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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 29,1430/ October 18, 2009, # 49

Must read for serious readers: Br. Shamim's teachings for Islam in America. Scroll to end.
Also Bradley Smith's Message to German Americans Re: Censorship at Harvard University.

From Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina]

Spotlight #1: The absence of the father is being felt by families across America. In some cases the father is physically not there or is not known owing to the breakdown of sexual norms. However, across the counytry, where formally speaking there is a father but he is too busy to be there for the child. In effect the father does not exist. Thus we get a gift from Allah, a child, but we do not have time tp appreciate the gift. Thus the entire society loses.

Spotlight #2: Listening is important but listening to children is most important. We must become active listeners. Never put a child down by behaving as if the child's thoughts are not important. Active listening requires eye contact. We can give a head start to children in their lives by listening to them. Thus they learn to think and learn the meaning of mental freedom and the responsibilities which come with it. If we don't listen, we are encouraging children to be slaves.

Spotlight #3: Pakistanis should realize that the Islamic resistance is the only target of imperialism and Zionism. The new crusaders have no interest in Pakistan's needs and issues other than to use them against Islam. Our elites should realize that they are being used to demonize the Islamic fighters and to justify genocide in Swat and now in South Waziristan. Also, groups like Jamaate Islami, like Muslim Brotherhood, like Abbas' in Palestine, are sitting there watching the fighting. All these street rallies and protests are good if they motivate your people, but where war is going on IN YOUR COUNTRY, your demonstrations have no value. In such circumstances as Pakistan is facing, without personal sacrifices, it's all talk and slogans and hotel gatherings. We urge the Pakistani westernized elites and the peaceful Islamic groups to support the Islamic resistance openly and unabashedly. Pakistan's existence as an independent nation is disappearing. After Kerry Lugar Bill and Obama's massive aid to the Kayani military, is there any point in not speaking out openly on behalf of the resistance? Do you want Pakistan or not?

Horrific Murder of an honor student in the Chicago area by other youths. Distinguished African American scholar and independent broadcaster Dr. Wilmer Leon shares his thoughts about being a father and the absence of fathers which is tearing apart the fabric of our society. Please scroll all the way down.

Is Peace Possible? by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
Why Will Taliban Win, inshallah? Islamic Perspectives on the US-Israel War on Afghanistan/Pakistan

SELF-DETERMINATION is as important for Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Palestine and Somalia as it is for Americans. The imperialist idea that America should occupy a Muslim country, kill the resistance by the use of overwhelming force and then re-shape it as an America-friendly social system is a challenge to the resurgent forces of Islam.

For Muslims, Islam comes first, not America or democracy. The Pakistani people of Swat, Dir and Buner showed total support for Shar'ia. They were crushed by General Kayani who was ordered by the US to go in and put an end to Islamic independence. Four million people were made homeless and thousands killed by the Pakistani army working for USA-Israel. A smouldering resistance movement continues in these areas.

A similar tragedy is now being enacted in South Waziristan. More than 30,000 Pakistani troops led by General Kayani attacked South Waziristan on October 16. The army, according to the BBC, is meeting stiff resistance. The Pakistani government admits that 100,000 people have left their homes. The UN says the number of refugees from South Waziristan is 250,000. Like Israel, General Kayani uses heavy artillery, late model jet fighters and helicopter gunships to terrorize the population and make it flee [as Israel did in South Lebanon and later in Gaza, and earlier in 1948 in Palestinian villages.]

Is peace possible in Afghanistan? Many of us in America, both Muslims and non-Muslims, are anti-war and want an end to the war in Afghanistan. The way to peace is simple. Withdraw American and NATO troops from Afghanistan. There is no reason why crusading armies from the West should be in a faraway land called Afghanistan. They have absolutely NO right to be there. The Afghan people certainly did not invite them to come.

So bring the troops home and live in peace.
Is that going to happen any time soon? No! Not a chance. In fact Obama is launching a massive a new assault on Afghanistan, with the full cooperation of the European powers and Australia.

Is peace possible in Pakistan? Again the answer is very simple. Withdraw the Pakistani military from the occupied territories and stop attacking Waziristan. Peace will return immediately. The people of Swat, Dir and Buner supported Shari'a [Islamic Law] en masse. They were literally uprooted from their homes by the millions by General Kayani's legions at the direct orders of the U.S. government.

