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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 28,1431/ February 13, 2010 # 7

500 Taliban face 15,000 US troops in Marja, Helmand province, Afghanistan. 30 to 1. See latest war news below.

Warning to Pakistan and Iran: This research is the tip of the iceberg.
Muslim leaders must understand the real US strategy behind Obama's smiling face. Pakistan and Iran are facing great danger. The situation is deadly serious but Pakistani rulers, getting contracts from the US, do not realize that they are expendable. New Trend researcher Sis. Abigail's work is only for those who have the moral courage to face the terrifying reality. Inshallah Islamic leaders will give this work their serious attention. Please SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN.

See 5 interesting letters below including a brilliant one about women from Sis. Sofia in New York. Please keep scrolling down.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

Invitation: Jamaat al-Muslimeen invites you to join our Islamic efforts.

Jamaat works within the limits of the law by peaceful means, organizing non-violent resistance to the forces of oppression. To join us as member, supporter or sympathizer, write an introductory letter, giving your Islamic experience, street address, phone number and email to the Jamaat address above. Write it c/o Sis. Ashira, Secretary General of Jamaat al-Muslimeen and call 443-869-5233 with a message for sis. Ashira.

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina]

Spotlight #1: Muslim countries have become vast prisons for our ummah. The prison complex has emerged owing to: 1. Poverty. 2. Ignorance. 3. Desire 4. Doubt.

Spotlight #2. A Muslim leader in Gaza said that he would be willing to have a Palestine on the borders of 1967. The language is not different from that of Fatah which sold out to Israel. These people don't know their religion. Islam can never see OCCUPATION as a STATE. The question of the acceptance of Israel as a legitimate entity does not arise for Believers in the Truth from Allah.

Spotlight #3: Israel is the enemy of Islam and Muslims, be it the Arabs or the non-Arabs, but the government controlled media under Arab tyrants are spouting hate and incitement against Shi'as. Our oppressors want to create enemies for us. For years they taught hate against Saddam Hussain, now they want us to hate Shias. The focus should be on Israel. Don't let the enemies of ALL Muslims make us fight each other.

Outreach: Jamaat Literature given to 61 Muslims in Newark, Delaware

In spite of bad weather, Jamaat al-Muslimeen reached out to Muslims after Juma at the islamic Center in Newark, Delaware. The literature included news of the 5 US Muslims betrayed by CAIR and now struggling for their rights in a Pakistani prison with the support of Khalid Khwaja, famous human rights activist. It also included Br. Kaukab's khutba on Haiti and Pat Robertson as well as Br. Badi Ali's teachings about the evils of grinding poverty.
Most of the Muslims here are Indo-Pakistani with a few African-Americans and Arabs.

outreach #2: Khutba on Jesus, pbuh, Real Christians and the Process of Charity in Islam. Heavy Snow Removed.

February 12, 2010: Congratulations to the community of Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen that they held the Juma khutba although the side streets and sidewalks were clogged with snow. Sis. Fatima [from Kenya] provided a new heater. A famous Baltimore artist who embraced Islam after Br. Kaukab's last Khutba, donated a good amount for heating. A young sister who embraced Islam after a previous khutba by Br. Kaukab is working for the prison system and refused to take off her head cover. After months of back and forth, she has retained her job and her headcover.

Br. Kaukab Siddique, Khutba: Summary. Br. Kaukab spoke about REAL CHRISTIANS. He said we must look for them as the Qur'an has blessed them. They often do not know that they are Muslims in all but name. We love, believe in, honor and study Jesus, pbuh, as part of Islam.

We should tell Christians that the mujahideen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir, Palestine do not fight against anyone's religion but against the oppressors and occupiers who have usurped our countries and exploited our hospitality and decency. Jews used to be protected by Muslims but they turned around and grabbed Palestine, he said.

Br. Kaukab condemned the false concept of Judeo-Christianity. He said the Jews betrayed Jesus, pbuh, and tried to crucify him.

Charity in Islam does not mean simply writing checks and collecting millions of dollars, Br. Kaukab said. We must help the people to stand on their own feet, not become permanent basket cases. Mother Teresa did much charity but could not change Calcutta. It is still under grinding poverty. By contrast, Imam Khomeini changed one of the most corrupt and pro-Israel countries into an independent Islamic state.

The celebrities in America collect millions for Haiti but DO NOT CHANGE THEMSELVES. Aftet crying over Haiti, they go back to their partying, drugging, drinking, fornicating. More than 200,000 people are lying dead in Haiti only a few miles from our shores and no US leader of note has cared to visit. Nothing changes with these million dollar collections.

By contrast, Br. Kaukab said, look at the Prophet, pbuh, at the battle of Khandaq, digging the trench along with his companions, r.a. They had tied a stone each to their stomachs to ward off hunger. He, pbuh, had tied three stones to his stomach and worked more than anyone else.

O Allah, help our masjid to unite the Muslims of Baltimore and the Muslims of America under the banner of the Qur'an and authentic Hadith.

Press Release from Kaukab Siddique, Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Hail the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran

Feb. 11, 2010: Imam Khomeini's revolution has completed 31 years. Iran has succeeded in remaining an independent country uncontrolled by imperialism and zionism. The poor and the oppressed masses of Iran who had been ignored by the unlamented Shah of Iran have a good share in the resources of Iran. I had the honor and blessing of meeting Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Taleghani and his illustrious daughter Azam Taleghani, Ayatollah Montazeri and many other luminaries of the Islamic revolution. I love the Islamic people of Iran for their love of Allah and His messenger, pbuh, and the family of the messenger..

