Siddiqui [New York] please scroll all the way down.

CAIR's Victims: Five US Muslims arrested in Pakistan at the orders of FBI at the behest of CAIR have been refused bail by Pakistan's so-called anti-terror court. Human rights leader Khalid Khawaja is fighting for their rights. He is trying that they should not be sent back to the US to suffer Dr, Aafia's fate. He wants to get the cases quashed. The High Court will be petitioned. The youths have written inspiring letters to their family members urging them to read the Qur'an, especially 9:32-72.

Latest War News in brief: February 20: In Afghanistan the 9 day long US juggernaut against the tiny town of Marja has stalled. Taliban defenders turned out to be only 100 or less against 15,000 US troops. They have suffered negligible losses. The US advanced into the town of Marja but faced quick moving Islamic snipers and home made bombs. The population sided with the Taliban and did not reveal any important info. Parts of Marja continue to be under Taliban control. It has been a big disappointment for the US which was ready to pay millions of dollars to get the people's support. US has admitted killing 15 civilians including 6 children and 5 women. US general says: "Sorry!"

No Baradar to the Taliban!
US-Pakistani Claims about Mullah Baradar turned out to be false:

When the US assault on Marja stalled, Pakistani General Kayani offered a "consolation prize" to the US from within Pakistan. A joint Pakistani and US CIA raid in Karachi "captured" Taliban leader Mullah Baradar. Much was made of this "capture" in the US media. Every TV channel in the corporate Zionist media trumpeted this as a major victory against the Taliban. Mullah Baradar was "promoted" into TOP Taliban leader second only to the legendary Mullah Umar, the leader of the resistance!

It turns out from a number of sources that Mullah Baradar is the ONLY Taliban leader interested in PEACE TALKS. He had come to Karachi in the hope of initiating peace talks. He is certainly no TOP leader of the Taliban. If he had been a fighter, he wouldn't have gone down without a fight. He would have been in the battlefield.

Thus General Kayani did to Mullah Baradar what he had done to the Pak Taliban spokesman in Swat, Muslim Khan, who trusted Kayani's "word" and came to the army to negotiate peace.
[Baradar in Urdu means brother.]

Somalia: Southern and Central Somalia are in Islamic hands. Only a part of Mogadishu remains in control of western backed clique which is receiving heavy weapons from opponents of Islamic power. See photo of Somalis praying in the street after their mosque was destroyed by pro-western forces. [From Chinese News Agency.] Scroll all the way down

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
Peaceful Islamic Movement
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

North Carolina
From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen National Shoora leader]

Spotlight #1: The enemies of Islam are trying very hard to isolate the true followers of Islam. We can understand this process if we study the life of the Prophet, pbuh. Today the people in power have generated labels of "fundamentalist," "extremist," and "terrorist" to cut the Muslms who stand up to power from the Muslim ummah. To replace real Islam, masjids and organizations are being put in place which do not serve Islam. The Qur'an calls such false masjids "masjid dhirar." The Prophet, pbuh, has taught that we should recognize these false "masjids." Look at the Muslim students' organizations and other Muslim groups set up in America. Many of them do not implement even the basics of Islam. Prayers come and go and prayers are not insisted upon. There is a partying and socializing atmosphere in many of these places. Men and women do not dress modestly: they mix freely, and worship is the least of their concerns.

Spotlight #2: We must worry about the corporate/zionist ownership and control of the major media. The Islamic viewpoint is not being presented in the US media. There is constant censorship of the islamic viewpoint.. This increases the need for and value of Islamic media.

Dr. Shabazz' Powerful Speech at Lincoln U. Debunks Racial Theories, Explains Haiti, Uncovers Obama's Role
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
On February 16, 2010 Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz spoke at Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, on the African Diaspora. It was an hour long speech followed by an hour of questions and answers from an enthused audience of university students. He was invited by the Lincoln U chapter of the NAACP and was introduced by Ms. Candace England and Ms. Erica Shannon, local leaders of the NAACP.

Dr. Shabazz, a genius in the field of mathematics, is famous for his transformational theories of education and the role of the teacher or professor. When a teacher opines that a young man or woman of African descent should not or cannot study mathematics, that is an expression of racism. It implies that a person of a certain race is inherently incapable of studying mathematics. Dr. Shabazz implies that there are no weak students, there are only weak teachers. If the teacher does her/his job, the student will learn.

