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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 15,1430/ October 4, 2009, # 47

Spotlight by Imam Badi Ali [North Carolina Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader]
I was with my child in a local video store to rent a documentary. A movie was on, full of profanity, including the F word. I asked the manager: Please turn it off, otherwise I'll have to leave and take my business elsewhere. He did it but with great reluctance. My point is: We Muslims should be sensitive to the desenstization of this nation through the use of profanities even in front of children. We should have TAWQA and try to restrain the abusers.

Pakistanis demonstrated in every Pak city to condemn the Kerry Lugar Bill which ties Pak to US interests. Scroll to end for photo.

Qaddafi made important points in his UN speech which the media censored. Read Sis. Aisha's incisive report way down.

Books, Books, Books Read so that you may lead:

Al-Fateha & Its Significance By Shamim Siddiqui [A leading teacher of Islam in America.] The best book on the subject. [$6]

A Worthy Muslim: Qur'anic Tools to Overcome Oppression by Amir Makin [second only to the books of Malcolm X and Imam Jamil.] Brilliant! [$10]

Why do you kill? The Untold Story of the Iraqi Resistance by Jurgen Todenhofer. [The Iraqi, Sunni, narrative on the occupation.] $14.95

The Power of Israel in the United States by James Petras. [$10]

The Struggle of Muslim Women by Kaukab Siddique. [$10] Still selling after 4 editions sold out. Many have plagiarized this. Read the original.

For God and Country by James Yee [The Qur'an was the main target of the oppressors in gtmo.] $20

[Order books from new Trend, POB 356, kingsville, MD 21087

Red Alert: Jamaat al-Muslimeen press Release: Please publish and distribute widely.
Gaza-like situation in Waziristan: The Pakistani military is preparing another bloodbath, this time in South Waziristan. US drone attacks are softening up the resistance. Like Israel, General Kayani is terrorizing the entire population to leave their homes or face air strikes, artillery and tank attacks. Thousands have already fled their homes. Remember that General Kayani uprooted 4 million people from Swat and Dir of whom about one million are still in camps. All major entry points into South Waziristan have been sealed by the military to stop the flow of food, medicines and fuel to the threatened area. This could create a humanitarian catastrophe in the coming winter.

This is the time for those who claim Islamic legitimacy to speak out against the US-funded Pakistani military's actions. Displacement of populations to create a free fire zone is a form of genocide. Why is Iran silent? Where are the Ikhwan al-Muslimeen? Is American-Israeli pressure too strong? Or are there sectarian considerations at work?
Send letters of protest to:

Ambassador, Embassy of Pakistan, 3517 International Court NW, Washington, DC 20008

Phone: 202-243-6500


See below BBC video sneaked out probably by a Pakistani dissident officer: Western admission of General Kayani's atrocities and torture in Swat. New Trend was the first in America to warn that Kayani's forces are committing crimes against humanity. Endless extra judicial killings are also being perpetrated by Kayani. [Scroll down to Pak War News.]

Our America: #1
Obama's Complete Sell-out to Israel on the Nuclear Issue [With thanks to Sis. Sofia, New York City]
[October 2, 2009]
Following up on assurances he made in May, President Obama has reportedly 'reaffirmed' a secret understanding whereby he will not reveal the existence of Israel's widely known nuclear arsenal, nor will he pressure Israel to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). [Source: National Public Radio and others]
[By contrast, severe pressure is being put on Iran to stop its peaceful nuclear program.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen [News]
P.O. Box 10881
Baltimore, MD 21234

News from our Boycott List: Nestle involved in indirect Racism

October 1, 2009: Nestle is refusing to buy milk from Zimbabwe's state owned farms which were originally owned by Europeans and were nationalized by Zimbabwe's outspoken leader Robert Mugabe. [Reported by wire services.]
Nestle is strongly linked to Israel [with 50% Israeli ownership]. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Secretary General Sis. Karen English is calling all Muslims to boycott Nestle products.

Absurd JFK Case Scaring Muslims from Trinidad and Guyana
from Br. Abu Talib, Brooklyn, New York

Jamaat al-Muslimeen flyers about the absurdity of the JFK case are being distributed in Brooklyn on an ongoing basis.