It's a shame that the US holds fake elections in Iraq and Afghanistan under the guns of its occupation forces and presents these frauds as real elections and then tries to denigrate and condemn the genuine elections in Iran. President Ahmedinejad is a man of the people, simple and open in his ways. He has massive public support, as today's huge rallies show, but is being presented in America's corporate media in unreal and insulting ways.

Iran has made many mistakes during these 31 years. The worst of these was the continuation of the war against Iraq when it was no longer necessary. Iraq came to be seen as the 'enemy.' The results were strategically harmful to Iran not only in the big losses suffered on the Iraqi frontline but later in participation in UN-US sanctions on Iraq. Today Iran stands isolated and is able to survive only owing to the moral energy and Islamic power which was generated by the masses linked to Imam Khomeni's line of thought [khat-e-imam.

Remember those heady days when Imam Khomeini put the FATWA on Rushdie who had insulted Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a. and all the sanctities of Islam? Remember Ayatollah Montazeri's support for the mujahideen in Afghanistan? Those were the chances of global Muslim unity.

By contrast we see today, pro-American groups active in Iran insulting the current leader Ayatollah Khamene'i. We see genuine opposition too feeding off the weaknesses of the governmental authorities. People like Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi should not be arrested or mistreated. These are the voices of genuine dissent pointing out serious errors of the government.

The entire Muslim world should support Iran's efforts to become self-sufficient in its nuclear program. Israel is urging America to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. America is holding off because it thinks targeted sanctions and the growing opposition groups within Iran will bring Iran to its knees. Remember what was done to Iraq? Iran gives the impression that it wants to link up with America after its nuclear program is accepted. That would be a strategic blunder even greater than the war with Iraq. Imam Khomeini understood that an alliance with America would take Iran back to the days of the Shah. Don't ever think that America will accept an Islamic Iran. The Zionists' tentacles are squeezing the life of independence and decency out of America.

Finally, I urge Iran to stop the propaganda against "wahhabis." This blind antagonism is doing tremendous harm to Muslim unity. The people who are actually fighting against Zionism and Imperialism on actual battlefields [not rhetoric] are those who strictly follow the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. The term "wahhabi" is a Zionist concoction. Iran should drop this hate filled term. By releasing the son of Shaykh Osama and other Muslims with him, Iran would gain more support than any of its sectarian supporters can produce.

Our America [Canada's military is helping NATO occupy Afghanistan]
Canada's Corruption Comes out: Air Force Commander Murdered Two Women:
Sexually Assaulted Two Others

Col Williams oversaw Canadian Forces Base Trenton

Source: BBC February 8, 2010
The commander of Canada's largest air force base has been charged with the murder of two women and the sexual assault of two others, police said. Col Russell Williams, 46, appeared in court a day after his arrest. He was held in custody and will appear again by video on 18 February.
One woman was found dead in her house in November and the other was reported missing 11 days ago.
Col Williams oversaw logistical support for missions to Haiti and Afghanistan.
He was appointed commander of Base Trenton in Ontario - Canada's busiest air force hub - in July.
Det Insp Chris Nicholas, of Ontario Provincial Police, said Col Williams was arrested on Sunday.

We are certainly tracking the movements of where this man has been over the past several years
Det Insp Chris Nicholas

He was charged with the first-degree murder of Jessica Lloyd, 27, a resident of Belleville, Ontario.
She was reported missing on 28 January and her body was found on Monday, police said.
He was also charged with the murder of Marie Comeau, a 38-year-old corporal found dead in November at her home in Brighton, Ontario.
Authorities began investigating him after police canvassed motorists for information on 4 February.
They linked the two murders to one suspect on the basis of similarities between the cases, and did not expect to make any more arrests, police said.
Col Williams was also charged with forcible confinement, breaking and entering and sexual assault dating from September 2009.
Police were continuing to investigate his past.
"We are certainly tracking the movements of where this man has been over the past several years and we're continuing with our investigation," Det Insp Nicholas said.
The Chief of the Air Staff, Lt Gen Andre Deschamps, said an interim commander would be appointed, pending the outcome of the trial.

A biography on the Canadian Air Force website said Col Williams had enrolled in the Canadian Air Force in 1987 and gained his wings in 1990.

Our America #2
Understanding "Good Jews" Who criticize some Israeli Actions and Sympathize with some Muslims: Rebuttal of Ms. Rafia Zakaria's Attack on Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

In an article titled "The 'other' Jewish Lobby," attorney Rafia Zakaria attacked Dr. Aafia's cry of agony against American Jews and Israel. Ms. Zakaria wrote:

"The irony of Dr Aafia's allegations against Jewish jurors is exacerbated further when one considers the fact that Jewish American activists and lawyers have been at the forefront of ensuring that those imprisoned in Guantanamo and other terrorism suspects are produced in courts of law."

"Simply put, even as Dr Aafia casts aspersions on the Jewish Americans that may have been present in her jury, it is Jewish Americans who are working at the request of her own brother to monitor the fairness of her trial and the condition of her mental state."

My comments:

Ms. Rafia Zakaria's view of American Jews is based on a superficial understanding of American Jewish power and support for Israel.

