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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijjah 7,1430/ November 25, 2009, # 55

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen North Carolina]

Spotlight: Many Americans eat "on the run." Fast food has become part of the culture. We seldom eat together and even when we do, the TV is on and we don't [can't] talk to each other. Slow down! Enjoy the meal and the company of your family be it on Thanksgiving or Eid.

Direct Link between Israel and NATO operations in Afghanistan: In Israel's Own words. Scroll down to war news.

Censored by US Media
History in the Making: Women on the Move. US Intervention, Pakistani military operations and political corruption condemned:

Thousands of Pakistani women rallied in Islamabad [Nov. 18]. They were led by women activists in their hundreds who wear niqab [face veil] to show total rejection of western cultural imperialism. For photos of the rally and speech by Jamaate Islami's top leader Syed Munawar Hasan scroll way down.
[It is said that when burqa clad women come out on the streets, the country is ready for revolution.]

Next two items from NT's media monitor.

Our America: Making New Enemies. #1

Obama Day 308:
Glittering State Dinner for India's PM Manmohan Singh: Move to Remove Pakistani troops from Indian border. Kashmiris, Sikhs, Dalits, Christians, Tamils, Naxalites Dumped.

November 24, 2009: In a show of hubris, Hindus and Jews put up a united front at President Obama's first state dinner. Indian Lesbian Ms. Vaid was there along with Spielberg, Friedman and Ari Emanuel [re: Rahm] with camp followers like Fareed Zakaria.

Outside the White House Kashmiris demonstrated and chanted slogans against Indian atrocities. US-Kashmiri activist Ghulam Nabi Fai asked for Obama's compassion for Kashmiris.

Obama's claim that India is a democracy is belied by the horrific poverty which is visible across the length and breadth of India. It is a society based on caste and demeans women as no other country does. Kashmir is under the boots of India's occupation army. The Sikhs have been brutally crushed with hundred of extra-judicial killings of opponents of India. Hostility to Christians has taken on endemic proportions and in parts of India the peasantry has risen up in arms against the Indian army under Naxalite-Maoist leadership.

The main purpose of the Hindu-Jewish unity is to assure Pakistan's military that it has to be friendly with India for the sake of fighting Islamic resistance forces like the Taliban, Lashkare Taiba and al-Qaida. Pakistan is to be persuaded to remove its troop concentrations defending the border against India and put them on the Waziristan-Bajaur front.

Our America: Making Enemies. #2
FBI Moves Against 14 Islamic Somalis in Minnesota: Support for Al-Shabab Illegal.

February 24, 2009: Mahamud Said Omar, 43, is facing extradition from the Netherlands to the US to face charges of recruiting young Somalis to fight in Somalia for the Islamic force known as al-Shabab. A number of Somalis who returned to the US were arrested. Three of them have pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. One is saying not guilty. Others are being investigated and/or interrogated.

The Zionist regime in USA admits that al-Shabab has done nothing against America and is only fighting for the liberation of Somalia. Yet because it is an armed Islamic force, the US decided to brand it as a "terrorist" group. Thus the Zionists within the regime are getting America to fight every Islamic force wherever it might be. Potentially every Islamic force is anti-Israel. The Jews have cleverly handled Bush and now Obama to convince them that enemies of Israel are also enemies of America.

Nov. 20, 2009: In a serious setback for the rule of Law in America, attorney Lynne Stewart, who defended the Blind Shaikh Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, was sent to prison though she is a grandmother and in bad health. See full report with special permission to New Trend. Scroll way down

Photo of Sis. Lynne Stewart. She remained defiant even on the day of imprisonment and said she would always defend Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

[FOX TV's Michelle Malkin expressed her obscene pleasure at the imprisonment of Lynne Stewart. Malkin's other great pleasure was the desecratation of the Qur'an in Guantanamo.]

Islamic Woman Prisoner in Far Away Louisiana Keeping the Faith under Stress:
Her Library trashed by "Authorities."

by Dr. Mulazimuddin Rasool [Boston, MA]

Asalamu Alaikum

Maryam Uloho #464534 is approaching her seventh year at Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, on a 25 year bid for a fabricated obstruction of justice charge. In the past six months Maryam has suffered two heart attacks and a possible stroke.

After her last attack, she was sent back to solitary. She is allowed only one hour a week for exercise, two postage stamps a week, and is not allowed to use the phone. She is continually place in solitary for 90 day stints to keep her from influencing the other inmates with Qur'an and sunnah. The chaplain and guards are rabid Islamophobes and have vowed to keep her in solitary for the remainder of her stay at Louisiana's version of Guantanamo.
She has been sent to solitary (a 6' x 12' box) for acts termed aggravated disobedience, which include pouring water on the ground, forgetting she sent a memo to the chaplain (lying), and walking too slow from the infirmary in leg irons (refusing a direct order to walk faster).

Her library of 150 books on Islam and other topics was trashed and she is in need of medical care. The support for Maryam has been poor, very poor. Please write Warden Howard Prince at Hunt Correctional Facility, PO Box 174, St. Gabriel, LA 70776, and tell him the religious vendetta against Maryam needs to stop, and she needs to be taken out of solitary so that she can receive adequate medical care.
Please send Maryam a card or letter and add $20 to help her with medical fees.

She is in need of a lawyer. Maryam's address is: Maryam Uloho #464534, LCIW, PO Box 26, St. Gabriel Louisiana 70776.
For background information please contact Dr. Mulazimuddin S. Rasool at

Prayers Requested on Eid
On Eid al-Adha, pray for the success and endurance of ALL Islamic political prisoners in US jails. The most prominent among them whom we specifically project based on their leadership level, Islamic knowledge and non-violent but non-compromising approach are:

Dr. Shaikh Omar 'Abdel Rahman
Imam Jamil Abdullah al-Amin
Ahmed Abdel Sattar
Dr. Ali Timimi
Masoud Khan
Abu Ali
Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi
Prof. Sami al-Arian
Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan
Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
Jose Padilla
Sis. Maryam Uloho
and many, many others.

