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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 20,1431/ June 3, 2010 # 23

Does Hadith contradict the Qur'an anywhere? See below.

See below a note on Caliphate by Br. Yusuf Irelandi.

Shocking but true. Even ICNA members don't know this.
For years ICNA President Zahid Bukhari has been working with the US State Department, US Embassies and tyrant regimes. He has been trying to fool Jamaate Islami in in Pakistan. Thousands of Muslims through ICNA have become slaves of this system. Parents of five US Muslims who went to Pakistan were sent to CAIR by ICNA. CAIR got them arrested. Zahid Bukhari reached Georgetown University. He ruined his akhira to get his dunya. We bring facts from his own RESUME which he used to move up. He is proud of his fitna. Please scroll to end.

New Trend Talking to Sis. Abigail: She speaks to Christians in their own language
Why are the Established Christian Churches Silent About Gaza and the Israeli Attack?
If Muslims are the enemy, then what do the scriptures say about enemies?

The Israelis killed people on their way to bring basic necessities to the people of Gaza. Where are the Christians? Why aren't they speaking out against this?
Is it because the majority of Christian leaders teach that Muslims are the enemies of God and so they don't blame the Israelis for trying to stop food and basic relief items from getting to them? If the Christians truly view Muslims as their enemies, then why aren't they delivering aid to Gaza and to all Muslims in need instead of supporting the Israeli attacks against them? After all, the New Testament instructs the Christian Community to "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt 5:44) and "If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink". (Romans 12:20)
If these instructions were left for them by God, as the Christians claim they were, then why aren't they obeying them? Why aren't Christians feeding these "enemies" of theirs, as the New Testament tells them to do instead of supporting and participating in the persecution of these "enemies".

Although it is a popular teaching in America right now that Christians are to "stand beside the Israelites", a true Christian would never set Jesus aside for the sake of maintaining Israeli friendship. Anyone who has studied man's documented history with God Almighty knows the Israelites are known for rejecting Him and turning from Him. Look at what Stephen says about the Jews in the New Testament book of Acts:

"You stiff-necked people, with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are just like your fathers: You always resist the Holy Spirit! Was there ever a prophet your fathers did not persecute?" (Acts 7:51-52)

Stephen declared this personality trait about the Jews 2,000 years ago. Look at the character of the Israelis still today...have they changed? Are they holy in their dealing with people? No, they are not.

No true Christian would ever participate in the persecution of anyone, even someone they see as their enemy... that would be a violation of their duty to obey the instructions in the New Testament. It is obvious that the "modern Christians" hatred of Muslims is greater than their love for Jesus.

Any Christian community, denomination, or group that participates in persecution and stands beside Israel while it (still) openly rejects the teaching of Jesus, is not a true Christian. True Christians know this, speak this, and teach this.

Unite Against Zionism: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora Theme
Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali [Shoora leader, North Carolina]

Spotlight # 1: People need to address the issue of USA providing cover to the criminal activities of Israel. Why USA's regime always there to defend Israeli terrorism?
#1a. With huge sums of money going to Israel from the USA, Americans should struggle for their right to critique Israel's use of American funds for its criminal activities.
#1b. The veto right in the security council of the UN is unjust. It was meant to defend the interests of the world against that of any one country. Instead it is being used to defy the world and support one country. We need strong attorneys to challenge the veto power.
#c. The major representation on the security council is that of the western powers. South America, Africa, the Muslim world [which is one fifth of the world's population] are simply ignored.

Spotlight #2: If Egypt's land border with Gaza had been open, there would hav been no need for a freedom flotilla. The Egyptian regime has become part of the terrorist entity Israel's plans and program.

Spotlight #3: The Muslim world is not silent but has been SILENCED. A whole network of "scholars" and "leaders" are being used for this purpose. We can see this "silencing" mechanism right here in America with Muslim Brotherhood's Tariq Ramadan as well groups like ICNA, ISNA, CAIR, MPAC etc working with the power structure.

Spotlight #4: BP's oil spill off the Louisiana coast has highlighted the destructive power of the oil industries. BP really is Blood for Petroleum. The role of BP and other massive corporations is very dangerous for humanity. They are killing the environment. They seem to be above the law and authority. They support wars for oil and may even be picking and choosing leaders to run this country.

With thanks to Sis. Anisa Abdel Fattah [Ohio]
[This ship is named after a US woman killed by israelis while defending a Palestinian home. - Ed.]
Ireland asks Israel not to intercept aid ship Rachel Corrie
June 2, 2010

DUBLIN, (PIC)-- The Irish government has asked the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) not to intercept the Irish ship "Rachel Corrie" while en route to Gaza Strip with badly needed medical and relief material.

