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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 25,1430/ November 12, 2009, # 53

What did Major Hasan "see" which led to the Ft. Hood attack? Was it Sabra-Shatilla and US support for Israel? New Trend received numerous articles on Major Hasan but this one is the most thought provoking. See "Major Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan: The Canary in the Mine."
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Breaking News: November 12, 2009
US Government Moves Against four major Mosques and the Alavi Foundation.
The government is going after major Islamic centers linked to Iran. The mosques will remain open while the court process continues for months but it looks like Israel won this game!
The assets include Islamic centers in New York City, Maryland, California and Houston, more than 100 acres in Virginia, and a 36-story office tower in New York. [Associated Press.]

New Trend observers say, very recently Israeli terrorist Netanyahoo met President Obama. The talks were secret but Iran was mentioned as a topic of discussion. The coming closure of these mosques is a major move and a first in recent US history against places of worship. Thousands of Shi'a Muslims will be affected.

Latest war news: General Kayani fooled by Pak Taliban. From October 16 to November 11, 2009 General Kayani's juggernaut of highly trained Pakistani elite forces has been searching for the Taliban in South Waziristan but can't find them. The Pakistani troops were held up by Uzbek mujahideen led by Arab commanders while the Pak Taliban slipped away into the mountains and forests of South Waziristan and some into North Waziristan and on to Bajaur. The mujahideen killed 68 Pakistani troops for a loss of 12 Uzbeks. The Pakistanis now control the main roads and 4 little towns [or villages] in South Waziristan. Guerrilla warfare has started. Shaykh Osama and Shaykh al-Zawahiri are nowhere to be found. [For more war news, scroll way down .]

[New Trend comment: Check out the miracle of Islam. Pak Taliban who are ethnically Pashtuns are great friends of the Islamic Uzbeks while secular Pashtuns in Afghanistan and secular Uzbeks have an unending history of mutual hostility.]

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China's Forgotten Muslims: 6 Sentenced to Death, One to Life in Prison

In Urumqi, Sinkiang province of China, a Chinese court sentenced six Muslims [Uighurs] to death and one to life in prison. [October 12.] In clashes between Muslims and Han Chinese settlers in July, both sides suffered losses but the Communist government punished only the Muslims involved in the clashes.

Several thousand Muslims have been arrested and taken away for "interrogation" by the Chinese. Sinkiang is a Muslim province but Chinese settlers in large numbers have been brought in to dilute the Muslim majority.
China became bold in persecuting the Muslims after Pakistani President Zardari visited China following the clashes and declared that the Chinese crackdown on Muslims was justified. .

Indian Forces Bullying Bangladeshi Muslims: 2 Killed in Latest Shooting

November 11, 2009: On the Bangladeshi border with India in the Rajshahi area, Indian border forces fired on Bangla cattle traders killing two of them. This is one of a string of incidents.
India has been encroaching on Bangladeshi territory for two decades, nibbling away the land to increase control and to facilitate smuggling of Bangla goods into India.

Meeting World Famous Historian David Irving.
Hated by the Israel Lobby

Arlington, Virginia: November 9, 2009: Two of our Islamic activists met David Irving at a select gathering where he spoke of his latest research on documents related to the Second World War.
With his unique research ability, Irving has been studying German messages which were decoded by the British during the war.The few hours we spent with Irving helped us to understand why the Israel lobby and International Jewry globally keeps hounding him and prevents him from getting his amazing and meticulous research published by the best publishing houses. In fact his enemies follow him from city to city and try to prevent him from speaking even at private gatherings.

David Irving is certainly not an anti-semite let alone a Nazi as his enemies love to whisper. He is very forthright about the tremendous suffering of the Jews at the hands of some of the top Nazis, especially in Poland and Russia. However, he goes by documentation and not by a fixed agenda. He also sees the suffering of the German people, including the holocaust of more than 100,000 German civilians in ONE night caused by the British and US air fleets in Dresden alone.

Listening to Irving, one realizes that his research is the most damning report on the moral collapse of western civilization. What happened to religion and women in Europe is closely connected to what Germany did and what was done to Germany.

