Jama'at al-Muslimeen # 1

Press Release on the International Baltimore Conference: From Imam Badi Ali, North Carolina:

It was an extremely successful conference considering Jamaat al-Muslimeen's resources and lack of media support. A new direction is now available to the Muslims of America. Coalitions are emerging which will change, inshallah, the humiliating position in which Muslims of America had been placed. The conference showed that truth and integrity has survived among those who want genuine peace. Each person in the conference represented the aspirations of entire communities and groups. Once more it has been proven that numbers do not count: human quality, knowledge and understanding based on worship of the Creator are essential. Remember that few were with the messenger of Allah, peace be on him, in Makka. Later too, the forces of Islam were always heavily outnumbered. Once Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a., sent two people to help his forces and said that these two are equal to two thousand. We thank all those who came as well as others who are showing support even though they have fear in them. Inshallah, Islam in America will win the hearts and souls of those who want a better America.

Glimpses of International Islamic Conference for Peace and Awareness
Preliminary Report

Star Studded Conference Signals Historic Change in American Muslim Initiatives for Peace
Zionist Control and Manipulation of American Power Structure for War Exposed Analytically

Baltimore, Maryland: August 16, 2008: Who could have thought that major forces for peace would emerge under the banner of Islam in America.

The apex of the conference was the speech of Ramsey Clark, leader of the anti-war movement in America who initiated a campaign to impeach President George Bush. Mr. Clark is known for his moral courage and legal acumen. His defense of Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, President Saddam Hussain, the Ikhwan in Egypt, and many oppressed people in South America, has marked him out as a giant of the peace movement, standing for the Rule of Law. He spoke for more than an hour and responded to a range of questions. Very briefly he trashed the U.S. defense of the Georgian government, a regime which the U.S. helped install. About Afghanistan, he said NATO is violating international law. It has occupied an entire country on the excuse of finding half a dozen opponents

Two major presentations were made:

The first by Mark Weber, Director of the Institute of Historical Research [IHR] His paper, thoroughly documented and unanswerable in its argumentation was titled: "Consequences of the U.S. alliance with Israel for America and the world." He spoke to an attentive audience for over an hour. He noted that some of the best minds in America have seen serious harm in Israeli manipulation and control of this great nation. The Iraq war was basically an Israeli-Jewish program. [For more on Mr. Weber's work, see www.ihr.org ]

The second major presentation was by Dr. Hesham Tillawi, Director Current Events TV, on the subject of "Islam and the Media after 9.11." Dr. Hesham mixed Palestinian style humor with his cutting edge criticism of the way war is presented to the American public on TV. His report included scathing analysis of the way many Muslims go crawling to the American-Zionist power structure. [For more of Dr. Hesham's amazing work see www.currentissues.tv ]

In a conference featuring the unusual and the "out of the box" presentations, some the most resounding points were scored by two followers of Jesus [peace be on him]: Charles Carlson and Mark Glenn.
Carlson used power point to present a report titled: "unraveling Christian Zionism's Roots." His devastating criticism of Christian Zionism included illustrations of the Jewish commentary inserted into the Bible to justify the occupation of Palestine. He debunked the term "judeo-christian" as a contradiction in terms. Mr. Carlson and his friends travel far and wide to churches controlled by Christian Zionists and try to educate the people. He was the first Christian leader to discover that the "Slavery in Sudan" story was a fake. [See WHTT.com ]

Mark Glenn's topic was "Islamic 'extremism' may Save Western Civilization." Note that the word 'extremism' is within quotes. He said that America has abandoned the original teachings of Jesus [pbuh] and has espoused the most shameful sins of paganism. The stern Islamic resistance to the rampant corruption of America is a blessing for true Christians. Mr. Glenn thinks that very little of genuine Christianity has survived in America owing to the steady attack on Christian values by Zionist-Jewish media. Mr. Glenn is the father of many children and notices with horror the daily attack on family values and on the sacred teachings of Jesus. [For more on Mark Glenn's work, see crescentandcross.com .]