The founder of Pakistan, Mohomed Ali Jinnah, known as Qaide Azam, promised the people of Pakistan's frontiers that the military would never be sent into their lands and they would decide their own affairs. The promise has been violated.

Is there a chance that General Kayani will opt for peace? Not a chance. He is drunk with the sense of his power. The thunder of his heavy artillery, the rumble of his tanks, the evil zoom of his late model jets gives him the impression that the poorly armed Taliban who have no heavy weapons will be swept away and he can then go to Washington and announce "Mission Accomplished."

American-NATO Illusions and Misinformation about the Taliban

American and European media have built up twisted images of the Taliban which have no connection with the reality. Germany and Britain claim that they are going to Afghanistan to protect the people against the Taliban. In America, Obama's people keep repeating the same story. The facts, which can easily be verified, are that:
The Pakistani situation: A powerful state, a ruthless military supported by National Pride vs Poorly Armed and Somewhat Naive Taliban.

Pakistanis have invested much national pride in "their" military. The military did quite well in beating back the Indian army's invasion in 1965 but has done little since. However, the army was basically a mercenary army. When Pakistan came into being in 1947, the army was overseas fighting for Britain against Germany and Japan. This mercenary and secular orientation of the Pakistani military gradually overwhelmed the little Islamic content it had. The result of this deterioration was the debacle of 1970-71 when the army tried to crush Bengali nationalism by force of arms: the result was general disillusionment among Bengalis with the idea of Pakistan as an Islamic state and the emergence of Bangladesh.

Under General Zia-ul-Haque, the military tried to to get in step with the Islamic ideals of the Paistani people. For a variety of reasons, Pakistan's military helped the Afghan mujahideen against the USSR. Zia's Islamic motivation steadily increased. Then Suddenly Gen. Zia was killed in a midair explosion which has never been independently explained or investigated.

Under General Musharraf, secular forces carried out a coup within the army and changed its direction away from Islam. It again became an anti-people force. Musharraf seems to have been a CIA agent. In any case, when threatened by American power after 9.11 he OVERNIGHT switched sides and dumped the Taliban government. Under him the CIA and the FBI worked openly in Pakistan and sent hundreds of Islamic people to the horrors of Gtmo.

General Musharraf overextended himself and started thinking of himself in the image of Bush. Like Bush, he became extremely unpopular even among westernized Pakistani elites. America then moved to break the Pakistani power structure into two: A civilian government was "elected." It was to be headed by Benazir Bhutto but she overreached and became the victim of an intrigue which has still not been fully clarified. Instead of Benazir, her husband Zardari was installed as President with Gilani as Prime Minister. Both are from the upper class creme de le creme. Pakistani democracy is a sham and is usually the name for the activities of feudal lords, industrialists and the military. [Democracy stumbled in Frontier Province when Jamaate Islami and related groups won. The vote was actually a vote for the Taliban and Jamaate Islami was supposed to support the Taliban against America. JI failed the people of Frontier. Only years later, perhaps too late, a new JI leader is focusing entirely on opposiition to American intervention.]

While Zardari and Gilani carried on "democracy," the dirty work of crushing the Islamic forces was given to General Kayani, a product of America's torture culture [School of the Americas]. Kayani makes Musharraf look like a choir boy. He has found the most effective way of dealing with the Pak Taliban: the removal of ENTIRE POPULATIONS so that his area of operations becomes a free fire zone. Hitler and Stalin would have envied Kayani. He follows America's orders to the smallest details and knows no code of honor. [Check out the beating of village elders in Swat, video, which we published, and the ongoing "extrajudicial" murders of suspected Taliban.]

Who are the Pakistani Taliban?

Pakistanis in general and in the Frontier areas in particular support Shaykh Osama and strongly oppose US intervention in Muslim lands. During the Iraq war, Pakistanis came out LITERALLY in their millions to oppose the war. Palestine is a household word in Pakistan and opposition to Israel comes naturally to Pakistanis. Allama Iqbal and Maulana Maudoodi sowed the seeds of support for Palestine before Pakistan became a state.