Pray that Allah may accept Imam Luqman's martyrdom and heal Major Hasan's wounds.

What do African American Muslims say about the brutal murder of Imam Luqman? It is certainly different from the opportunism of Siraj Wahhaj and W.D. Muhammad cliques. Please scroll down to an uncensored article about Imam Luqman.

Also on Eid remember those who have embraced Islam in US prisons. There are more than TWO MILLION people in prison of whom about 1.5% are reported to have accepted Islam and many more are on the way. Some of them ask us, why "outside" Muslims don't respond.

The time is NOW to send Eid Al-Adha Cards and other messages of support to Dr. Aafia!

The address is:
AAFIA SIDDIQUI, #90279-054
MDC Brooklyn
Metropolitan Detention Center
P.O.Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

As always, please do NOT discuss her case or matters of political or legal nature. Simple, sincere messages of support and friendship will be most helpful.

Editorial: Strategically, Zionism is Losing: by Kaukab Siddique

Obama's Dilemma: Most Muslims accept One Ummah and See a War on Islam, not on "terrorism"

Malcolm X, Imam Jamil, Imam Luqman, Major Hasan are Signs of Slow but Steady Radicalization of US Muslims

Muslims still respect a man who has a beard, a woman in hijab, who prays five times a day, fasts, pays zakat, goes for Hajj.

For America's "Rand Corporation Islam," he/she is a FUNDAMENTALIST.

Most Muslims respect a Muslim, male or female, who speaks out or writes or protests against Israel and condemns US attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan or rejects US control of Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt.

For "made in America" Islam, he/she is an EXTREMIST.

Many Muslims, though wise not to say it in public, admire the mujahideen who are fighting against America in the countries it has occupied. Shaykh Osama is held in high repute throughout the Muslm world, as just about every survey shows. It's like the Black community's respect for Nat Turner.

For made in America "Islam," such admiration is support for "TERRORISM."

The miracle of Islam is apparent in the response of American Muslims to the wars and repression imposed by this country's zionist-imperialist power structure all the way from Palestine, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, to Pakistan. The government was optimistic that the imposition of tiny subservient cliques on America's Muslims would stifle the spirit of Islam in this country. The media were put to work to fashion a new "Islam" which would want to accept the rape committed by International Jewry on Palestine. Unfortunately for the media, the American adventure in Iraq self-destructed. The flood of GI Joes into Afghanistan is backfiring. General Kayani failed to crush the Pakistani Taliban and the BBC is reporting that 45% of the people of the Punjab are supporting the Pakistani Taliban.

In Africa, Somalia is now largely in the hands of al-Shabab with Islamic victory barely thwarted by massive American help for Somalian collaborators thru Ethiopia. A Taliban type uprising was crushed with great brutality in Maiduguri and other parts of Nigeria but it is only a matter of time that the "wretched of the earth" will rise again in Nigeria. Indications from news reports in Africa are that al-Qaidah is spreading from Algeria into Mali and other west African countries and the US has been rushing military aid to regimes in West Africa. Qaddafi is very concerned that the "fundamentalists" might topple him if Uncle Sam does not protect him.

The Muslims of America were the greatest hope of the Zionist power structure. The Muslims here are very comfortable and are insulated against the problems of social change by a thick layer of high incomes. The immigrants from Muslim countries were seen as an endless resource for spying, infiltration and treachery in the Muslim world. The lackey groups, like ISNA, CAIR, WD, MPAC etc did not care in the slightest about the Qur'an's prohibition of any cooperation of any kind with oppressors. The race was on to obtain invitations to the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department. Collaborators besmirched the image of Islam in America. The lackey groups confessed that they have been in bed with the FBI for eight years. W. D. Muhammad was on his way to the White House when the 9.11 attacks happened. The government thought that with W.D. in its pocket, the strong African American communities could easily be disconnected from the world of immigrant Muslims. [1]

Zaid Shakir, a mediocre "scholar," was brought up as a leader and he declared, to the satisfaction of "massa," that he was not perturbed by the execution of the President of Iraq on Eid al-Adha. Shakir was presented as the mentor of Muslims [along with his side kick Hamza Yusuf] and accordingly admonished the Muslim world for its angry demonstrations against the cartoons of the Prophet Muhmmad, pbuh, coming out of Denmark.
These "leaders" were unflappable. The destruction of the Red Mosque-Jamia Hafsa by America's General in Islamabad left them untouched; the desecration of the Qur'an in Guantanamo's cages could not stir them up. The Zionists thought they had done their job well. [2]

Unfortunately for Bush [and now Obama], Islam is quite strongly rooted in America. Visit America's mosques. Other than in a few of the very rich ones like ADAMS in Virginia, [3] or the little W.D. Muhammad enclaves, it will be difficult to find a Muslim who wants to recognize Israel or supports the bombing of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Somalis too were a great disappointment for the White House. America's Muslims are scared but they are not fooled. Only some few from India are genuinely against the aspirations of the Ummah. CAIR and other very rich groups can collect a million dollars from the tiny filthy rich elites, but most Muslims come to these mosques to pray, not to support CAIR, ISNA, etc. There is a containing mechanism at work from the old hands in the Muslim Brotherhood [Barzinji, Totonji, Idris etc] in ISNA but it has reached its limits.

