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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulq'idah 19,1430/ November 6, 2009, # 52

From Imam Badi Ali {Jamaat al-Muslimeen Noth Carolina]

Spotlight #1 1: There is a tiny clique in America which claims to be Fiqh Council of North America [FCNA]. They want to do "interfaith" activities to mislead the Ummah. Looks like just as Kings in the Middle East have their pet "scholars," we have FCNA working to give fatwas supporting the pro-regime lackeys in America.

Spotlight #2: If we want change, the Prophet, pbuh, has taught us about change in authentic hadith: Change evil with your hand, or speak out against it or at least consider it bad in your mind. There is no point in whining about problems. The process is clear. The Sunnah is clear.

Spotlight # 3: Without Islam, we are slaves. We are slaves to desires, to power, to wealth, to our own arrogance, to misleaders. Only Islam can bring us freedom

Editorial by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
Ft. Hood Attack Spillover of Iraq War
Major Malik Nidal Hasan: Mujahid or Deranged Individual?

Most critics of the war in Iraq agree that US military forces committed genocide against the Muslims of Iraq. Entire segments of cities held by the Sunni resistance were wiped out. Among them were Ramadi, Tikrit, Haditha, Baqubah, Fallujah and Tal Afar. The Islamic schools and mosques in these cities were burned down by the US on the excuse that al-Qaidah teachers were expounding Jihad in these schools and mosques. The city of Fallujah was wiped out in its entirety by the US military and then re-built as a permanently occupied garrison town. Sections of Mosul and major areas of Diyala province too have undergone serious damage at the hands of the US military. Parts of Baghdad which were held by al-Qaidah were demolished by the US air force.

The assault on Fallujah took place during Ramadan and its final destruction was carried out by elite US forces during the nights of laylatul qadr, the holiest nights of Ramadan.

Numerous mosques all over Iraq were turned into camping grounds by elite units of the American army in full military gear.

According to Lancet magazine, Iraq has suffered losses which amount to genocide including more than 100,000 people killed by the US air force alone.

As for atrocities against Iraqi Muslim individuals, even a simple count is impossible. Suffice it to remember the case of 14 year old Abeer al-Janabi whose family was murdered before she was raped and burned alive.

Some Shi'ite groups supported the US invasion but a few Shi'ites did resist and were subjected to the most brutal suppression by the US military. The city of Najaf, holy to the Shiites was repeatedly targeted by heavy US artillery. It's holiest shrine faced destruction at US hands before the Shi'ites decided to withdraw. Segments of Baghdad where the poorest of the poor Shi'ites resisted were devastated by the US through a combination of heavy artillery shelling and air strikes.

Within that context, Major Malik Nidal Hasan, an American Muslim serving in the US military targeted a building in Fort Hood, Texas, from where US troops are finally launched into Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an unexpected attack and Hasan was able to kill 12 US military and wound another 30 with his light weapons before he was gunned down.

It's not clear at this time whether he was a mujahid striking back at forces being mobilized to occupy Muslim countries or was he a deranged individual who lost his mental balance and lashed out at his own people. He has been captured alive. If he survives, he will be used to carry out psychological warfare against the people of America. If it turns out that he was fighting for Islam and striking back at military forces bent on occupying Muslim lands, he should be considered a mujahid, and if he dies, a shaheed.

We urge America's Muslims to remain peaceful and work against war within the limits of the law by way of non-violent resistance. We condemn the little cliques of Muslim lackey groups who have been condemning Major Hasan. Humanity is not to be fragmented. Muslims should be against war and for peace. None of these lackey groups, also known as 4-letter groups and alphabet cliques, have condemned the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Chechniya. They have not condemned the bombing of Pakistan in which US air force drones launch missiles at the homes of suspected opponents. Hundreds of civilians have been killed in these arbitrary murders from the air by Israel-backed American generals. The destruction of the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa in Islamabad did not elicit even a squeak from these bootlicker groups.