She does not realize that just about ALL Jews support Israel. The nuances in the Jewish attitudes are created by the Jewish groups [mostly Labor] who just want to keep what the Jews grabbed in Palestine. They fear that the constant policy of war could one day endanger Israel especially if America keeps suffering losses such as in 9.11 and the failed occupation of Iraq.

J Street is different from AIPAC only in that it supports Israel without endorsing Israeli atrocities and expansionism in the settlements. It would like at least some [nominal] oversight of grants to Israel.
AIPAC however remains the most powerful Jewish lobby. Remember how Obama rushed to AIPAC immediately after his victory to go down on his knees before them?

AIPAC supports settlements, expansion, hegemony etc.

Some Jews successfully appear as peacemakers because Israel is not FACING ANY MILITARY THREAT at this time. The Palestinians are divided and even the slaughter the Israelis carried out in Gaza did not stir either Bush or Obama to any decent response even at the verbal level.

The American Jewish Committee [AJC] carries out micro control of American thought processes in the media and on the Internet. They came to my university and tried to get me dismissed when I criticized the Jewish lobby.

Still other Jewish groups like ADL and the Simon Wiesenthal Center are the guardians of the holocaust story and are milking American sensibilities to create moral support for Israel which translates into dollars for Israel. [Germany has paid BILLIONS in reparations to Israel, including submarines which can launch nuclear weapons at Islamic cities including Makka.]

Just about ALL Synagogues and Rabbis support the legitimacy of Israel and help Israel in a great variety of ways.
By contrast, America's Muslims have been put under tremendous pressure by government proxies to go soft on Israel.
Muslims attempting to travel to Afghanistan and Pakistan for Islamic purposes are treated as potential terrorists.

Some Jews do criticize the atrocities in Guantanamo and in the West Bank and some even in Gaza. These are mostly at the verbal level and help to divide the critics of Israel. These "good" Jews have done nothing which would change America's support for Israel.
Jewish lawyers make a name for themselves by working for "umpopular" clients [Muslims]. That does not mean that they support Muslims or are sympathetic to Islam. They are simply building up their resume as legal experts.

If tomorrow Iran, or al-Qaida or some other Islamic force attacks Israel and Israel is in any kind of danger, most probably ALL Jews will support Israel.

The Two State solution in plain language means that Israel should keep the land it grabbed in Palestine and let the Palestinians have some governance in a territory which would be so dependent on Israel and so helpless that it's independence would mean nothing: like a South African Bantustan.

Remember that the Wolfowitz group of Jews were involved in Bush's wars on Islam. In the case of Obama, the Jewish lobby is so blatant that it has Rahm Emmanuel as the doorkeeper of the White House and Axelrod as Obama's program director.

I am not amazed that Ms. Zakaria attacked Dr. Aafia's comments on Israel and the Jews. She is deeply involved in attacking Islamic values. Her advice to European Muslims was that they should oppose the hijab so that Europe may accept them!

Our America: ["Islam" made-in-America.]
Hamza Yusuf Equates Historicity of Islam with the "historicity" of the Jewish holocaust story
Attacks Iran's Questioning of the Jewish story. Blasphemy about Sahaba, r.a., and Hadith.

[Here is an uncut quote from Hamza Yusuf's article published in the Jewish periodical Tikkun which he then posted on his own Zaytuna web site. It was distributed by CAIR, a lackey group using Islam to support the Washington regime.]

"In the case of the Holocaust, the facts are clear and transmitted from multiple sources. Tens of thousands of Jewish and other individuals who survived the death camps and other horrors of Nazi Germany lived to tell of it. Nazis were brought to trial, evidence was presented in court, and they were convicted. Mass graves were found, and gas chambers were discovered, which were clearly not delicing rooms as some callously claimed. The ovens exist and cannot be reduced to an efficient way of preventing cholera outbreaks or disposing of victims of starvation. I have personally met many Holocaust survivors and their children. I have seen tattoos. I have also heard firsthand accounts of the horrific events. The numbers and details of such events may be legitimate areas of research and inquiry for scholars, but questioning whether the events took place at all undermines the epistemological basis of our collective knowledge. Muslims, of all people, should be conscious of this as their religion is predicated on the same epistemological premises as many major events in history, such as the Holocaust. To deny such things is to undermine Islam as an historical event. That a "conference" examining the historicity of the Holocaust should take place in a Muslim country hosted by a Muslim head of state is particularly tragic and, in my estimation, undermines the historicity of the faith of the people of that state."

[NT note: Note that Hamza Yusuf is comparing the stories of the "holocaust survivors," who are making millions off the story, to the Hadith narratives of the Companions, r.a., of the Prophet, pbuh, who brought the absolute truth from Allah. This snake in Islamic garb has been extolled by ISNA and CAIR as an Islamic scholar.]

Our America
With thanks to Sis. Anisa Abdel Fattah [Bangla-vision][Source]
In Los Angeles, University Students Heckle Israeli Ambasador: 11 Arrested

The UCI has witnessed previous anti-Israeli protests.

At least eleven students have been arrested over their interruption of a lecture by the Israeli ambassador to the US at the University of California, Irvine.

Michael Oren was invited to the university by the Jewish Federation of Orange County to speak about Israeli views on the status of the Middle East and Tel Aviv's relationship with Washington.