The frontier people gave refuge to Shaykh Osama and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri and fighters from Chechnia, Sinkiang, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan [refugees from Communist tyranny]. Under Shaykh Osama's influence and the brilliant re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan under Mullah Umar, the fighters in Pakistan gradually formulated their own movement as TTP [Tehreeke Talibane Pakistan]. The Pakistani Taliban, as they are called, are highly decentralized, with the Mehsud, Waziri, Mohmand, Swatis, and the people of Bajaur, Adam Khel, Mardan, Tank, Dera Ismail Khan, each with their own Taliban organization or extension of the other Taliban groups.

This decentralization in fact is helping the Taliban to survive. Pakistani military killing Taliban leaders will not lead to the end of the resistance. The youth are so deeply involved in the Taliban movement that new leadership is endless and waiting.

As we have documented before, the Pak Taliban have the support of women. Maulvi Fazlullah's FM radio introduced the Islamic resistance to women all over Swat, Dir, Buner and Shangla. In fact women in Taliban communities are reportedly unwilling to accept any man who runs away from the army of General Kayani.

The WEAKNESS of the Pak Taliban is paradoxical. They are so fearless that they try many times to come out openly to face the overwhelming fire power of the Pakistani army. As a result their losses are heavy. Reports indicate that they want to reach the HOURIS of Paradise, as promised in the Qur'an, as soon as possible. It is said that the Hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, reported by Abu Huraira, r.a., that he wanted to be martyred, brought to life again and to be martyred again, is very popular among the Pak Taliban.

The other WEAKNESS of the Pak Taliban is that they think a man's word is enough. They do not realize that Kayani's army has no values. As a result, Muslim Khan and three commanders of the Pak Taliban in Swat were arrested by the Pakistani military after they came for peace talks
under the army's guarantees.

Punjabi Taliban and Punjabi Women Fighters Could Shift the Balance in Pakistan:

In recent days, a new force has entered the battle to support the Pak Taliban. These are the Islamic fighters from Punjab. In the last few days these Punjabi Islamic fighters have astounded the world. First they attacked General Kayani's "Pentagon," the GHQ of the military in Rawalpindi. Then came a flurry of attacks in Lahore aimed at elite security forces working for Kayani and the US. The most shocking aspect of these attacks was the participation of Islamic women as active fighters against Kayani's forces.

These women gave their lives for Islam. Such martyrdom creates a serious problem for the average Punjabi known for his macho attitudes towards women. It is being whispered in Lahore, if these women can give their lives for Islam, what should be said of the men who watch the military rampaging through mosques and medressas and torturing elderly villagers. Punjabis usually send out choories [bangles] to men who are scared of standing up for Islam.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

EI exclusive video: With thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen sister Hamdiyya Fatima [Charlotte, North Carolina]
Protesters shout down Ehud Olmert in Chicago
Article by Maureen Clare Murphy, video by The Electronic Intifada team
The Electronic Intifada, 16 October 2009

Approximately 30 activists -- mainly students from area universities -- disrupted a lecture given in Chicago by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday which was hosted by the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy. While Olmert's speech was disrupted inside the lecture hall, approximately 150 activists protested outside the hall in the freezing rain.

Pakistan War News: [See attachment for map of latest fighting.]

Two Days of General Kayani's Assault on South Waziristan: 30,000 troops, tanks, helicopters, jets blast Islamic defenses

October 16-18, 2009: Pakistan began a pincer movement to take the Pak Taliban stronghold of Makeen in South Waziristan. The results have been meagre. The Pak Taliban are inflicting casualties on the advancing Kayani army and have not suffered any losses yet [althoiugh the army claims Taliban losses without any evidence]. Pak Taliban have mined the area of the army's advance making it difficult to move forward.

. In North Waziristan, a Pakistan army column suffered when it was ambushed by the Taliban using road side bombs.

In Swat, curfew has been imposed on ALL the towns, indicating that Gen. Kayani's claims of a population satisfied with the army's presence were not correct. There has been new fighting in Bajaur and Mohmand.

Photo of Major General Athar Abbas: General Kayani's Goebbels and War Criminal.