The Israel Lobby does not like Irving and prevents him from reaching the media because he has not found any document which would support the theory that Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews or that there were gas chambers at Auschwitz.

His greatest work till now is on Churchill which in detail brings out the frauds Churchill perpetrated on his own people and his extensive connections with Zionist leaders.

We enjoyed the visit with Irving. The old lion has not lost his sense of humor in spite of the steady censorship and exclusion he has suffered at the hands of the Israel lobby.

The Zionists are no match for Irving's erudition and took their revenge by getting him imprisoned in Austria for a remark he had made 8 years earlier! That is Zionist "tolererance" and "freedom of expression" for you!

Oppose Israel by buying a book by Irving for yourself or for your local library.
[ Scroll down to the photo of the Enigma decoder which recorded the secret conversations of German leaders.]

Irving's classic HITLER'S WAR can be obtained from New Trend, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087, for $50. Beautifully printed. Superb photographs.

Teaching Islam to students in Tennessee:
Crime has Social, non-racial Causes.
Latino Population Growing Rapidly: Many Blacks still Ghettoized

Yusuf El-Irlandi [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Knoxville, Tennessee]

The class went great, I started out by writing the 13th amendment on the dry erase board and proving that slavery HAS NOT been abolished in America, because the prisons are established on the old plantations and the overwhelming majority of inmates are black and Latinos - who are forced to live on the margins of society and are oppressed and disenfranchised.. They are still out there picking crops and having the master look over them with a shotgun. The class was all students of European descent with one African American student from Queens, NY.

I then expounded on a major case that was happening here in the locale where two African American youth allegedly kidnapped, held hostage, and murdered two Caucasian youth (a man and a woman). This case is so huge in the area that when they were arrested in 2006/2007 the KKK had a rally on black on white crime in America. I told them that a crime like that just does not spontaneously happen and we need to look to why - if they in fact did it (they were both convicted, one to death and one to life in prison) - is it really their fault when their mother was a prostitute junky and there was no father? Who was there for guidance? And was this a random case of violence or was it two bourgeois youth suffering retaliation in a drug deal gone bad? Why are these two Caucasians being portrayed as saints when they were hanging out in the ghetto - there must have been a reason for them being out there....

I also set up a table with the Jamaat's info on political prisoners, the boycott brochure, and some issues of New Trend dealing with political prisoners. I also explained what Jamaat Al-Muslimeen is all about and the outreach Jamaat does for people of all walks of life, not just Muslims. I also gave out business cards with my website and email.

After the class, the African American student pulled me aside and said he was a Muslim. He told me how he liked my talk because most people in the class just wholesale say "hang them" and "fry them" when cases as stated above are talked about - he also told me that when any topics of the Islamic Resistance come up they say that all those Muslims should be sent to the electric chair too, or hanged. It made my night when he told me that because I knew they were surprised when they saw me, found out my background (highly educated parents, middle class, etc.) and I was Muslim.

I also recieved an email from one of the students who is married to a Guatemalan man discussing her outrage on the racial profiling and law enforcement harrassment of her husband because the authorities automatically think that he is an "illegal". She asked me what could be done about it.

The latino population is growing VERY rapidly and the police are very rascist and are imbeciles. There is one area out here called "the valley" where all the blacks have basically been forced to live and if a white person goes in there then automatically the police think they are coming in there to get something illicit. They will pull you over, call the dogs in, etc. for no reason and no probable cause.
The proud city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee created the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Japan.

Free Dr. Aafia

Ask your friends and family to subscribe!

It is very important to have a strong showing of support for Dr. Aafia as her court date draws near! We appreciate your support and assistance.

May God bless you!

Dr. Aafia needs your support in court Nov. 19!

WHEN: Thursday, November 19 at 2:30 p.m. (Time and date, may change as this has become a routine with Judge Berman)

WHERE: Federal Court, 500 Pearl Street, New York

Just to update you: the next hearing in Aafia's case was just scheduled. This time, the judge will hear oral arguments on the motions previously filed, and (we hope) rule on the motions.