The Zionist regime in DC did not realize that from the blood of Malcolm X flowed a genuine Islam which would not compromise wih the oppressors. The work of Malcolm X was carried on by Imam Jamil who refuses to sell out in spite of personal mistreatment and humiliation in prison. Shaikh Omar Abdel Rahman [the Blind Shaikh] is helpless but has not forgotten the Qur'an. From Imam Jamil have come a whole series of outspoken and fearless Imams as well as others who are quite independent like Imam Musa.

With the martyrdom of Imam Luqman recently, there were shock waves throughout the Islamic communities, particularly the African Americans. This is new: an Imam who fights back with weapons and gives his life. This is terrifying for the lackey groups.

Then comes Major Hasan. We are now living in a process of transformation and radicalization of the Muslims of America, though it may be only at the mental stage. How the government will pressure him and use him to terrify the Muslims remains to be seen. He seems to have been quite changed by the doctrine of jihad. With four bullets in him and paralysis, the US will try to soften and shape him for terrorism against US Muslims.

America's media are a major obstacle to peace. They are working for Israel in great detail otherwise the issues would become apparent to the people of America. Palestine has been occupied by the Jews. Until Palestine is liberated, conflict will continue and get worse.

Why will it get worse? Because there is Islamic resurgence sweeping the globe. One million Iraqis died of US sanctions. Then came 9.11. The US supported torture in Egypt. From those dungeons of horror rose Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and Muhammad Atta.

Israel is threatening Iran. Through the US-Zionist hand in the "glove" of Obama, Iranian mosques in America are being threatened. This will change Shi'ite attitudes towards America. Instead of seeing "wahhabis" as their enemies, Iranians and Shi'ites in general should see Zionism using America as the real problem. America will sooner or later have to choose between Israel and the Muslim world.

Our role should be to call for peace between America and Islam. The American wars are not against terrorism or extremism, as Mr.Obama, like Mr. Bush, would have us believe. These are wars against Islam, and Israel is the instigator of these wars. There is only ONE UMMAH and American Muslims are part of that Ummah. The Zionist-Imperialist power structure should realize that when you hurt ONE Muslim, you hurt ALL Muslims. That is Islam. That is what our leader Muhammad, pbuh, has taught us.

What should US Muslims do:
  1. Do not cooperate or compromise with the oppressors, in particular the power structure.
  2. Do not carry out any economic activities which help Israel directly or indirectly.
  3. Distribute New Trend big time. This is the only Islamic voice on major issues across America.
  4. Ask your imam to pray for the health and strength of our political prisoners.
  5. Pray 5 times a day. Reduce food intake. Help the needy, take care of the sick,give zakat to free the captives.
  6. Work within the law of the land. Always be calm and peaceful. Know your rights. Speak out, write, email, protest, demonstrate.

  1. American Muslim Center, Dearborn, Michigan. "The imam, Mohamed Mardini, is a moderate cleric with strong ties to city and state officials; when the CIA hosted a dinner in Dearborn recently, he sat at the head table with Director Leon Panetta." [Time magazine, Nov. 30] There are many like him who do NOT represent US Muslims but are well placed. Check out Johari Abdul Malik [on CNN with Larry King] and Yahya Hendi, "Chaplain" at a military college who claimed that America comes before Islam!
  2. Some Muslim "leaders" like ICNA's Zulfiqar Shah beg to join Israel but are refused by the Israelis. The Islamic Society of Milwaukee is quite upset that Zulfiqar was not allowed to travel to Israel though he is part of the "interfaith" activity with Jews. "Muslim leaders challenged Simon's assertion that Shah would be denied entry, calling him a distinguished scholar and U.S. citizen who does not need a visa to enter Israel." {Milwaukee Journal Nov. 21, 2009]
  3. ISNA is the snake in the Muslim home. Read this: "The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) announced yesterday the launch of a special fund for the benefit of the families of the victims of the senseless Ft. Hood attack that killed 13 soldiers and injured many more. Recognizing the important sacrifices made by our soldiers and their families, we feel it is imperative for all Americans to join hands in supporting those affected by this tragic incident." [From ISNA's press release.]

Who is Kaukab Siddique?
Dr Kaukab Siddique talks with Hesham Tillawi about Islam in America
[Posted by "Lara ancientwarrior" on Bangla-vision] [Dated video good for background.]

Very interesting view of a Muslim scholar regarding Islam and Muslims in America and what should they do to defend Islam and protect themselves. He gives major Muslim organizations such as ISNA and ICNA a failing grade F in dealing with the issues and accuses them of working for the government

The Ugly Truth Just another weblog

Mark Glenn Pinpoints Nevzlin, Jewish-Zionist Criminal: Welcomed by American Jewish Federation: Russian Court Sentenced him in Absentia to Life in Prison.

Jew Convicted of Murdering 5 People Flees to Israel, Later becomes Obama's Guest at the White House
Published November 21, 2009

