The Religion of Jesus (Isa)

Excerpts From "The Religion of Jesus (Isa)" - A Presentation from Sis. Ashira Na'im at the Muslim/Christian Dialogue

"Bismillah. We want to start this presentation by reminding ourselves of God's supreme wisdom. Allah is so wise that we cannot even quantify how wise He is. How is this relative here now? Let us look at the Prophet Ibrahim whom we all claim, the Christians and the Muslims and also the Jews. We all believe in Abraham and we agree that after his willingness to sacrifice his son, God told him not to do so but rather to place a lamb on that altar for sacrifice and that this should put an end to anyone offering humans on altars for sacrifice. He said kill an animal and feed the hungry people. No blood or flesh reaches Allah but it is one's piety that pleases God. Oh how wise this drama was constructed. So, we bring it here to show that God in His wisdom has pre-empted the lie that He knew the writers of religious Dogma would come with--the lie wherein they would say that God Himself gave His son (God forgive us for God has no son) to be sacrificed. Such a horrible lie is a contradiction to what God has already declared during the time of Abraham (and there is no change in what Allah (God) says or does). No human sacrifice; the crucifixion is a lie. God says in His last revelation to all mankind, the holy Quran, "they neither killed him nor crucified him"--speaking of Jesus (Isa). This is the truth. The Quran stands for the past 1400 years as a testament to God's ever living words. What is true of the books before it is included in it and it is the only revealed book that has kept its orginal wording--untouched!!"