At a hearing for the JFK "suspects," no one from the Caribbean and Guyanese communities turned up owing to the fear and terror spread among the population by bogus claims against the "suspects." The charges go back to the times before 9.11 when one of the suspects used to work at JFK airport. How three helpless, unarmed men could possibly blow up an airport is the fabrication and invention of the US government. It's also a way of keeping Shi'ite Muslims from Trinidad suppressed along with Sunnis from Guyana.
Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahim, Guyanese Russel De Freitas, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur have been indicted on charges of plotting to blow up JFK International Airport, New York, in 2007.
De Freitas, a former employee of JFK, was arrested in Brooklyn on June 1, 2007. Kadir and Ibrahim were arrested in Trinidad on June 3, 2007. Nur surrendered to police two days later in Diego Martin. On June 29, 2007, the four men were indicted on charges of conspiring to "cause death, serious bodily injury and extensive destruction" at the airport. [Two and a quarter years later, the government is still preparng its case. Hard work is required to fabricate these stories.]

Protestors Accuse Meyerhoff of Zionist Bigotry: Zionism is Racism
Rally Against Pakistani General Musharraf: Crimes against Humanity focused: Chief Justice Arrested, Red Mosque Attacked, Gtmo, "Disappearances."

The September 29 rally at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore went on from 7.30 PM to 9.15 PM. The demonstrators led by a Jamaat al-Muslimeen core group were in high spirits.

Br. Kaukab Siddique addressed the protestors and ticket holders to the program as they passed and other passersby on the megaphone several times and made the following points:
1. Many of the people in Gtmo and Bagram prisons were innocents handed over to Bush by Musharraf.
2. Musharraf violated the Constitution of Pakistan and arrested the Chief Justice of Pakistan, thus putting an end to Rule of Law.
3. Hundreds of Islamic activists were "disappeared" by Musharraf's regime and they have still not been recovered.
4. Musharraf's commandos attacked the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa [women's seminary] and killed hundreds of students.
5. Mush's army committed serious atrocities in Baluchistan. Numerous Baluchis, including women, disappeared.
6. Meyerhoff's honors for Musharraf show hatred of Islam, Muslims and Pakistan.
7. Meyerhoff invited Medeleine Albright, Salman Rushdie and now Musharraf: These are blatant acts of Zionist-Jewish bigotry.
8. Pakistanis will put Musharraf on trial and US Muslims will put Meyerhoff on the boycott list, inshallah.
9. American voters dumped Bush's party but Myerhoff is still clinging to Mush, Bush's Pakistani agent.

Pakistanis from Baluchistan Joined the Rally

Baluch activists joined the rally against Musharraf. Under Musharraf, Baluchistan suffered open ended police assaults including the murder of top Baluch leader Akbar Khan Bugti.

The Baluchi protestor began by raising secular slogans, including a comparison of Musharraf with "bin Laden" [probably meant to win American sympathy.] At this point, a Pakistani sister leading the Jamaat rally raised the slogan of Takbir: Allahu Akbar. [Both groups had megaphones.]

However, after a little discussion, both groups coalesced and only Islamic slogans were raised.

Meyerhoff Disturbed by Rally: Tried to Coopt Protestors

Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, the cultural flagship of the Jewish community in Baltimore, where Musharraf was speaking was apparently taken aback by the demonstration. First they tried strong arm tactics by sending police wagons to check out the protestors while a helicopter hovered overhead and special service agents inside the Meyerhoff were on the alert. The protestors remained peaceful, so the police left.

After that the Meyerhoff offered free tickets to the protestors to go inside and listen to Musharraf. A Jamaat representative asked the Meyerhoff man: After 8 years of Bush, would you like to listen to one more speech by him? [He said: No!] Similarly, for 8 years, Pakistanis had to listen to Musharraf's lies for 8 years. Now is not the time to listen to him.

One of the Baluch brothers later took the ticket, went in and interrupted Musharraf several time. Every time Musharraf paused, the brother said: "You're a dictator." Mush tried to distract him by saying: "You must be from India." The brother answered: "No! I am from Baluchistan."

"I am a Muslim!"

The Meyerhoff people were worried by the Jamaat rally because it could reduce their ticket sales in the future. One of the Meyerhoff people, probably an official, came out and was approached by Sis. Chekeisha El-Amin. She gave him a flyer which was being distributed against Musharraf. He was very puzzled that a strong group of African-American Muslimahs was spearheading the rally, including one with a child with her.