LOOK AT THE CONDITION OF MUSLIMS IN AMERICA. A top Islamic leader, Imam Luqman, was murdered by the government only a few days back. One of the greatest scholars of Islam, Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman, has been in US prisons for decades on the basis of absurd conspiracy charges. The leading Imam of America, Jamil al-Amin has been railroaded and is frequently humiliated in prison. Ahmed Abdel Sattar , Dr. Ali Timimi, Jose Padilla, Prof. Sami al-Arian, Dr. Kifah Jayyousi are in prison without reason or solid proof. From the Virginia innocents, to the Lackawanna Yemenis, the list of Muslims persecuted and oppressed in America goes on and on.

The Muslims of America are defenseless and pathetic. Lackey groups supported by the government claim that the government is right and the Muslims are wrong. ISNA, CAIR, MPAC, MAS, Chicago's bootlickers jumped in to condemn Major Hasan even before the military had given a full version of the incident. Thus, through the use of its lackeys, the Zionist regime in Washington, does not allow the Islamic viewpoint to be known at all.

The people of America elected Obama to bring the US occupation army back from Iraq, but a year after his election, the occupation army is still in Iraq. Tens of thousands of fresh troops have been inducted into Afghanistan. The bombing of Pakistan is becoming a weekly event. Looks like Obama, as we had predicted, caved in to the Zionists and is carrying on the policies of Bush.

Reports indicate that Major Hasan is of Palestinian descent. The people surrounding Obama are Zionists, be they Jewish Zionists, or Christian Zionists or "Muslim" Zionists [ISNA, CAIR, Keith Ellison, Saqib Ali, etc]. Hence the war goes on.

We, who want peace, should focus on the whole picture, not incidents within that picture.
Remember Gaza!
Remember Jenin!
Remember Swat!
Remember the Red Mosque!
Remember Abeer al-Janabi!

Islam in Canada: An Insightful Khutba by. Dr. Munir El-Kassem
Reported by Sis. Ashira [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora.]
[Sis. Ashira is organizing Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Canada. If you are interested, write to:

At Masjid Bilal -- Toronto, Canada
Imam Kassem approached the rostrum, greeted the community and told the community of his honor to speak before them again and that the community was as a home to him. He began his Khutbah with the beginning verses of Surah Al-Anam (The Cattle): (Muhammad Asad's translation)

With The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Mercifull

1. All praise is due to God, who has created the heavens and the earth, and brought into being deep darkness as

Well as light: and yet, those who are bent on denying

The truth regard other powers as their Sustainer's equals!

2. He it is who has created you out of clay, and then has
Decreed a term (for you)--a term known (only) to Him.

And yet you doubt--

3. Although He is God in the heavens and on earth, knowing

All that you keep secret as well as all that you do openly,

And knowing what you deserve.

4. Yet whenever any of their Sustainer's messages comes unto

Them, they (who are bent on denying the truth) turn their backs upon it:

5. And so they give the lie to this truth now that it has come

Unto them. In time, however, they will come to understand

What it was that they were wont to deride.

Expounding on the significance and relevance of these lines to the condition of the Muslim community today, Dr. Kassem reminded the community that in spite of our succumbing to error, he who is guided by Allah will not be taken astray by any other so that we must return to the proper appreciation for what Allah has given us. Specifically, he stated that the proclamation: "La Illaha Il Allah" is the solution for all the problems we are faced with and that instead of putting it aside to promote more "sophisticated sounding" methodologies that do not work, we must return to the solution given to us by the Almighty, All knowing, Omnipotent God.