The Irish premier on Wednesday asked Israel to allow the cargo vessel to unload its shipment in Gaza without any hindrances.

The director general of the Irish foreign ministry sent a message to the Israeli ambassador in Dublin carrying the same meaning but no response was made public.

Rachel Corrie was supposed to join the Freedom Flotilla but was delayed for a few days due to technical reasons.

The European street is witnessing a series of protest rallies against the Israeli bloody attack on the Freedom Flotilla that left many of the activists on board its ships either killed or wounded.

http://www.palestin uk/en/default. aspx?xyz= U6Qq7k%2bcOd87MD I46m9rUxJEpMO% 2bi1s7VAflgI3uFa aDU71rAUCoTFPAeP CRKdLqwwvtpK5zZK 22ajs%2fMUGJs1kZ qOeLhcTEiLHcOeLX L4zWSR%2bgPjMs4% 2fwelvQShVMoq4ru 7%2fRotiA% 3d

Haim Saban's Dream
Why can't US Media report basic facts about the Israeli attack? Obama evidently okayed the attack but claims to be gathering information!
An Armed Turkish ship should go with next "Peace for Gaza" flotilla

by Sis. Karen English [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Los Angeles]

I read an interesting article in the New Yorker recently (May 10, 2010). It was an in depth profile of zionist, Haim Saban. He is the multi-billionaire owner and founder of Saban Entertainment. Born in Egypt, but having immigrated to Israel as a child (he maintains dual citizenship---American and Israeli), he is a Clinton confidante---both husband and wife, a huge donor to the Democratic Party, and a force with which politicians must reckon. The article was pretty breathtaking. It's always interesting to read about those who think their money will make them live forever. They don't think like we do. The one thing that struck me as I read about his single minded march to money and power, was his ardent desire to exercise control of the media. "His greatest concern," he says, "is to protect Israel by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship."
At a conference last fall, Saban described his formula. His "three ways to be influential in American politics," he said, were: "make donations to political parties (Who doesn't know that?); establish think tanks, like Emet (which is a kind of war room for the protection of Israel's image), and control the media. There is where success still abounds.
He needn't worry. We only have to look at the recent event in the international waters off the coast of Gaza to see evidence of zionist control. It's one of Israel's most potent weapons: controlling how its atrocities are reported. The seamless machinations that immediately clicked into place show us Haim Saban can rest easy---for now. In response to Israel's raid of the aid flotilla and the slaughter of innocent Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists, everyone played---and continues to play---their part. The major corporate news organizations immediately tried to downplay the crime. Our first black president, feigned mystification and a need to gather and gather and gather---the facts. He doesn't want to rush to judgement. But Israel, like a mad dog straining at the leash, must have had some kind of go-ahead. The aid flotilla was never a secret mission.
Whatever the case, Obama will do his part tapping Israel on the wrist but somehow including Israel's victims in that admonishment. Afterall, this is an election year with a lot of seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate up for grabs. Can he really afford to tick off the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee? The last president who called its bluff and presented Israel with an ultimatum, was Eisenhower.
While Israel was buying time, corporate media was already doing their part reporting Israel's version of their own barbarism. No matter the incident, Israel always promotes a certain mythology: she is innocent; she is the victim; everything she does is in self-defense. To this end, Israel immediately claimed that their highly trained Israeli commandos were attacked---with metal sticks and knives and guns snatched out of their hands. They had to defend themselves.
All day long, Americans were subjected to this ludicrous version of the events. At the same time, Israel was allowed to control the story by locking everybody up and instituting an information blackout. While they got their story together---all with the aid of corporate media, we had to be subjected to that lying Netanyahu over and over. But, where was Turkey's leader? Netanyahu wasn't an actual witness to the attack but news organizations allowed him put his spin on it never-the-less. The Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists were kept hidden away.
There is a bright spot in all of this. Haim Saban and all the zionist power brokers like him might be able to control corporate media, but the world grows smaller everyday and the number of alternative news sources increases, alhamdullilah. Zionist control of public opinion grows more and more fragile. The other bright spot is Turkey's announcement that "future aid ships will be dispatched with a military escort so as to prevent future Israeli attacks." For a long, long time Israel has shown itself to be a big bully emboldened by its big brother (the US) having its back. Since, it feels most comfortable striking at the nearly helpless, perhaps next time an armed ship will give Israel pause.

Jamaate Islami's ameer says US was with Israel in attack on Gaza Freedom flotilla.
Pakistan ready for revolution;we'll use Peaceful means.
[Munawar Hasan]

by Shamsuddin [in Lahore]

LAHORE, June 2: The Jamaat e Islami chief, Syed Munawar Hasan, said that

the country was fast heading for a revolution as the constitution, the law had become redundant and the institutions had collapsed.