"Why are you here," he asked, referring to her being African-American. Sis. Chekeisha's answer: "I am a Muslim."
The Zionists are disturbed that dedicated African-American activists are supporting Jamaat al-Muslimeen. They are disturbed because Baltimore is, largely, an African-American city.
[Special credit goes to Sis. Chekeisha. She was the first to notice that the Zionists had invited Musharraf, and she alerted the Jamaat.]

Witness to Lal Masjid [Red Mosque]

A prominent Pakistani American, originally from Islamabad, had travelled quite some distance to participate in the symbolic rally. He had witnessed the assault on the Red Mosque and that had changed the direction of his life.

Some of the demonstrators celebrated after the rally. [Want to join Jamaat al-Muslimeen? Call 443-869-5233.]

War News: Pakistan
Kayani carrying on Musharraf's Mission
From a Pakistan observer: Comment on the Torture Video

Pakistan's secularized Army soldiers torturing elderly Muslims in Swat.
Graphic video, exercise caution.

This is violation of laws of war and clearly there needs to be an international investigation by Human Rights groups. This may be the tip of the iceberg and the entire chain of command needs to be investigated including General Kayani and his generals.
In addition the abettors and intellectual enablers including Pervez Hoodbhoy, Sethi of Daily Times and Ahmed Rashid should also be indicted for inciting Army action and providing a raison d'etre for it. US officials and Generals who may have conspired, provided funding, planning and encouragement should also be investigated including Holbrooke and Anne Patterson for their roles in the attack on civilian populations by the Pakistan Army. Both officials have publicly hailed Army action in Swat and tribal areas.
Saddam was hanged on the charges of killing his own people; how is this different?.

Video shows Pakistan army 'abuse'

By Syed Shoaib Hasan
BBC News, Islamabad

Men in uniform are seen kicking and hitting detainees
Pakistani soldiers are seen apparently abusing Taliban suspects in a 10-minute video which has been posted on the social networking site, Facebook. The video would be the first clear proof of such abuse. It shows men in military uniform beating suspects as officers stand by giving instructions.
It is not clear who shot the film or where. It appears to have been made recently, perhaps in the Swat valley.
Pakistan's army has said it needs to examine the video before commenting.
Conversations heard on the video suggest it is recent. Troops recently declared they had largely cleared the Swat valley of insurgents after a sustained offensive there.
Human rights groups have accused the military of being involved in torture and extra-judicial killings in the region.
"This is a very serious accusation," Gen Athar Abbas, head of Pakistan army's public relations wing, told the BBC when asked about the video.
"I cannot comment on the video till we have examined it. This will take some time as the army headquarters will have to be involved in the process."
The footage shows an officer in Pakistani army battle uniform interrogating several suspects, some of whom are quite elderly and are presumably relatives of men being sought.
When the officer does not receive satisfactory answers, he motions with his head and soldiers rush in to punish the suspect.
They then beat him with belts, fists and what appear to be small whips. He is also kicked all over the body by soldiers wearing heavy army boots.
The suspect is heard screaming and imploring the soldiers to stop in the name of Allah, repeatedly saying he has told them all he knows.
In the video the soldiers administering the beating have to be restrained by the officer on at least two occasions.
After an initial round of punishment, the officer tells a suspect that this is "soft treatment". Unless the suspect tells all, the officer says he will have to administer "hard punishment".
"You don't want me to cut off your hands and feet," the officer says.
If confirmed, this would be the first clear proof of the Pakistani army being involved in the abuse of detainees.
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and other groups have accused the army of such violations during the recent Swat campaign.
The HRCP says it has also found evidence that the army is involved in extra-judicial killings in the region.
The Pakistani army has consistently denied the reports, calling them "baseless."
But it has also said it will investigate if any solid proof emerges of its personnel being involved in such activities.

War News: Afghanistan: U.S. Forces Under Attack as they prepare to Retreat
[The fighting is widespread. This is only a sample.]

October 3, 2009: Kamdesh district of Nuristan province: Taliban led by Commander Dost Muhammad overran a U.S. military post and an Afghan police post. US troops put up heavy resistance but could not stop the Taliban though the Taliban were armed only with automatic rifles and RPGs. At least 8 US troops and 7 Afghan police were killed in the attack. Another 15 Afghan police were captured by the Taliban. They include the chief of police and the intelligence officer helping the Americans.

