Jama'at al-Muslimeen # 5

OUTREACH by Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora leader, Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Khutba on Gaza: The Meaning of Victory in Islam

February 20, 2009: Imam Badi Ali gave the juma' khutba to a large crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina, mostly from Arabic countries, Sudan and Somalia. He began with poetry in Arabic in which he said that real knowledge is the knowledge of the truth and the courage to understand and speak out, otherwise one can become a doctor and still be ignorant. Here are the main points of the khutba [mostly translated from Arabic for our readers.]
  • There were only three in the beginning of the struggle: Muhammad, pbuh, Abu Bakr r.a., Ali r.a. When it concluded, there were 100,000. A few people can make the difference. Eagles are few but they win.
  • Ask Allah for help: don't go to the oppressors and the hypocrites. Work in a united, organized way. The Qur'an gives the example of the ant and the bee which work as a community for everyone's benefit. It des not prefer the fly, the dog or the donkey who are individualistic creatures. There are ten points in the process of victory all of which Gaza attained or will attain, inshallah.
    1. Victory in Islam comes from Jihad which begins with the struggle against one's own self and gaining awarenes of QADA and QADAR [death and destiny].
    2. Even the start of jihad is a victory against shaitan who urges us to sit still and not fight back.
    3. Jihad is a victory for our Hereafter because we seek Guidance from Allah.
    4. Jihad is a victory against hypocrites who secretly collaborate wit the enemy.
    5. Muslims are victorious when they are STEADFAST. Remember Ibraheem, pbuh, [Abraham] was steadfast when he was put in the fire. We are reminded of his steadfastness when we look at the fires set by Israel in Gaza.
    6. The struggle becomes a victory when the forces of aggression and fitna cannot win.
    7. Read surah al-burooj and the story of the ashab al-ukhdood. The true believers are put into the pits of fire lighted by the oppressors. Hadith gives the details about the boy who went to his death willingly. He had nothing to fight back with except his faith. He even showed the king of the Jews how to kill him. When the people saw how he died without flinching, they embraced Islam. In another Hadith, the Jewish king was putting the people of Allah into the fire and the boy's mother was afraid of the fire. The boy told her to have faith and go into the fire. This is is the story of Gaza. The world is watching a people bombed day and night who refused to give up their faith.
  • Then later in history comes the time for the destruction of the oppressors when the Pharoah's entire army drowns and his body floats as a sign to the people of Islam. Israel too will be destroyed.
  • Victory in Islam means fighting on even when one does not have the tools to fight back. Look at Gaza, cut off from all directions both by the yahood and the munafiqeen and yet not giving up. That is victory.
  • Victory is acceptance of martyrdom. Look at Syed Qutb who calmly went to his Maker in spite of the power of the Egyptian tyrant. Militarily too Gaza is a big advance against the power of the yahood. In 1967 Israel won in SIX days against the Arab rulers, seized Gaza, took Sinai and the oil fields, took Syrian territory, captured Jerusalem, all in SIX days. Today, after TWENTY TWO DAYS of the use of overwhelming force by the yahood, the small army of Islam stands firm and not one surrendered. ISRAEL HAD TO WITHDRAW UNCONDITIONALLY.
In conclusion, remember that the Islamic state is not an easy change in human conditions. It took Moosa [pbuh] 40 years before the Islamic state emerged. In the case of Jesus [pbuh] Allah took him back before he could create the Islamic state. There is no easy way. ISLAM is a STRUGGLE ALL the WAY.