For those who cannot attend, please say a special prayer.

Stand for humane treatment and stand against injustice! Standing for Dr. Aafia brings light to all missing persons, victims of extraordinary rendition and people held in secret prisons. It sends the message that all human beings, especially - our sisters - Muslim women have rights!

God Bless,

The Free Dr. Aafia Campaign

What made him do it?
Unless we understand what he saw and heard, America is facing a Dim Future.
Major Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan: The Canary in the Mine
By Ambereen Ehsaan [Excerpted from ]

It all begins and ends in Palestine, no matter where in the world it happens. The human mind can only absorb a finite level of oppression before it releases itself from all inhibitions, and goes berserk. This happens to the brain that witnesses violence, participates in violence and is the recipient of violence or oppression, also called Dhulm.
Allah Subhanawataala reminds us repeatedly in the Quran that the most abhorrent people on the face of the world are the oppressors or those who do dhulm.

Oppression or Dhulm is a double-edged sword. When one raises ones hand to strike someone weaker than oneself, the resulting outcome leaves an indelible mark on the psyche and the memory of everyone involved. The striker and the recipient both have an indelible memory, never to be impugned from their psyche, effecting all events in their future in perpetuity. There is no cure for the scar on the psyche, only prevention.

The believer is instructed in the Quran to help release the oppressed from oppression but not to go even an iota more in the direction of becoming an oppressor oneself. This of course is a very difficult thing to do because in most cases warriors get drunk with the power of victory and the brain shuts off the frontal lobe operating only at a very base level of reactive violence. The major exception to this rule in history was Saladin in his victory of Jerusalem where he gave safe passage to those who had killed not only Muslims but also Jews.

When two million people came out in the streets of the USA decrying the war on Iraq, they at an intuitive level understood what it would do to their own people, leave alone the people of the world. Amongst them were the mothers of some of those killed in the 911 disaster.

What does all this have to do with Major Nidal Malik Hasan of Fort Hood?

Reports tell us that his parents came from Palestine, fleeing the oppression of Israel, and sought sanctuary in a free democratic country. A son was born to them in the United States their adopted country. Perhaps in gratitude, they sent him into the service of the country they had adopted.

What prompted him to choose Psychiatry? Perhaps stemming from a desire to understand the nuances of the disturbed psyche and a feeling that he perhaps could be of help to them, a thought of most physicians training to become psychiatrists. The news reports his subspecialty was preventive treatment.

It has never been voiced whether he was ever exposed to the memories of the carnage of the Sabra and Shattila camps in Palestine, but it is entirely possible that the choice of Psychiatry was something related and was perhaps a subconscious attempt to set the tortured minds of the hurt and the injured in war at rest.
Americans that had not seen war for a while were hurled into two wars. The one in Iraq which was built up on flimsy grounds and enacted on lies admitted later by very senior people in the cabinet at a huge cost to the Americans and the Iraqis. Others believe it was to fulfill promises given by the ex-vice president who had given the contracts to a company for just about everything in Iraq at inflated prices at the expense of the American taxpayer.

As the backdrop of this drama unfolded, the first few reports of soldier suicides started to come in, followed by female soldiers and female contract workers raped by their employers and fellow soldiers. It seemed from these reports that it was a free for all in Iraq with no holds barred.
The general American public who were not involved with the military heard only sporadic reports which completely disappeared shortly after appearing in sideline newspapers or unknown medical journals.
It was the American youth who discovered what their soldiers and contractors were actually doing in Iraq by the sequential release of youtube and google videos by American soldiers who could not stand the depravity of some.
It was the young college students who first reported to their elders that all was not well in Iraq, and the military was not really in charge and that the contract workers had more power and were better paid than the American military that was defending them. No one took much notice of them as life was good, the economy was good and Iraq and its problems were very far away.

It appears that Major Nidal graduated from medical school and psychiatry training right into this mayhem of a helpless military ruled by contractors. Due to the protection of the vice President, the depravity of the contractors could not be challenged and having the favorite child status with the vice president of the United States of America, the second most powerful figure in the world, their behavior could not be reigned in.