However as the ambassador was addressing the crowded auditorium, he was interrupted for at least ten times by anti-Israeli students.

"Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech," the first of the ten students yelled before being led away by university police.

The remainder of Oren's speech was drowned by similar remarks, with some students shouting "killer" and "how many Palestinians did you kill?"

By the end of the night, 11 students were arrested and cited for disturbing a public event.

They could face misdemeanor charges as well as university disciplinary hearings that could result in suspensions or dismissals, Cathy Lawhon, Media Relations Director at the UC-Irvine campus said.

The University's Muslim Union was not available for contact but it did issue a statement prior to the event, saying that it strongly opposed and condemned the ambassador's visit, a Press TV correspondent reported from Los Angeles.

"Israel continues its human rights violations, thereby breaking international law and law of Israeli accord," the group had said.

It also added that Israel has committed war crimes against the Gaza Strip and is responsible for the massacre of thousands of Palestinians.

Guerrilla Warfare in Afghanistan
Breaking news: Feb. 12: US forces launched an all out attack on the town of Marja.

Biggest in the history of the occupation. Massive offensive against the town of Marja in Helmand province is planned. By February 11, mechanized columns of US marines from the south and US troops with their Karzai Afghans from the north had surrounded Marja. The Americans are bringing large sums of money with them to buy the support of local tribal leaders. As usual, the Taliban, following the instructions of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, al-hurb khud'a, have melted away, leaving a force of self-sacrificing fighters to keep the Americans busy.

February 11, 2010: In the Nad Ali area of Helmand province, a British tank came under Taliban fire resulting in the death of a Brit from the elite Coldstream Guards. In a similar incident, a British trooper from from a highly sophisticated Engineering unit was killed by the Taliban, bringing the total number of Brit troops kiled in Afghanistan to 257.

February 7, 2010: An Islamic fighter armed with a rifle attacked an entire NATO unit 25 km west of Mazare Sharif. According to Swedish reports, two Swedish officers and their interpretor were killed and one Swedish soldier was wounded. The gunman was killed by the Swedes.
Mazar-e-Sharif is in the extreme north of Afghanistan and is occupied by NATO troops from Finland and Sweden.

Also on February 7: A British army tank in the Sangin area of Helmand province was attacked by the Taliban with an explosive device. Two British soldiers from the elite 1 Scots regiment were killed.

Also on February 7: In Kandahar city, Taliban used a roadside bomb to blow up a police vehicle working for Karzai killing the 4 policemen in it.

Police Centers in Bannu city Hit by Mujahideen

February 11, 2010. Islamic martyrdom operators probably from the Pak Taliban movement blew up two police centers in the northwestern city of Bannu. By last reports 11 police officers and 3 of their civilian helpers were killed in the attacks. Another 25 police were injured including the police chief who was seriously wounded. [Police are known for their torture and mistreatment of Islamic prisoners.]

NATO Supply Line Guards hit by Martyrdom Operator

February 10, 2010: In the Jamrud area of Khyber Agency, a paramilitary unit of the Pakistani army guarding NATO's supply route was hit by a martyrdom operator. At least 11 paramilitaries were killed along with 6 of their civilian helpers [3 of them tribal leaders who sold out] and 20 others wounded. NATO receives most of its supplies through Pakistan and the Pakistani military works hard to protect the supply line.

Pakistani Military copter Downed by Mujahideen: Brigadier on Way to Rescue Killed by Pak Talib Snipers

Also on February 10, 2010: In Khyber Agency, a helicopter sent by General Kayani to prevent Taliban from attacking NATO supply columns was shot down by the Pak Taliban mujahideen. The pilot and the gunner, attacking islamic villagers, were killed. A rescue force came under fire by mujahideen sharp shooters who killed a Brigadier of the Kayani army and wounded 2 other officers.
[Earlier last year several Brigadiers of the Kayani army were killed by Punjabi Taliban in Islamabad itself.]

Palestine: With thanks to Sis. Hamdiyya, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Charlotte, NC
Holy Muslim Cemetery in Jerusalem being Destroyed by Israel and US Jews.
Sahaba, r,a. [Companions of the Prophet, pbuh] are buried there.

[Source: Center for Constitutional Rights, New York.]
Ancient and historically important burial grounds are part of the cultural heritage of humanity. One such burial ground is the Mamilla Cemetery in Jerusalem, a holy site believed to date back to the 7th century when companions of the Prophet Mohammed were reputedly buried there. It was an active burial ground until 1948 and it has repeatedly been designated as an historical site. The Israeli government and the Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) are in the process of building a so-called "Center for Human Dignity-Museum of Tolerance" on the site of Mamilla Cemetery. The museum's construction has already resulted in the disinterment of hundreds of graves and the whereabouts of countless human remains are unknown. The desecration of the Mamilla Cemetery violates the human rights of the descendants of those buried there.

In Memorium: Lest we Forget: 100,000 German civilians killed in the fire bombing of Dresden by the Brits and USA

Reminder from: ILM-publication Yahoo! Group

Title: Feb. 13, 1945 Democratic countries bomb Dresden
Date: Saturday February 13, 2010
Time: 1:00 am - 2:00 am
Repeats: This event repeats every year.
Notes: Feb. 13, 1945 Democratic countries bomb Dresden

Letter: Give this Message to Muslims Held in US Prisons

As salamu alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

If there is anything i can do to help, let me know. If you can, tell them to be patient, have hope in Allah, and that theirs is the best reward for their enormous trials and tribulations.