An article appearing in a recent online edition of the Jewish Forward lays out perfectly the criminal syndicate that is Israel and how any Jew anywhere, convicted even of multiple murders, can not only flee there and be safe, but even be invited to the White House later.
Begin Forward article-
In his lively introduction of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the recent General Assembly in Washington, Leonid Nevzlin reminded the audience just how unexpected and unusual a role this was for him.
"There was a time not so long ago when I couldn't even imagine standing here in this place, in this country, only blocks from the decision-making capital of the world, with this responsibility," Nevzlin said, describing his life as a businessman and apathetic Jew in Moscow before he made aliyah in 2003 and became a heavyweight among Jewish philanthropists.
His prominent speech - which earned him a standing ovation by the collected leadership of the American Jewish federation world - was the privilege given to him as international chairman of the yearly gathering and its major sponsor. And though the exact figure has not been disclosed, organizers of the G.A. have told the Forward that his money played a significant part in making the three-day event happen. Nevzlin's charity, NADAV, was also conspicuous as one of the main organizers of the conference's many forums and workshops.
The speech represented a crowning moment of what has been a complete rebranding effort by Nevzlin, 50, erasing his past as a Russian oligarch who just narrowly escaped jail, convicted in absentia last year in a Moscow courtroom to life in prison for ordering the murder of five people. A recent article about him in Forbes magazine - which estimated his wealth in 2004 to be $2 billion - was headlined, "The One Who Got Away."
Israel, which has refused repeated attempts to extradite him to Russia, has helped greatly in this transformation. He has become an important philanthropist there, using his charity to fund projects that promote "Jewish peoplehood" and to gain influence and respectability in the process. This past September, he made a donation of $6 million to establish the Museum of the Jewish People, a new iteration of Beit Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv's Diaspora Museum.
Now, with a very visible onstage handshake with the Israeli prime minister and a visit with President Obama at the White House as one of 50 invited guests during the G.A., Nevzlin is effectively positioning himself to become a philanthropic force in the United States, as well.
According to Dede Feinberg, co-chair of this year's G.A. and former president of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, Nevzlin's problems with the Russian authorities were not an issue in granting him the chairmanship. "I did not know about it. And it was only after the G.A. that I asked," Feinberg said. "And I learned that he was completely exonerated by courts in Israel. I said, okay, good enough for me." Feinberg was referring to Israeli courts' refusal to extradite Nevzlin.
The only hint in Nevzlin's speech that he has a past that still hounds him was his mention of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the onetime head of the Yukos oil company, who is now sitting in a Siberian jail, serving a nine-year prison sentence. Nevzlin was Khodorkovsky's deputy, and together with him he held the controlling shares in Yukos, a multibillion-dollar enterprise that made them both very rich and powerful in the 1990s.
In October 2003, Khodorkovsky was arrested for tax evasion and fraud, accused of embezzling $25 billion. He and his supporters, however, have blamed Vladimir Putin for inventing the charges as a way of breaking up the influential business empire. Khodorkovsky was then the richest man in Russia, and he made no secret of his political ambitions, funding opposition parties and democracy efforts.
The same month that Khodorkovsky was arrested, Nevzlin entered Israel on a tourist visa and began his self-imposed exile.
"My friend Khodorkovsky never came to terms with his Jewish identity, and that's one of the reasons why Putin and his henchman have gotten him and many others behind the barbed wire of the modern-day Gulag," Nevzlin told the G.A. in his speech.
Though he had been involved in reviving Jewish life in the former Soviet Union, it's clear that Nevzlin immigrated to Israel not only because, as he put it in his speech, "it was time for me to join the Jewish people," but also because he was escaping the fate that his friend and business partner had met. Nevzlin and his representatives did not return calls for comment on this story.
Not long after Nevzlin left, the Russian authorities charged him with a whole range of criminal offenses. He was said to have contracted out Yukos's head of security - who is now serving a 24-year jail sentence and has denied both Nevzlin's guilt and his own - to kill individuals who were getting in the way of Yukos's business dealings. Among the dead were Valentina Korneyeva, a Moscow businesswoman who owned a building in central Moscow that Yukos's holding firm, Menatap, wanted to buy, and Vladimir Petukhov, mayor of Nefteyugansk, where Yukos's largest production unit was based.
Twice the Russian authorities tried to extradite Nevzlin, but both times Israel's State Attorney's Office denied the request, citing insufficient evidence. In 2006, the argument even reached Israel's High Court of Justice, which concurred with the State Attorney's Office.
Last summer, Russian courts tried and convicted Nevzlin in absentia and sentenced him to life in prison. Earlier this year, in response to an appeal, they upheld the verdict and ordered him to pay 5.5 million rubles, about $235,000, in compensation to the victims and their families.

Nevzlin has maintained that all the accusations against him are baseless, politically motivated fictions invented by Putin and his circle. The Russian authorities have continued to pursue Nevzlin's extradition, even demanding that the United States, where he now travels frequently, hand him over. But his visit to the White House with Jewish leaders offers strong proof that he has been given a de facto exoneration by America's government. The White House confirmed his visit and his meeting with Obama on November 9, but not whether he was vetted by the state department or any other government agency.
Meanwhile, his life in Israel has revolved largely around his philanthropic efforts. He set up an institute on Eastern European and Russian Judaism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has funded many projects through his charity, NADAV- named after himself and two other Yukos shareholders, Vladimir Dubov and Mikhail Brudno. Run by his daughter, it tries to confront what Nevzlin said in his G.A. speech was the biggest threat facing the Jewish world: "A failure to articulate a single, global Jewish identity."
In addition to donating heavily to, and leading, the renewal of Israel's Diaspora Museum, Nevzlin is on the board of governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel and the board of trustees of Keren Hayesod-United Israel Appeal.
Misha Galperin, executive vice president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, said he was responsible for the marriage between Nevzlin and the Jewish Federations of North America, organizers of the G.A. He thinks that Nevzlin's appearance at the gathering marks his entrance on the American Jewish scene. "Many people were quite taken with him," Galperin said.
Asked if Nevzlin's past had been an issue, Galperin bristled and wondered whether one would ask the same question of Natan Sharansky, the new head of the Jewish Agency for Israel who was accused by the Soviet Union of being a CIA agent and sentenced to 13 years in jail. "The two cases have absolutely the same validity," Galperin said, "none."
-end of Forward piece
Once again, the organically-criminal nature of the Jewish state is unmasked. One can just imagine the shrieking that would take place if someone convicted of murder in Israel-absentia or not-were to flee to another country and that country refused to extradite the criminal back to Israel for justice. Furthermore, the fact that Nevzlin-A MAN CONVICTED OF ORDERING THE MURDERS OF 5 PEOPLE-was treated as a guest in the White House by the president himself shows just who is running things in Washington.
More than this though, the most notable thing is the complete absence of outrage from the Jewish community. Much like their moral silence when it came to other infamous individuals such as Bernie Madoff and the organ harvesting rabbis, so too do American Jews obviously have no problem with one of their most powerful and important organizations associating with a convicted murderer, the attitude apparently one of "The victims were Gentiles, so what's the BFD?"
And people still wonder why there is this thing known as "Islamic terrorism" when criminals such as this are free to come and go as they please and when American leaders are so willing to consort with men whose hands are covered with innocent blood?
(c) 2009 Mark Glenn