A student must never feel inferior. The sense of inferiority and lack of self-worth is implanted among the oppressed people by the oppressors, he said. Dr. Shabazz recounted his own experiences from the town of Bessemer in Alabama to BA with honors from Lincoln University, MA from MIT and PhD from Cornell University. His acceptance of Islam was a central event in his life which led him to Umm al Qura University in Makka, Arabia.

With precision and erudition, Dr. Shabazz outlined racial history. He said that now it is recognized by scholars that the human race came of Africa and was Black. The origins were in Africa and a great variety of factors provided the shades of color we see across the world. Thus humanity is one and racial ideologies are meant to divide humans and lead to exploitation and conflict. Skewed views about race have become part of the European viewpoint, he said, owing to the bigotry of Europe's greatest thinkers including Hegel and Toynbee, who claimed that Africa is not important..

In his discussion of Haiti, Dr. Shabazz explained that Haiti had been made to pay for its successful resistance and revolution against the French. Later, Haitian dictators were supported by the US and sucked the wealth of Haiti out into their personal accounts. Democratically elected Aristide was kidnaped with he help of the US. Thus Haitian people were deprived of their political rights. Hence Haiti was seriously underdeveloped and when the earthquake came, the country collapsed owing to almost non-existent infrastructure.

In the question-answer session Dr. Shabazz uncovered the role of President Obama. He said that Obama is being used as a front by America's power structure to control the resources of the world. The process of plunder is continung and the President is not in charge.

To change the world, he said, focus on:

1. Self.
2. God.
3. Community

Dr. Shabazz, a Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, formerly at Lincoln university, is now Endowed Chair and Professor of Mathematics at Grambling State University in Louisiana. Numerous PhDs in mathematics from among the Black communities of America were his students. He is the philosopher of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and author of numerous articles on Islam

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges US Muslims to Consult their Communities on the basis of Open Discussion, Equality and Stand United Against the Oppressors
by Sis. Ashira [Secretary General Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

The Qur'an on Shoora (Mutual Consultation)
Sura 32, Ayats 36-39

"And (remember that) whatever you are given (now) is but for the (passing) enjoyment of life in this world--whereas that which is with God is far better and more enduring. It shall be given to all who attain to faith and in their Sustainer place their trust; (37) and who shun the more heinous sins and abominations; and who, whenever they are moved to anger, readily forgive; (38) and who respond to (the call of) their Sustainer and are constant in prayer; and whose rule (in all matters of common concern) is consultation among themselves; and who spend on others out of what We provide for them as sustenance; (39) and who whenever tyranny afflicts them, defend themselves."

I'd like to give you this example from a young woman who worked as a temporary Secretary at a predominantly caucasian university. The young woman was an African American with high self-esteem. Her boss was so cold, when he entered the office, people thought the temperatue dropped 10 degrees. On about her seventh day of work, the boss gave her some work to perform and walked away. When she asked him for explanation so that she might be sure to produce a good letter, he refused to answer. The young woman having had enough of this "coldness" looked him straight in the face and said, "you know, at some point we are gonna have to become equal." She tendered her resignation and was gone two weeks later.
Now, what does this have to do with mutual consultation? It is to demonstrate that the first and most important ingredient to mutual consultation is EQUALITY. Each member must be considered not the same as but just as VALUABLE as any other member of the consultation group. Usually where there are thoughts of superiority, there is no consultation attempt at all. All Imams should "search" themselves to know that we are truly Imams of the Faith of Islam and not of anything less than that.

Without Shura: We will have no Islamic culture to pass on to our children (which leads to self destruction)
We will continue to be divided by ethnic groups, tribes, etc. (our common enemies will defeat us and cause us to continue to fight one another-- which will lead to suffering and our death as a people.)

What all of the above says is this: All of the Muslim masajid and/or other organizatons must perform this necessary consultation or we will never be successful in implementing Islam. We may have huge and enjoyable conventions, meetings and other events, but they will not be successful as foundations for establishing Islamic development. Who has time to waste?

Our America# 1
This is not an act of terrorism? So Says the White House but compare with 9.11...
by Sis. Abigail

Headlines Read:
"A small aircraft crashed into a building next to an FBI office in the Texas state capital of Austin on February 18, 2010". "White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told the press pool on Air Force One that the plane that crashed into an office tower in Austin does not appear to be an act of terrorism, though investigations are continuing."