As the soldiers started to return home, their lives forever imprinted with the violence of war and the violence of inter racial, inter gender war and oppression, they spilled it all out to Major Nidal the Muslim Psychiatrist of the Army.

At this point someone in the Medical Profession remarked: " Major Nidal should have gotten out of the kitchen if he could not take the heat; he should not have been in the military". From the reports it seemed he tried to get out, but the reasons given for wanting to get out of the military were harassment, and he was denied exit.

One day someone from the military released the deadly and sickeningly deathly photos of Abu Ghraib, which outdid the Bastille in France. Though The Bastille and its torture chambers had incited the French public into the French revolution, no such reaction to the carnage came from the American people. No one was touched in America other than an initial outrage with no follow up.

It would seem that Major Nidal had to absorb the details of Abu Ghraib also, and counsel his sick soldiers.

It seems from the reports that the contractors had neither the ethics nor the code of honor that is taught in the military and being in Iraq where the population was helplessly at gunpoint proceeded to do whatever their depraved minds invented. The military had to guarantee their safety.

Meanwhile the suicides and rapes increased in number and frequency and it matches about the time that Major Nidal started to voice his opinions against the war. Having no family alive and no spouse to sound things off, imprisoned by the Hippa laws of medical confidentiality along with the secrecy of the Military, did not leave him much room to voice his opinion openly. When he did, he was labeled, as being anti war which it appears he was. He continued to protest the war and challenged that what was being done to his patients was inhuman and was being done for a war (Iraq), which had no basis (since it had no relationship to 911 and no WMDs, had been found.)

It appears that he was jeered, despite being an officer, for his views and his Middle Eastern ancestry was the source of the name-calling. Thereupon he became silent.

It appears that he treated and counseled severely damaged soldiers whose psyche had been warped by the inhumane war in Iraq and just when things would look slightly externally better, these patients would be sent off to get more brain scars, wiping clean any advances he had made in their treatment.

Did that frustrate him? Or did it frustrate him that this war in his opinion was an unjust war without basis? Did it frustrate him that his patients were being sent back into the war zone, half treated? Did it frustrate him that as a Muslim he was supposed to help the oppressed and the sick and he was unable to do either?

I also sometimes wonder if he had the opportunity of interviewing the gang-rapers of the fourteen-year-old Iraqi girl and did that arouse sleeping memories of what had been done to the Palestinians in Sabra and Shattila?

Meanwhile voyeurs as well as political elements had gotten hold of the videos on google and youtube about the rapes and killings and were having a hey day with them. The American people, especially the youth were sick of what was going on in Iraq and they saw hope in the half white half black man who might set things right, if voted in as President. Thus in 2008 the vast majority of the internet generation who were witness to the sordid acts in Iraq and Afghanistan, came out to make a statement and voted for the "Interracial (Black and white) Hope of America"

However nothing changed. Time marched on for some and for some it stood still as yet another soldier committed suicide.

We will never know if Major Nidal went Kevorkian and killed his own patients who he knew were in pain and were going into further pain or whether he reached the limit of human ability to feel the pain of others and fell back onto the military training of dehumanizing people to make it easy to kill them. Or did he just snap and went on a killing rampage?

We will also never know whether he actually said "Allah o Akbar" as was reported as an after thought two days after the event, or was it the product of an Islamophobic fevered mind, nor will we know if there were two other shooters who were given asylum.

All I can deduce from the sequence of events is that Dr. Nidal Malik Hasan is the canary in the mine and if things are left as they are, the mine will blow up in our faces.

Letter: Muslim "Leaders" Cautious about Defending Imam Luqman, Blatant in condemning Major Hassan

I find it strange that so many Muslims are so ready to take blame and apologize for Muslims every time there is a report of a Muslim accused of committing a crime of some sort. Why is it that we accept that Islam is being blamed for the ills of America? Do you hear the religion of other alleged perpetrators of crimes mentioned in the media? We should be protesting the mentioning of Islam in association with crimes period!
Next, I find it strange that certain groups were so careful when the reports came out about Imam Luqman's murder. So careful to make sure the right spin was put on what they said as though they did not want to be associated with him. However force to say something or be questioned by the masses, they asked in a very timid manner for the investigation of the incident.