Change through ballot is impossible in the prevailing conditions when one has to be a cheat and a thief to win the elections, he said and remarked that only people like Jamshed Dasti could win. He was addressing members of different standing committees set up by the JI central Shoora, at Mansoora.

He said that the JI was both a democratic and a revolutionary party and believed in a peaceful revolution. Therefore, the JI workers and leadership had to be present on both the fronts and continue their struggle. "We don't believe in violence as movements taking to violence meet their own fate" he said.

He said the secular lobby in the country including a section of the media was making every effort to provoke the Islam lovers. The Islamic symbols were being ridiculed. This lobby had the backing of the government and the sectarian forces.

He condemned as provocative the Interior Minister Rehman Malik's statement after the Lahore killings that "the culprit taken in custody was speaking in Punjabi; therefore, an operation in the South Punjab had become inevitable."

Syed Munawar Hasan said that Muslim extremism was not born out of any ideology. Instead it was the product of the circumstances. He said all terrorist activities on the face of the earth were conveniently attributed to the Muslims and none of the Hindus, Jews or Christians were blamed for that. Only the Muslims were on the hit list.

He pointed out that only a couple of days back, Israel attacked the Freedom Flotilla on the high seas, killing twenty people and injuring more than 60 others. Despite all that, the US declined to condemn such a big terrorist activity and even used its influence to drop Israel's name to be blamed for that which clearly showed that the US was fully with Israel.

Unite Against Zionism: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora theme
[Jamaat al-Muslimeen's press release issued by its Ameer Br. Kaukab Siddique on May 31 has been posted on numerous web sites around the world. Thanks go to
Br. Shaikh Hyder, in Canada, for getting it published in Indonesia's Jakarta Post. For the text of the press release look at: .]

This email from Pakistan says it all in a few words:

Dear Brother,
Your email has been circulated in the largest media group of Pakistan.


Tariq Khattak,

Manager Pak Media Group,

Columnist & Ed. Commerce,

Pak Observer, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Knoxville, Tennessee

A note on the Caliphate.

by Yusuf Padraig O'Corragain El-Irlandi
The Islamic Caliphate was a successful theocracy. Until the western governments incited tribalism, racism, bigotry, and kindled man's carnal lusts (money, power, etc.) we all lived in harmony. The Christian nations used to beg the Muslims to take over in Europe.
Now there is no Islamic government. Not Saudi Arabia, not Iran, NONE... But an Islamic theocracy is also not a dictatorship.

Let me tell you a story - when 'Umar - the second Caliph gave his inauguration speech, a man - a "peasant" unsheathed his sword and told 'Umar that if he does not rule by Shari'ah and becomes an oppressor, "we will straighten you with this" and shook his sword. 'Umar smiled and praised God. Same concept as our 2nd amendment here in USA.

I just don't believe man can veto God. Such as abortion - there is a CONSENSUS in all major world religions it is forbidden. But a group of men sit in a room and say it is permissible. Who are they?
May 25

Hadith Studies
Does Hadith Contradict the Qur'an?:

Second question from Sis. Mahjabeen, Canada:
Yes, I did check the Qur'an. You are right: the verse in question was incorrectly quoted by Allama Parwez. It does not say "Qur'an." It says "zikr." Perhaps that was an oversight. But wouldn't you agree that Hadith that contradict the Qur'an should be rejected?

Answer by Kaukab Siddique: No hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) contradicts the Qur'an. If you have seen one like that, or you think it does, email it to me or photocopy it and mail it to me. The Qur'an provides principles and the framework for the Islamic way of life. The Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh) shows how the Qur'an is to be UNDERSTOOD and IMPLEMENTED. The Prophet (pbuh) also provided laws which are BINDING but which are NOT in the Qur'an, especially relating to the rights of women. For instance, the PUNISHMENT for RAPE is given in the Hadith ONLY, not in the Qur'an. Those who take the Qur'an ONLY have made the mistake of trying to apply the rule of 4 witnesses to rape. If that were accepted, most men would get away with rape [and that is happening in some cases, with the victim being punished instead.] The Prophet (pbuh) taught that the raped WOMAN's WORD must be accepted , after proper investigation; and after final proof, the rapist must be executed.
Hadith does not contradict the Qur'an. It simply supplements the Qur'an. That's why the Prophet (pbuh) was sent to the people FIRST and then they were given the Qur'an as the basis for guidance.

From his own Resume:

ICNA President Dr. Zahid Bukhari in the Service of the State Department and pro-US regimes. [ICNA stands for the so-called Islamic Circle of North America.]

[State Department and corrupt regimes based on torture are in bold or underlined.]