It's not an act of terrorism? I don't understand...neither do my friends; neither do my co-workers; neither do the general masses; neither do the millions of bloggers that have been blogging question marks since officials declared the crash wasn't terrorism!

What is the difference between the Austin suicide plane crash on 2/18 and the New York suicide plane crash on 9/11?

Did the Pilot purposefully target the building and premeditate suicide for his 'cause'?

9/11-yes     2/18-yes

Was the Pilot upset with the United States Government, their attitude, their lies, their double-standards, and their unreasonableness?

9/11-yes     2/18-yes

Was the Pilot a Muslim?

9/11-yes     2/18-no ....Oh, now I see the difference!

Since the Austin suicide pilot was an engineer and software designer, are Americans going to start seeing drones fly over the "known hang-outs" of engineers and software designers in the U.S.? Is the CIA and the military going to begin spying on and monitoring everyone who owes back taxes and are disgruntled with the IRS?

No, that probably will not happen. Why? They are not 'organized Muslims', that's why.

Our America: #2
Message to Christians
Ten Churches have been burned down in East Texas: How Should True Christians Respond?
by Sis. Abigail
[We asked Sis. Abigail to research the Church fires and find out how Christians {should } respond - editor]

HEADLINES: "Two More Churches Burn in East Texas"

Article states: "Separate fires raged at two more churches in East Texas on Monday night. If confirmed to be arson, they would be the ninth and 10th churches set on fire in Texas since New Year's Day." and it quotes Pastor Carl Samples as saying: "I can't comprehend how anyone would do the Lord's house this way,"

For many true Christians, it's very revealing to watch the reactions of other people or "so-called" christians when things like this happen.

Many true Christians view 'tragedies' as either 1) a test for the whole world to see, or 2) as evidence for the whole world to take note of.

A persons reaction to something testifies to their belief in God and His words and instructions (or in their belief in God and Jesus and his words in the case of Christians).
A person's reaction to an event testifies to their belief and obedience to God because their reactions portray their character and if they are true believers, their character will image that outlined in the scriptures.

When we witness a "Christian's" actions, reactions, character, and life-style, we have the opportunity to gauge their belief and obedience to the 'rules' Jesus set forth for them IF we are familiar with the rules Jesus gave to them.

For instance, most people sympathize with the church members whose churches have been burned. But we must remember that the New Testament teaches strongly against placing value on materialistic things....and yes, even "churches" fact, especially churches.

Acts chapter 7 says: "However, the Most High does not live in houses made by men. As the prophet says: " 'Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. What kind of house will you build for me? says the Lord. Or where will my resting place be? Has not my hand made all these things?'"

(This chapter of Acts goes on to write about Stephens rebuke of the Jews, telling them they are 'stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears". He then tells them they are just like their fathers were....always resisting the Holy Spirit, and asking them "Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute?" ... These verses are revealing and a detailed story about the Jews and their attitude towards obeyers of Jesus, and about Paul (still known as Saul at the time, who was still a persecutor of the christians) and about the Sanhedrin.)

But returning to the point about the "Christian Community's" reaction to the church burnings: Why are so many of these 'christians' weeping and mourning over the loss of their buildings. Who cares where you gather together to 'worship'? What difference does it make? And why does it need to be a nice, expensive, or beautiful place?

I think there are very few reasons we could give God for needing our buildings to be expensive or beautiful, and then I think it would be rare for Him to grant our request to create such buildings.

Shelter is different. Shelter for gathering away from the 'elements' and for temporary 'separation from the world' is different...but can't we find that in our houses, garages, barns, businesses,etc.? Then why shed tears for the burning wood and images and padded pews?

No one who knows and practices the teachings of the New Testament would rightly cry about the building. Their only tears would be shed when they wonder "Oh my gosh, what have we done to make someone so angry with us that they would want to harm us and destroy our shelter for gathering?" True Christians would say "We must find these arsonists and ask them to forgive us for whatever we've done to make them so angry with us".

But instead, most of them cry for the perished wood and smoking paint, and then exclaim to the world's policemen "find these beasts and throw them in jail". It reminds me of many other "terrorist" attacks that have taken place in this country. These attacks don't seem to make the 'targets' stop and question what they may have done to hurt someone so much that they would feel like hurting them in return. No, instead they defiantly seek vengeance against their "enemy".