Now we have a story that surfaced this week on CNN about a young woman in Arizona being ran over with a car allegedly by her father. She died of her injuries this week. When the story was posted on a web site and then began to be circulated on the Internet not one Imam (especially those of larger masjid/Islamic centers and of the national groups have yet to release a statement). I wonder why a young woman being murder in our community does not rate a response when mentioned on CNN? Yet before most of the facts can be gathered about the shooting in Fort Hood some of our leaders make sure their statements of condemnation get posted on the blogs, newspapers and of course they must make their 15 second appearance on CNN. Why the big rush to make statements of comdemnation? Muslims have not waged war on America. Dr. Hassan is a product of the US military. He did not represent me, you or anyone else.

Only Allah knows for sure what Dr. Hassan's intentions were or his mental condition. However we do know that the US Army by its own admission has many mentally ill soldiers in its mist. I pray that our Muslim leadership can become more informed, less political, socially aware and just as the Quran teachers us. It is time for many of us to stop being quiet and allowing people to speak for us that we do not know, do not do anything for the masses or that we have given permission to represent us. I personally do not see why we owe America an apology for Dr. Hassan's actions. However the leadership of Islam do owe the women of Islam in this country and the world an apology for their lack of attention to our need to be safe in our communities.

Hadayai Majeed, Atlanta, Georgia
one of the 1000 Peace Women Across the Globe.

Answering Victors' Lies About German War Guilt
Jürgen Rieger

.. .. Unlike the Western leaders, Hitler had realistically evaluated the dangers posed by the Bolshevik Soviet Union. He realized that Germany would be unable resist the Soviet Union without an alliance with Poland. For this reason he signed a nonaggression treaty with Poland in 1934 .. .. Since the British guarantee of March 31, 1939, gave Poland carte blanche in its dealings with Germany, Poland intensified its persecutions of the German minority. Abductions became common, speaking German in public was proscribed, German associations and newspapers were suppressed, the German consul in Krakow was murdered, etc.

Photos from David Irving's presentation on November 9: Enigma is the machine on the left which was used by the British to decode the messages of German leaders and commanders. So the British knew all along what was going on and never claimed to have heard of the holocaust. On right, Hitler with Himmler who kept the Fuhrer ignorant of the atrocities being committed against Jews on the eastern front. There are no orders from Hitler commanding the extermination of the Jews.

War News: Pakistan
Islamic Resistance Leaders Accuse US Blackwater of Explosions in Pakistani Civilian Populations

November 11, 2009: Pakistani Urdu language media published messages from Shaikh Mustafa and Maulvi Tariq transmitted through al-Sahab media web site in the form of Video CD. Mustafa is introduced as an al-Qaida leader while Tariq is a spokesman of the Pakistani Taliban.

Speaking in Arabic and Urdu, the two leaders categorically rejected Pakistani government claims that explosions in civilian populations, such as the ones in Peshawar, were carried out by Pak Taliban. The Islamic resistance leaders said that al-Qaida and Pak Taliban consider such random attacks against innocent people strictly HARAM. We, said the spokesmen, stand for the rights of the Muslim ummah. Why would we kill our own people, asked.

The explosions, the leaders said, are carried out by the notorious American company Blackwater; as soon as the explosion takes place killing scores and wounding hundreds, the Pakistani regime immediately attributes it to the Pak Taliban and/or Al-Qaidah. This is meant to turn the people against the resistance because the government knows, the resistance does not have conventional media and cannot answer the charges.

In a severe condemnation of US Blackwater contractors, Shaikh Mustafa said that Pak media reported the presence of armed Blackwater agents in Pakistan, some of whom were arrested and then released by the Pakistani security.

Shaikh Mustafa quoted a verse of the Qur'an saying that when a corrupt person brings you a report, you must study it critically lest you believe it and harm people and then are sorry.