While telling of the tragedies and wars in many countries, the instability of world economies, and the crimes, murder, and distrust of man for his fellowman, he made it plain to see that we are heading for destruction if we do not turn around. He chided the Believers that we must hold onto the principles of taqwa because this is the ONLY guarantee that we will have success in this life and in the hereafter. Emphasis was put on the importance of having a Mission Statement. Dr. Kassem said that organizations that do not have a proper mission statement have activities that go into disarray. Our mission statement: " La Illaha Il Allah. wa Muhammad ar RasulAllah"

Dr. Kassem pointed out to the Believers that we must do good deeds. He said that FAITH (Iman) is that which transpires in the heart and is translated into Good Deeds (amar salih). He said that we must ask Allah for FORGIVENESS--look at what has happened to us.
(At that moment, you could have heard a pin drop).
He reminded us that this message was sent to All Mankind, not just to us but to all mankind but look at the environment--we are suffocating (from dirty air, dirty water, abused soil, etc.) And we think that La illah il Allah is not enough --but Quality Control means that we check to see how Sincere are we in translating this statement into ACTION.. He said we cannot just continue to do the same old things that we have been doing in Islam and think that it is enough--saying this is for God and this is for Ceasar--NO, EVERYTHING IS FOR GOD!

He cited how our masajid are becoming ISLANDS. If one masjid has an event, the other masajid have nothing to do with it. THIS IS NOT ISLAM.

Dr. Kassem concluded with a delineation of the 3 types of persons with knowledge:

1. Alam = knowledgeable person

2. Ghairu Alim = Not a knowledgeable person

3. Jahil = An Ignorant person who accumulates false knowledge and thinks that he is right and insists upon his way.

Hadith Studies by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
[Mernissi has been made famous in USA]

Mernissi's work The Veil and the Male Elite is littered with serious and fundamental errors. My main purpose here is to deal with her attack on 'Umar, r.a., (one of the greatest Muslims of all times). However, let me refer in passing to Mernissi's procedural weaknesses. She builds her case largely on history books and tafseers [interpretations of the Qur'an]. She does not seem to understand that a scholar's tafseer on the Qur'an is not a source of Islam but only a source of help in understanding it. The sources of Islam are the Qur'an and the authentic Hadith. History books, even Tabari's Tarikh, are not as reliable as books of Hadith, such as the collections of Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim.

Again, Hadith are not to be taken at random. A scholar of Hadith must have the vision to bring together all that the Hadith says on a subject. Also, understanding how Hadith was collected requires scholarship. If Imam Bukhari selected 7,257 Hadith out of 600,000, that does not mean (as Mernissi tells us on page 44) that the rest were "false." If a sahabi (companion) of the Prophet had 100 students and they heard 10 Hadith from their teacher, that would technically be 1000 Hadith, and then each of those students might have a 100 of his own students and those 10 Hadith would multiply further, each with its separate chains of narration. The process of criticism of Hadith, as Mernissi knows but easily forgets, started with 'Ayesha, r.a., and had been greatly developed before Imam Bukhari brought it to perfection.

If Mernissi does not like a Hadith, she carries out a psychological analysis of the sahabi narrating it. Hence she paints weird pictures of Abu Bakra, Abu Huraira and 'Umar (Allah be pleased with them) which are nothing more than Merissi's fancy buttressed by later writers (as she conveniently forgets that 'Umar had many sectarian enemies who spread baseless stories about him).

WHO ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE "MALE ELITE?" One would suspect that Mernissi would refer to the corrupt (Europeanized) rulers of the Muslim countries, including her own patron the king of Morocco (bootlicker of America and Israel). Instead she targets the best of men. She writes:

"Uthman ... was a member of the small group of privileged persons from which were recruited the first caliphs." (p.40)
Thus 'Usman, r.a., and others who gave up all they had and followed a lifestyle which was so simple that no ruler in any country throughout history can be compared to them, are claimed by Mernissi as "privileged persons." It would be difficult to mention EVEN ONE privilege which they had. Equality is essential to authentic Islam and no one did more for equality than Abu Bakr, 'Ayesha, 'Umar, 'Usman, Bilal and many others with them. To confuse them with the Ummayad and Abbasid kings is a fatal mistake for a scholar.