RACISM was a major topic in the conference. Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz led the way by dissecting the roots of war in the soil of racism. A Distinguished Professor of Mathematics with an Endowed Chair at Grambling University [Louisiana], Dr. Shabazz has influenced two generations of African-American intellectuals with his understanding of Race as a key factor in conflict. Racism leads to constant war against "inferior" people and is a major factor in the genocidal actions of U.S. troops in Iraq, he says. [For Dr. Shabazz' educational theories see: DrAAS.info ]

Racism is connected with the "War in the Cities" of America. Ms. Murphy Browne, from Toronto, spoke of police brutality, drugs and crime in seemingly affluent Canada. She has taken numerous initiatives to mobilize her own community [of African descent from Guyana] as well as oppressed people in general living in Toronto. Ms. Browne's presence in the conference proved very inspiring for the participants. She is very sympathetic to Muslims and dresses like a Muslim.


Imam Jamil al-Amin's representative, Br. Masai Ehehasi, from Newark, New Jersey, brought a message of struggle and activism to the Islamic Conference. Imam Jamil's arrest and conviction on fake evidence has undermined peace and stability in America's Black and Muslim communities. The speaker himself was arrested when he was part of the Black Panther Party and imprisoned for 13 years during which he embraced Islam. Black opposition to the American power structure has received steady repression from the regime for decades which is usually ignored by the international community. The community of Imam Jamil is very strong and uncompromising in its struggle for the rights of oppressed people.

The Islamic Political Party of America [IPPA] had several representatives at the conference. IPPA's message was delivered by Dr. Suhir Ahmed, National Coordinator, in complete hijab. She spoke of the Federal Government's attempts to implement "terrorist" profiling, targeting Muslims, Arabs and other racial and ethnic groups. IPPA is calling for organizations and individuals to form a coalition that will open a forum to address government and congressional officials on profiling which damages constitutional and civil rights. [For more, see ippausa.org

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activist Abu Talib from Brooklyn, New York set up a literature table at the conference to emphasize support for the cause of Karrim Ibraheem from Trinidad and the two Muslims from Guyana who are being tried in the fake JFK "terrorism" case which has sent shock waves through the Shi'a community of Trinidad and the Sunnis in Guyana. [Letters of support should be sent to: Karrim Ibraheem #6465705, Nassau County Correctional Center, 100 Carmen Ave., East Meadow, New York 11554.]

Sis. Nadia Auxila and supporters of Al-Mumtahinah organization which helps homeless women made their presence felt with a very active table. This organization is doing solid work to help women. Sis. Nadia's husband Br. Abdul Haqq is a grassroots activist. Sis. Nadia, herself homeless once, gives a strong Islamic message with her full hijab and niqab.


Masoud Khan was sentenced to 90 years in prison, life in prison, though he has never been an opponent of the U.S. He was punished because the U.S. has become an ally of India which occupies Kashmir. His mother, sis. Bilquis stood up in the historic August 16 conference to explain in detail the games the U.S. "justice" system played to put this innocent devout Muslim in prison. The mother was articulate and systematic in her presentation. Great sorrow permeated the gathering as she spoke wrapped in Pakistani style islamic clothing. All Muslims are urged by Jamaat al-Muslimeen to study Masoud's case and call for his unconditional release from prison. [When the family residence was raided by the FBI, the officer bursting in was wearing the Israeli flag on his lapel.] [For details of the case, see: FreeMasoudKhan.net ]

SPIRITUAL AURA of the Conference: Christians and Jews should know Muhammad, pbuh, and accept him.

The conference began with recitation of the Qu'ran, sura al-Balad [chapter 90 of the Qur'an] by Maulana Qari Muhammad Ehsanullah, followed by English translation read by a revert to Islam and commentary by Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

In his Urdu language speech on Tawheed [oneness of Allah], Qari Ehsanullah said that the root of all true religion is the acceptance of the ONE God Allah. Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad [peace be on them] all taught the Oneness of Allah. Muslims accept Abraham, Moses and Jesus and see the completion and culmination of their teachings in the mission of Muhammad, pbuh. Maulana Ehsanullah said that Islam does not teach war against any religion. The conflict arises because many non-Muslims do not know Muhammad, pbuh, and do not accept him.
Maulana Ehsanullah said that Islam cannot be defeated by any power on earth because it brings the truth. A true Muslim, he said, would rather die than bow before the forces of corruption and worldly power. [The speech was translated into English]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Awarded three Presenters with Symbolic Plaques