Maulvi Tariq Azam said that Pak Taliban are only fighting those whose hands are red with the blood of Muslims and Taliban consider it HARAM to attack civilians. The US agents attack civilians usually when US officials are visiting Pakistan, to create the impression that Pakistan is under attack and needs US help, he said. Immediately the regime blames the Taliban.

Pakistani Taliban have once again foiled General Kayani's concentrated attack in South Waziristan. Here he is addressing Pakistani Generals. Notice the lack of any Islamic symbols in a Muslim country proud of its army. After this meeting, he told media that Taliban are attacking civilians because they can't face the army!

November 11. "Militants are attacking innocent people out of frustration because they are incapable of confronting the military operation: Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani."—Photo by APP

Latest Pakistani Fighting
Pak Army Comes under Taliban Attack in South Waziristan: Heavy Losses
November 12, 2009: Kayani's spokesman admitted that Pak army units were caught in an unexpected Taliban attack and lost 15 killed, with another 2 killed in a nearby town. [Both incidents in South Waziristan.] [Actual losses are much heavier.]

November 11: A series of Islamic attacks hit Gen. Kayani's forces in the Mohmand area. The General's spokesman admitted ten troops killed in one attack and ten in another. A number of troops are missing. Pakistani heavy artillery drove off the Pak Taliban.

[Reports indicate that General Kayani lost more troops in Swat than in all the wars against India combined.]

Seymour Hersch Reveals Pak Army-US Deal on Nuclear Weapons

In the latest New Yorker Magazine, American investigative journalist Seymour Hersch revealed from his sources in Pakistan and the US that the Generals have made a deal with the US to give control of Pak nukes to the US if there is a danger of an Islamic victory. Both Pakistan and the US are denying the report.


Michigan woman imprisoned by Israel following settler takeover of Palestinian home

Friday, November 6, 2009
http://alethonews. blogspot. com/2009/ 11/michigan- woman-imprisoned -by-israel. html

Imprisoned American citizen and Michigan resident Ahlam Mohsen to be deported to the US after being arrested in a Palestinian home taken over by Israeli settlers in Occupied East Jerusalem.

Ahlam was a guest of the al-Kurd family when on the morning of 3 November 2009 Israeli settlers burst in and seized part of the building. Contrary to eyewitness accounts, the police claim the 21-year-old attacked them.

From the Givon prison in Ramle where Ms. Mohsen is currently awaiting deportation she reported that: "The Israeli police were violently pushing an elderly Palestinian woman. So I stepped in front of them. They told me to move and when I refused they started forcefully pushing me. Then they grabbed me and carried me into a police van. While I was waiting at the Israeli Ministry of Interior, the police officers kept telling each other that I was a `dirty Arab' and introducing me as 'Osama Bin Laden's sister'. One of them, threatened to `break my head'. None of the other non-violent demonstrators were targeted; the way they treated me, it's obvious that I was arrested because I'm of Arab descent."

The 40 settlers, accompanied by private armed security and Israeli police forces, entered a section of the home, threw out the family's belongings and locked themselves in.

The take-over came after an appeal submitted by the family's lawyer was rejected by the District Court. In their appeal, the Palestinian family was challenging an earlier court decision that deemed a section of the house illegal and ordered that the keys be given to settlers. The settlers proceeded to enter the house, while the court did not grant them the right to enter the property.

The al-Kurd home was built in 1956. An addition to the house was built 10 years ago, but the family was not allowed to inhabit the section because the municipality refused to grant them a building permit. Visibly unequal laws are used to make it possible for settlers to move into a home where it was declared illegal for Palestinian residents to inhabit. The Israeli authorities exercise their abilities to demolish and evict Palestinian residents, while ignoring building violations from the Israeli population in East Jerusalem.

The al-Kurds have become the fourth Sheikh Jarrah family whose house has been occupied by settlers in the last year. So far, 60 people have been left homeless. In total, 28 families living in the Karm Al- Ja'ouni neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah, located directly north of the Old City, face imminent eviction from their homes.

2009-11-13 Fri 05:21:54 cst