The Taliban briefly occupied the two posts but withdrew after heavy US air strikes and helicopter gunship attacks killed 7 of the Taliban. According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujaddidi, it was a complete Taliban victory. [The area is only 10 miles from the Pakistani border. There is conjecture that these fighters are from Swat and withdrew in good order from there after the Pakistani air force bombed Swat.]

October 2: An American soldier from an elite Sapper division was killed in Logar province when a Taliban fighter hit his tank with an RPG.

In the Panjwai area near Kandahar, two Afghan children, 14 and 16, were killed by Canadian troops when they passed by on a motorbike and refused to stop.

Also October 2: A British air force officer was killed on the ground in a Taliban IED attack in Helmand province.

Also October 2: Two NATO fuel tankers coming in from Tajikistan were attacked by Taliban, set on fire and destroyed just outside Kunduz City in northern Afghanistan. The drivers escaped.

October 1: A US trooper from the elite 101st airborne was killed in Wardak province when his unit came under small arms fire from Taliban raiders. {October 3: Also in Wardak province 2 US troops were killed and 2 wounded when an Afghan soldier working with them killed them and escaped at night.}

ISNA's SIRAJ WAHHAJ: The Million Dollar man of FBI affiliated Groups

Muslims of America, the richest in the world, should be helping Indonesia, Bangladesh, Somalia, Muslims in India's slums ..... Instead we have this Siraj Wahhaj-ISNA-ISB type activity.

Think about it: Million dollar mosques are extracting the money from American Muslims so that little is left for the real needs of the Ummah. Once again, Siraj Wahhaj helped ISB [Islamic Society of Baltimore] to collect $500,000 although it is the richest mosque in the area. The same kind of EXTRACTION is going on in Darussalam [College Park, Maryland] and many other mosques. Siraj Wahhaj is the beloved of ISNA, a group which has confessed to its decades of links with the FBI, the White House and the Pentagon.

Hidaya Foundation plans to support the survivors of Indonesian Earthquake disaster

As Salaamu Alaikum (peace be upon you),

The Western coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra was hit by two devastating earthquakes that struck over a 48-hour period. On Wednesday, September 30, 2009 the first earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck offshore close to the district of Padang Pariaman in the West Sumatra province. The second earthquake struck the same region the following morning, measuring 6.8.

There have been heavy human losses and injuries as buildings have collapsed trapping and crushing thousands. Destroyed roads and rubble are making it difficult to access all the affected areas.

Hidaya Foundation plans to support the survivors of this disaster by providing medical assistance to those in hospitals who were injured by the earthquake.

Donate Online: To donate online via electronic check or credit card, please visit

Donate By Mail: To donate by check/money order payable to 'Hidaya Foundation', mail to: Hidaya Foundation, P.O. Box 5481, Santa Clara, CA 95056

Hidaya's Cause on Facebook for Indonesia Earthquake: To help the people affected by this current disaster, please promote this FaceBook Cause among your family, friends, and email lists ( )

Hidaya on YouTube:

Waseem Baloch
Office: (408) 244-3282
Toll free: (866) 244-3292

Hidaya Foundation is a US based non-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization, with Tax ID # 77-0502583. Its mission is to implement charitable projects in economically depressed areas of the world.

Letter: India: Fake religious Activities and Wasteful "Worship" while Masses Starve

Not less than $10m are spent each year thruout India on these idols. the idols are just an excuse, people want to waste money on their self made gods for their own mythological enjoyments. This much money can be used for hundreds of constructive plans and the nation can boost its education, economy, morale and hi-tech in various fields. It has nothing to do with the actual Hinduism teachings. It is purely the fault of Hindutva communal & terrorist forces as well as the illiteracy. This kind of illitaracy is found only in India where even the so-called educated elite wastes millions of Dollars in festivals like Deepawali, Raawan burning Desehra, Holy, Basant, Durga pooja, Linga pooja, etc etc

It doesnt mean that the Muslims are safe from these self styled extravagant senseless worshipping methods. They too have created their own idols and own gods and own worshipping methods on which they spend mercilessly millions of Dollars, like Repeated Umra & Haj, Urs, Sandals, Chiraghaan, giyarween, Kunde, Dowry, whole wedding ceremonial activities, Iftaar parties, Birthdays, Marriage anniversaries, Meeladunnabi (a right cause with wrong activities), whole Moharram activities by Shia and Sunni both, Aqeeqa, Bismillah & Khatna functions.,

it is the call of the hour to bring a total revolution in the religious understanding, complete overhauling of social system, and brain washing of every Hindu and Muslim of India and Pakistan.

