Dear Businessmen, Professionals and Muslim Community at Large


This small facility has been a "beacon of hope" in this inner city of Baltimore since 1993, operating with a masalla and facilities under construction and renovations to this present day.
We have been a viable and visible place: giving Dawa--brothers and sisters sit occasionally at tables on the sidewalk outside the Center talking with and giving literature to the many men and women who visit the numerous hair salons, restaurants, and stores; feeding the Hungry--as an organized group where large pots have been served plate by plate to the hungry men and women who travel up and down this corridor and by individual muslims who purchase meals from nearby places to feed someone when the group is not present; distributing Zakat to the needy in spite of our small size and number.
Yes, even though we are small and poor in financial resources, Believers have not been turned away empty-handed, and when there were no monies to give, we assist in networking with other Islamic and general community services for the needed resources to help those who asked.
Yet, we are steadily growing with a transient community made mostly of those business persons who do not live in the area but come into it for business purposes and so enjoy the convenience of the Jumah services at this location.

THE CHILDREN: We have held Islamic studies for children for 2 years in a row recently; and our plans are to begin these classes again.
We receive repeated requests.
Our children performed perfectly in their recitals of short Quran surahs presented before their parents and the community.
The audience was amazed at the children's zest and desire to keep reciting despite the fact that it was time to close the program--Alhumdullilah!
Insha-Allah, this is a place where learning and worship of Allah will continue for generations to come.


WE NEED YOUR HELP TO RID OURSELVES OF THE INTEREST-BEARING MORTGAGE LEFT ON THIS PROPERTY -- $27,000.00 All amounts given to this Cause will be banked separately from zakat funds and used strictly for the mortgage payoff.

A second issue is the much needed renovations and repairs which were begun 2 years ago. (You may receive information on these renovations and repairs at your request.) Our effort in this area of fund raising is to reach and surpass $200,000.00. This will help us to bring this potentially beautiful House of Allah to its full potential sitting as it does across from several churches and surrounded by businesses in the area. Monies for these repairs and renovations will be counted AFTER the $27,000.00 has been collected. Help us do this and receive the many Blessings of Allah.

Please make your contribution payable to: Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen and note on the bottom: Ansari Fund. Mail your contributions to Masjid JAM, 4624 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212-4726. You will be sent a receipt for tax-deduction purposes.

Remember, whoever helps to build the House of Allah, Allah will build for him/her a house in the Hereafter, Insha-Allah!