Junaid Sirhan ibn Abdal Fattah

Letter: Re:
My people,
This is an excellent web site.. Please use it right away to stop the Apartheid and Abuse of the innocent Palestinians by the United States.
May Allah (The God) reward you abundantly!

Sharon Nabila Bey
Philadelphia, PA

Letter: How to Remove Blasphemous Cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, from Wikipedia: Step by Step

Love Prophet Muhammad , boycott Wikipedia Now

Dear Muslims, it is a shocking news that the most famous Encyclopedia on the internet Wikipedia is still containing the blasphemous caricatures of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam despite receiving hundreds of thousands of protest letters from Muslims across the glob. Ironically we are crying against one or few time publication of these caricatures in Danish and Norwegian newspapers but don't notice that Wikipedia is blatantly and shamelessly insulting an Ummah of 1.5 billion Muslim. Here are some steps we all should take to force Wikipedia to remove these blasphemous cartoons and apologize to Muslim Ummah. Here are ten the steps. for more click here

or visit
Abdullah Muntazir
Lahore, Pakistan

Re: Women and their "Modern" Rights: Pakistani Women at the Crossroads by Farhan Noor.[NT Dec.27.09]

As-Salaam Elekum Brother!

If there is one topic where I can claim a life-time of first-hand insights, it is this one--the plight of women in a (still) male-dominated world. So, here are some of my first-hand insights:
(1) If we wish to improve and/or change the miserable lives that women around the globe endure, we need to keep the topic simple, focused, direct and pragmatic/practical. (Perhaps, the contributor gave a multi-angled approach in an attempt to emphasize the dire need for change. )
(2) We need to focus on education and money-related matters. When women are equipped with these two weapons for progress and change in their individual lives, they automatically attain the ability to make choices in their lives (and lives of others around them) as individuals in their own right not as second-class human beings dependent and enslaved for "crumbs" from a male-dominated society be it their family members, politicians or society's "gate-keepers" in the army, government, religious or social agencies.
If women are not allowed to get an education or become economically independent then you have 50% + some of the world population held in bondage through prostitution, internet pornography, sex-trade of children (both ```````````male and female) around the globe (It's currently a billion+ dollar business similar to the billion+-dollar-business in weapons-of-war around the globe).
(3) Men and women seem to have been "endowed" differently where sex-related attitudes are involved. Apparently, laws of nations (from the top down) cannot change men's attitudes. Even "advanced" "socially conscious" "pro-human-rights" societies (consider the United States where male U.S. soldiers rape their female counterparts and get away with their crimes because their superiors and the politicians condone them) have not succeeded in wiping out crimes against women and children.
(4) Change in women-related issues and crimes can come only from a change of heart and attitude one-male(and female)-at-a-time.
Are there enough men out there to make such a change happen? Are there enough women out there who would prefer death to a life of sexual exploitation and degradation? As they say, "it takes two to tango." This is where the issues of women's education and economic independence "kick in.."
(5) There are magnificent "narratives" in the Qur'an that "multi-task" many issues within one narrative. The one relevant here would be that of Adam and Eve's sons, Cain and Abel. Interpreted at another level, I believe that we all have both Cain and Abel in us, so to speak. It is up to us as individuals to struggle to keep the good in our souls and to fight against the evil in our nature. Every moment of our lives is a test of this spiritual, moral and ethical struggle. Isn't this why no Islamic prayer / salat would be complete without the many recitations of Surah Al-Fatiha in our daily prayers?

As-Salaam Elekum!
Sofia [The writer teaches English in New York City.]

Letter: How to Get Qibla direction from your PC

Wherever you may be, as long as you have access to Internet, you can now determine the direction of Qibla. Even for those who've just moved offices and doubting where the qibla is exactly, you can be sure that the answer is now right in front of you.
If you have internet and you want to know Qibla Direction for your prayers, please follow the following steps:

1. Go for this web site :

2. Enter city, then you will see your actual location (same as in Google Earth).

3. Locate your existing position or house.
4. You will find a (+) sign in the middle of the page, put the centre of this sign above your existing location of house.
5. You will find a red line starting from the centre of the (+) sign and end at Kab'a.
6. This line is your Qibla direction.


Alhaji Asheikh [Nigeria]

Pakistan [Report from Shamsuddin in Lahore.]

Jamaate Islami's Central Committee Demands Support for Kashmir
Indian Occupation and Genocide in Kashmir must be Stopped. Mass Graves and torture cited.

Posted at 10:10 PM

LAHORE, Feb.10: The central Shoora of the Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, has called upon the government to abandon Pervez Musharraf's Kashmir policy and revert to the nation's unanimous stance that a plebiscite in accordance with the UN resolutions be held to enable the Kashmiris to decide their future.

The nation's show of complete solidarity with the Kashmiris on 5th of February demands of the government to go beyond lip service and present Pakistan's principled stance on the issue at every forum with full force and devise a comprehensive policy to check India's human rights violations in Held Kashmir and mobilize world opinion in favour of a plebiscite in the disputed territory, a resolution adopted by the Shoora said.