These people weep and mourn over buildings, yet they don't shed a tear about the loss of life taking place at the hands of their own government. On the contrary, they wave flags and boldly support the United States participation in hatred, murder, and vengence - all of which is forbidden for Christians.

See these laws for Christians:
"You have heard that it was said, 'Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven" Matthew 5:43-45

""You have heard that it was said, 'Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.'But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also" Matthew 5:38-39

"Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay,"says the Lord. On the contrary: "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head." Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good" Romans 12:17-21

Anyone can claim to be a "Christian", but it is those who OBEY Jesus that are the blessed true followers. Even Jesus declares this to us:

"Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me." John 14:21

"If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love" John 15:10

"For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God's sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous" Roman 2:13

Wake up Muslims and realize who you are dealing with. Read the laws that God has placed over those who choose to 'follow Jesus'. Look around.. Do they obey those laws? Does not Allah teach that they follow "no good" until they obey the laws they have been given?

"Say: O followers of the Book! you follow no good till you keep up the Taurat and the Injeel and that which is revealed to you from your Lord" The Qur'an 5:68

Pakistan: Military atrocity against Jamaate Islami
Joint Pakistani-US Military Unit Blows up Pak Home killing 80 year old mother and 20 year old niece

February 18, 2010: Local people say that 12 truckloads of Pakistani troops accompanied by Amercan troops came to the homes of Harun ar-Rasheed and his brothers located at a 4 way about 3 km from the town of khar in Bajaur tribal agency. The troops sprinkled petrol on the homes, fixed explosives in the prayer area and used remote control to blow it up. All the homes caught fire andc were destroyed. Buried in the rubble were Harun ar-Rasheed's 80 year old mother and his 20 year old niece. The troops later arrested the father of the 20 year old as a potential terrorist!

Harun ar-Rasheed, who, according to Jamaate Islami policies, has always followed the path of peace, called for a judicial and parliamentary investigation of the atrocity. He said, this investigation is essential owing to the propaganda let loose against his family by the propaganda wing of the army. [Blaming the victim, it is called in America -- editor]

This testimony was given in Peshawar's al-Markaz islami by Haroon ar-Rasheed, former member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from Bajaur and deputy Ameer of Jamaate Islami for for Frontier Province.

[Pakistani troops have murdered 7,000 civilians and wounded 15,000 in the Bajaur area since 2004. The army, first led by Musharraf and now Kayani, two well known agents of America, has destroyed 20,000 homes and made 2.5 million people homeless, it was reported at the press conference.]

Pakistani Rallies Condemn Army murder of Islamic Leader's Mother and Niece

To New Trend from Shamsuddin in Lahore

LAHORE, Feb. 19: Protest demonstrations were held all over the country on Friday to condemn the targeting of the residence of senior Jamaate Islami leader and ex-MNA, Sahibzada Haroonur Rashid, on the appeal of the JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan.
Rallies were held at mosques and Press Clubs in different cities and were addressed by JI leaders.
In Lahore, a protest rally was staged from Masjid e Shuhada to the Assembly Hall. The Ghaibana Namaz e Janaza of the mother and the niece of Sahibzada Haroonur Rashid was also offered on the occasion. The demonstrators raised anti-US slogans. Speaking on the occasion, the JI Lahore chief Amirul Azeem, said that Sahibzada Haroonur Rashid was the first man who resigned from his NA seat in protest against the drone attack at Damma Dola which resulted in the death of 83 Hifz e Quran students along with their teachers.
He said the ISPR report published on Friday showed the army casualties in this so called Terror War in which 10 Pak soldiers were being killed daily. He said all those responsible for this bloodshed would be accountable in the hereafter.
In Peshawar, a protest rally was held from Nishtar Abad chowk to Hasht Nagri. The JI provincial secretary Shabbir Ahmed Khan and ex-MNA Abdul Akbar Chitrali, while addressing the rally, demanded a judicial enquiry into the bombing and deterrent punishment to the culprits. They said the JI leader had been targeted because of his principled stance against the US war on terror.
In Rawalpindi, a rally was held at Dhok Hassoo and was addressed by JI deputy chief Dr. Muhammad Kamal. A rally was held at Chiniot and was addressed by JI central leader Hafiz Muhammad Idrees and Rai Muhammad Nawaz Kharl. At Sargodha, a rally was a staged under the leadership of Haji Javed Iqbal Cheema. The rally at Multan was held at Multan Press Club, and was addressed by the JI district chief.
Rallies were also held D.G. Khan, Gujrat, and in different cities and towns in Baluchistan and the NWFP