Aleem Khan Falaki

[Some of the Muslim activities listed above are legitimate but wasteful process cannot be legitimized. Keep it simple and invite the poor -Editor]

With thanks to Sis. Anisa Abdel Fattah [Banglavision]
Palestine: 375 Children in prison under Israeli Occupation: September 25, 2009

BI'ILIN, West Bank - Eight children between the ages of 10 and 17 were arrested and detained by Israeli soldiers during military raids Monday night and Tuesday morning in the northern West Bank cities Nablus and Qalqilia.

Defense for Children International (DCI) Palestine has released a statement that the number of children detained in Israeli jails and temporary Israeli army detention centers this year has risen by 17.5 percent compared with 2008.

"The average number of Palestinian children held in Israeli detention in 2009 remains high, at 375 per month compared with an average of 319 in 2008," says DCI.

"Disturbingly, 39 young children between the ages of 12 and 15 were detained in August 2009. This is up 85 percent compared to the corresponding period in 2008 of 21 children."

Israel is a signatory to the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which states that "the arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time."

Nashmi Muhammad Abu Rahme, 14, from the West Bank village of Biilin near Ramallah was arrested and dragged from his bed at 3 am Aug. 15 after Israeli soldiers raided his home.

The village of Biilin has been involved in a protracted campaign of non- violent civil disobedience against Israel's building of a wall which cuts through village land, separating villagers and farmers from their agricultural fields.

The villagers successfully petitioned an Israeli court to have the wall re- routed several years ago, but the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have failed to comply with the court's orders.

"My family was awoken by the sounds of Israeli soldiers yelling and starting to smash down the door. I was blindfolded and tightly handcuffed by the soldiers and then thrown into the back of a jeep," recalls Abu Rahme.

"During the journey to the military base I was repeatedly slapped, beaten and kicked until I was bleeding. I was very scared," Abu Rahme told IPS.

Israeli medics treated Abu Rahme for bleeding and contusions before he was brought before an interrogator, again blindfolded and handcuffed. His interrogation lasted three hours, during which he was accused of throwing stones at soldiers near the wall on Bi'ilin's agricultural land.

Abu Rahme was kept in jail for a week before he was brought before a military prosecutor. He was fined 5,000 shekels (1,340 dollars) and released.

"We have had about 12 children from our village arrested and detained by the Israelis," Hassan Moussa, a schoolteacher from the neighboring village of Ni'ilin told IPS.

Under Israeli administrative detention, Palestinians can be held for three months without trial, and this can be renewed at the end of that period for another three months.

"It interrupts their education when they are detained for weeks and months without being brought to trial," says Moussa.

Most Palestinian children are held for stone-throwing. Israeli Military Order 378 carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment for this, five years less than the average murder sentence in Israel.

"During interrogation, children as young as 12 years are denied access to a lawyer and visits from their families," says DCI.

"Whilst under interrogation children are subjected to a number of prohibited techniques. These include the excessive use of blindfolds and handcuffs, slapping and kicking, painful position abuse for long periods of time, solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, and a combination of physical and psychological threats," says DCI.

Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem describes the tiny cells where Palestinian children are often held in solitary confinement.

These include the lock-up, a dark cell of 1.5 by 1.5 meters. The "closet" is a narrow cell the height of a person that one can stand in but not sit or move. The "grave" is a box closed by a door from the top and measuring approximately one meter by 60 cm with a depth of about 80 cm.

DCI has documented at least seven cases during Israel's war on Gaza at the beginning of the year where Gazan children were used as human shields by Israeli soldiers.

"There is a big difference in the way Palestinian and Israeli minors are treated by Israeli law," Khaled Quzmar from DCI Palestine told IPS.

Palestinian children as young as 12 years are prosecuted in the Israeli military courts and are treated as adults as soon as they turn 16, in contrast to the situation under Israeli domestic law, whereby majority is attained at 18.

The IDF announced in July that it would be setting up a separate military court for juveniles. Hitherto both Palestinian adults and children had been tried together.

"The good news is that after 42 years of occupation the Israelis have recognized that their legal treatment of Palestinian children has been morally indefensible," says Quzmar.

"The bad news is that the changes are merely semantic. Children will continue to be tried by the same judges in the same jails. The only difference is juveniles will be tried at separate times," Quzmar told IPS.

