Jama'at al-Muslimeen # 4

December 27, 2008

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release
Contact person Imam Badi Ali: National Islamic Shoora
Zionist-Jewish war Unleashed on Defenseless Gaza: Muslim World to Rise against Israel & Its Backers:
Islamic Resistance is the Target of Zionism

On December 27, 2008 the Israeli Air Force struck a massive blow against the people of Palestine. At least 60 Israeli jet fighters started the massacre by attacking Islamic organizational and administrative structure related to and situated in civilian areas which provide manpower for Hamas traffic police and social system. Apache helicopters were then sent in to finish off the defenseless targets.

Then a second wave of 50 Israeli jet fighters struck leaving the ground littered with the dead and the wounded. According to official figures quoted by Reuters, 229 Palestinians were killed and 500 wounded. The actual losses are liable to be much higher as all the bodies are yet to be found. [Ed. note: This is comparable to the American use of B-52s in Afghanistan against the mud huts of the Taliban.]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen sees this blatant Zionist-Jewish attack as an act of war against the Islamic resistance in an attempt to destroy those who stand against racist Zionism and Imperialism.

We analyze this assault as follows: [Part One]
  • Kufr is one nation: This attack is a combination of deception and treachery. The attack could not have taken place without a "go ahead" from President Bush who is unleashing his Zionist attack dog against Palestine.
  • President-elect Obama is silent. He is said to be "observing" the situation. Silence and lack of condemnation means collusion and agreement
  • Israel deceived the world by claiming that it was opening the Gaza border for emergency relief supplies, and then attacked Gaza which has NO AIR DEFENSES.
  • The situation in Gaza had become embarrassing for Israel, with little boats trying to break the Israeli blockade. This is the Israeli "solution." It is attempting to wipe out Hamas physically so that it can replace the elected choice of the people with puppets from the Mahmoud Abbas clique. This is GENOCIDE in its classical sense.
[Part Two]
  • The corrupt Arab regimes are colluding with Israel and the U.S. to destroy Hamas because it is an independent Islamic body in the captive Middle East.
  • Hosni Mubarak, the tyrant of Egypt, Abdullah, the playboy ruler of Jordan and Abdullah, the sellout King of Saudi Arabia, are all in this together to give Israel the leeway to destroy Hamas. This is TREACHERY pure and simple.
  • The Israeli Foreign Minister launched propaganda attacks against Hamas from an Arab capital, Cairo.
  • Saudi linked propaganda outlets have been publicizing the ISRAELI VIEWPOINT on the attack. Al-Arabiya, a Saudi-linked media outlet brought Israeli agent Dahlan and Israeli leader Shimon Peres to condemn Hamas. Saudi paper from London, with big circulation, Sharq al-Awsat, is doing Israel's dirty job too. This is called BLAMING the VICTIM.
[Part Three]
  • Jamaat al-Muslimeen and the followers of Islam [in its entirety] around the world are mentally and spiritually with the people of Gaza. The Israeli attack is an attack on ISLAMIC RESISTANCE and is meant to destroy the Islamic will to resist. The Israeli assault will backfire because the forces of Islam will resist.
  • Muslims of America are urged to join Jamaat al-Muslimeen in condemning Israeli assault on Gaza and U.S. support for the assault. By peaceful means, U.S. Muslims must work tirelessly to undermine the Israeli-Jewish-Zionist cause in America. Boycott the Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians and Muslim Zionists.
  • We urge Muslims worldwide to support Islamic resistance. When B-52s could not defeat the Taliban and the Iraqi Islamic fighters, there is no doubt, inshallah, that Islamic resistance in Palestine will undermine, defeat and finally dismantle Israel, inshallah.
  • Note Syria's behavior. Looks like Israel is offering it tit bits of the Golan Heights to win its silence.
  • Iran and Hizbullah are on test. Will they help Hamas or will they do the usual demonstrations and chants and then go home?
  • Muslims in America will no longer join the Jews in America in any interfaith or any other activity. All Muslims who do such will be considered traitors, unless the Jews in question make it abundantly clear that they do not accept the legitimacy of Israel.