Israeli Rabbi Approves Murder of Non-Jews
Vita Bekker -- The National (UAE)

A book published this week by a radical Jewish rabbi from the Israeli-occupied West Bank and endorsed by prominent religious right-wing figures suggests killing any non-Jew, including children and babies, who pose a threat to Israel .. .. Children, the authors insist, should not be exempt from this fate. They add: "There is a reasonable explanation for killing infants if it is clear that they will grow up to hurt us - and in this situation, the strike should be directed at them." .. .. The rabbis added that non-Jews could also be killed if they "violate .. .. commandments" such as the prohibition against stealing, murdering or idol-worshipping.

Lynne Stewart: Heroic Human Rights Lawyer Jailed

by Stephen Lendman [By permission to New Trend.[ The writer lives in Chicago]

On November 20, New York Times writer Colin Moynihan broke the news headlining:

"Radical Lawyer Convicted of Aiding Terrorist Is Jailed," then saying:

"Defiant to the end as she embraced supporters outside the federal courthouse in Lower Manhattan, Lynne F. Stewart, the radical lawyer known for defending unpopular clients, surrendered on Thursday to begin serving her 28-month sentence for assisting terrorism."

Fact check:

Stewart did what all attorneys should, but few, in fact, do - observe the American Bar Association's Model Rules saying all lawyers are obligated to:

"devote professional time and resources and use civic influence to ensure equal access to our system of justice for all those who because of economic or social barriers cannot afford or secure adequate legal counsel."

Also to practice law ethically, morally and responsibly to assure everyone is afforded due process and judicial fairness in American courts. Sadly and disturbingly, Stewart was denied what she did for others heroically, unselfishly, and proudly. More on that below.

Stewart (prison number 53504-054) is now jailed at:

150 Park Row
New York, NY 10007

Betrayed by American Justice

For 30 years, Stewart worked heroically to defend America's poor, underprivileged, and unwanted, never afforded due process and judicial fairness without an advocate like her. Where others wouldn't go, she defended controversial figures like David Gilbert of the Weather Underground, Richard Williams of the United Freedom Front, Sekou Odinga and Nasser Ahmed of the Black Liberation Army, and many more like them. She knew the risk, but did it fearlessly and courageously until bogusly indicted on April 9, 2002 for:

-- "conspiring to defraud the United States;

-- conspiring to provide and conceal material support to terrorist activity;

-- providing and concealing material support to terrorist activity; and

-- two counts of making false statements."

She was also accused of violating US Bureau of Prisons Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) that included a gag order on her client, Sheik Abdel Rahman. When imposed, they prohibit discussion on topics the Justice Department (DOJ) rules outside of "legal representation," so lawyers can't discuss them with clients, thus inhibiting their defense.

At former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark's request, she joined him as part of Rahman's court-appointed defense team. In his 1995 show trial, he was convicted and is now serving a life sentence for seditious conspiracy, solicitation of murder, solicitation of an attack on American military installations, conspiracy to murder, and conspiracy to bomb in connection with the 1993 World Trade Center attack despite evidence proving his innocence on all charges.

The DOJ's case wasn't about alleged crimes. It reflected his affiliations and anti-western views. Rahman was connected to the Egyptian-based Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya - a 1997 US State Department-designated "foreign terrorist organization." In the 1980s, however, he helped the CIA recruit Mujahadeen fighters against the Soviets in Afghanistan. For his work, he got a US visa, green card, and State Department-CIA protection as long as he was valued. When no longer, he was targeted along with Stewart.

Her case was precedent-setting, chilling, and according to the Center of Constitutional Rights Michael Ratner:

sent "a message to lawyers who represent alleged terrorists that it's dangerous to do so."

Her attorney, Michael Tigar, called it:

"an attack on a gallant, charismatic and effective fighter for justice (with) at least three fundamental faults:

-- (it) attack(ed) the First Amendment right of free speech, free press and petition;

-- the right to effective assistance of counsel (by) chill(ing) the defense; (and)

-- the 'evidence' in this case was gathered by wholesale invasion of private conversations, private-attorney-client meetings, faxes, letters and e-mails; I have never seen such an abuse of government power."

Her 2004 - 2005 show trial was a mockery of justice with echoes of the worst McCarthy-like tactics. Inflammatory terrorist images were displayed in court to prejudice the jury, and prosecutors vilified Stewart as a traitor with "radical" political views. In addition, days before the verdict, the militant pro-Israeli Jewish Defense Organization put up flyers near the courthouse displaying her address. It threatened to "drive her out of her home and out of the state," and said she "needs to be put out of business legally and effectively."

It was part of the orchestrated scheme inside and outside the courtroom to heighten fear, convict Stewart, and intimidate other lawyers to expect the same treatment if they dare represent unpopular clients effectively.

On February 10, 2005 (after a seven month trial and 13 days of deliberation) she was convicted on all five counts. Under New York state law, she was automatically disbarred, and the state Supreme Court's Appellate Division denied her petition to resign voluntarily. On October 17, 2006, she was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment, but remained free on bond pending appeal before the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Stewart Ordered to Prison

The Justice for Lynne Stewart web site ( announced the news. On November 17, the Appeals Court revoked her bond, upheld the verdict, ordered her surrender forthwith, but stayed it until November 19 at 5PM to let her attorney file a motion for reconsideration. It was denied, so she must report to federal marshals as directed. A November 19 conversation with Lynne and her husband Ralph confirmed it.