Athar Abbas is in charge of the military's propaganda department. Every day he tells blatant lies to the press which the Zionist media pick up and distribute around the world. He is always coming up with fictitious statistics of Taliban killed by the army. By his count, there are no Taliban left alive in Swat and those who survived have been captured. Athar Abbas is from a Pakistani sect. His anti-Islam propaganda which characterizes mujahideen as terrorists is one of the sources of sectarian tensions in Pakistan. He justifies genocide and tries to sanitize aerial bombardments of defenseless people as heroic anti-terrorist actions.

IRAN: From NT's Media Monitor
Jundullah Strike Deadly Blow at Iranian Security Forces: Retaliation for 13 Mujahideen Hanged by Iran

October 17, 2009: A martyrdom operator hit Iranian revolutionary guard forces in the Pishin area of southeastern Iran near the Pakistani border. The death toll has risen to 49, including 5 senior commanders of the revolutionary guard. Another 26 were wounded.

Iran recently executed 13 Jundullah fighters after a summary trial and without any due process.
Iran almost automatically blames the US for Jundullah activities. Seymour Hersch and ABC news helped the Iranian story by casting doubts on the legitimacy of Jundullah as an Islamic force.

Now, Iran is blaming Pakistan, although both Pakistan's president and prime minister belong to the sect prevalent in Iran.
Jundullah needs to be seen in the context of the Sunni populations of Iran. They have not been given their rights though they are the majority in souteastern Iran. Blaming America doesn't make sense at all because America has yet to find a way of getting a young man to be a martyrdom operator.

Iran has a long history of cooperation with America both against the Taliban and against Iraq. Shaykh Osama's son was imprisoned in Iran. Hikmatyar had to leave Iran and go into hiding owing to Iranian policies against the Islamic resistance.

Execution of thirteen Islamic Jundullah fighters, by public hanging to terrorize the people, has not been criticized by America. In fact America has just renewed its talks with Iran.

Our America #1
Holocaust or Holohoax?
Harvard University Censored not only a discussion of the "Holocaust" but even a Question about it. CNN got worried.
A letter to German Americans.

Bradley R. Smith
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, California 92143

Telephone: 1 209 682 5327

17 October 2009


This letter is meant to introduce myself to you. I am not a salesman. But then, maybe I am. Maybe you can say that I am trying to sell an idea. Trying to sell the idea that if we are to be free to charge others with monstrous crimes, some of us should be free to question the truth of that crime. That idea is what I have to "sell."

You may not be familiar with a story reported by CNN in September about what happened when one of my advertisements ran in the Crimson, the student newspaper at Harvard University. As CNN reports, my ad asked why Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his book Crusade In Europe, an account of his campaign against the Germans on the Western front, chose (he chose!) to not mention gas chambers, the German weapon of mass destruction.

The ad asked: "Why not?" And that is what caused the scandal. The question alone.

The ad ran on 08 September. The next day a reporter from CNN got in touch with me. He wrote:

"My name is Evan Buxbaum and I'm from CNN. We're interested in getting a reaction from your organization about the situation that developed at Harvard University over an ad that your group placed in their campus newspaper. [....] I'm looking for you to comment primarily on the concerns and confusion your organization's ad created around Harvard and the university community over the past couple of days."

I replied in part: "This is the big question. Why the fuss? Because it's taboo, and has been taboo from the beginning. When you break a culture-wide taboo, supported in theory and practice by the State, the University, and the Press, you create a fuss." Within 24 hours the CNN report had been picked up nation-wide and traveled through Europe, Israel, and Latin America, more often than not quoting the above brief text.

My ad made no assertion of fact. It only asked a question. The mere question caused the scandal. No Harvard academic has risked responding to the question. Rather, the question itself was condemned. The ad, which the Crimson had contracted to run in five issues of the paper, was pulled after the first run. The President of the Crimson apologized in the paper. The Crimson staff apologized and argued that such questions should never again be printed in any campus newspaper.

I wrote the president of Harvard University, Drew Faust, about the taboo against free inquiry at Harvard and distributed the letter widely to Harvard faculty, administration, and to the press. Here I address the heart of the matter, which in reality is the taboo against Germans at Harvard University. The link to this letter is below.