The Shoora meeting with the JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan in the chair, deplored that while the world community was indifferent to the Kashmir situation, Pakistan government too was criminally silent about India's atrocities on Kashmiris. Instead, totally useless talks were being carried on with India on non-issues ignoring Kashmir.
The Shoora stressed that talks with India be resumed only if she accepted Kashmir as disputed issue as the central issue of talks, and announced troops withdrawal from Kashmir besides repeal of black laws enforced in Kashmir.

The Shoora also appealed to the UN, the OIC, and other international bodies to play their role in stopping genocide of Kashmiris and securing them the right to self determination.

The JI central body noted that the state terrorism in Kashmir was on the increase and the youth were the specific target. Over 100,000 Kashmiris had been martyred during the last two decades. The graves of about twenty thousand Kashmiri youth had been discovered recently. These youth had been abducted by the Indian agencies and tortured to death. Media and Human Rights bodies and relief agencies were not allowed in the valley. Senior Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Gilani and other Hurriat leaders were continuously kept under detention to prevent protest on these brutalities, it noted.
The Shoora paid tributes to the nation for demonstrating complete solidarity with the Kashmiris on February 5.

Rallies were held across Pakistan in Support of the Kashmiri People at the call of Syed Munawar Hasan.

Top Photo shows Islamic woman activists in Islamabad. [Male demonstrators can be seen in the background.] These women, leaders at various levels, condemned India's atrocities against Kashmiri women. Jamaate Islami is attracting big support from women and this has broadened its support base.

Photo below shows a rally by Jamat ad-Da'wa in Karachi to support Kashmiris.

Research on America's Strategy in the Muslim World

Muslims Facing Death and Destruction as Part of US Strategy: Pakistan is Playground of 'Full Spectrum Dominance'

Pak Government Contracts with the US vs Pakistan's Contract with God: Rulers and People face Deadly US Agenda

by New Trend researcher Sis. Abigail

I noticed the headlines today announcing "Pakistani officials confirm Taliban chief is dead".

The first paragraph of the article stated: "The Pakistani government confirmed for the first time Wednesday that the country's Taliban leader has died of injuries sustained in a U.S. drone strike in mid-January, setting the stage for a potential succession struggle that could further weaken the group."

Part I.

As one who has monitored the 'War on Terror' for many years, I immediately recalled what I heard Dr. Thomas Barnett, a Professor and Strategist (or "futurist") from the U.S. Naval War College state during a briefing he gave about America's National Security Strategy at the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington DC on June 2, 2004; Dr. Barnett said: "We went into Iraq looking for a deck of cards. We're just here for the bad guys - please go about your business. We don't fight militaries any more. We don't fight nation states. We call it interstate war when the U.S. comes in as a leader of a coalition to take down a few bad actors. It is such an abuse of the phrase. When I got into this business the standard was 8 to 9 minute response to Soviet nuclear launching of an attack. Within a couple of years our standard is going to be a UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle operating on the far side of the earth. It is going to find, recognize and kill one person in 8-9 minutes. That is an amazing evolution in my 15 year career."

The first time I heard Dr. Barnett say an "unmanned aerial vehicle operating on the far side of the earth" would be able to "find, recognize, and kill one person in 8-9 minutes" I thought "How?" and I wondered if a piece of equipment could actually 'recognize' someone? Then after some research, I discovered that yes; amazing and frightening technology actually exists that is capable of such 'recognition' - this technology can actually scan through crowds of people and recognize a single person!
This technology is often referred to as "face scan technology" and it is in the field of "Biometrics". The United States Defense Department actually has a Biometric Task Force (their website address is: ). A leading Biometric marketing and training company is L-1 Identity Solutions (their website address is ) L-1's website currently features such headlines as:"L-1 HIIDE Depicted as a Critical ID Tool for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan" and "L-1 Among The Rising 10 of 2009 in Homeland Security. L-1 was named a Rising 10 of 2009, a list of companies that promise to grow quickly in coming years because of either recent contract wins or their overall positioning within growing areas of homeland security."

Another company that develops, markets, and deploys "face scan technology" is Cognitec (their website address is: ) Cognitec, "The Face Recognition Company", featured it's latest products at this week's Security Document World 2010, held in London on February 8-10th. Cognitec's website boasts: "Emerging Technologies demonstrates face recognition equipment designed to be used in surveillance applications. A digital camera tracks facial characteristics and measures the peaks and valleys of the face, including the tip of the nose and depth of the eye sockets. This station also includes cameras that scan a crowd and match faces to a database of known or suspected terrorists and criminals."

Understanding this type of technology requires some of the components provided by "Full Spectrum Dominance", one must look at the events surrounding the U.S. approach of Pakistan, and especially the Kerry Lugar Bill, and wonder if the United States is indeed continuing their stated quest to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance of a territory and have selected Pakistan as their "playground".

"Full Spectrum Dominance" is a military concept that is commonly spoken of and desired within the U.S. military community. Wikipedia defines Full Spectrum Dominance as this: Full-spectrum dominance is a military concept whereby a joint military structure achieves control over all elements of the battle space using land, air, maritime, and space-based assets. Full spectrum dominance includes the physical battle space ; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space.

Part II

Full Spectrum Dominance was stressed in a document released by the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1996 - the document was titled "Joint Vision 2010". "Joint Vision 2010" was released by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1996 and outlined their official "Vision" of what their military would look like and achieve by the year 2010 - this 14 year old official "Vision" included Full Spectrum Dominance. The U.S. "Joint Vision 2010" document can be viewed by going to: (It should be noted that "Joint Vision 2010" was superseded by "Joint Vision 2020" - which can be viewed by visiting: ).