To Ramsey Clark
From Jamaat al-Muslimeen
For Unequalled Service to Justice & Humanity
and for Moral Courage beyond Measure


To Mark Glenn
From Jamaat al-Muslimeen
For Islamic-Christian Alliance
& for Speaking Truly against Zionism


To Charles Carlson
From Jamaat al-Muslimeen
For Scholarship & Courage
and for honest research


A little about Dr. Siddique's role in the Conference.
Almost the entire conference was presided over by Dr. Kaukab siddique. Segments were chaired by Imam Warith Deen Umar and ohers.
Dr. Siddique also made a presentation about Mass Culture and Muslim Youth. He said that unless Muslims understand how mass culture works, they'll continue to be surprised and shocked that their youths are going astray in spite of prayers and fasting.

In the mid point of the conference, Dr. Siddique was interviewed LIVE by Dr. Wilmer Leon of the "On with Leon" Show which is heard all over the country on XM Radio.

High praise for Dr. Siddique came from a Christian speaker in front of the entire audience. He had visited three mosques in the Detroit area where he met Muslims who told him that they know Dr. Siddique and that he cannot be "bought."

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Resolutions connected to the International Islamic Conference

1. Muslims of America should unite on the basis of the Quran and the authentic Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. There is no other Islamic way to unity. The Unity of immigrants and indigenous, men and women, interracial groups and ethnicities, has to have an Islamic basis to be effective.

2. All Muslim political prisoners should be released. These victims of Zionist control of the Justice system have committed no crime and their trials were bogus. Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Omar 'Abdel Rahman, Prof. Sami al-Arian, Dr. Ali Tamimi , Dr. Afia Siddiqui, Ahmed 'Abdel Sattar , Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Masoud Khan, Momin Khawaja, Imam Siddique Abdullah Hasan, Jose Padilla, Karrim Ibraheem of Trinidad along with all the innocents of Guantanamo Bay, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan who number in the tens of thousands should be released. Pharoah, let my people go!

3. The occupation of Palestine by Israel is the central cause of war around the world. We urge the people of Palestine to unite against the so-called "two-state solution." Weakened by their factionalism, the Palestinians are being targeted by the Israelis who are making inroads into Palestinian ranks, killing some directly, imprisoning others, and making the rest fight each other. Palestine is not a narrow national issue. It belongs to the entire world of Islam and to the freedom loving people of the world.

4. We hail the emerging unity between Syria and Lebanon as well as between the Salafis and Hizbullah within Lebanon. This should be a good example for the people of Iraq.

5. Georgia was created as another "Israel" on the border of Russia. The quick defeat of Georgia is related to its fake existence as a state based on support from the U.S. and Israel. Georgia became a gathering place for Jewish groups from the defunct USSR. USA and EU are deliberately provoking Russia by trying to include it in NATO. This is a kind of cold war all over again.

6. All occupation armies should be withdrawn to open the way to international peace. In particular American forces should be withdrawn from Iraq, NATO forces from Afghanistan, Ethiopian forces from Somalia, Indian forces from Kashmir and Russian forces from Chechnia. Self-determination of the Muslim populations of these nations based upon Islam can only become real once the occupation ends.

7. We condemn the new tragedy enacted by the Pakistani army in Bajaur where within the last 9 days more than 200,000 people have been forced to leave their homes and hundreds killed by armored columns and helicopter gunships of the U.S. armed and backed mercenary forces of the new Pakistani military commander.

8. We congratulate the Islamic movement in Pakistan on the resignation of General Musharraf. The constant activism and mobilization of Islamic groups cooped up CIA's agent and finally forced America to replace the General with new faces. In particular, we hail the efforts of Jamaate Islami Pakistan and the sacrifices of Lal Masjid-Jamia Hafsa and the Islamic resistance in the northern areas of Pakistan which made Musharraf a failure.

9. We hail the renewed mass uprising of the Kashmiri people. We condemn the Indian police shootings of unarmed people and in particular the Indian murder of Sheikh Abdul Aziz.