Palestine: With thanks to Sis. Anisa Abdel Fattah [re:]
Israeli Bandits in Dubai murder Islamic Leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh: 11 Against 1

UK: Mossad behind terror killing of Hamas commander
Tue, 16 Feb 2010 16:48:19 GMT

Alleged assassination team in Dubai, AP photo

British government sources say members of an alleged terror team, charged with murdering a senior Hamas commander in Dubai last month, were Israel's Mossad agents.

The sources told The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday that three Irish passport holders who were allegedly part of an 11-member hit squad that murdered Mahmoud al-Mabhouh on the January-20 terror operation "were most likely Mossad agents carrying false documentation."

Last night, Dubai Police Chief Gen. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim released the passport photographs of suspects that include 10 men and a woman, vowing to issue arrest warrants against them.

Six of the suspects carried British passports; three others had Irish passports, while the other two possessed French and German documents.

Based on the report, British officials have ruled out the involvement of any Irish nationals in the plot, arguing that they "were Mossad agents using (false) Irish passports."
A spokesman for the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs also denied the allegation, saying "The Irish embassy in Abu Dhabi is in constant touch with the Emirates on a daily basis, but have received no official confirmation on any Irish nationals being involved."

The sources also dismissed the involvement of British nationals, saying that "there was no corroboration within Whitehall of any British involvement in the assassination plot."

Dubai's police had previously threatened to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if it determined that Mossad was behind the terror operation.

The police chief said last night that "We do not rule out Mossad, but when we arrest those suspects we will know who masterminded it."

Mogadishu, Somalia: Muslim youths praying in the sreet. [Feb. 19, 2010]

We Must Continue to Struggle Peacefully Against All Odds

Mohtram Kaukab Bhai, ASA

Your NT is really a source of encouragement and a beacon of light for the oppressed souls around the world and an inspires others to carry it out onward the struggle against the oppressive forces and regimes globally both in the Muslim and the non-Muslim world alike.

That is the why the individuals and the organizations that are associated with these oppressive designs, irrespective of the fact whether governmental or non-governmental, all are allergic to you, your "friends" your paper and your relentless onslaughts against each of them.

You are doing this job for the sake of Allah and, I am sure, ALLAH (SWT) will protect you and reward you immensely in both the worlds. You carry on your job totally feeling free from the timid voices of "jackals" in the wilderness of GLOBAL forest where the solitary voice of a loin that NT represents prevails over others.

In fact, the stage is well set. The world needs the "Masiha' of the time and he can be only one who challenges the Batil forces all around and at every front, topples down the edifice of the secular system and replaces it with the Divine Guidance from our Creator and Sustainer. He will be the messenger of the Messenger of Allah, the most modern and the most accomplished personality of the age. He will be the most "loveable and huggable" image of Islam's love, care and concern for the suffering humanity. All his companions will be the truthful model of their supreme boss - Muhammad Ibne Abdullah, the Messenger of peace and mercy (S) for entire mankind. We have to find him out and build that requisite character in each of us on the pattern he (S) inculcated in his (S) men and women.

If we could do that job, it will make easy yours fight for the rights of the deprived and the down trodden here and everywhere. This is a challenge of great magnitude and worthy of acceptance for reaping its profound benefits in both the worlds.

My best wishes and prayers are for you and for your dauntless spirit to struggle against all odds and eventualities that are inevitable to encounter in this process.

Your reporting about "Marja" needs more coverage. Hope it will be coming in the next issues. You have correctly envisioned about the strategy of Taliban 's retreat. If an army does not know where to advance and where to retreat, it cannot succeed. Hazrat Khalid (RA) successfully withdrew his army of 3,000 against 100,000 in the Battle of Mauta. When people remarked that it was an act of cowardice, Rasulullah (S) himself defended the actions of Khalid (RA) and called it as a strategic success. They will return one day, Insha Allah.

Shamim Siddiqi

2010-02-22 Mon 20:09:08 cst