The situation remains fluid, dire, and complicated by Stewart's battle with breast cancer. She has surgery scheduled for December 7, unlikely now, but if done in prison or where authorities direct, it won't be the quality she deserves.

In its ruling, the three judge panel (John Walker, Guido Calebresi and Robert Sack) was firm, hostile and belligerent in upholding the lower court's conviction. Judge Sack accused Stewart of lying and called for a longer sentence. "We think that whether (she) lied under oath at her trial is directly relevant to whether her sentence was appropriate," he wrote, and directed District Court Judge John Koeltl to re-sentence her "so as to reflect that finding." Judge Walker was even harsher, calling the original sentence "breathtakingly low." Judge Calabrese said: "I am at a loss for any rationale upon this record that could reasonably justify a sentence of 28 months' imprisonment for this defendant."

They all said Stewart was "convicted principally with respect to (her violating) measures by which (she) had agreed to abide," namely SAMs. They rejected her "argument that, as a lawyer, she was not bound by (them), and her belated argument collaterally attacking their constitutionality." They also:

"affirm(ed her conviction) of providing and concealing material support to the conspiracy to murder persons in a foreign country (and) of conspiring to provide and conceal such support....We conclude that the charges were valid (and) the evidence was sufficient to sustain the convictions. We also reject Stewart's claims that her purported attempt to serve as a 'zealous advocate' for her client provides her with immunity from the convictions...."

"Finally, we affirm Stewart's convictions for knowingly and willfully making false statements....when she affirmed that she intended to, and would, abide by the SAMs. In light of her repeated and flagrant violation of (them), a reasonable factfinder could conclude that (her) representations that she intended to and would abide by the SAMs were knowingly false when made. We reject the remaining challenges to the convictions. (We) affirm the district court's rejection of Stewart's claim that she was selectively prosecuted on account of her gender or political beliefs....We therefore affirm the convictions in their entirety."

They redirected her case to District Court Judge Koeltl for re-sentencing. The DOJ wants 30 years. Koeltl originally imposed 28 months, let Stewart remain free on bond pending appeal, implied his decision might be overturned because of a gross miscarriage of justice, effectively rebuked the Bush administration at the time, and handed it a major defeat. Her fate is now in his hands, but justice has already been denied at a time we're all as vulnerable as she if we dare resist state policies, unchanged under an administration no different from its predecessor.

In a November 17 news conference, Stewart said:

"I'm too old to cry, but it hurts too much not to." In criticizing the Court's decision, she said its timing "on the eve of the arrival of the tortured men from offshore prison in Guantanamo" suggests that lawyers appointed to represent them may face the same fate as she. "If you're going to lawyer for these people, you'd better toe very close to the line that the government has set out (because they'll) be watching you every inch of the way, (so those who don't) will end up like Lynne Stewart. This is a case that is bigger than just me personally (but she added that she'll) go on fighting."

So will her lawyer, Joshua Dratel, who said he'll pursue it "as far and as long as we can," including a possible Supreme Court review. The Obama US attorney's office was silent, effectively affirming a gross injustice at a time the due process and judicial fairness thresholds are so low that all Americans risk the same fate as Lynne.

Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. Also visit his blog site and listen to The Global Research News Hour on Monday - Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening.

Pakistan: Women Oppose Imperialist-Zionist Activity.
Islamic Women's Rally Addressed by Syed Munawar Hasan
Urges Dialogue with Taliban, not with India.
Condemns US Intervention and Blackwater Terrorism

by Umeed Khan [Lahore] Special to New Trend

November 18, 2009: ISLAMABAD - Thousands of women took to the streets on against US presence in the region in a protest titled 'Go America Go Rally' organised by Women Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Islamabad chapter. The 'Go America Go' rally is part of the countrywide campaign launched by Jamaat-e-Islami. The women participating in the ralley were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the US policies.

Jamaat Chief Syed Munawar Hassan told the rally that the activities of the American Blackwater organization have increased in Pakistan but the government has become merely a silent spectator. He said that the Jamaat will frustrate the humiliating plan to turn islamabad into a mini-Pentagon.
The Jamaat chief said that the presence of the American forces in Afghanistan is the main cause for instability in the region. He said the US is not interested in regional peace and stability, but is only interested in securing its own interests.
He also said that the Jamaat will continue the 'Go America Go' campaign and will intensify the movement after Eid-ul-Azha. Hassan asked the Pakistani government to quit the U.S-led coalition.
Hasan also opposed the military operation against the militants and called for dialogue with the Taliban to resolve the issues. He said that the Pakistani government has imposed "an American war on the people of Pakistan."
He condemned a US aid bill, which has put tough conditions on Pakistan, describing it against the sovereignty of Pakistan.

Syed Munawar Hassan demanded that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Gilani and Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani should inform the nation about the balance sheet of military operations, as terrorism had increased manifold. He strongly condemned the government's policies and suggested that the Army Chief should write a letter to US President Obama to halt drone attacks instead of dispatching message to tribal elders.

He said it was very strange that dialogue was being proposed to India, a country threatening direct attacks, while an operation had been launched against our own countrymen. The JI questioned the prospective result of the operation when five million people would be displaced and also asked why the Army and government were hesitating to take action against former president Pervez Musharraf.
He said that it was a miscalculation of the top military and civil leadership to enter the notorious US-led Nato alliance against so-called War on Terrorism. 'Do More' mantra of the US had damaged sovereignty of the country of 170 million to a great extent.