Overseas Visits/
Presentations: Participated in a two day workshop on "Giving Voice to Muslim Democrats: Securing Democracy and Peace in the Mediterranean Space," organized under the umbrella of the research programme "The Mediterranean, Europe, and Islam: Actors in Dialogue (Meiad)," and sponsored by a consortium of three institutions: the University of Naples "l'Orientale", the Mediterranean Foundation, and the Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal Centre for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University, Naples, Italy on February 23-24, 2007

Made two presentations on "Muslim Roots in America" at the Political Science Department of University of Latvia and the Riga Stradins University, Riga, Latvia on February 12-13, 2007

"Economic Challenges of the Muslim Minorities in the West" in a seminar on 'Model Minority Muslim and the Muslim Ummah' organized by the Centre for Research on Islamic & Malay Affairs (RIMA), Singapore on August 5, 2006.

Participated in a State Department International Information Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina and made presentations on 'The Role of the Muslim Community in American Public Life after September 11" at the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (CIPS), University of Sarajevo, Islamic Medrasa in Travnik and Tuzla; and also conducted five media interviews, April 24-28, 2006.

"Education, Religion and Public Policy: US Experiences." A paper presented at the conference on Perspectives on Islamic Education in the 21st Century, held at Raichak, West Bengal, India April 3-5, 2006.

Participated in a State Department International Information Program in India and made presentations on 'Muslims in America: before and after September 11, 2001' at the Institute of Objective Studies, Delhi, and various other institutions in Nagpur, Chandigarh, Shimla and Kolkata. Had a web-chat with Times of India, and conducted seven media interviews with three TV channels and four English and Hindi newspapers, March 26 - April 2, 2006.

"Beyond the Clash, Dialogue and Alliance of Civilization: The American Muslims' Experience in the Post 9/11 Era." A paper presented at the international conference on History and Civilization of the Muslim World held at the University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, February 27-28, 2006.

Participated in a State Department International Information Program in Pakistan and made more than ten presentations on 'Islam and Muslims in the USA: Challenges and Opportunities' at the Council of Islamic ideology, Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamic Research Institute at the International Islamic University, Islamabad, Peshawar University, Peshawar Press Club, Lahore Women University, and Sargodha University; and also conducted media interviews with ARY-TV, Aaj-TV, and Daily Pakistan, February 21- 26, 2006.

"Hopes, Fears and Aspirations: American Muslims in Post 9/11 Era," a paper presented at a transatlantic dialogue entitled, Muslim Communities Participating in Society: A Belgian-U.S Dialogue, organized by the Royal Institute for International Relations (IRRI-KIIB) and the Embassy of the United States of America to Belgium in Brussels, Belgium on November 16-17, 2005

Participated in a State Department International Information Program in
India and addressed four two-day seminars organized by the SPAN magazine (Urdu section) on "Civil Society, Multi-ethnic Democracies and the Media" in Lucknow, Hayderabad, Patna, and Jaipur, and also conducted 10 media interviews on "Islam in America," September 2-20, 2005.

"The State of Islamic Studies in American Universities: Initial findings of a larger project" a paper presented in a conference on Islam in Higher Education, organized by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS) at the University of Birmingham, England on 29-30 January 2005.

"The Role of American Muslims in Enhancing the Dialogue of Civilizations," a paper presented at the 3rd World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations," Rhodes, Greece on September 28 - October 2, 2004.

Participated in two panels on, 'Human Moral Development in Islam, Christianity and Buddhism', and 'Responsibility of the Global Muslim Community in the Post 9/11 World' at the Parliament of World's Religions 2004, Barcelona, Spain on July 7 - 14, 2004.

Participated in a State Department International Information Program in
Russia and addressed 16 meetings at various universities in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Kazan, and also conducted 9 media interviews on "Islam in America," February 27 - March 7, 2004.

Made a presentation on "American Muslims and Challenges of 9/11," at the Center for the Study of America, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan on December 2, 2003.

Participated in the working meeting of "Partners in Humanity," organized by HRN Prince El Hassan bin Talal and Search for Common Ground, Amman, Jordan on July 26-29, 2003

Participated in the "Mahather Dialogue on the Advancement of Ummah," organized by the University of Technology's Center for the Knowledge Advancement at Kula Lumpur, Malaysia on August 13-15, 2002.

"American Muslims and the Dialogue of Civilizations," a paper presented at the International Symposium on Islam and the Dialogue of Civilizations, organized by the King Abdulaziz Public Library, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on March 17-20, 2002.

Participated in a State Department International Information Program in Japan and addressed five meetings of scholars, businessmen, journalists and students in four cities on "Islam and Muslim community in Post 9/11 America," January 21-25, 2002.

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