An entire book could easily be written to refute Mernissi, but I want to go back to the "enslavement" of women owing to 'Umar, r.a., and the veil which she claims.

Mernissi does not seem to know that the curtain (hijab) is not the same as the modest dress prescribed in 33:59. Also she ignores the fact that the wives of the Prophet (pbuh) were distinguished from other Muslim women because they were to be the teachers of the community:

"O wives of the Prophet! You are not like any other women." [The Qur'an 33:32]

Thus the hijab (curtain) which was ordained to protect the Prophet's privacy and to stop intrusions into his small poor man's home (may Allah help us to follow his Sunnah and live modestly), was not applicable to all Muslim women. The curtains which have been imposed in mosques and harem-style Muslim homes (palaces) are not from the time of original Islam.

Merinissi's FATAL ATTRACTION for the colonizing power of the West comes out in her own words as she attacks 'Umar (who has no equal in his justice, vision, frugality, lack of love of power, desire for equality, and as a LIBERATOR OF WOMEN other than the Prophet, pbuh, himself). Here is Mernissi's claim:

" 'Umar's solution, imposing the hijab/curtain that hides women instead of changing attitudes and forcing 'those in whose heart is a disease' to act differently, was going to overshadow Islam's dimension as a civilization, as a body of thought on the individual and his/her role in society. This body of thought made dar al-Islam (the land of Islam) at the outset a pioneering experiment in terms of individual freedom and democracy. But the hijab fell over Medina and cut short the brief burst of freedom. Paradoxically, 13 centuries later it was colonial power that would force the Muslim states to reopen the question of the right of the individual and of women. All debates on democracy get tied up in the woman question and that piece of cloth that opponents of human rights today claim to be the very essence of Muslim identity." [page 188]

Thus for Mernissi, dictator Mubarak of Egypt who wants to remove that "piece of cloth" and turn all Egyptian women into copies of Jihan Sadat, is fighting for "human rights," while Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman, who defies U.S. imperialism, Israel and Mubarak, and wants women to wear that 'piece of cloth' is an opponent of "human rights!" Also, the former Shah of Iran, with his Pahlavi dolls in Parisian style, was for those rights, while Imam Khomeini, who restored Iran to a dignified independence, was "against" those rights because Iranian women wear chadors!
[To be continued, inshallah!]

Western Think Tanks Prepare to Undermine Shar'ia: Muslim Mosques Lack Basic Leadership
By Sis. Sofia [The writer teaches English in New York City]

The Sharia is being closely studied ---scrutinized, analyzed and discussed as to their classical and modern methods, the impact of the State in the arena of Islamic Law, etc. by professors of Anthropology in the United States. To what purpose, one can only speculate. Could this intrusion into the private lives of the global Muslim Ummah be used for social engineering, spying on Muslim civilians, and/or disrupting and destroying all attempts of any Muslim group anywhere to implement the Sharia in their societies? And, are the countries in which the data is being collected aware of the use to which it could be put by western nations? And, are there any ordinary and concerned Muslims in any Islamic country focusing their attention and energy in quite the same manner?

During the same time that I attended these lectures at a well-known university, I also went to a well-known masjid to offer my prayers. Here I experienced a totally different world. I had to endure a mini-class discussion by its leader about hadith. The topic for the day was about "standing shoulder to shoulder during salat" a statement that was repeated many times during this brief class session. That is as far as this discourse ventured - in the physical not the intellectual realm.

Could this state of total fragmentation of Islamic religious practices in real time and the utter lack of leadership among Muslims at the grass-root level be traced back to the attacks on cultures and languages, religious practices, etc., for greed for gold and other resources of Asia, Africa and the Americas under Colonial rule that have fragmented and devastated so many peoples of the world? And, how is it that these western scholars who are currently so enthusiastic about studying Islamic Sharia are not interested in investigating the impact of centuries of colonial rule by western nations?