He claimed that the secret terrorist force of the US, Blackwater, was the perpetrator of the terrorist attack on GHQ. There is a dire need to conduct an independent inquiry into the GHQ attacks, a very embarrassing incident in the country's history, he maintained. If the Taliban executed the attack then should it be accepted that they are much stronger than the Army, and if a foreign hand was involved behind the malicious act, then it should be exposed.
Amir JI demanded of the government to keep a strict eye on the activities of US terrorist operators like Blackwater in the country. "In the name of expansion, the US embassy in Pakistan is trying to establish a mini Pentagon in Islamabad, which is alarming", he regretted. Despite the prevailing uncertainty in the country, the gathering of thousands of women in the Capital showed their concern for their beloved country, he said. He demanded that the US diplomat be declared persona non-grata (undesirable person) as he issued a disputed statement in Quetta, adding that the entire nation rejected US intervention.

Photo One: Nov. 18: Syed Munawar Hasan, Ameer Jamaate Islami, [center] addressing mass rally of women in Islamabad.

Photo #2: Hundreds of niqabi women leading the Rally. Placard in front, center, says: Go America: We reject Kerry Lugar Bill. Shame on you America: Release Dr. Aafia [it rhymes in Urdu: Sharam karo Amerika Sharam karo:Doktar Aafia ko reha karo]

Photo #3: Women leaders with face veils hold banner saying: A nation which cannot defend its ideological frontiers cannot be sure of its geographic boundaries either. The second banner urges expulsion of Blackwater "A terrorist organization."

Photo # 4: Younger women are more radical than their older sisters. With them Child holds placard calling America "Global terrorist" in the Urdu.

The Martyrdom of Imam Luqman Abdullah
U.S. War on Terror Architects Turn Attention to Easier, Detroit Targets

By Br. Dennis S. Boatwright [Michigan]

A grieving Muslim community, and Detroit residents in particular, lost a great leader and grassroots community spokesman and organizer. Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah was viciously assassinated in a gallant, solo firefight with marksmen FBI agents. Imam Luqman was put in the cross hairs by FBI agents who hound the few remaining outspoken Muslim leaders who dare to speak against the crusade-like mistreatment and brutality of Muslims and poor people in our neighborhoods. As expected, status quo media outlets wasted no time uncritically accepting and zealously promoting the FBIs account of the gun battle, totally disregarding any pretenses of journalistic impartiality. Mainstream media quickly collaborated to falsely characterized Imam Luqman as a homegrown terrorist or Al-Qaeda affiliate in order to discredit his remarkable involvement and his psychological and symbolic meaning to oppressed people. To a certain extent, their smear campaign achieved considerable success, in that many ill-informed Muslim organizations--many of whom in the past have without hesitation issued statements in support of the government's positions on key issues like Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine--have joined their oppressors in denouncing the members of Masjid Al-Haqq, a small, humble place of worship that Imam Luqman admirably administered. Not surprising, these typically are the affluent, suburban, Muslim groups who issue statements such as "Islam does not condone violence of any kind" (i.e., Muslims do defend themselves), and "those kind of Muslims are not models but aberrations to Islam."

Perhaps their misplaced condemnation arises from the fear and paranoia stamped in the minds of many Muslim communities since the 9/11 World Trade Canter attacks. Others astutely explain their traitorous stance as an attempt to justify their own cowardice and inactivity in urban communities. According to these Muslim-American apologists, the U.S. government can do no wrong. Incidentally, these groups consists of a very small percentage of people who are inclined to believe that the United States invaded Iraq to establish democracy, and occupied Afghanistan for the purpose of fighting the Taliban.

The Imam' s murder happened during a whirlwind of dissension and rancorous debate among the Obama administration and top military brass concerning the uncertain status and vague strategy of the Iraq and Afghanistan military invasions. Support and confidence continues to flag on the heels of a public perception that sees the United States losing in both theaters. Pessimistic public perceptions of these wars are well-founded in facts on the ground, considering that resistance activities in both countries have intensified greatly, causing a spike in U.S. soldier casualties just in the last two months.

To be sure, the war on terror is an indispensable U.S. foreign-policy trump card that must be held onto at all cost in the interest of corporations and political careers living off an inordinate defense budget. But this war, however, is not unfolding as the Pentagon desires. Instead, the rank of Iraqi resistance fighters are swelling, while U.S. and Nato forces witness the Taliban re-establishing its influence and control in previously held U.S. strongholds, not to mention in northwestern Pakistan. Meanwhile, to give the impression that there are successes being gained in their endless war on terror, many keen observers notice the U.S. military withdrawing substantial numbers of its troops from more organized resistance groups to easier vanquishable targets in our neighborhoods.

Hence, the enemies in the United States' war on terror are increasingly profiled as poor, African-American Muslims who, at most, are being coaxed and financially enticed by undercover informants, posing as disgruntled Muslims, into verbally venting their boiling frustration and justified anger at a government that ceaselessly ignores their socio-economic complaints.

It is worth noting that Detroit records the highest unemployment rate in the nation, and the Detroit area has the largest Muslim population in the nation. These two factors combine to make the Motor City an attractive target for intelligence agencies seeking to salvage their aimless mission and to justify their oversized budgets. Legal documents reveal how poor African-American Muslims are approached by undercover agents and manipulated into agreeing to partake in anti-government activities. Some of these young, jobless Muslims find the stupendous sums of money waved in their faces irresistible to turn down. It is relevant to point out that all named in the indictments are charged with conspiring and not actually committing a crime. Certainly, the members of Masjid Al-Haqq are not domestic terrorists as some would lead us to believe. In contrast, they are victims of a reckless war on terror that is desperately searching for new boogiemen to replace the resilient Taliban and Iraqi guerrilla fighters who have seemingly unlimited access to highly effective rocket propelled grenade (RPG) launchers and improvised explosive devices (TEDs). The United States sees it safer to fight poorly unarmed African-American Sunni Muslims than the more organized, lethal Middle Eastern groups.