Previously, according to military law, there was no statute of limitations on offences by Palestinians, even if the suspect committed the offence when he or she was a minor.

"While the new order ostensibly sets a two-year statute of limitations for offences committed by minors, it also allows the military prosecutor to overrule this. The prosecution will generally be given the benefit of the doubt," added Quzmar.

(Inter Press Service)

Our America #2

Qaddafi Made Important Points: Media Censored him: Europe Owes Africa $123 Trillion
by Sis. 'Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City]

I listened to Col. Moammar Qaddafi's 09/23//2009 "rant", as the US media called it, at the UN on CSPAN. Of course, it was not a rant but a wake up call to the UN Assembly to unite and sign an amendment to their rules in an effort to strengthen their membership. Just as Imam Badi 'Ali had stated, previously, Qaddafi had referred to the UN Security council as a terror council. He questioned the need for a security council that protects the interests of a select 20 countries while the UN General Assembly seems impotent. Plus, the UN Security Council answers to no one. Shouldn't the UN General Assembly be enough? He also wanted to know why one dissenting vote can KO the majority votes of the UN General Assembly members. I'm guessing he was speaking of the U.S. government's veto power in the case of the UN Assembly's contiguous efforts to bring sanctions against Israel.

He brought up some other key points:
  1. If European governments do not want Africans and other peoples they've colonized coming to their countries then taking our resources. He estimated that Europe owes Africa over 123 trillion dollars alone. He state that Italy has already acknowledged their wrong doing as colonizers and are paying retribution.
  2. Somalians are not pirates they are acting to protect their 200 miles of their sea resources from Japanese, American, and Indian ships, who have been polluting their areas for years.
  3. Kashmir should be an independent State.
    Qaddafi hopes for development in the Darfur region. He accused the U.S. of sacrificing Darfur.
  4. Applauded America for voting in a black president and even referred to Pres. Obama as his Kenyan son but, stated with trepidation, that if America really wants to make a change it has to atone for its past.
  5. Stated that UN Assembly needs to investigate the assassinations of African leaders such as Patrice Lumuumba, even Martin Luther King and Pres. John F. Kennedy. About JFK's assassination, Col. Qaddafi stated that Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of killing JFK but, before there was to be a trial, Oswald was killed by an Israeli Jew - Jack Ruby. Gen. Qaddafi stated that it was no secret that Pres. Kennedy wanted to investigate and challenge Israel for having nuclear reactors. I was told that Kennedy was killed for not supporting the Bay of Pigs.
  6. Wanted to know who declared the Taliban and Al-Qaida our enemies? The planes that hit the World Trade Center did not come from these countries but, from JFK airport.
  7. Who okayed the U.S. invasion of Iraq and the subsequent execution of Pres. Saddam Hussain? We knew the judge, who presided over the trial but, not the executioner.
  8. Lastly, it is shameful that people have to pay for vaccines and medicines. These are items that should be free and made available to all in need of it.
Col. Qaddafi stated that the UN Assembly needs to revise its treaty to empower itself and investigate allegations against the U.S. for war crimes against the Iraq people and even as far back as the U.S. bombings of Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. He said it is very easy to issue arrest warrants for Panama's Noreaga and Sudan's Al-Bashir but, who will check the U.S. when it does wrong?

I found it refreshing that a leader was able to challenge the U.S.'s absolute power and the fact that so many countries blindly follow the U.S. like sheep. Does that sound like the ramblings of a mad man?

He stated that if countries do not receive the respect that they deserve then, the only other recourse would be to leave the General Assembly. He also stated that he was very proud of the African Council and how it conducts itself regarding African affairs.

Pakistanis Carried out Street Referendum in Every City vs Major US move to Undermine their Independence

Inset: Prof. Ghafoor Ahmed addressing a mass tally in Karachi with Muhammad Hussain Mahnati on his left and Hafiz Naeem on his right.
October 2, 2009: At the call of Syed Munawwar Hasan, Ameer of Jamaate Islami, mass rallies were held in all the major Pakistani cities to condemn the Kerry Lugar Bill. Pakistanis say it ties Pakistan to American strategies against Pakistan's sovereignty in exchange for billions of dollars to fight the Taliban. As the banner says, Pakistan is being sentenced to death by America through this multi billion dollar bill.

2009-10-05 Mon 19:48:25 cdt