Power corrupts they say. But greed, religious bigotry embedded in political power backed by nuclear arsenal, drones, helicopters and airplanes that are invisible in the sky to the human eye, manipulation of world finances and economies, materialism have all corrupted not only the body and mind but also the soul of western nations.

That is the planetary orbit of western nations while the Muslims dwell in their realm of Dunya and the After Life, accountability in their day-to-day activities for not only their actions but also their intentions and thought processes, and most importantly, their trust in God Almighty and acceptance of whatsoever life offers them. They live in the realm of spiritual endeavors. They struggle just to survive on a daily basis for food, clothing and shelter for their family.

The west makes up their deficiency in Imagination by means of their bag of tricks---such as the British use of "divide and rule" of Hindus and Muslims in Inda; in their successful attempt to dismantle and destroy the Ottoman Empire by instigating Arabs to fight the Turks; the deliberate focusing in on the Sunni/ Shia issue to divide Muslims through sectarian violence in Iraq; the Rowlett Act under the British Raj in India which has had a rebirth in the U.S. after 9/11 in its treatment of political prisoners. These are just some of their bag of tricks that they have been using and re-using to hold on to global power against people who are "not like them." When the British succeeded in dismantling the Ottoman Empire and dividing the loot/war bounty, they swore that they would never allow Muslims to gain political or social power again--ever. It appears that so far Nato/European nations and the United States have played their political games and maneuvers with this in mind.

Westerners have always chosen protection of property over protection of human lives. Now they have overtly given up on human rights altogether in world affairs depriving civilians, particularly Muslims, of the most fundamental human rights to: bear arms, privacy, free speech, practice of their religions such as making charitable donations, religious education, travel, etc. , and they have violated many International Laws in order to hold on to political, social and economic power.

Theses western nations have committed many war crimes and acts of genocide against thousands, no millions, of Muslims. Will they dare to commit genocide on 1.6 billion of the world's Muslim population and call it "a war of necessity?" Time will tell. And for these westerners in power, there will be a heavy price to pay.

Afghan Women Claim US Troops Burned the Qur'an: Demonstrations Sweep Across Afghanistan
[Excerpted from Asia Times, November 4, 2009.]

WARDAK, Afghanistan - Protests are sweeping Afghanistan in the wake of allegations that American forces had burned copies of the Koran during a patrol in a province near Kabul - a charge strongly denied by a United States military spokesperson.
Hundreds of students turned out in two separate demonstrations in the capital, Kabul, on October 25, one staged in front of the parliament building and another began at Kabul University and moved towards the center of town. There were no reports of casualties, although police were forced to fire warning shots in an attempt to control the crowds.
The Kabul disturbances were just the latest in a series of protests that followed rumors of a Koran-burning incident in central-eastern Wardak province. Students and residents in Wardak, Jalalabad, Khost, Logar and Kandahar also held demonstrations after reports began to circulate that US troops had burned Korans in Wardak, which borders Kabul.
The incident that sparked the unrest allegedly occurred on October 15, during a routine patrol by US forces near Khwajagan village. An American tank hit a mine, say villagers, and soldiers began a house-to-house search for insurgents. Not finding anyone, they allegedly burned copies of the Koran they found in one of the houses they had raided.
"The soldiers went to Khwaja Fazlurahman's house," said Khwaja Qandol, a resident of the village. "There were only women there at the time. When they did not find anybody, they took six copies of the Koran from the bookcase and burned them in the center of the room."
According to Qandol, the women complained to the rest of the villagers, who went to the house and saw the burned Korans.

Our America. #1
One in Seven Female Students Pregnant At Chicago High School
CBS News

It is a Chicago public school full of energy and spirit. It has about 800 girls, and 115 of them have something in common - something you might find disturbing. All those young ladies are moms or moms to be at Paul Robeson High School. Chicago Public Schools says it does not track the overall number of teen moms in the district. But Robeson Principal Gerald Morrow knows the count at his school in Englewood: 115 young ladies who are either expecting or already have had children.

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