As many are aware, the United States employs and contracts with thousands of companies, agencies, and universities around the world to help them develop Military and Economic Strategies to expand their global policies. This fact is no secret, and is openly and publicly discussed by the U.S. Government. The U.S. has been developing "strategies" and mapping global "futures" for decades. They carefully plan, far in advance, missions and goals and targets; and amazingly, to date, they seem to have been quite successful in achieving many of the 'futures' they've "designed". Whether or not someone agrees with the U.S. motives, goals, or methods, it's difficult not to be impressed - or stunned - by their success in this area.

Seeing how the United States and its allies are equipped with all this astonishing technology and how they design expensive and pre-planned strategies for globalization, and witnessing their passionate quest to globalize the world and to bring everyone into a same or similar set of laws and towards the U.S. mode of living, causes one to wonder why Muslims have allowed them into their lands. I am not extremely familiar with Islam - I am actually still seeking the truth and trying to learn right from wrong and discerning good from evil, but didn't God forbid Muslims from participating in many of the activities that America participates in, protects, and allows? Aren't Muslims forbidden from being affiliated with people who take part in unlawful activities? Have Pakistani Muslims reviewed their contracts with America and American businesses closely and lined them up with their contract with the Almighty God to be certain their contracts and agreements with humans do not violate - or negate - their contract with God? I've read and believe the documented history of God, and know that God has always required obedience to the terms of His contract with humanity, and every other contract that is written should be designed around the terms of God's contract.

After witnessing the entrance of American forces and unlawful businesses into Pakistan, and especially after the signing and incorporation of the Kerry Lugar Bill, if I were a Pakistani, I would be frightened about what's happening to my country and would wonder what God thinks about many of my countrymen and country leaders who are setting aside their contract with God to participate in a contract with humans.

I've read the Kerry Lugar Bill. The bill was written to sound as though the U.S. is 'rescuing' the downtrodden of Pakistan, raising and empowering the oppressed of Pakistani society, and it makes the United States seem as a 'friend' and 'hero' to Pakistan by investing more money than seems reasonably necessary to aid a country's development. Amazingly, Pakistani's seem to believe the United States is there to help them....and they thank them for it!!! How can they so easily believe America is 'helping' them, and expecting nothing in return when even most Americans believe the U.S. has selfish motives for "helping" Pakistan? Americans familiar with the Pakistani situation have various theories about the U.S. Governments motives:

Some guess: America is using Pakistani land for an experimental playground, saying it's "worth it" to the American Military because they now have a "playground" to test their strategic and military equipment on, and this new playground only has either military "targets" (aka: terrorists) or "expendables" (aka: people that can be 'accidentally' killed and no one will really care - America will be able to simply pay the victims family a small amount of money and then continue with their activities). Basically, if this were the case, Pakistan will become an experimenting ground for the U.S. Military to try out their new "War Weaponry"...and if you look at the money the U.S. is willing to spend on it's military, expansion, and development, you could reasonably conclude that America views the money it provideds to Pakistan is "a small price to pay" for what America receives in return.

Some guess: It's about "Trophies". Osama bin Laden and his comrades are considered 'hunted'. If they were caught, the men in power would have them as a "trophy". If you don't know how highly valued Trophies are to American men, you don't understand American mentality and culture. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service released these findings: Nearly 40 percent of U.S. adults spent $101 billion on wildlife-related pursuits in 1996. Yes...the people spent $101 billion on pursuits - quests for trophies - in a single year! These "hunters" did not hunt because they were not hungry - they were not hunting for food. (If you knew how expensive it was to hunt in America - licenses, equipment, time off work, travel, lodging, land leases, etc, you would know that it is much cheaper to purchase food than to hunt for it). These people were hunting for the thrill of it, for the adrenaline rush, for the trophies they mount on their walls, for the photos they brag about, for the 'war' stories they love to tell. So again, never underestimate the Americans love of hunting and conquering things. They hunt for the simple "challenge", they hunt because it's "fun" to them...many hunters will tell you "it's what I live for" (and they mean it!). Just look at the money they spend on it - and look at the money the United States spends on its Military...that money is not for mere defensive and protective projects, but for offensive and expansive projects as well. Reportedly, the proposed U.S. "Defense" Budget is $708 for one year. Jesus said: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also". That certainly testifies to where the heart of the United States dwells...vengeance, dominance, expansion, globalization, and war.

Part IIl.