Imam Luqman is the first casualty in this new war on terror offensive, and we can only expect for this number to climb as more armed government assassins are assigned to the African-American community. Instead of the government helping solve some of the social and economic woes plaguing low-income communities, it prefers to waste millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to target struggling Muslim communities and to infiltrate our neighborhoods and masjids (mosques) with treacherous Islamic snitches.

On a somber note, many wonder why Imam Luqman died alone considering his prominent stature in Muslim and poor communities, and how the surviving followers will explain why they peacefully laid down their arms while their Imam was gunned down right in front of their eyes. Even "Freddie," the canine (K- 9), was accorded better treatment then Imam Luqman, and scores of Black men routinely left unattended to on the streets, when the FBI halted traffic to allow a helicopter to land in order to airlift its wounded pooch to the hospital.

Fiqhi Advice: If Eid and Juma are on the same Day
Salatul Jummah is Optional on the day of Eid if it falls on a Friday.

A Hadith reported by Ibn Majah and narrated by Ibn Umar (ra): 'Eid occurred two times on Fridays during the time of Prophet Muhammad (saw). So he performed Salatul Eid with the people, then said: "Whoever desires to come to Salatul Jummah, may do so; whoever desires to remain absent, may remain absent." ' Hadith, Ibn Majah, 5:166

This Hadith established that Salatul Jummah is optional on the day of Eid; however, it also established the fact that Salatul Jummah shall still be organized on the Day of Eid if it falls on a Friday.

I would like to urge all believers to participate in Salatul Jummah and attend Khutbah. It is the Commandment of Allah for all believers, men, women, and youth:

"O You who believe! Leave all your transactions after the Azaan has been called for Jummah; and rush towards the remembrance of Allah. That is best for you, if you but knew it." Quran, Suratul Jummah, 62:9

I invite all of you to Jummah to make our masajid vibrant and alive on Jummah, the day of community. Please make arrangement for the youth to participate, too. Pass the word!

Ja-za-kumu(A)llah Khairun, may Allah reward you.

Eid Mubarak, Eid al-Saeed.

Your brother in Islam,

Imam Ali Siddiqui
California Muslim Institute & Center for Interfaith Studies
2001 Range Ave, Suite 26
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

War News: Afghanistan. Guerrilla Warfare. Avoiding US Fire Power

Nov. 24, 2009. Breaking News: Information leaked to CNN from the White House indicates that Obama plans to flood Afghanistan with another 34,000 elite troops. [This will be shown as LESS than what Gen. McCrystal had asked.

Nov. 24: US sources say 4 US troops were killed in Taliban attacks today. No details were revealed except that the Taliban used improvised explosive devices and small arms fire.

Nov. 23. A US Special Forces trooper was killed in Pashtay Kila when his unit traded fire with Taliban villagers.

Nov. 22. Two US troops were killed in Taliban IED attacks in Zabul province. They were from America's best force 82nd Airborne. In anothet Taliban attack, a US marine was killed in Helmand province. The same day five Afghan Karzai troops were killed in Taliban attacks near the Pakistan border in Kandahar province.

Nov. 19. A martyrdom operator hit a column of the crack US 82nd Airborne in Zabul province killing 2 US troops, wounding others. [Other than this, there have been no Taliban losses.]

Direct Link between Israel and NATO Operations in Afghanistan

Jerusalem Post
November 20, 2009

NATO chief comes to study IDF tactics
Yaakov Katz

Criticism of Israel in the United Nations-commissione d Goldstone Report did not prevent Chairman of NATO's Military Committee Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola from visiting Israel this week to study IDF tactics and methods that the military alliance can utilize for its war in Afghanistan.

Di Paola left Israel on Thursday after a two-day visit as the guest of IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi. The timing of Di Paola's visit was considered significant since it comes at a time when the IDF is under increasing criticism in the wake of the Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead as well as a decision by Turkey - a NATO member - to ban Israel from joint aerial exercises.

This is Di Paola's third visit to Israel in the past four years, both in his current position as well as in his last post as top military commander of Italy.

Defense officials said that Di Paola used his meetings with the IDF to learn about new technology that can be applied to the war in Afghanistan. Israel is a known world leader in the development of specialized armor to protect against improvised explosive devices (IEDs), otherwise known as roadside bombs.

Di Paola was also interested in Israeli intelligence- gathering capabilities and methods that the IDF uses when operating in civilian population centers. He noted that NATO and the IDF were facing similar threats - NATO in Afghanistan and Israel in its war against Hamas and Hizbullah.

"The one thing on NATO's mind today is how to win in Afghanistan, " a senior defense official said. "[Di Paola] was very impressed by the IDF, which is a major source of information due to our operational experience."

War News: Pakistani Tank Column Enters Bara area of Khyber Agency

Nov. 24: Pakistani forces attacked an Islamic group known as Lashkare Islam in the Bara area. There was no fighting but Pakistan said it had killed 23 "militants" and captured their post.

Taliban Taking Over Bajaur Again: Pak Jet Fighters Attack

Nov. 22: Pakistani jet fighters [provided by the US] bombed the Momand area of Bajaur province for two hours killing 5 Islamic militants, two of whom were said to be from Arab countries. Meanwhile poorly armed Pak Taliban were preparng to attack Pakistani military positions in the Khar area of Bajaur when they were hit by Pak artillery and lost 11 killed according to Pak army.

[According to the Urdu daily Ausaf, Nov. 14, the Momand Tehsil of Bajaur has been under military curfew for THREE MONTHS.]
Latest: Curfew has been imposed on Khar to stop population helping Taliban. [Nov.24]

2009-11-26 Thu 08:45:47 cst