Why do you think it is taboo to ask why General Eisenhower chose to not mention "gas chambers" in his book on the campaign in Europe? Why? Why do you think it is considered "immoral" at Harvard to question the historical cornerstone supporting the charge of "unique" monstrosity against Germans?

That is the question I am trying to "sell." If you believe the question is one that should be asked, that it should not be suppressed, censored and condemned, you will want to click on the links below.


Bradley R. Smith, Founder
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

To be placed on our mailing list log on to:

CNN Gets in Touch With Me.

Letter to the President of Harvard:

NOTE: My life is an open book, as they say. You can read the opening chapter of Break His Bones, The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist, by clicking here:

Meanwhile, I want to personally assure you that any communication I have from you will be held in the strictest confidence.


Our America #2
From Maryland

Observations of an African American Father

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

On this past Saturday, October 3, 2009 a 16 year old African American honor student, Derrion Albert was laid to rest in Chicago. This young man was beaten to death in the street while walking from school to the bus stop. Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, Eric Carson, 16, and Eugene Bailey, 18, have all been charged with first-degree murder in Derrion's death.

As I watched the video of this young man being beaten to death with a railroad tie I asked myself what could compel four young African American young men to engage in such a wanton and willful murderous act? How could these young men have such disregard for another human beings life that they would beat him to his death, in the street, in broad day light? What is the basis of their rage, their anger?

I then asked myself, where are their fathers? I made an assumption and came to the conclusion that their fathers must be absent, not active or engaged in their lives. This antisocial rage, this anger is probably in part a response to their being raised with out the benefit of knowing the love of their fathers. If these young men were asked to explain what drove them to this act; they most likely would not be able to articulate a clear response. They probably do not know. If they do know, they would be too ashamed to say.

As a man who was blessed to be raised by two loving parents; I clearly understand the power of love. At the age of 50, I am still blessed to be able to talk with my almost 90 year old father every day (I lost my mother last March); hear his voice, seek his counsel; feel his love. For as far as I have been able to come based upon knowing my father love; I can not begin to imagine how dysfunctional I would be without it.

As a father of a seven year old, I see every day the impact that I have when I walk my son to school; show up in his class room unannounced; take him to the golf course; help him with his homework; carry him to bed, and kiss him good night. I see every day the impact that I have when I do for my son the same things that my parents did and continue to do for me. You see, this is learned not innate behavior.

I literally feel the transfer of positive energy when Wilmer, IV hugs me and says, "Daddy, I love you!" to which I reply, "I love you too son." He will then usually say, "No Daddy, I REALLY love you." There is a real force there, a power in that love. I can only imagine the void that is created in its absence, the dysfunction. That void is soon filled with anger, resentment, and hatred when a child or young man fails to receive that love, guidance, and support from his father. The Pretenders had a song entitled; It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

Now, there are many single mothers out there doing the best they can to raise their sons. Many, if not most of them are doing great work and producing wonderful children. But a woman can not fill the void that is created by the absence of a father. If it takes a male and a female to create a child; it takes a mother and a father to complete the process of raising one.

My wife said to me recently, "We are on the same page about 75% of the time when it comes to raising Wilmer. It has taken me almost 6 years to understand that there's another 15% of the time when I have to just defer to you as his father and your judgment because as a woman, I was never a 6, 7, or 8 year old boy. I don't have the empathy for that circumstance; you do." Fella's, this is why you have to be there for your son's. For as much as they try; and for as good of a job as they do; women can not fill the void created by the absence of a fathers love.

The statistics show that 40% of U.S. children today grow up without their father at home; almost 40 percent of American children living in single-parent families will experience poverty before they reach age 11; nearly two-thirds of the 10 million mothers in single-parent homes receive no child support; seventy percent of juveniles in state reform institutions come from single-parent homes; and children in single-parent families are twice as likely to become involved in substance abuse or other health risk behaviors.
If the statistics showed that men who wear pink scarf's when they gamble in Las Vegas increased their probability of winning by 40% or nearly two-thirds of the men who wear women's shoes while playing the horses win 70% of the time, we would have a lot of pink scarf and women shoe wearing men gambling in Las Vegas and playing the ponies. Fathers, why not play these odds with your children, especially your sons?
Silvanus Shannon, Eugene Riley, Eric Carson, and Eugene Bailey, have all been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Derrion Albert. If they are convicted, they should receive the harshest penalties that our system of justice can impose. But, if we like Minister Louis Farrakhan can ask, "...why such a beautiful life," fathers, the answer lies within. What is the basis of their rage, their anger? This antisocial rage, this anger is probably in part a response to their being raised with out the benefit of the love from their fathers and that's a solution that is easy to provide.

Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the nationally broadcast call-in talk radio program "On With Leon," and a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Go to or email: .

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Our America #3


[Shamim A Siddiqi, New York]

* IN REFERENCE TO VERSE # 36 0F SURAH AL-NAHAL: "Wa Laqad Ba'thna fi kulley Ummatin Rasulun unaibudullah wa Ajtanebuttaghut" - Indeed We had raised a Messenger in every nation (proclaiming): Be Obedient to Allah and shun the powers of evil"

To understand the importance of this clarion call from our Lord we have to put in view the salient features of this cosmos and the fundamental realities of human existence on earth in a nutshell:

1. Allah created man by His own hands and endowed him with three strong urges and one dominant free will [Ref: Verse # 75 of Surah Saa'd

2. Allah created this cosmos and what it contains for man and then harnessed it for him as ordained in Verse # 19 of Surah Luqman; Verse # 24 of Al-Baqarah & Verse # 13 of Al-Ja'thia; [Everything of this cosmos is, thus, following Allah and hence there is peace, harmony and equilibrium everywhere]

3. Sometime in the infinity of time, Allah (SWT) assembled together the spirits [Arwah] of all the progenies of Adam and put the question before them: "A'lastu Berabbekum" - Am I not Your Lord? They all confessed and said, "Bala" - Definitely, [You are] - "Lest you say on the Day of Judgment: Lo! Of this we were unaware". [Ref: Verse # 172 of Surah Al-Airaf];

[This vociferous confession of Adam's progenies is integrated in his genes as revealed by Allah in Surah Al-Shamash 91: 7 - 8: "And the human self and how it is perfected, and how it is imbued with moral failings as well as with consciousness of God]. It needs constant reminder that he is committed to his Lord. It is cemented in his genes.

4. Allah declared and spoke to His angles that He wants to appoint a Khalifah [Vicegerent] on earth: "Lo! I am about to place a vicegerent on earth" [Ref: Verses # 30 to 37 of Al-Baqarah and Verses # 11 to 24 of Al-Airaf] for this entire episode that took place sometime afterward in the heavens] - "Inni Ja'lun fi--al-ardey khalifah";

5. Allah kept Adam and Eve in heavens for some time unknown to us till the characters of both Adam and Shaitan were tested and the earth became habitable for humans.[ Ref: same verses as quoted above at item # 4]

6. Allah (SWT) then sent Adam and Eve to earth as their temporary abode with a clear "Commitment" on His part that He will go on sending Guidance to Man through His appointed Messengers as and when needed as how to act, live and behave on earth with this undertaking that whosoever follows the Guidance, he will be rewarded with the eternal bliss and whosoever denies it will face the eternal torment. [Ref: Verse # 38 of Al-Baqarah]

7. So, every individual human being is Allah's Vicegerent on earth, irrespective of the fact whether he accepts it or not but the Muslims are the recognized "Khalifatullah" [Khalifah of Allah] on earth by virtue of their entering into the fold of Allah and making a deal with Him by reciting the Kalimah - "La llaha Ilallah Muhammadun Rasulullah" [Ref: Verse # 111 of Surah Al-Tawba]. This deal with Allah (SWT) is very comprehensive, life-long, and ever-binding till his or her last breath to struggle for establishing His authority on self, family and the society in which he/she lives. What is the scope of this commitment and what it surmounts, it is described in the next Verse # 112 of Al-Tawba].

8. Human life is divided in two sectors: * The Physical and * The Moral or Optional:

* The Physical Sector: It is totally obedient to Allah and all parts of his body are functioning meticulously and fulfilling the purpose which was assigned to each of them.

* The Moral life: In this sector humans have the choice or the freedom to fulfill the needs of his three natural/physical urges the way he likes or dislikes. He can fulfill it through rightful and honest means as the Creator and Sustainer has recommended through His Guidance sent to him through His appointed messengers or the way he likes as per his freewill.