Some guess: It's Nuclear Weapons. 1) Nuclear Threat to India. Understanding that if the U.S. could control Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons, even 'background' control - through influence, they will be able to achieve their goals of calming tensions between Pakistan and India. Since the U.S. is supposedly "friends" with both India and Pakistan...which side would the U.S. fight for if war erupted between India and Pakistan? The U.S. would be in what Americans call "a pickle" (a difficult and humiliating place to be). 2) Nuclear Threat to Israel. America is not shy or secretive about their support and protection of Israel. And Muslims are not shy or secretive about their opposition to Israel. So it's obvious to even the most entry level researcher that America aims to prevent any type of nuclear threat against Israel, and by nurturing, 'feeding', influencing, and binding Pakistan through contracts, the U.S. will be doing Israel a great service. 3) Mutual Assured Destruction. Mutual assured destruction is defined as: "A doctrine of military strategy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two opposing sides would effectively result in the destruction of both the attacker and the defender". Understanding the United States great fear of death brings an understanding of their great fear of Mutual Assured Destruction. And understanding their great fear of Mutual Assured Destruction brings an understanding of their desire to influence, control, destroy, weaken, or remove anyone who would be capable of achieving Mutual Assured Destruction. One can imagine the fear the United States, and the majority of its citizens, have of a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of a Muslim who says "we love death as much as you love life". "Yikes!" Americans say! "We can't let that happen". So, it is definitely no wonder why America is trying hard to become 'friends' with Pakistan and "get-in with" its government! And: 4) Nuclear Influence to Iran. This is another huge worry of the United States. Everyone knows that Iran openly opposes the United States and Israel, so what if Pakistan and Iran became friends? What if Pakistan offered to reveal some of its Nuclear Secrets and Technology to Iran? Again, the United States fears and tries to prevent Mutual Assured Destruction, and if Iran progresses in its pursuit of Nuclear Technology, and one day decides to develop a nuclear weapon, then Iran could achieve the feared Mutual Assured Destruction stage and the world would be - as Americans say - "a whole new ballgame!" So, of course, the U.S. feels it is required to influence and monitor the Pakistani Nuclear Arsenal.

Some people wonder if this 'friendship' between Pakistan, Iran, and many other Muslim Governments is already happening. They wonder if they are actually a lot "closer" to each other than what they appear to be. Some people, who not even being Muslims, read the Qur'an and the Sunna to learn more about Islam so they can figure out what Muslims are like. Once they read about Islam, they understand that Muslims have very strict rules and obligations to love and to help and to protect each other. They are told they are like a "band of brothers", and are told to fight against those who fight against them or any of their Muslim brothers. Muslims have very strict rules instructing them not to be unlawfully affiliated with non-Muslims. Muslims are not even allowed to take part in things that seem simple and trivial to most Americans: things like usury, greed, adultery, homosexuality, and blasphemy. Since none of these things are legal for Muslims or for Muslim countries, then one must wonder why these "Muslims" are allowing American influence into their countries when Americans clearly accept, practice, condone, protect, and endorse these things. Something strange is definitely going on!

One of the scary parts about Islam to some Americans is that when Muslims are the "underdog" (when they are the "small" team up against a "big" team), Islam allows them to sort-of 'deceive' the non-Muslims for a period of time until the Muslim team becomes bigger and stronger! Muslims are actually allowed to behave as though they are 'distant' to other Muslims and to behave as though they are 'friends' with the unbeliever...for the "overall benefit of the Islamic community". That Islamic allowance has many Americans paranoid; they worry: "Is the 'distance' and lack of brotherly love between Iran and Pakistan and other Muslim country's merely a ploy?" They worry: "are Muslims simply pretending not to have brotherly love for one another and are actually plotting in the background to rise up together later and fight against America?" Truly, what should Americans believe? It must be one of two things: either 1) Muslims are secretly working together; or 2) the vast majority of "Muslims" are not actually Muslims at all, because they have obviously rejected Islam.

Believe me when I tell you that they majority of Americans hope it is #2! But I'm sure America feels it needs to be prepared for the possibility of it being #1, which leaves no wonders about why America strives to place more businesses and technology and military camps inside Pakistan...they may feel that if they want to find out the truth about what's going on inside the Muslim world, they have to install technology inside the Muslim world so they can listen to and monitor the activities of Muslims! That's certainly no secret, and the fact that the United States does not hide their global ambitions, nor do they hide much of their technological abilities, causes me to believe that Pakistani leadership has simply rejected Islam; otherwise, they wouldn't give America the ability to listen and see what's going on inside their lands.

As you can see, there are many 'theories' of what motivates the United States to seek a relationship with Muslims and with Pakistan, and if I were a Muslim, I would certainly be interested to know the truth about their motives; HOWEVER, if I were a Muslim I would also want to obey the person who I claimed to be speaking on behalf of Almighty God. I would first and foremost want to focus on believing and obeying and trusting Muhammad, and strive to fulfill my contract with God. The way I understand Islam, if Muslims were focused and committed to Muhammad and to God, they would not have allowed the United States into their country and they would not haven taken them as friends, and they certainly would not haven taken them as protectors. I think God forbids these things for Muslims. After reading even a little about Islam, one gets the impression that Muslims are not even allowed to align themselves with a country who violates Islamic laws and approves of and encourages those who. Since the Pakistani leadership claims Muhammad is from God, then why are they not afraid of disobeying the Qur'an and the Sunna? It makes me wonder if the Pakistani government and businessmen are true "muslims", or if they are masqueraders. The Apostle Paul teaches in 2 Corinthians, chapter 11 about masqueraders, he says: "for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve".

That's scary to me. Surely the Pakistani government and business leaders are not the servants of Satan! Surely they are simply unaware of what exactly the rules of Islam are. All of this makes me wonder if God is trying to help Pakistan or if the unbelief and disobedience of so many of its citizens has provoked His anger and now He is turning them over to the 'Lords' they love and serve. I guess time will tell us these things, and we will, God willing, see how this story unfolds. May God have mercy on those who trust in Him and believe in the Prophets He sent to us, and may He display His mighty favor towards those who strive to walk in His ways.

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