If he follows God-given Guidance in his moral life, he will be in communion with this cosmos and his physical life that are following the will of God or His given laws. It will result in total peace, harmony and equilibrium in human society and every where. However, if he is carried away by his urges and misuses his free will and follows the crooked ways, dishonest means and fraudulent practices, he will create disorder, chaos, bloodshed and in-equilibrium in his abode. In consequence, he creates Fasad (transgression) in every walk of life as we see around us today.

The human society is infested with these tragic happenings everywhere. Allah (SWT) was well aware of human affairs and that is why when sending the man to earth categorically told him that He will go on sending His Messenger to every human society with clear Guidance as how to live, act and behave on earth. One who will follow the Guidance he will go to Jannah but the one who will deny it will be thrown in the Hellfire for good. That is what the capsule Ayah # 36 of Surah Al-Nahal noted at the outset connotes. That shows why and what for Allah's Messengers were appointed to human societies in a chain for constant REMIDER to mankind with a set mission to follow Allah alone and keep away from evil doers.

9. Thus, the Messengers of Allah have been coming to every human society in a chain to REMIND the humans that they must always be obedient to their Creator and Sustainer under each and every circumstance and have to keep away from the clutches of TAGHOUT, the evil forces that allure humans and keep them away from the path of righteousness.

10. Prophet Muhammad (S) was the last and the final Messenger of Allah in this series. He delivered the Message of Allah on the same pattern as all the previous Prophets of Allah did in their respective time. It maintains the continuity both of the message and that of the Prophethood in a sequence so that humanity can never say that there was none to remind us to follow the path of Righteousness from the Creator and the Sustainer.

11. The followers of each Messenger were fulfilling this mission after his departure. Prophet Muhammad (S) was the last Messenger of Allah to mankind. After his departure no Prophet is to come till the doomsday. Hence, the Muslim Ummah is standing and will remain standing in the witness box of humanity to fulfill the responsibility of "Shuhadah-al-Annas", calling the humanity to the fold of Allah and presenting their own life as its model. If they don't do this onerous task both in their individual and collective life, they are and will be seriously accountable to Allah on the Day of Judgment. Muslims have no choice but to do it as there is none else on earth to fulfill this natural assignment that has fallen on their shoulders and they must carry it out with utmost pleasure, dedication and devotion. Muslims have to prove worthy of their coveted position. Allah's Nusrah is inevitable when they resolve to undertake it. Allah's firm commitment is there in the Qur'an to this effect:

"As for those who strive hard in Our cause [struggle for His Deen] We shall most certainly guide them unto path that leads unto Us: for, behold, Allah is indeed with the doers of good (Mohsineen]"
[Al-Ankabut. 29: 69]

Bolivia, South America
Courtesy Elizabeth Allen [Banglavision]
Fidel: If Obama can win the Nobel, so should Evo

By Sylvia Longmire
October 16, 2009

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro made headlines after U.S. President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize by saying the award was a "positive step." Today, he said in an article in a state-run Cuban newspaper that indigenous Bolivian President Evo Morales also deserved the prize.

"If Obama was given the prize (Nobel) for winning an election in a racist society, despite being black, Evo also deserves it for victories in his country, despite being indigenous, and for fulfilling his promises," said Castro.

According to Venezuelan Spanish-language newspaper El Universal, in his most recent column, Castro praised Morales, one of Cuba's main allies in the region. He also recalled the harsh childhood indigenous president and the reforms undertaken in one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere.

Despite the former Cuban leader's praises for Obama, not everyone in the region supported the decision to award Obama with the Nobel. On Monday, Venezuelan President and staunch Cuban ally Hugo Chávez said Obama had done nothing beyond wishful thinking to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

"What has Obama done to deserve this prize? The jury put store on his hope for a nuclear arms-free world, forgetting his role in perpetuating his battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his decision to install new military bases in Colombia," Chavez wrote in a column.

On Wednesday, Chávez said he would decline the award should he ever be chosen to receive it by the Nobel committee in Norway.

2009-10-19 Mon 19:13:58 cdt